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Mobile Home Park Investing with Andrew Keel

Gary's Gulch

Gary interviewed Andrew Keel, founder and President of Keel Team Investments. He explained why mobile home parks are a tremendous opportunity for passive investors. Highlights How he got into this world - 1:47 Andrew’s background - 2:55 When he met his first investors - 6:16 Tenant-owned homes - 10:17 Rents that are very affordable - 11:48 Their “secret sauce” - 19:07 His podcast - 20:43 Links and Resources from this Episode Connect with Gary Pinkerton https://www.paradigmlife.net/ gpinkerton@paradigmlife.net https://garypinkerton.com/ Connect with Andrew Keel https://www.keelteam.com/


4 Aug 2021

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218 Andrew Keel- From Wholesaling and Flipping houses to Expert in Buying Mobile Home-Park

7 Figure Real Estate with Edna Keep

Today, I have Andrew Keel on my 7 Figure Real Estate Podcast who is from Orlando, Fl. Andrew started wholesaling and flipping houses in central Florida by mailing out yellow letters. And one day he got a lead from the yellow letters in Ocala, FL for two mobile homes for $2,200. While knowing nothing about mobile homes he got the titles ready for them and purchased as  is since he knew that it's definitely costs more than that to build new. Reach out to Andrew: https://www.keelteam.com/ So he search on the internet about how to make money on mobile homes and he came across Lonnie Scruggs books "Deals on Wheels" where he talks about how to create mailbox money. From that book, Andrew learned how to fix the mobile homes and selling them under contract. And he got $4,000 down payment for those two mobile homes and was getting $250/month cash-flow for the next 5 years and he has done 19 more deals just like that. This is how Andrew started getting into mobile home parks and now he owns 20 mobile home parks across 9 states. In this interview, Andrew shares his journey and tells us why he fell in love with this asset class. To learn more about Andrew Keel, listen to the full interview.


28 Jul 2021

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Passive Investing in MHPs with Andrew Keel

Mobile Home Parks In Real Life (MHP_IRL)

What do you NEED to know about MHP investing to achieve true mailbox money? The risks can be scary serious. Join my friend Andrew Keel and I for an in-depth look at passively investing within the MHP space. Check out Andrew's Podcast: https://www.keelteam.com/passive-mobile-home-park-investing​ Connect with us! Mentorship Program: https://mobilehomeparkmentors.com/ Podcast: http://www.archimedesgrp.com/podcast LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iantudor/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-narus-87293417/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mobilehomemogul Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MHPMastermind/ Website: https://www.archimedesgrp.com #MHP_IRL


1 Mar 2021

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E104 - High Level Mobile Home Park Investing with Andrew Keel

Elevate with Tyler Chesser - The Real Estate Podcast for Investing, Mindset and Personal Development

Andrew Keel began as a “Lonnie Dealer”, investing in individual mobile homes as a way to generate monthly cash flow. Just a few years later, Andrew is now the owner of Keel Team, LLC, a Top 100 Owner of Manufactured Housing Communities with over 1,000 lots under management. His team currently manages 17 manufactured housing communities across seven states.  He is an expert at turning around under-managed manufactured housing communities by utilizing proven systems to maximize occupancy while reducing operating costs. In this episode, Tyler and Andrew’s discussion focused on committing to manufactured housing community investing. They discussed Andrew’s experience of taking quick investing action, the three main reasons manufactured housing communities are so attractive to investors, the diminishing supply and increasing demand, Andrew’s advice to aspiring investors, and personnel and software systems Andrew’s company leverages.Other topics included Sam Zell’s perspectives on company growth and life, Iron Man, monitoring sleep and diet, struggles with hiring, managing emotions, the “valley of sorrow” and more!Connect with Andrew:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewkeel/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keelandrewInstagram: instagram.com/keelteamThe following books were mentioned in the show:Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki Deals on Wheels, by Lonnie Scruggs Forever Cash, by Jack Bosch Tools of Titans, by Tim FerrissApply for coaching with Tyler! The world's top performers in any field have a coach to help them achieve drastically greater results and in less time. The most successful real estate investors are no different. To apply for a results coaching session with Tyler, visit coachwithtyler.com.This episode of Elevate is brought to you by CF Capital LLC, a national real estate investment firm that focuses on acquiring and operating multifamily assets that provide stable cash flow, capital appreciation, and a margin of safety. CF Capital leverages its expertise in acquisitions and management to provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns while placing a premium on preserving capital. Learn more at cfcapllc.com.


