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Authority – Week 3 (Shawn Ryan)


25 Jul 2021

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Season 6 Recap (with Shawn Ryan)

The Shattered Shield

Another season in the books! The Shattered Shield crew gets together to discuss the happenings in Season 6. What are Panda's last chance predictions? What mailbag letter warms the hearts of the crew? Plus, Drew sits down once more with Shawn Ryan to discuss characters and creative! Twitter: @ShieldShattered E-mail: TheShatteredShieldPod@gmail.com All audio clips from "The Shield" are owned by Fx Networks. All rights reserved. Audio clip of "Farewell Ride" was produced by Interscope Records. All rights reserved. 


20 May 2021

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Shawn Ryan (5/12/2021)

Richard Skipper Celebrates

Since receiving a perfect score and making it to the semi finals on "America's Got Talent” Shawn's star has continued to rise. Shawn’s directorial debut was with the critically acclaimed short film “Charlie”, which screened at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival where Shawn, alongside his Executive Producer and husband, John Ainsworth was nominated for the Emerging Filmmaker Award in The American Pavilion. “Charlie” went on to screen at numerous film festivals including Newport Beach Int. Film Fest, Q Cinema Film Festival, Out on Film Festival, Cincinnati Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, Palm Beach Int. Film Festival, and Q! Film Festival.  His next 6 short films also played the Cannes Film Festival as well as won awards at countless festivals around the world. When he is not writing, directing, or acting on TV or in Film, Shawn can be seen touring the globe with his jazz comedy trio with whom he has released three albums, the latest being “Shawn Ryan Live” which can be found on all digital streaming platforms. Shawn is currently in development with his first feature, “Feels Like Home” which begins filming in 2021 and is also the Co-Founding Director of the world’s best theatre camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains, The Young Actors’ Theatre Camp!

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13 May 2021

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LaMP 7 Math. Shawn Ryan: Essentials of Mathematical Modeling – Model, Simulate, & Analyze

Life and Math Podcast

As a mathematical biologist who specializes in modeling phenomena with differential equations, Dr. Ryan’s studies how complex biological systems organize themselves. This general topic covers things ranging from how colonies of bacteria interact in suspension to how groups of insects move in swarms to avoid predators. Dr. Ryan highlights numerous “big picture” ideas in mathematical modeling, which he broadly splits into 3 parts: modeling, simulation, & analysis. Modeling to the act of writing down (differential) equations to capture the essential features of the physical system in question. The key here is “making the model as simple as possible, but no simpler”. Dr. Ryan considers this his favorite part, and his particular strong suite. A constant question is that of parameter estimate to ensure the terms in the model are realistic. Once a model exists then simulation and analysis come into play. Using the tools of analysis one can work directly with the mathematical equations hoping to prove things like existence of a solution and solution uniqueness. Here model complexity matters, as a complex model may be analytically intractable, meaning it’s impossible to say much about the model using pure math. Simulation goes the other direction from analysis. Rather than work with the differential equations, the equations are somehow discretized into a form digestible to computers, and the research can then simulate the system directly. Here there are challenges such as stability and computational efficiency. When a given model is discetized, it may be that a small change in the parameters results in a major changes in the output. The simulation is the unstable and may not be trustworthy. For computational efficiency, the actual details of how the model is programmed matter. Here Dr. Ryan highlights tricks he uses such as GPU programming that also reduces the communication cost between GPUs during a simulation.Overall Dr. Ryan delivers a masterful overview of major aspects of mathematical modeling covering broad principles as well as specific examples from his own work.


12 Apr 2021

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LaMP 7 Life. Shawn Ryan: 1st Derivatives Beat Initial Conditions & Seeking (Competitive) Balance

