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Understanding Capital Raising with Hunter Thompson

Commercial Real Estate 101 Podcast

How do you raise capital? How to raise capital? How to raise money?  ▶️ Visit to know more: https://www.raphaelcollazo.com/ Welcome, and for all your pertinent questions, Raphael Collazo is here to help you with Understanding Capital Raising with Hunter Thompson.    If you are interested in learning about the many facets of commercial real estate, whether you're a business owner, investor, or just someone who's curious about the subject, you'll gain value from being a part of the group!   In today’s episode, we invited Hunter Thompson, Managing Principal at Asym Capital and author of the best-selling book "Raising Capital for Real Estate", to discuss his background and experiences in commercial real estate.  Along with that, he explained how to raise capital for real estate deals and the systems he uses to execute this strategy.   ▶️ In this episode, you will learn various strategies including:   • What the commercial syndication model is, • How to navigate raising money on your first deal, • What to say to an investor to get them interested in investing with you,   • How to build a brand to attract potential investors,   • How to create a compelling pitch deck for your deals, • As well as much more...   So, listen to the podcast until the end to learn about how to effectively raise capital for your next deal.   ▶️ If you're interested in learning more about Hunter check out the following links:  ▶ Website: https://asymcapital.com/ ▶ Book: https://www.amazon.com/Raising-Capital-Real-Estate-Credibility/dp/1712882120 ▶ Webinar: https://www.raisingcapitalforrealestate.com/never-scramble If you like the podcast, please give us a 5 ⭐ review, and don't forget to share this episode with others.  -----------------------------------  ▶️ Check out my Website: https://www.raphaelcollazo.com/ ----------------------------------  ▶️ For business inquiries: raphael@grisantigroup.com  ▶️ Call/Text me: 502-536-7315  ----------------------------------  ▶️ FREE REAL ESTATE GUIDES: https://linktr.ee/raphaelcollazocre ----------------------------------  ▶️ Follow me on:  • Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Commercial-Real-Estate-101/ • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/recollaz/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raphaelcrelouisville • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raphaelcollazo/ -----------------------------------  #CommercialRealEstate #RaphaelCollazo #raising capital #rasingprivatecapital #rasingmoney #rasingprivatemoney #commercialrealestatebusiness #CREbusiness #commercialrealestategrowth #CREGrowth #syndication #syndications #realestatesyndications #commercialrealestatesyndication #hunterthompson #hunterthompsonrealestate #raisingcapitalforrealestate


24 Apr 2021

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ADPI_186: Raising Capital for Real Estate With Hunter Thompson

The Active Duty Passive Income Podcast

On this fantastic episode, Mike & Kevin interview author of “Raising Capital for Real Estate” and founder/CEO of ASYM Capital, Hunter Thompson. Hunter focuses on the ways to use other people’s money (OPM) to fund and scale your real estate deals. He also discusses marketing and using different outlets to grow your business. ADPI Nation, If you’ve been afraid of capital raising, this episode is for you!"What you really need to do is just identify someone who Is very, very closely aligned with exactly where you want to be—so that it can create a more clear path to reverse engineer their own moves."-Hunter ThompsonHere are 5 Key Takeaways from this episode:Pros & Cons of Using OPM (Other Peoples’ Money)Hunter’s First Capital RaiseHow to Stay Resilient in Capital RaisingUsing Media Outlets to Scale Up Your SystemSteps for Raising CapitalHonorable Mentions & Useful LinksRaising Capital for Real EstateKnownDouble DoublePitch AnythingConnect with HunterASYM CapitalCashflow ConnectionsRaiseMastersAre you looking for a loan for your next project? Look no further! Check out ADPI Financial Services for all of your residential and commercial lending needs!No Time...No Worries! Get all the info you need now by texting DEAL to 33777Get your 13-Week Action Journal using this special offer just for our faithful podcast listeners! Need help structuring your future Real Estate Empire? Click this special member's only link to book your FREE Consultation with a Senior Strategist at Anderson Advisors ($2,500 value)!Helpful ResourcesConnect with the ADPI: Facebook |  Instagram | YouTubeSchedule a FREE Freedom Coaching Call with MikeTo learn how to use your VA Loan to create wealth in real estate while in the military take our VA Loan Mastery CourseReady to TAKE ACTION and begin building your cash flowing real estate empire? Don’t go it alone! Check out our exclusive education and coaching products designed for self-starters like the Military Real Estate Investing Academy and Operation A.T.O.M. [Action Takers Only Mastermind]!Thinking bigger? ADPI's exclusive Military Multifamily Academy and Mastermind Waitlist is open now! Sign up to reserve your slot in the most comprehensive, affordable, and educational multifamily real estate course on the web! Please Subscribe, Rate, & Review on Apple PodcastsThanks for tuning in to this week's episode of the Active Duty Passive IncomSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/adpi)


22 Mar 2021

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Episode 5: NFTs & the Future of Music Biz (ft Hunter Thompson)


This week we sit down with Hunter Thompson co founder of Run The Trap and Alt:Vision (Blu DeTiger, Medasin, K?D, Autograf, Lick) to discuss NFTs, the future of the music biz and reminisce of the Soundcloud golden years.