13 Nov 2020

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489 How To Avoid The Pitfalls in Mobile Home Parks Investing - Andrew Keel

Creative Real Estate Podcast

EPISODE SUMMARY This episode revolves around Andrew's journey from his first property, a single family home, to owning 1,100 mobile home parks. He also shares some interesting facts about how time kills deals. He is training for the Ironman Triathlon and talks about how that has helped him in his career. If you're looking to learn from an experienced successful mobile home parks investor, this is the episode for you. In this episode you'll learn: How Andrew Keel went from his first single-family property to owning 1,100 mobile home parks When it comes to mobile home parks it is very important to do due diligence. Go through the process step by step before investing. Differences between investing in multifamily and mobile home parks Every year there's more mobile home parks redeveloped or torn down than there are mobile home parks being built. You need to know the in's and out's of the system so that you don't end up getting shut down. Real estate is high risk and high reward. Resources from this episode: life.church/leadershippodcast/ Deals on Wheels by Lonnie Scruggs Trailer Cash by Jamie Smith Contact the guest at: keelteam.com Connect With Us! To connect with Jason, please email or call him at: Phone: (303) 949-8662 Email: crep@ecospace.com Wesbite: Ecospace  We look forward to hearing from you! Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review. Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episode


2 Sep 2020

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WS656: Growing Pains to Financial Freedom in 3 Years with Andrew Keel

The Real Estate Syndication Show

When we hear people’s success stories, we often do not realize the hard work, sacrifices, and setbacks they had to endure to get there. No one understands the effort that it takes to make your dreams a reality better than today’s guest, Andrew Keel. In this episode, Andrew talks about his journey in the mobile home park space. While he now has a successful business and has achieved financial freedom, Andrew and his wife had to give up a great deal to get there, including living in a mobile home for several months while it was being fixed!Our gracious sponsor:  A Cost Segregation Study typically generates accelerated depreciation deductions ranging from 15% - 45%; Whether Commercial Real Estate was acquired, built-new, or renovated over the past 15-years, a Cost Segregation Study can still be performed…and there’s no amending of past tax-returns required; All Cost Segregation Providers are NOT created equal…if your Provider does NOT have a Certified Cost Segregation Professional (CCSP) on-staff, then you’re at higher risk of a failed IRS audit; There are ONLY (43) Certified Cost Segregation Professionals (CCSPs) in the entire United States…(8) CCSPs are employed by Bedford. Visit www.bedfordteam.com


7 Aug 2020

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REJ109: Talking Mobile Home Strategies with Andrew Keel

Real Estate Journeys

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Mobile Home Park investor and founder of the Keel Team, Andrew Keel.Main takeaways this episode:Insight into the Mobile Homes MarketBe sure to check out full show notes at Real Estate Journeys Podcast or click "Episode Website" below.Visit Elite Podcast Bookings, the #1 Real Estate Podcast Booking service, and get 25% off with our new Economy Plan.http://www.elitepodcastbookings.com


27 Jul 2020

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"Mobile Home Parks Investing" with Andrew Keel (EP127)

Ready. Set. Go. Real Estate Investing Podcast

Host: Brandon @BrandonElliottInvestments | Guest Today: Andrew Keel  Andrew Keel is the owner of Keel Team, LLC and his team currently manages 21 manufactured housing communities across nine states – AR, IA, IL, IN, MN, NE, OH, PA and TN. His expertise is in turning around under-managed manufactured housing communities by utilizing proven systems to maximize the occupancy while reducing operating costs. He specializes in bringing in homes to fill vacant lots, implementing utility bill back programs, and improving overall management and operating efficiencies, all of which significantly boost the asset value and net operating income of the communities. In order to successfully implement his management strategy Andrew’s team usually moves on location during the first several months of ownership. ---------------------------- Connect with Brandon Elliott today: Instagram | Facebook | Website | Youtube | Podcast ---------------------------- About Brandon Elliott: Brandon Elliott is a real estate investor, author of the book "Action Driven," podcast host, entrepreneur, and real estate coach. Besides having a passion for investing in real estate, he loves coaching other people on real estate because not only does he want to impact their lives but help them achieve generational wealth! This is also a key factor to why he created "Ready. Set. Go. Real Estate Investing" podcast. In this show, Brandon will be going over all aspects of real estate investing as well as educate, motivate, and prepare you to take action on your first or next real estate investment. If that is not all, he will interview the best of the best real estate investors to share their real estate journey and how they are still crushing it just for you.   ---------------------------- Resources: Learn How to Boost Your Credit Score Your Guide to Take Massive Action   ---------------------------- How to Get Your Free Gift: Leave a review on iTunes then take a screenshot. ** If you already left a review and took a screenshot, please send me a message here **