Life and Math Podcast

Dr. Shawn Ryan has a competitive, type A personality. In high school he enjoyed his science classes and did well in general. As is typical for good science students, he thought he would be an engineer, but found after his first semester in college that he enjoyed math more. Making the switch to math he was able to complete undergrad and get a master’s in 4 years at the University of Akron. While teaching students only his own age during his master’s he recognized he loved teaching along with research leading him to pursue the academic path. Having a serious girlfriend applying to medical school he had went through a serious discernment of how to balance his professional aspirations with personal relationships. He ended up at Penn State where he found himself behind other students coming from bigger name universities. It was in that first semester that his future adviser told him point blank, “You’re starting with worse initial conditions, but it’s not about where you start, it’s about where you end. Better first derivatives can beat better initial conditions.” He put his head down and worked, succeeding in completing the PhD faster than his classmates. While in graduate school his girlfriend became his wife, and he again had the challenge of what to do when he graduated. His hard work and some good fortune helped him first in landing a post-doc at Kent State given challenging location constraints and, later, a tenure track positions at Cleveland State, where he is currently a professor of mathematics. Good lessons abound in this interview including the usefulness of “good” competition, the importance of being authentic, and finding balance across personal and professional life. Dr. Ryan is an example that sometimes things do work out when a person puts in the work to be in position to succeed. Enjoy!


12 Apr 2021

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Storm Collegiate Spotlight Podcast: Shawn Ryan

Above 180.com Bowling Podcast

This week we catch up with former collegiate bowling standout Shawn Ryan. Ryan talks about his time at UCF and coaching overseas. We also discuss what it is like being a tour rep and dealing with the stars of the PBA.


13 Jan 2021

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Quarantine, Cabaret, and Cocktails Episode 17 with the Legendary Chita Rivera, Tony Nomines Lisa Mordente, Camp YATC Founder Shawn Ryan, and special co-host MIchael Orland

Quarantine, Cabaret, and Cocktails

What a week we have in store for you! Our 17th edition is quite LEGENDARY! Tony Winning Icon Chita Rivera is here! She is joined by her star of a daughter, Tony Nominee, Lisa Mordente on her BIRTHDAY no less! Joining the party is Music Director to the stars, Michael Orland! Wait until you see the impromptu singalong to close out this hour! Our jaws hit the FLOOR! Then the founder of CAMP YATC Shawn Ryan is here to tell us how to help young performers during quarantine! It is quite an hour!

1hr 1min

7 Oct 2020

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Season 5 Recap (with Shawn Ryan)

The Shattered Shield

Season 5 is in the history books and The Shattered Shield crew has gotten together to talk their favorite moments. Plus, Drew once again sits down with Shawn Ryan to hear his take on what is widely considered to be the best season of The Shield! Twitter: @ShieldShattered Email: TheShatteredShieldPod@gmail.com


30 Sep 2020

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PENdemic with Joel Silberman

Shawn Ryan talks about heroism, honing his skills, changing the TV landscape with THE SHIELD, TIMELESS fans (and whether that show will ever come back), and what makes him tear up.

1hr 12mins

21 Sep 2020

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Episode 68 - Labrador Gold Corp., Roger Moss & Shawn Ryan

SF Live

Originally live streamed on August 7th, 2020 at 10am PST. www.twitter.com/soarfinancial - make sure to follow us & click on the 🔔 #Gold #Canada #Newfoundland #askLAB || Labrador Gold Corp. (TSX.v: LAB) Guests: Roger Moss, President & CEO; Shawn Ryan, Technical Advisor Labrador Gold Corp. recently optioned the Kingsway project in the Gander gold camp in Newfoundland from prospector Shawn Ryan. The project is directly adjacent to the Queensway project of soon to be IPO'd Newfound Gold. Labrador recently raised $5.6m in an oversubscribed financing and is now planning its next steps. We caught up with President & CEO Roger Moss and Technical Advisor Shawn Ryan to discuss the history of Kingsway and the plans moving forward.  More info at www.labradorgold.com ►► Follow Us! ◄◄ 🐦 Twitter: http://twitter.com/soarfinancial 📷 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soarfinancial/ 🎭 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soarfinancial/ 🌎 Website: http://www.soarfinancial.com SF Live is a new format by Soar Financial Partners. The goal is give short company updates and more importantly get investors engaged directly with the companies. Intro Music: "Summer" by Bensound.com Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only and not to be regarded as investment advice whatsoever. Kai Hoffmann is a director of Labrador Gold Corp. Personally, as well as Soar Financial Partners, own shares in the company. Kai Hoffmann also holds options in the company. Do your own due diligence!  #mining #exploration #debt #financing #investing #investment #stocks #goldprice #inflation #newfoundgold #gander


7 Aug 2020