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265 - How to Lead, Hire, & Build Wealth (with Dana Gentry & Linda McKissack)

Stay Paid - A Sales and Marketing Podcast

Linda McKissack and Dana Gentry are super, high-powered agents. Together they host the Everything Life and Real Estate podcast. Linda has been a REALTOR® since the 1980s and became a top agent for Keller Williams International. In 1996, she purchased her first Keller Williams franchise. Today she has 28 franchises and leads 4,600 agents. She’s also a coauthor of a national best-selling book on investing in real estate. Dana has been a REALTOR® for 15 years, and her group, Real Estate Partners 360, continues to serve clients. She became a Keller Williams Black Belt Team Leader and is the operating principle of Keller Williams’ Legacy Group, Keller Williams Consultants Realty, and Keller Williams Realty Consultants. Wow . . . Be sure to check out the show notes for more in-depth information and added details not included in the episode. Visit www.staypaidpodcast.com. Connect | Resources Instagram: @everythinglifeandrealestate@lindamckissack@danaggentry Website: EverythingLifeandRealEstate.com Podcast: Everything Life and Real Estate on Apple Podcasts Email: info@everythinglifeandrealestate.com Book: HOLD: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth Book: Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time [0:00]     Preview [2:18]     Guests’ credentials [3:41]     About Everything Life and Real Estate podcast [6:12]     Fierce conversations, the truth, and your obligation as a leader [9:42]     A framework for a “confront” conversation [13:09]   The importance of clarity during fierce conversations [14:46]   Motivation, listening, and asking great questions [17:17]   Coaching: Where do you see yourself in five years [22:32]   Interviewing questions and exercises [28:49]   What agents need to focus on in a changing industry [36:22]   Thoughts on building wealth as an agent [39:47]   Habits and routines for success [45:05]   Advice to the younger version of yourself [49:20]   Action Item We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for ReminderMedia to earn a small fee by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.


19 Jul 2021

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"I'm Sick of Selling Houses! How Can I Build Wealth?" w/ Linda McKissack

Keeping It Real

Our guest Linda McKissack was arguably the first real estate agent to stop selling houses as a lone rainmaker. She built a real estate team when the concept was foreign to the industry and invested the proceeds into rental property and brokerages to build a multi-million-dollar passive income stream. Today, she owns over 110 long-term rental properties, 16vacation rentals in Branson Mo., 6 commercial buildings, 4 real estate franchises… and it all started from building one successful real estate business with the power of leverage. You’ll learn on this show… The change in thinking it takes to build wealth vs. income in real estate sales The day Linda decided to never go on a listing appointment again The first key hires Linda made as she stepped out f her production role How she bought rental property at scale (while still running a real estate team) Her decision to invest in her first brokerage; and how she expanded to several more If you’re interested in “What’s Next” beyond selling homes for a one-time commission. This will be a smart business discussion on the “air-game” it takes to build real estate assets (brand, database, systems, people, culture, rental property, etc) to complement the “ground work” of earning commissions to pay for your lifestyle while investing the difference in passive income streams.

1hr 14mins

14 Jun 2021

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39: Finding your courage and your freedom number with Linda McKissack

Colin Podcasts about Real Estate

My guest today is Linda McKissack, one of the USAs top real estate and entrepreneurial coaches focused on helping people create leverage and passive income. From very modest begins and multiple business setbacks, Linda has enjoyed huge success over the last 20+ years and currently owns over 80 long-term rental properties, 28 vacation rentals, 7 commercial buildings and 4 real estate franchises. Linda is a passionate and inspirational person and we had a terrific conversation which covered:  Her humble beginnings and early business setbacks Building momentum as an investor and business owner The importance of hard work and mentors The difference between earning money and building wealth How she views market cycles The importance of goal setting and having a "freedom" number Actionable tips for taking more control of your financial future  Contact Linda Text "freedomnumber" to 33444 for a free worksheet Website: www.lindamckissack.com Podcast: https://everythinglifeandrealestate.libsyn.com/website Email: info@lindamckissack.com


11 Mar 2021

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Linda McKissack with Joe Sesso | Super Producer Book Interview

