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Dr. Robin Smith: The Importance of an Empowering Community

She Rocked It

Dr. Robin Smith has raised her voice and rocked it as a New York Times bestselling author, the on-air therapist-in-residence on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and currently as an in-demand speaker and the host of The Dr. Robin Show on SiriusXM. In this revealing and wisdom-packed episode, Dr. Robin shares why she’s careful about who she allows “in her ear and in her sphere” – and why an empowering community is essential to rocking it! She also reminds all of us how adversity can be transformed into purpose and power, and how persistence, patience, and self-compassion are crucial on the path to our biggest dreams. ​​In this episode, you’ll hear:[2:47] Dr. Robin’s prescription for transforming adversity into purpose and power[6:23] How Karen and Dr. Robin connected and how they collaborate [12:32] The importance of who’s in your ear and in your sphere[15:55] The patience and persistence required on Dr. Robin’s path to becoming an on-air TV personality [22:35] Letting go of the “exhausted woman” card and embracing self-care to show up fully[27:15] Dr. Robin’s 2-part Tip to Rock It Links from this episode: Dr. Robin Smith: https://www.drrobinsmith.com/ Karen Gross: https://www.karengross.com/ Gabrielle Sellei: https://selleilaw.com/gabrielle-selleiTune into The Dr. Robin Show on SiriusXM Urban View: https://www.siriusxm.com/channels/siriusxm-urban-view—She Rocked It is a media and mentorship platform where creative, courageous women rock it together. We are eager to learn from, listen to, and lift one another up — driven by the belief that women’s voices are essential. On our podcast and Instagram Live interview series, She Rocked It host/founder and creative entrepreneur Karen Gross gets trailblazing women leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs to reveal how they rock it – and their insights may surprise you. Their behind-the-scenes stories, best-kept secrets to success, and actionable tips are sure to inspire the rockstar in all of us! Please subscribe and leave a review! Join our community at https://www.sherockedit.com Join us on Instagram @sherockedit Download our FREE guide “SECRETS TO ROCKING IT” Ready to transform your creativity into a career that rocks? Check out our group mentorship program, Rock-It Launcher! 


7 Oct 2022

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Dr. Robin Smith - Host of ‘The Dr. Robin Show’ on SiriusXM Urban View – Sundays from 11am – Noon ET

Karen Hunter Show


28 Sep 2022

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S E1114: Dr. Robin Smith: The Terror of Not Selling Out

This Is Karen Hunter

In this episode Dr. Robin explains the multitude of decisions that we as Black People have to make and the assault that we have to endure for owning our blackness. JOIN Knubia through Knarrative: https://www.knarrative.comSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


14 Sep 2022

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Dr. Robin Smith - Host of ‘The Dr. Robin Show’ on SiriusXM Urban View – Sundays from 11am – Noon ET

Karen Hunter Show


29 Jun 2022

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How to Develop Resiliency Against Adversity | Robin Smith Roberson

TrailBlazers Impact

When it comes to being resilient and overcoming several adversities along the way, Robin Smith Roberson knows the journey all too well. She shares her story of resilience and how she overcomes each challenge to emerge a winner and an entrepreneur. She is the managing director at North America for GetWilbur.com and the president of Livegenic, where her team is focused on providing claims engagement technology within the insurance industry. In this episode, Robin talks about her personal challenges and how they influenced her to become the entrepreneur she is today. Listen in to learn the importance of having proof of business or a detailed business plan to present to investors and increase your chances of qualifying for funding. You will also learn how to show up as a female leader powerfully, confidently, and authentically in male-dominated scenarios. Key Takeaways: How practicing gratitude can help you get through tough times and maintain a positive mindset How to maximize your time as an entrepreneur to build a successful business and have a life How to increase your chances of getting funded by presenting proof of business to investors The importance of having the confidence to just go for it and start to avoid regret How to powerfully, confidently, and authentically show up around men as a female leader The importance of having consistent deep belly breaths for better physical and mental clarity


25 Jun 2022

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Cybersecurity and Risk Best Practice with Robin Smith, Chief Security Officer at Aston Martin

Capability-Centric GRC & Cyber Security Podcast

Robin Smith, Chief Security Officer at Aston Martin, joins SureCloud’s Matthew Davies for the latest installment of our Leaders in Cybersecurity and Risk series. Robin explains what he is doing to take Aston Martin on a cybersecurity journey to enhance their information security posture and enable the company to become more productive and profitable. Robin also recounts aspects of his career journey that led to him becoming the CISO of Aston Martin and highlights the most important things he’s learned along the way.


