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#HowIGotHere with Sean Ellis

ProductLed Podcast

There are numerous ways to grow your business as a startup, some of which you may be unaware of. Do you know that a Product market fit is one of the most critical components of success? In this episode, we are pleased to have Sean Ellis, the author of Hacking Growth. He's here to impart strategies and information we can apply to our businesses as he begins to share insights into how he expanded Andela in his capacity as Interim VP of Growth. If you're interested about what will happen next on this topic, sit back, unwind, and enjoy this podcast right now! Shownotes [03:15] Plans should be made at an entire company level! [13:00] When it comes to growth, marketing is all about what you do.  [13:48] Product market fit is probably the most critical component in success! [17:19] Sean Ellis says he is motivated to succeed by asking himself why the business is not expanding, what is not working, and how he would address those issues. [18:38] Sean Ellis says that it is essential to be very assertive while as a startup, but why? [22:21] Instead of being impatient at work, choose to use a patient approach to drive the critical changes! [23:35] What are these significant categories that Sean Ellis is referring to? Follow along to find out! [33:54] You can't be great at everything, so choose where you want to excel. [37:23] Pay close attention as Sean Ellis elaborates on a mechanism that you must create to make changes in your business. [41:00] Everything must be focused on the opportunity's cost-effectiveness! [43:28] You need to budget time, resources and try new things for your business. [45:55] Transparency within a company is essential! About Sean Ellis He focuses on his area of expertise, helping companies develop their early growth cycle. With each business he works with, Sean embeds full-time with the founding team to build a growth flywheel based on a deep understanding of the company's unique product/market fit. Resources: If your company has recently attained product/market fit and you'd like to discuss working together to develop your initial growth cycle, you may contact Sean at the links below! Sean Ellis on LinkedIn Sean Ellis on Instagram Sean Ellis website Hacking Growth Andela


25 Oct 2022

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Not My Will | Sean Ellis, Special Guest Speaker

Living Waters Church

“Not My Will | Sean Ellis, Special Guest Speaker”.

19 Jun 2022

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8 Principles for Sustainable Growth — Sean Ellis & Ethan Garr, Breakout Growth

Sub Club

On the podcast I talk with Sean and Ethan about the importance of a north star metric, optimizing for speed to value, and why product/market fit needs to be dialed in over time.Sean has worked on growth at some of the fastest growing companies in the world, like Dropbox, Lookout, and Eventbrite. He not only coined the term “growth hacking”, but literally wrote the book on it. Today, Sean helps companies around the globe accelerate customer and revenue growth through workshops, keynote presentations, and select advising roles.Ethan got his start in subscription apps working on product at TelTech, which was acquired by IAC in 2018. He co-invented and led the company's flagship app, RoboKiller and helped to grow TelTech's other top communications apps including TrapCall and TapeACall. Ethan now helps companies improve their growth trajectories through workshops, coaching, and as a trusted advisor.In this episode, you’ll learn: Sean & Ethan’s proven principles for achieving sustainable growth  Tips for dialing in your product/market fit What metrics you should track for your subscription app How to create a better onboarding experience for your users Sean & Ethan’s Links Breakout Growth’s website Check out The Breakout Growth Podcast Download the Principles of Sustainable Growth PDF Sean Ellis: Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success Follow Ethan on Twitter Ethan’s LinkedIn page Sean’s website Follow Sean on Twitter Sean’s LinkedIn page Follow us on Twitter: David Barnard Jacob Eiting RevenueCat Sub Club


25 May 2022

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What is the Sean Ellis Test? with Pablo Srugo, Mistral

Metric Stack

In today’s episode, Allan and Lauren talk to Pablo Srugo, Principal at Mistral Venture Partners and host of the Product-Market Fit Show. Pablo dives into the Sean Ellis Test metric: what is it? How do you measure it? Who should measure it? Where and how often do you ask the question? Hear the answer to these questions and more in this week’s episode.If you love learning about metrics, you’ll love MetricHQ, Klipfolio’s online resource for all-things metrics and KPIs: https://www.klipfolio.com/metrics/. Metrics mentioned in this episode:Net Promoter Score: https://www.klipfolio.com/metrics/product-management/net-promotor-score-nps Churn: https://www.klipfolio.com/metrics/saas/logo-churn 


5 Apr 2022

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Sean Ellis


This week we’re talking about a man who was accused of a murder he didn’t do join us as we talk about this case and the issues he had with this case for years after.