Secrets of Top Selling Agents Podcast

Team building and wealth creation from someone who has excelled at both. Linda and Joe cover her chapter in the new Secrets book. Get yours: go.homes/secretsbook2


1 Oct 2020

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023 - Born To Lead with Linda McKissack

BTL: Born To Lead Podcast

THE Queen of Passive Income!  "When you bring enough value to the world, you cannot keep the money away." From $600,000 in debt, to multiple streams of passive income with financial freedom, Linda McKissack, your new mentor, is here! As author of the book "Hold", and one of the most influential professionals in the real estate business, Linda's episode on BTL with Brett is one that you will find yourself listening to on repeat! Gain access to the Freedom Number worksheet in the BTL Toolbox by making a contribution to The Salvation Army. Once you've contributed, send a screenshot of your invoice to thebtlgroup@gmail.com. Please rate this show and leave us a review with your biggest takeaways for a shot at getting on the Podcast and getting some BTL gear!  #BTL #BTLpodcast #BTLtoolbox #HowToLive #HowToLead #BrettKelley #LindaMcKissack


28 Aug 2020

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Linda McKissack | Passive Income & Wealth Building for Real Estate Agents [re-broadcast]

Secrets of Top Selling Agents Podcast

You work in the real estate business, but are you investing in it? Rags-to-riches agent and entrepreneur Linda McKissack shows us how in this September 2017 masterclass. Soon to be featured in Joe Sesso’s Secrets of Top Selling Agents Book 2! Grab an early copy at go.homes/secretsbook2.

1hr 1min

26 Jul 2020

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People Want to Be Understood, Not Interpreted with Linda McKissack

I Love Recruiting

On this episode, Adam talks to Linda McKissack about all of her extremely successful recruiting techniques.  They discuss how it is impossible to truly make someone do something, and how true recruiting happens when you ask people good questions, find their real value gaps, and show how you can fill them.  They talk about how important it is to not pre-decide what someone needs or wants, because it can lead to you losing out on helping them with something that actually matters to them.  Linda shares how she has seen one of Oprah's quotes in action - that people want to be understood, not interpreted, and how she always reminds herself to listen and understand instead of just waiting for her turn to talk.


10 Jun 2020

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Linda McKissack | Leverage Your Business – Systems, Tools & People

Secrets of Top Selling Agents Podcast

August of 2014 this ghost of webinars past gifted us with her  6th visitation. Custom made for Tactic # 3 from SHIFT : Leverage!


10 Dec 2019

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When a Woman Has to Step Up with Linda McKissack

Real Estate Investing For Women

Linda McKissack is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, business coach, trainer and highly regarded speaker. Her greatest passion is helping the successful but overworked entrepreneur understand the power of leverage and passive income in their lives. Linda is the Operating Principle for the Ohio Valley Region for Keller Williams International and owns multiple Keller Williams franchises. Her career in real estate began in the early ‘80s with a rocky start. Through her experiences, Linda has developed an understanding of business that she shares with other entrepreneurs and business owners around the country. Her results-driven personality continually helps push successful people to the next level in both their lives and careers. In this episode, we talk about: Why you should step up What are you choices while investing Why its investing not speculating To get your free gift, text  freedomnumber to 33444 Also, visit Linda at LindaMcKissack.com


20 May 2019

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Ep131: Linda McKissack

More Cheese Less Whiskers

Today on the More Cheese Less Whiskers podcast we're talking with Linda McKissack. I love episodes like this where I get to combine my two greatest loves; marketing and real estate, and Linda and I have very similar backgrounds in that she has been involved in real estate since her early twenties, just like me, and she has gone on to build one of the largest organizations within Keller Williams with thousands of agents, and lots of offices. Today we're talking about how she can use her assets of her book and starting a podcast to help grow her organization and really just do what she loves to do; helping, and mentor people. Linda is great to talk with and you're really going to enjoy this episode. Show Links:Show TranscriptProfitActivatorScore.com Thinking Out Loud Want to be a guest on the show? Simply follow the 'Be a Guest' link on the left & I'll be in touch. Download a free copy of the Breakthrough DNA book all about the 8 Profit Activators we talk about here on More Cheese, Less Whiskers...

1hr 6mins

14 Jan 2019