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85% of the Jobs That Will Exist in 2030 Haven’t Been Created Yet | Ryan Collins, CEO of Bethel Tech | The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, S3 E43

The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

What’s coming and how we should be preparing our children? Ryan Collins, President and CEO of Bethel Tech gives us a solid view into current trends in the job market and what the future may hold. He explains why character traits such as trustworthiness, empathy, brave communication, healthy relationship and community are highly sought after characteristics by employers and he helps us understand why childhood is meant for play. Ryan reminds us that "Play is the impetus for creativity." Screens can come later. In fact, with little or no background in tech at all it takes just nine months to become proficient enough to land a high paying career in a rapidly changing job market. This episode is fascinating. We discuss aligning the future of education with the future of work and Ryan explains how they are doing that right now at Bethel Tech. Bethel Tech is the first and only Christian coding school in the world. Located just over three hours from Silicon Valley, they are getting invited into places like Facebook, IBM, Google and Apple because of the quality of graduates they are churning out. Their brand-new high school program kicks off on September 12, 2022 so make sure you listen in before then! This is an episode for everyone to listen to and pass on because you'll walk away with a lot of insight on today's fast moving labor markets, many of which no longer require a four (or even two) year degree. Bethel Tech provides options for high schoolers, college aged students (think gap year), and career pivoters of any age. Bethel Tech offers what so many need right now and they are also continuing to look into the future to adapt their educational offerings to iterate and to continue to align with the needs of companies. Bethel Tech is offering a $50 tuition reduction off each of their high school courses and $1000 off of their full program to 1000 Hours Outside listeners. Be sure to mention it when you hit the "I'm interested" button. Learn more here: https://betheltech.net/highschool


24 Aug 2022

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Guest Preacher: Ryan Collins, 2022-2023 Beeson Divinity School Intern

St. Peter's Anglican Church Sermons

The Rev. Ryan Collins Scriptures: Genesis 15:1-6 Psalm 33:1-9 Hebrews 11:1-16 Luke 12:32-40 Ninth Sunday after Pentecost August 7, 2021


7 Aug 2022

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Ryan Collins of Noro Mosley Partners on Healthcare IT Investing and Defining Platforms

The Capital Stack

Ryan Collins joined Noro Mosley Partners (NMP) as a Vice President in August 2018. He supports the firm’s investments in healthcare companies. Ryan currently serves on the board of Medix infusion, and serves as a board observer for Cariloop, findhelp and Upward Health. Prior to joining NMP, Ryan served as a Private Equity Associate at the Riverside Company, a global private equity firm with $7 billion of capital under management. Ryan also previously worked as an Investment Banking Analyst at VRA Partners, an Atlanta-based investment bank providing M&A services to leading middle-market companies. Ryan received a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.What You’ll Learn:Series A and Series B considerationsHow to assess a broader risk-portfolioThematic investing and organic growthWhat defines a platformCapitalizing on data collectionHealthcare IT adoption Signals for deciding whether to underwrite Product market fit - can you make it faster and more efficient?Helping employers manage healthcare costs when an employee goes on specialty drugsCost management to lower deductibles - reduction in choiceWhat defines Tech enabled services - combination of software and human element Virtual care in digital health and recurring revenue modelsWorkforce management solutions, especially in Human Resource applicationsFavorite Quote:“Are you constantly getting the calls of people trying to partner with you?” - Ryan Collins-- The Capital StackAll Things Tech Investing and Value CreationEarly growth investor David Paul interviews the world's greatest ecosystem, learn how to start and scale your own business, and find an edge in today's capital markets.  To connect with David, visit: Twitter - CLICK HERESubstack - CLICK HERELinkedIn - CLICK HEREIG - CLICK HEREDISCLAIMER:David Paul is the founder and general partner at DWP Capital.  All opinions expressed by David and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinions of DWP capital.  This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for decisions.   David and guests may maintain positions in the securities discussed on this podcast.