21 Mar 2022

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How iPaas And A Managed Integration Service Can Help Shopify Brands To Scale with Robin Smith of VL OMNI

eCommerce Fastlane – A Shopify Podcast To Profitably Grow Revenue For DTC Ecommerce Store Entrepreneurs

In today’s episode, my guest is Robin Smith, the CEO, and Co-Founder of VL OMNI. They are an Integration platform for managed iPaaS data integration, that helps empower Shopify businesses to accelerate growth by integrating their systems, channels, partners, and applications together based on their needs.These integrations are point-to-multipoint, meaning data from a single application can be sent to multiple targets in a single workflow, giving your Shopify online business the flexibility to grow without any interruptions or the need to manipulate data at either end of the integration.VL OMNI handles integration projects from the initial design and implementation of a solution to maintenance and new partner onboarding.This is a great conversation with timely learnings as Shopify brands look to make investments to accelerate growth through scalable managed iPaaS data integrations.You can also get today's Shopify ecommerce podcast show notes, full transcripts, links, resources, and actionable DTC marketing strategies, including tips to fast-track the growth and profitability of your Shopify ecommerce business.LEARN MORE and grow your Shopify store at eCommerceFastlane.com and eCommerceFastlanePodcast.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


22 Feb 2022

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EP 14 - Aston Martin’s Robin Smith: Advocating For Lean Security Programs

Detection at Scale

Robin Smith is the Head of Cyber and Information Security at Aston Martin and he brings a fresh and unique voice to the security industry. He advocates for a lean, progressive security mindset where it's crucial thinking around processes to make sure that organizations are not unnecessarily wasting resources while committing to continuous improvement at the same time. Tune in to learn more about what lean security is, why Robin has always seen security as an asset, and how you can embed that value into your organization. Topic discussed in this episode: How Robin arrived in information security. Why he believes we need new voices in the industry. The time he wrote 'The Lean Information Management Toolkit'. Why he considers security as an asset and how to embed that value across an organization. What the concept of lean security implies. How lean security applies to security monitoring and detection. Desired outcomes for security detection platforms. Metrics for a lean security program. The approach of practicality when deploying technology. 3 Pieces of advice to succeed at effective detection at scale.


1 Feb 2022

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Episode 13: Robin Smith, Zachary's Chicago Pizza (Oakland, CA)


Episode 13 is now LIVE! Zachary’s Chicago Pizza, the employee-owned pizzeria known for its thick, signature stuffed pies, is a local institution in the Bay Area. With over 225 Best Pizza awards to its name, locals know it as the ONLY place to get deep dish in the Bay. Known for its incredible family and community oriented shops and team members, Zach's currently operates 5 shops in the Bay Area (Oakland (2), Berkeley, Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton, San Ramon). 20 years after its founding 1983, original founders Zach and Barbara, who painstakingly developed the incredible taste of Zach's pizza, decided to sell the company to the incredible crew of employees. Robin is one of the employees who co-owns Zachary's Pizza- she started as a host/server and is now the Marketing Manager behind Zach's! Some fun facts about Zachary's Pizza that we talk about with Robin in this episode: What Zach's most popular pizza flavors are and the secrets behind a perfect Zach's order How Robin started working at Zach's How Zach's pizza tastes different from Chicago's actual deep-dish (according to both our co-hosts...and Robin herself) Some quirky Zach's traditions...like how an annual art contest has supplied over 300 pieces of pizza art that decorates the walls in all 4 restaurant locations We hope you enjoy!


31 Jan 2022

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Dr. Robin Smith - National Television Personality, Speaker, Performance Coach, #1 Best Selling Author, Ordained Minister, Psychologist; Host of ‘The Dr. Robin Show’ on SiriusXM Urban View

Karen Hunter Show


26 Jan 2022