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Small Church, Big Impact with Karl Vaters

Modern Church Leader

Click here to view the full show notes and transcript for this episode.The phrase “bigger is better” does not always apply, especially when it comes to the church. Just because a congregation is small does not mean it cannot make a big impact. In fact, many times, the small churches have the biggest impact due to their close-knit community and focus on relationships. Often, these churches are the ones that survive the test of time. This is because they are the ones that are rooted in the community and are not afraid to get involved.Being small is not a problem. The problem is how you can use your size to be as impactful as possible. How do you create an influence that is greater than your size?In this episode, we'll give you a peek into the life of a healthy small church in Orange County, California. They are not your typical small church, but they do things uniquely and wonderfully. Their pastor, Karl Vaters, will give us insight into how they are able to make a big impact in the lives of their people and the community. “My question is if your church disappeared tomorrow, would a segment of your community miss you? There ought to be somebody you're impacting to the degree that they'd miss you if you disappeared. My first piece of advice on that to small church pastors is we have to impact our community.”-Karl VatersIf you're looking for a glimpse into a healthy, thriving church, then this is the episode for you!By the end of this episode, you will learn:Some ways your church can get involved in your communityHow small churches can quickly adopt online servicesHow to foster a sense of community during disruptionTips for leaders of small churchesHow to leverage the strengths of small churches=======Tithely provides the tools you need to engage with your church online, stay connected, increase generosity, and simplify the lives of your staff.With tools like text and email messaging, custom church apps and websites, church management software, digital giving, and so much more… it’s no wonder over 37,000 churches in 50 countries trust Tithely to help run their church.Learn more at https://tithely.com


17 May 2022

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Healthy Small Churches - Karl Vaters

Dents in the Darkness

Karl Vaters has been in pastoral ministry for 40 years. He is the teaching pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, a healthy small church in Orange County, California, where he has ministered for over 28 years with his wife, Shelley. They have three kids and two grandkids. Karl produces resources for Helping Small Churches Thrive at KarlVaters.com. His heart is to help pastors of small churches (up to 90 percent of us) find the resources to lead well, and to capitalize on the unique advantages that come with pastoring a small church – something virtually every pastor will spend at least some of their ministry years doing. He also believes that big and small churches can and should work together more often – to the benefit and blessing of everyone. He's written these four books below: The Church Recovery Guide: How Your Congregation Can Adapt and Thrive after a Crisis 100 Days to a Healthier Church: A Step-By-Step Guide for Pastors and Leadership Teams Small Church Essentials: Field-Tested Principles for Leading a Healthy Congregation of Under 250 The Grasshopper Myth: Big Churches, Small Churches and the Small Thinking That Divides Us


25 Mar 2022

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Episode 125 - Interview With Karl Vaters - Part 2

Leading From Alignment

Today Jim and John continue their compelling conversation with Karl Vaters. Karl pastors a vibrant church in California. His heart is to help pastors of small churches find the resources to lead well, and to capitalize on the unique advantages that come with pastoring a small church


22 Feb 2022

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Episode 124 - Interview With Karl Vaters - Part 1

Leading From Alignment

Over 90% of churches in the United States are 200 and under in attendance. In today's episode, John & Jim interview Karl Vaters, a pastor of a vibrant church in California. Karl’s heart is to help pastors of small churches find the resources to lead well, and to capitalize on the unique advantages that come with pastoring a small church


15 Feb 2022

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Part II of Interview with Karl Vaters

MinistrySmart Talks

Pastoring a small church is not a penalty for doing something wrong, it is a specialty and needs to be leaned into well”.  Join Andrew for Part II, as he interviewed pastor and author, Karl Vaters as they discuss the small church and how Karl realized that small may be right where you need to be in a season. This two-part interview is full of stories and encouragement to help the small church understand being a healthy church isn’t about the numbers.


14 Jan 2022

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325 – Good News for Pastors in the Rural Church – Interview with Karl Vaters

Small Town Big Church Podcast


13 Sep 2021

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6 Ways to Sunday Podcast with Craig D. Forrest

Church Expert Pastor KARL VATERS talks ONE OF THE BENEFITS with a SMALL CHURCH is the PASTOR KNOWS YOUR NAME. #karlvaters #churchdenominations #smallchurches #megachurches #smallchurch #media #churchmedia #socialmedia #faithbasedmedia #pastors #churches #thegrasshoppermyth @KarlVaters #6WaystoSundayPodcast #churchgrowthmovement #blogging


12 Aug 2021

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On Shifting Into 2021 (with Karl Vaters)

Rescuing Churches with Stan & Josh Givens

In anticipation of our upcoming Shepherd's Summit pastoral conference, we wanted to take this week to replay one of our previous interviews with Karl Vaters who will be the featured keynote speaker at the event. This episode tackles everything from COVID's impact on the Local Church At Large to essentials for church health, leadership, and much more. Access Karl and his ministry and resources at his official website karlvaters.comSupport the show (https://614ministries.org/invest)

1hr 3mins

27 Jul 2021

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The Unseen Emotional Impact of the Pandemic on Pastors (w/ Karl Vaters) - Episode 82

The 95 Podcast: Conversations for Small-Church Pastors

We’re setting a record on The 95 Podcast today… We’re welcoming back a guest for the THIRD TIME! Karl Vaters is joining us back on the show for an incredible conversation that I truly can’t wait to share with you.When I was out in WA for a recent conference with Karl, he shared something that completely changed my perspective on the last year. And I wanted him to join us on the show to share that insight with you as well.Today we talk about the unseen emotional impact of the pandemic on pastors, how we should be welcoming people back to our church, Karl’s darkest season as a pastor, the biggest things we need to be aware of as leaders, and a challenge for us all to be honest with ourselves about.This is one I’ll be listening back to many times over again, and I encourage you to check it out!Show Notes: https://www.95network.org/karl-vaters-82/Support the show (https://www.95network.org/contact-us/)


8 Jun 2021

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Thriving in Small Church Ministry - Karl Vaters

Hope Renewed

Serving the small (or ordinary) sized church is filled with challenges. So many of the resources and conferences for ministry leaders are geared toward larger-church contexts, and can leave those called to smaller congregations feeling under-served and less than confident about their ministry. In this episode of Hope Renewed we sit down with Karl Vaters, whose love for and experience in small church leadership have uniquely equipped him to be a voice of encouragement for pastors of congregations under 100. He shares some powerful insights about bringing God-sized faith to lesser-sized congregations, how health and numbers are NOT synonymous, and helpful thoughts about navigating these challenging times in the small church. Resources Mentioned: Find all of Karl's Resources at karlvaters.com


26 Apr 2021