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Ep. 13 - Managing Change With Vision with Barb Stuhlemmer

The GROW Equation Business Podcast

Special Guest Barb Stuhlemmer & Diana discuss how business owners can manage change easier with the help of a great vision!ABOUT BARBBarb helps business owners define and implement strategic growth to create the changes they desire in their business, for their families, their employees, their customers, and their communities. With her lifetime of connection to growth-stage business, Barb’s systems make it easy for owners and their teams to create the actions required to successfully support their vision. Whether it is adding new employees, reaching a new market, changing their product, or building a succession plan, Barb has a process to help her clients accomplish more.Email | LinkedIn | Discover your strategic future“Change is not a 'one and done' it is a 'now and next'.”REFERENCESPDF – Business Grow-meter: explaining the stages of business growth (download)Lighting ProcessKaizenREADY FOR MOREHave questions?  Book a call at Growth Strategy Session to see how we can best support you to simplify and scale your business, and your next best step to #worklessearnmore. Love this podcast? Then you want to join the Think Like a CEO Facebook community for weekly mini-trainings and Q&A with Diana.


3 Mar 2022

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Barb Stuhlemmer, Connections Expert

Authentic Living with Roxanne

On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we welcome “Connections Expert”, Barb Stuhlemmer. In her 30+ years with small incorporated businesses, Barb Stuhlemmer has seen exactly how owners struggle to balance the requirements of growing a business with the financial and time restrictions that growth brings. Barb has developed a unique process for owners who are burdened with the leadership of their business, overwhelmed by the lack of control over their time, and frustrated with the money required to grow the business. Authentic Touch Points: Barb’s journey.  1:45 Personal vs business connections.  5:30 We don’t know what we don’t know.  12:45 Looking through a strategic lens.  16:00 Two minds are better than one when you’re not the expert.  21:00 Unlike a coach, who would ask questions like, "what do you want to focus on today" or "how do you feel about what you are doing", Barb comes with a lifetime of tools, strategies, and tactical planning process to create the next steps that will finally get the work of growth done. Barb's clients make as much as 800% increase in as little as 11 months with her support. Barb is the advisor & confidant to the CEO. She brings an outside view and solutions to inside issues so they can create the business that fits with their life plan. Join me to hear Barb discuss how to create better connections and how you show up in the world. Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions or thoughts. Thanks again! Roxanne Links: Barb’s website:  https://blitzbusinesssuccess.com Barb’s book: https://www.amazon.ca/Entrepreneur-Awakening-Making-Employee-Business/dp/1988058295 Free chapter of Barb’s book:  http://bit.ly/Think-Big-Free-Chapter


12 Jun 2019

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#115: The Road To Becoming A Resilient Leader with Barb Stuhlemmer

Change Proof

Pivoting from one profession to another can be very life-changing. Barb Stuhlemmer, the CEO of BLITZ Business Success, international speaker, and author, shows us that changing one’s path can be handled with ease when there is resilience in leadership between oneself and others. Barb is a business owner, an author of hundreds of articles and a traditionally published book, a speaker on entrepreneurship, and a college professor. She talks about her road to becoming a resilient leader and shares her personal rituals for success, including being grateful every day and sharing her time with people that works in synergy with her.


11 Jun 2019

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4 Steps To Properly Leverage Your Time - Barb Stuhlemmer - S2Ep20

The Start Something Show

Time is the one resource we can’t renew and we can’t get back. We’re always looking for more time for both business and pleasure. So what’s the deal? Why do we all seem to struggle with time?Million dollar business strategist Barb Stuhlemmer returns in this episode to talk with us about dealing effectively with time and how you can properly leverage your time...without getting a clone.Get the full show notes, links, resources and more at: http://www.thestartsomethingshow.com/Stuhlemmer2


16 Sep 2017

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Systems and Your Five Closest with Barb Stuhlemmer

Inner Dominatrix

Barb Stuhlemmer is a business strategist who helps business owners and entrepreneurs create systems that will take their business to the next level with greater ease. With a talent for breaking things down and simplifying situations, Barb has an awesome outlook on life, the people we keep in it, and how to create the most streamlined path to the results we desire. Summary Barb talks about why systems matter and how internalizing impacts growth. Barb gets into the importance of a reference group and how the five people a person spends the most time with affects them. She also shows and exercise she uses in her class. Barb and Dana touch on energy, logic, science and belief systems, and the connection they all share. She also tells Dana why she doesn't call herself a coach. Barb discusses the importance of finding people who are happy with their life trajectory. Dana asks Barb for tips on how to streamline a business and make it less of a jumbled mess. Quotes: "95% of our successes or failures could be directly attributed to our reference group" "If you want to be successful, you have to be in healthy relationships." "Everything that's physical in our world, everything we understand, and everything we don't understand is part of our science and it's all about our belief system" "A system is the way to get to a result or solve the problem, and in order to get there you need to know what the pieces are" Links www.theceoelite.com barb@theceoelite.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Feb 2017

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Ep #33 - Barb Stuhlemmer - Transitioning Business Leaders

The Start Something Show

Speaker, Author, Past TV Show Host, College Instructor, and Advisory Chair for The School of Entrepreneurship, Barb Stuhlemmer works to strengthen the courage of business owners to take extraordinary action and reach the million or multi-million dollar income. She is a Master Business Strategist, advisory chair for the school of entrepreneurship, speaker and author as well as the owner of several of her own businesses.  Barb comes on the show today to talk about her work with business leaders and how she helps grow their business.  Stay tuned because Barb has a special offer just for Super Starters! To get the full show notes click here.


22 Oct 2015

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Barb Stuhlemmer, Effective Operations to Grow Business-04-23-2012

Million Dollar Mindset

Barb Stuhlemmer has been called "The Queen of Process" and brings her 'big picture' visualization skills for product and project development directly into whole-business envisioning. Marla Tabaka discusses winning strategies with her guest to change a business that is going to one that is growing. The use of effective operations is one of Barb's key ingredients for helping business owners accomplish tremendous growth and change.


23 Apr 2012