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Nina Hartley 💋


Dirige, actúa y la puedes encontrar prácticamente en todas las categorías de tu sitio de videos predilecto. Es Nina Hartley, la legendaria estrella y educadora "sepsual" que sorprendió a la industria.


8 Apr 2021

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Nina Hartley (2019)

Adult Empire Podcast

World-famous pornstar Nina Hartley joins Adult Empire for an in-depth interview about her big 2019 role, Mother Superior in Sweetheart Video’s “Confessions of a Sinful Nun Vol. 2.” She also discusses the new relationship in her personal life and gives her takes on topics like artificiality in porn, anti-porn feminists, being sexual from the “brain down,” the most difficult surfaces to have sex on, the controversial law that could threaten porn’s existence, and more. (Recorded 2019)

1hr 3mins

5 Feb 2021

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Episode 158 ’Drive-by Blowjob’ (Nina Hartley)

Bawdy Storytelling

Have you ever wanted the world’s most famous Pornstar to share her own true stories with you? This recently unearthed recording of Bawdy’s first live show in LA features the Legendary Nina Hartley! Nina’s shares the naked truth about her sluttiest day ever, she’s honest about her less-than-perfect moments, and Yes, she still enjoys her dream job after more than 35 years in the business. Don’t make her tie you up & use you as a dildo, OK? #Vintage #Feminist #PillowPrincess Song: ‘So.Good’ (Johnny Stimson) It’s been 14 years now, so please Join us for Bawdy Storytelling’s 14th Anniversary on Saturday, February 13th. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend! Buy your tickets NOW at https://bit.ly/Bawdy14LS Episode Links It’s been 14 years of True Stories! Please Join us for Bawdy Storytelling’s 14th Anniversary on Saturday, February 13th. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend. 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21 Jan 2021

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Nina Hartley TY4BF #9

Best Friend’s Fancast

On this special “Thank You For Being A Fan” edition of The BFF, we have Nina Hartley…yes that one! We discuss everything from how she became an Alison Rosen fan and podcasts to home life and “Chat Gal” plus so much more!ALSO, we do a POP Seinfeld Quiz! Follow her @Ninalusk83 @NinaHartley83

1hr 33mins

8 Sep 2020

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Nina Hartley

Adult Empire Podcast

Listen in to our informative podcast with the legendary Nina Hartley. She answers all of your sex and health questions for individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulties in the bedroom and offers her take on the matter. Plus Nina talks anal sex and find out why she says the "The Butt Don't Lie!" (Recorded 2014

1hr 20mins

10 Jul 2020

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Ep. 336: Nina Hartley Discovers the Alpha in Beta Boys

The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Adult Legend Nina Hartley! AVN: Talent Agencies Jointly Pledge to End Disparate Scene Rates Bostock v. Clayton County Yoga With Kassandra Follow Nina Hartley! Instagram: @miss_nina_hartley Instagram: @ninaland Website Follow Keeley Rankin! Instagram: @just.the.tips.sex.coach Website Follow Billy! Twitter: @TheBillyProcida Instagram: @billyisprocida Facebook fan page Venmo: @BillyProcida Cash App: $manwhorepod PayPal.Me/bprocida Amazon Wish List Join me on the AltPlayground to start your next nonmonogamous adventure! Use promo code MANWHORE to get a 40-minute FREE TRIAL of ethical paid-for porn at HotMovies.com. You need good undies. You love deals. Get 20% off with promo code MANWHORE at Topik Wear! Join our fanwhore community on Patreon and gain access to nearly 200 bonus episodes! Click here to become a member! Email your comments, questions, and criticisms to manwhorepod@gmail.com. www.ManwhorePod.com

1hr 14mins

17 Jun 2020

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【美国百大女优09】:Nina Hartley


【美国百大女优09】:Nina Hartley


25 May 2020

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018.Nina Hartley: Informed Pleasure + Healing a Sexually Sick Culture