9 Mar 2022

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#44 Cashback - Sean Ellis

Total (Cineclub)

Analizamos la película "Cashback" de 2008. Lo bueno, lo malo, lo que haríamos "mejor", curiosidades, confesiones, puntuación y mucho más! Reseña: Una película rescatable que aunque no innova demasiado, debemos reconocer que si lo hace, la presentación del protagonista a través de sus pensamientos enlazando el guion es interesante y mantiene el hilo conductor, también le suma mucho el estilo narrativo sazonado con flashbacks que aunque básicos, enriquecen el menaje y justifican el pensamiento del protagonista y su relación con el arte y el cuerpo femenino. Otro aspecto positivo es el montaje y lo bien logrados que están los efectos al momento de paralizar el tiempo. Dentro de los aspectos negativos, no queda muy claro el mensaje sobre la visión del arte que quiere proponer el director, podemos entender lo que sucede en la película, pero nos hace cuestionarnos si la película transmite una mirada machista, gordofobica y estereotipada del cuerpo femenino, algo que no podemos dejar de mencionar. 

1hr 10mins

2 Mar 2022

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8. Sean Ellis

A Thousand Miles of True Crime

Kristin discusses the wrongful conviction of Sean Ellis. Sean was convicted of murdering John Mulligan, a Boston Police detective. After Sean spends 22 years in prison, all while proclaiming his innocence, he is finally set free. Who killed John Mulligan?


1 Feb 2022

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Marketing entre 2 mundos 🌎

Sigueme e mis redes Linkedin:https://bit.ly/3Gc0j2Y Youtube: https://bit.ly/3ocVXlM En exclusiva para el mercado Hispano el creador de la metodologia Growth Hacking Sean Ellis,  Hablamos sobre Growth vs marketing Sobre cuando hacer Growth ¿Es posible hacer Growth en B2B? Inicios en DROPBOX Inicios en Growth Hackers latam ¿y como ve el ecosistema Español y latino en Growth, es similar o hay diferencias? Todo un Crack y si quieres aprender de Growth este es el único curso que recomiendo para aprender sobre Growth Hacking https://bit.ly/3fQg70n

1hr 1min

12 Jan 2022

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#11 Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown: Hacking Growth 黑客增长 | 小麦读书💡

小麦读书 💡 Max Book Club


1hr 11mins

11 Jan 2022

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Sean Ellis Part 1 (replay) The HBO series Trial 4 is fatally slanted toward the defendant

Boston Confidential Beantown's True Crime Podcast

The HBO film Trial 4, is a virtual hagiography for Sean Ellis. The HBO-Netflix documentary is so slanted in favor of Sean Ellis it is difficult to digest. In order to believe Sean Ellis is innocent, you'd have to believe that his uncle, best friend, and girlfriend were (are) lying. To our knowledge none of these witnesses, that tied Ellis directly to the brutal 1993, homicide recanted their testimony, why? Sean Ellis's co-defendant told the police Sean Ellis shot Det. Mulligan five times in the face, Sean's girlfriend testified Sean brought the guns to her house, she left her fingerprint on the weapon. Sean's Uncle Dave asked Sean where the guns were, Sean gave detailed information as to where and how the guns were hidden, that is exactly how the weapons were recovered. So The question is where is the mystery in this case? It is true that corrupt police detectives were involved in Sean Ellis's case, the remedy for that is a retrial, but claims of actual innocence? That is simply a gigantic leap in logic.Commonwealth v Ellis https://bit.ly/2ROmpVWCommonwealth v. Paterson https://bit.ly/3pLY3bO


30 Aug 2021