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The Holistic Approach To Health With Josh Hardy

The Luke Page Podcast

Are you healthy enough to make it? If you haven’t got your health, you’ve got nothing as they say. And it’s actually true but are you really looking after yourself in the best possible way? Building a business will be one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do in your life and the vehicle that’s responsible for getting you there is you and only you.  So in order to climb the highest mountain, operating from an optimal state will only come from when you physically, mentaly and spiritually are healthy. And that’s exactly what I talk about in this week’s episode when I catch up with Josh Hardy.  Josh shares his unique story behind his journey to living at his peak and his holistic approach to health.  Make sure you subscribe to my podcast to stay up to date with episodes I release every two weeks. JOIN THE WAITING LIST FOR THE LEADING COACH - My brand new, 3 month group program helping coaches get clients on demand and grow a 6 figure business. This is the first time I will be launching a group program so I am offering the founding members a heavily discounted price for the first round. Doors open on November 19, 2020. https://go.lukepage.com.au/waiting-list-tlc HOW TO ACTUALLY SELL ON INSTAGRAM (WHEN THE WORLD HAS GONE CRAZY) AND STILL HIT $5k+ MONTHS - A FREE, 5 part mini course showing you the exact strategy you can start using TODAY,  giving you an edge over the competition and helping you sign more clients https://go.lukepage.com.au/sell-on-instagram WANT HELP BUILDING YOUR COACHING BUSINESS FOR FREE? Then join my Facebook group where every week I do free, live trainings with the members and give them the support they need to get more clients and build a 6 figure coaching business.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/coachingbusinesssecrets You can also follow me on Instagram for daily tips and advice: @luke_page

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17 Nov 2020

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Habitat Podcast #98 - Josh Hardy - October Lull Buck, Acorns & Clover, Most Recent Info, Wind & Thermals, Sign, TSI & Hunting off the Ground

Habitat Podcast

Habitat Podcast #98 - Josh Hardy joins Jared and Brian on yet another Game Plan episode!  Josh takes a great buck during the "October Lull".  We cover: October Lull Buck, Hunting Between Acorns & Clover, MRI - Most Recent Info, Hunting Wind & Thermals, Scouting Hot Sign, TSI & Hunting off the Ground. Josh's Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJv_6yYskCQ Habitat PODCASTS & GEAR:  http://bit.ly/HABITATGEAR Leave us a great review here:  https://apple.co/2uhoqOO Killer Food Plots - http://bit.ly/KillerFP  10% and free shipping w/code: HP10% Packer Maxx - http://bit.ly/PACKERMAXX  $25 off with code: HPC Sound Barrier Silencing - http://bit.ly/SoundBarrier  10% off and free shipping w/code: HP Morse Nursery - http://bit.ly/MorseTrees HuntWise - www.huntwise.com Michigan Whitetail Pursuit - http://bit.ly/MWpursuit Realtree Land Pro - Lake States - https://bit.ly/34acwE9 Habitat Hook - https://bit.ly/33go0Xy


14 Oct 2020

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#10 Confessions a of Male Stripper (with Josh Hardy)

Men, Sex & Pleasure with Cam Fraser

Today, I chat with depressed Heavy Diesel Mechanic and Male Stripper turned Agency Owner, Gym owner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Josh Hardy. Josh lived a life making decisions ruled by fear of not being enough, and self pity from not meeting high standards. He quit his job to pursue his passion in health & fitness, hand built his gym from scratch and is still on a huge journey of personal growth to become a better human, role model and leader. Josh and I recently connected again at a men's group after 15 years of lost contact. We used to play soccer together when we were kids. Josh offers a fascinating peek behind the curtin into the stripping industry, from the hen's nights and dance shows to the pressure to perform to the insecurities. Key Points:  - Josh's beginnings in Stripping  - Reconciling Stripping with a day job  - Being open, honest and sure of yourself  - Fitting in in male dominated spaces  - Fantasy and the popularity of Strippers  - The emphasising of physical appearance  - Insecurities in the industry  - Performance anxiety  Relevant Links:  Josh's Instagram - @thejoshuahardy  Josh's Instagram - @smacademyaus  Josh's Website - www.smacademy.com.au

1hr 11mins

25 Jun 2020

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#49 Conscious Masculinity with Josh Hardy

The Holistic Sister Podcast

Josh Hardy (@thejoshuahardy) is an ex-Diesel Mechanic, ex-Male Entertainer, and now Gym Owner of Strength & Motion Academy Perth, and a Men's Health, Mindset and Lifestyle Coach. This episode we discuss; - How Josh cultivated self-awareness and emotional awareness - His mindset and beliefs that have enabled him to consistently evolve - Stepping into spirituality and complete surrender - Balancing the Masculine and Feminine  and soo much more

1hr 52mins

3 May 2020

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Self Education & Wanting More | #79 - Josh Hardy

Morning Dinner Podcast

Josh Hardy is a music producer, artist manager, independent record label owner & knowledgeable investor. Currently, he manages artist 88N8 under his record label “Digital Gold Entertainment”, and today sits down with us to drop some gems from marketing, to investing & his thoughts on how he lives his life. Visit Josh & his artist online at: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/the88n8 Josh: https://www.instagram.com/dundundidit/ 88N8 : https://www.instagram.com/the88n8

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14 Oct 2019

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Josh Hardy - Station Manager @ CTV in Concord

NH Unscripted

Josh and I discuss all of the elements that make up CTV and that are FREE to use. The television studio, the podcast studio, the equipment room full of cameras, go-pros, etc. and the education they provide. For ANY entertainer that would love some free exposure to thousands of households this episode is for you. Think outside the box, my friends. Think about what your group could do with a free studio, free recording equipment, etc. Think exposure!!


26 Mar 2019