The Real Undressed with Deborah Kagan

Nina Hartley, RN, started her award-winning career in adult entertainment on stage in 1982 and on screen in 1984. Her deep understanding of sexuality in all its manifestations comes from practice, not theory. A pioneer of “feminist porn,” her career spans the end of film to the Internet as the main avenue for accessing explicit material.  A fierce advocate for sexual freedom as a fundamental human right, Nina regularly speaks around the country, and the world, educating people on the importance of sexual sanity, literacy, pleasure, compassion and health. Her book, “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex” (Avery Press, 2006), is a companion to her 40-volume DVD sex-ed series from Adam & Eve (the “Nina Hartley Guides”). She lives in Los Angeles with her partner and three cats. She continues her advocacy for sexual wellness and sanity through her SFW site, nina.live. In this episode we speak about everything from: ~ the practicality and the perils of body armouring ~ utilizing the energy of emotions ~ how we’re cared for as babies can inform our comfort level (or lack thereof) with being touched as an adult ~ how pain needs compassion and the critical piece of this formula you may not realize ~ the historical perspective of how we became a ‘sexually sick’ culture ~ being able to sit with something uncomfortable and allowing it to shift ~ the thing that’s even better than talk therapy and ultimately more empowering ~ the surprising skills Nina had that enhanced her success in the adult industry ~ being a pleasure doula ~ college students biggest concerns about sex ~ and much, much more Connect with Nina Hartley Website |    www.nina.live * JOIN US at ROCK YOUR MOJO LIVE! in APRIL 2020 As a podcast listener, you get 50% off the ticket. But ONLY this month. Check out all the details and reserve your special ticket here: www.rockyourmojolive.com *** Connect with Deborah Website | http://therealundressed.com/ Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/therealundressed/ https://www.instagram.com/deborahkagan/ Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/mojorecoveryspecialist/ Subscribe to The Real Undressed Podcast iTunes | https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-real-undressed-with-deborah-kagan/id1494643770 Spotify | https://open.spotify.com/show/1eOQaw6kryBsXo7Jb6qEnv Please remember to: Subscribe Rate Review the podcast. I read every single one and your feedback is valuable. Additional Resources Books |       Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan                     Civilized to Death by Christopher Ryan                     Sex for One by Betty Dodson                     Orgasms for Two by Betty Dodson                     The Sex and Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to  Great Sex For Everyone by Carol Queen and Shar Rednour


20 Mar 2020

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276 Nina Hartley's Best Sex Ever

Sex Talk With My Mom

NINA HARTLEY RETURNS, and this time she brings along her brilliant romantic partner, Windee Patterson! Last time the iconic porn star and sex educator came on our show, we got into kissing and oral sex tips. This time we deep dive into relationships. What is it like to divorce a man and end up with a woman? How does someone transition from femme to butch? What is it like for two women to be in a large-age-gap relationship? Both of them are well-experienced when it comes to sex, and we learn exactly why this is the best sex of both of their lives! Make sure to check out Nina's work at Nina.live and follow Nina Hartley on Instagram @Miss_Nina_Hartley and Twitter @NinaLand. If you want to hear more from Nina and Windee, join us on Patreon at Patreon.com/sextalkwithmymom. That's also where you can find directions to our Rash Party! Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you or your lover? Pick up one of Cam's cum machines, the F1S, or one of KarenLee's favorite vibrators at LELO.com! Get 20% off any products not already on sale at LELO.com with code MOM20.  The key to great sex, whether by yourself or with your partner is UBERLUBE, the world's best lube! Don't miss out on 10% off and free shipping by using code MOM at UberLube.com. If you like what you hear, please help support our show by leaving us a review at RateThisPodcast.com/Mom Join our convo by texting or leaving a voicemail at (YES) TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666. You can also subscribe to our channel on Castbox.fm (or the Castbox app), so you'll be notified when we go live on Mondays around noon PT! Talk about sex with us anytime in our private Facebook Group just for STWMM fans, Sex Talk With My Mom And Friends. Thank you for all the love over the past 200+ episodes. Get close with us on socials at: Facebook/Instagram - @SexTalkWithMyMom Twitter - @SexTalkPodcast Website - www.SexTalkWithMyMom.com Our podcast's music was crafted by the wildly talented Freddy Avis! Check out his work at http://www.freddyavismusic.com/ Sex Talk With My Mom is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts, a podcast collective revolutionizing the conversation around sex.

1hr 5mins

13 Feb 2020

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223 Holy or Horny // Nina Hartley's Pillow Princess (MAS)

Sex Talk With My Mom

We're doing it LIVE! Cam finds a pic of KarenLee making out with a woman on Instagram. KarenLee makes fun of Cam's new decrepit sex den. We have a debate with a caller about the term "Pillow Princess" and pornstar Nina Hartley weighs in. KarenLee also interviews pick-up artist Vince Kelvin after the most recent Los Angeles earthquake. We discuss sex the night the world ends. This is the Monday Morning After Show! Join our convo by texting or leaving a voicemail at (YES) TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666. You can also subscribe to our channel on Castbox, so you know when we go live! We'd love to hear your sex and relationship questions!  Thank you for all the love over the past 200+ episodes. We couldn't do it without you. If you'd like to support the show, consider helping us in the following ways: 1) Make Cam take marijuana blueberries with his mom and record a podcast episode by donating to the show's Patreon page at www.patreon.com/sextalkwithmymom. You will also gain access to an exclusive podcast stream where we release the best bonus episodes with our guests! 2) Leaving us a rating and review on iTunes.  3) Snag the new Sex Talk With My Mom t-shirt or sticker from our merch store at www.sextalkwithmymom.com/merch. You'll look fly as hell! 4) Share this episode with a friend! Word-of-mouth is really the best way to spread the love. Get close with us on social at: Facebook/Instagram - @SexTalkWithMyMom Twitter - @SexTalkPodcast Website - www.SexTalkWithMyMom.com Sex Talk With My Mom is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts, a podcast collective revolutionizing the conversation around sex.


9 Jul 2019