13 Jul 2020

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BTM163: Wealth & Freedom Investing in Mobile Home Parks with Andrew Keel

Before the Millions

Andrew Keel currently manages 21 manufactured housing communities across nine states. His expertise lies in turning around under-managed manufactured housing communities by utilizing proven systems to maximize the occupancy while reducing operating costs.On today's episode Andrew and I discuss the key differences between investing in manufactured homes and the parks that they occupy. With time, Andrew became skilled as an investor and realized that he could switch his model of earning income to one that better suited his desired lifestyle -- This wasn't before tons of trial and error, most notably 18 months of prospecting with zero deals done. We'll have a discussion on the mindset it takes to overcome such hurdles and how he's taking that mindset to the next Ironman competition. Key Points From This Episode:Going bigger, faster to get to your goalsHow Andrew preserved through 18 months with 0 dealsThe similarities between Ironman competitions and the real estate businessThe difference between mobile homes and mobile home parksHow to create a "forever cash" machineWhy it's important to stay as lean as possible for as long as possibleLinks Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Andrew's WebsiteRecommended Book:Deals on Wheels by Lonnie ScruggsListen to this books for free with Audible!Lifestyle Design App:Slack


8 Jul 2020

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Mobile home park investing crash course with Andrew Keel

Hack Your Wealth

#34: The extraordinary market volatility the last couple months has been enough to wrench the stomachs of even the most battle-hardened investors.Right now, the markets are on a tear and have recovered most of their losses since the coronavirus sent us running for cover.But the kind of top to bottom -35% freefall we saw in one single month earlier this year is exactly the kind of whiplash that destroys an early retiree’s confidence when it comes to retirement withdrawals.That’s why it is so crucial for at least part of your portfolio to be stable cash-flowing assets. Stable cash flows that don’t go poof when the market tanks will help tide you over to the recovery, whether recovery takes 3 months or 3 years.We’ve been talking a lot about real estate the last few episodes. One richly cash-flowing real estate asset class we haven’t talked about yet is mobile home park investing.In this week’s podcast, I chat with mobile home park investor Andrew Keel about this unique real estate investing strategy.Andrew owns and operates more than 1,000 mobile home lots across 17 parks in 7 states. He shares insight on how wealth is built with mobile home parks by owning the land and not the homes that sit on it.We discuss:Structure of the mobile home park industryHow mobile home park investing differs from traditional real estate investing + what makes it especially attractive vs. other nichesWhy supply and demand for parks increasingly favors investorsHow to find mobile home park dealsHow mortgage financing works for mobile home parks (what kind of banks lend to park investors, typical loan terms)How Andrew found, acquired, and turned around his first mobile home park dealWhat are the markers of an attractive mobile home park dealTypical value-add improvements to increase park valueWhy a park’s utilities can make or break the dealHave you or anyone you know invested in mobile home parks before? If you’re intrigued but hesitant, what concerns do you have? Let me know by leaving a comment when you’re done.Don’t miss an episode, hit that subscribe button…If you liked this episode, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming episodes!Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherI need your help, please leave a listener review If you liked this episode, would you please leave a quick review on Apple Podcasts? It’d mean the world to me and your review also helps others find my podcast, too!Links mentioned in this episode:Keel TeamBestplaces.net – demographic data and stats about cities and zipcodesHYW private Facebook communityIntro/Outro: Old Bossa by Twin Musicom.


9 Jun 2020