1hr 33mins

4 Mar 2021

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Guide to MF Real Estate (Raising Capital) with Hunter Thompson - Part 4

Taking Action with Multifamily

For part 4 of our Guide to MF Real Estate, we have Hunter Thompson, the leading expert about everything you need to know about Raising Capital. Hunter is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Asym Capital, a private equity firm based out of LA, California. Since founding Asym Capital, he has overseen the purchase of more than 90 Million Dollars worth of real estate across a variety of asset classes.Join us in this episode as we talk and learn about Raising Capital[00:01 – 05:02] Opening SegmentI welcome our guest, Hunter ThompsonI talk about the background of our guestHunter talks about his background[05:03 – 12:49] Raising CapitalLessons he learned throughout his journey working for different companiesIdentifying trends in real estate syndicationsHunter talks about the major idea of his book[12:50 – 30:11] Tips to Raise CapitalThe 5 key momentum indicators to help raise capitalSense of urgencySpeed of executionAttention to DetailObsession with growthDesire for expertise about new topicsLead Capture MechanismHunter shares Lessons he learned from his previous failures and shortcomings[30:12 – 34:07] TIME TO TAKE ACTIONHunter shares actionable steps/tips listeners can do to help their real estate investing careerThe main takeawayConnect with Chris and Paul online. See the links below.Final thoughtsTweetable Quotes:“Don’t play small ball because that’s not what this industry is all about.” - Hunter Thompson“When you fail, it provides you with the tools for later successes.” - Hunter Thompson“Everything you do in your business should be designed around replications, scalability, attracting the right clients, standing out, and being yourself.” - Hunter Thompson“If you’re to take the time to build a website, you have to have a compelling lead capture mechanism which provides instant value in exchange for an email address..” - Hunter ThompsonResources Mentioned:Raising Capital for Real Estate by Hunter ThompsonCash Flow Connections Real Estate PodcastThe Go-Giver by Bob Burg111 Questions Passive Investors Should Be AskingRevUpworkMixmaxTo learn more, connect with Hunter on LinkedIn or send him an email at hunter@asymcapital.com. Visit https://asymcapital.com/ LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode.Visit www.nokacapital.com to learn more about investing in multifamily real estate.I’d like to connect with you! Send me an email at Amir@NokaCapital.com.Book Recommendations:Rich Dad Poor DadThink and Grow RichBest Ever Apartment Syndication Book


8 Jan 2021

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Hunter Thompson - $35+ Million Raised, $90+ Million in Real Estate; Hybrid Approach to Investing

5 Talents Podcast - Passive Investing, Cashflow, & Wealth Creation in Commercial Real Estate

Our guest for today is Hunter Thompson, Founder and Managing Principal of Asym Capital. A full-time real estate investor, he has led in purchasing over 90 million dollars of commercial real estate and raising more than $35 million. You can hear Hunter in Cash Flow Connections, a Top-200 podcast on iTunes. He will share interesting nuggets about real estate that you don’t want to miss, particularly a novel approach to investing you might want to reverse-engineer yourself.  Let’s listen to Hunter and learn more about the hybrid approach to investing![00:01 - 05:19] Opening SegmentWhere are the elite, non-institutional players purchasing?[05:20 - 13:34] Dos and Don’ts of Capital RaisingHunter shares the significance of time blocksHe talks about the dos and don'ts of capital raisingHe breaks down the $5 Million in 30 Days Summit[13:35 - 30:53] Hybrid Approach to InvestingHunter tells us the most lucrative and sought-after skill in real estateHe shares interesting thoughts about building your email listHe gives his insights about the “hybrid approach to investing”Why is he a huge proponent of this approach?Hunter tells us why we should focus on the “who” not “how”[30:54 - 46:17] The “Blank” GuyHunter reminds us to capitalize on our nicheWe talk about the Parable of the 5 TalentsHunter shares the story of how he learned his money-making skills[46:18 - 50:45] Closing SegmentConnect with Hunter - links belowFinal words from Hunter and meTweetable Quotes:“You don’t have to be an innovator in real estate to be successful but sometimes you gotta understand when to persevere and when to pivot.” -  Hunter Thompson“I don’t care at all about knowing...a little about a lot of topics…I wanna know more than anyone about one topic.” -  Hunter ThompsonResources Mentioned:Hunter’s book: Raising Capital for Real Estate$5 Million in 30 Days SummitGrant CardoneJOBS Act Dan Sullivan’s Book: Who Not HowRichard WilsonCutcoJoe FairlessIntelligent Investors Real Estate Conference 2021------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Email hunter@asymcapital.com to connect with Hunter. Also check out his LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Visit his company online and on LinkedIn and Twitter. Listen to his podcast.Connect with me:https://www.5tcre.com/FacebookLinkedInInstagramWatch 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/5Talents)