22 Feb 2022

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Salt and Light in the Tech Space with Ryan Collins of Bethel Church

Next Level Podcast with Michael McIntyre

In this episode, McIntyre talks with Bethel Church's Ryan Collins about the impact he's having in the tech world. Collins is a Senior Leader at Bethel Church in Redding, CA and the CEO and President of Bethel School of Technology, an online Christian-based technology bootcamp ranked by Newsweek Magazine as a top coding school in 2019, 2020 and 2021. He has a passion to transform lives through the power of education and equip Kingdom-minded believers with in-demand skills for the future of work. For more information on Bethel's School of Technology, visit BETHELTECH.NET To register for Michael’s Next Level Experience and for more information or resources please visit THEMICHAELMCINTYRE.COM Check out the other shows from KB PODCAST PRODUCTIONS: THE KINGDOM BRINGER PODCAST SUPER-NATURAL LIVING WITH BETH PACKARD  CINDY STEWART PODCAST KINGDOM MASTER MIND PODCAST WITH ANN MCDONALD Podcast music from HOOKSOUNDS.COM


8 Feb 2022

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Cultural Catalysts - How Spiritual Intelligence Is Influencing Technology With Ryan Collins

Kris Vallotton's Podcast

In this podcast, Kris Vallotton sits down for a conversation with Ryan Collins, CEO of Bethel School of Technology, and discusses what the Lord is doing in the technology space and how spiritual intelligence is influencing science in the modern day. In this episode of Cultural Catalysts, Ryan shared how the Lord told him, “I am redeeming the tech space so that all would taste my goodness.”Have you ever considered the amount of faith it took to advance the most transformative inventions in the world today? Consider sitting with the discovery that light is an electromagnetic wave, knowing you would have to convince people that something completely invisible to the human eye was powerful enough to cause light to shine! This brilliant finding catapulted modern science and has been the foundation of inventions such as the light bulb, wifi, and radar. In a sphere of humanistic values and atheistic beliefs, the scientist James Clerk Maxwell ventured into uncharted territories believing that the seen world was made from the unseen and thus discovered electromagnetic waves (Hebrews 11:3). Ryan Collins, “So, how did humanity get to the point that we could operate in an unseen realm if we didn’t know that it first existed? Unless, of course, a precedent was set in modern science in which humans thought and functioned in a hidden realm to pull unseen ideas and solutions into our natural world. Our modern world was built on the shoulders of Maxwell’s spiritual intelligence.” Connect with Kris Vallotton: Website: https://www.krisvallotton.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kvministries/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kvministries/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/kvministries Additional Resources by Kris Vallotton: https://shop.bethel.com/collections/k...


20 Jan 2022

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Episode 98 - Ryan Collins

Ramblin' Man

In this episode I speak with Ryan Collins about the cult of politics. Sponsor: Feral Giant Theme song: Adeem The Artist

2hr 54mins

23 Aug 2021

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“Want a Job in Tech? Listen To This! With Guest Ryan Collins”

Work Matters With Ken Coleman

Work Matters is a quick, daily dose of what’s going on in the job market and how it affects you and your career journey. Hosted by Ken Coleman, #1 bestselling author and host of Ramsey Network’s The Ken Coleman Show,  you’ll get a practical take on topics like burnout, today’s most in-demand job skills, how to deal with a deadbeat boss and more. The work you do matters––it’s time to make the most of it. For a full-length daily podcast, subscribe to The Ken Coleman Show.


16 Aug 2021

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When Faith Meets Technology with Ryan Collins

Beyond the Call Podcast presented by StartCHURCH | Helping empower pastors and ministry leaders.

Did you know that there is a way to bring God into the world of tech? In this podcast, we speak with Ryan Collins, the CEO of the Bethel School of Technology, the first faith-based tech boot camp in the world.


30 Jun 2021

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Cape Cod Surfcasting Report with Ryan Collins

The My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast

In this episode, Kevin chats with Ryan of MFCC about his most recent Cape Cod fishing trips. From fishing the canal to drifting live pogies from a boat, the past week has been a fun one for Ryan. You'll also learn about surfcasting during the Memorial Day Weekend nor' easter, plus Ryan's launching a new daily fishing report and daily fishing tip show now airing on Cape Cod radio stations. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


8 Jun 2021

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Episode 16 - How to Create Powerful, Compelling Messages to Speak Your True Value with Ryan Collins

MOVD Entrepreneur Evolved

My next guest is Ryan Collins, a video marketing strategist and founder of Ryan Collins Video. Learn how he started working on Fiverr and deliver extraordinary revenue through refining his videography skills designed to attract the targeted audience and 'Sell The Click'. Discover how he creates the right message to speak one's true value, get the lead and turn it into a sale.

1hr 8mins

27 May 2021