7 Jan 2021

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JF2280: Raising Capital Fast in an Efficient and Scalable Way with Hunter Thompson #SkillsetSunday

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Hunter was fortunate to start his career in the wake of the Great Recession. At that time, he surrounded himself with great partners and educators. As a result, Hunter built his first company around his personal investment strategy. He was a sole investor at first; now he has hundreds of investors. Hunter shares his experience in raising capital quickly and efficiently. Time is often the most important determining factor to close the deal. Listen to this podcast episode to learn how he closes deals within 30 days, having a line of prospective investors ready to wire the money in. Hunter Thompson  Real Estate Background: Founder of Asym (A-Sim) Capital, a private equity firm He has raised more than $30 million in private capital 10 years of real estate experience Current assets under management of $100MM CRE Previous guest on episode JF2028 Based in Los Angeles, CA Say hi to him at: www.5millionin30days.com Click here for more info on groundbreaker.co Best Ever Tweet: “Attract, educate, nurture, and close” - Hunter Thompson.


29 Nov 2020

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#77: Building A Recession Resitsant Portfolio with Hunter Thompson

Multifamily Investing with Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens

Hunter Thompson is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Asym Capital, a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since founding Asym Capital, he has overseen and directed the purchase of more than $90,000,000 of commercial real estate across a variety of asset classes. Hunter and I discuss how to build a recession-resistant portfolio. For more information or to get started in multifamily investing, please visit: https://www.multifamilyinvestingacademy.com/


21 Oct 2020

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122. Hunter Thompson Reveals How He Built His Private Equity Empire (With No Ivy League Degree or Wall Street Experience)

Investment Fund Secrets

In this episode, I talk with Hunter Thompson on how he was able to build his Private Equity Empire Hunter is the Founder of Asym Capital, and has overseen the raising and deployment of over $90 Million! Hunter is also the author of 'Raising Capital For Real Estate: How To Establish Credibility, Attract investors, and Fund Deals' Hope you enjoy the episode! Best, Bridger Pennington By the way, if you want the exact formula for how I started a fund and how many of the biggest funds in the world do it, go to www.investmentfundsecrets.com/free-class And if you want to join the only facebook group on earth that's focused on ONLY fund managers, go here: www.facebook.com/groups/investmentfundsecrets


28 Aug 2020

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E64 - Excellence Through Long-Term Thinking and Adaptability with Hunter Thompson

Elevate with Tyler Chesser

Hunter Thompson is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Asym Capital, a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since founding Asym Capital, he has overseen and directed the purchase of more than $90,000,000 of commercial real estate across a variety of asset classes. He is the author of Raising Capital for Real Estate: How to Attract Investors, Establish Credibility, and Fund Deals. Hunter is also the host of the Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast, which is listed in the top 200 Investing podcasts in iTunes.  The theme of Tyler and Hunter’s discussion focused on the practice of long-term thinking and adaptability for real estate investors. Hunter discussed where opportunities lie in the current landscape of commercial real estate, and the steps he’s taking to adapt. They also talked about the strategic, long-term thinking Hunter’s using to succeed, sharing how he attracts high-quality clients, why he’s focused on Class B and C assets, and the thought process of his $2,000 idea. Other topics included how the European debt crisis led Hunter to real estate, issues with academia, investing in education, building a home gym, the scalability of real estate, compliance, working with “A” players and more! Connect with Hunter: Podcast: cashflowconnections.comWebsite: asymcapital.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/hunterlthompson_/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hunterlthompsoncf Apply for coaching with Tyler! The world's top performers in any field have a coach to help them achieve drastically greater results and in less time. The most successful real estate investors are no different. To apply for a results coaching session with Tyler, visit coachwithtyler.com. This episode of Elevate is brought to you by CF Capital LLC, a national real estate investment firm that focuses on acquiring and operating multifamily assets that provide stable cash flow, capital appreciation, and a margin of safety. CF Capital leverages its expertise in acquisitions and management to provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns while placing a premium on preserving capital. Learn more at cfcapllc.com.


26 Jun 2020

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435 How A Mentor Can Help You Radically Step Up Your Game-Hunter Thompson

Creative Real Estate Podcast

In this episode you'll learn: How to find your next mentor? Why finding a mentor is valuable Focusing your efforts on getting someone to aid you to accelerate your business is the best you can do for yourself as someone who is interested in bettering yourself. How to identify the right mentor for your business Getting the road map to success of someone else is an incredible tool for your own success. 5 key momentum indicators that can get your mentor to share their tips to success An incredible sense of urgency about accomplishing your goals. A high speed of execution Attention to detail and high demand for excellence Obsession with growth Curiosity about new topics and a desire for expertise Book recommendation: The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs By Hal Elrod To connect with Hunter, please email him at info@asymcapital.com Hunter Thompson's book: Raising capital for real estate Available for free on - raisingcapitalforrealestate.com shipping charges apply. Sponsor: Please visit Apartment Investing Show , subscribe and hit the golden bell icon! *And please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review. Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episode (Creative Real Estate Podcast)


26 Jun 2020