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On Running A Radical Business with Breathwork Facilitator, and Business Coach Amy Kuretsky

Creatives Do Money

Moving past poverty mindset, affordability in pricing services, our relationship to property ownership and how we make it work when self-employed. So many juicy topics in my conversation with Breathwork practitioner and business coach Amy Kuretsky


25 Jun 2021

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Breathwork: Powerful Self Care in Limited Time with Amy Kuretsky

Yoga Magic

Ashley chats with Amy Kuretsky about the healing modality of breathwork. Amy is a breathwork facilitator and a wellness coach for mind, body, and business. Her work is focused on helping radical business owners thrive in the luminal space between work and life. She believes that the health of our physical and emotional bodies are inextricably tied to the health of our businesses and when we work in the overlap we can build businesses that are heart centered and healing both individually and for the collective. Ashley and Amy get in depth on how Amy came into healing work due to her personal medical and health experiences (during her Saturn return no less), how astrology and breathwork go hand in hand, what a typical breathwork session with her looks like, when and why you would benefit from performing breathwork with a guide, why healing is political, the disconnection between medicine and the body, and much more.Amy believes that when we’re internally stuck, we’re externally stuck so she helps women, gender non-conforming, and trans business owners move stuck energy, emotions, and old stories from the body with breathwork. Breathwork opens your creative and intuitive channels. It invites in the trust, clarity, growth, evolution, success, and more that you desire and it allows deeper relationships with your heart, your body, and your business. Ashley’s Recent Book Recommendations:Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies: And Other Rituals to Fix Your Life, from Someone Who's Been There by Tara SchusterCosmic Health: Unlock Your Healing Magic with Astrology, Positive Psychology, and Integrative Wellness by Jennifer RacioppiUnfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life (Unfu*k Yourself series) by Gary John BishopLetters to a Starseed: Messages and Activations for Remembering Who You Are and Why You Came Here by Rebecca CampbellDiscovering the Inner Mother: A Guide to Healing the Mother Wound and Claiming Your Personal Power by Bethany Webster Learn More:Learn more about Amy’s services: https://www.amykuretsky.com/Subscribe to Amy’s NewsletterFollow along on Instagram: @yogamagicpodcast and @ashleysondergaard.yogaLearn more about Ashley and Yoga Magic at www.ashleysondergaard.com Sponsors:Simpson & Vail Teas | Set up an account and use code YOGAMAGIC for 15% off your first order at www.svtea.com.Get a FREE GUIDE to building the ideal morning routine specific to YOUR zodiac sign when you sign up for the Yoga Magic newsletter.  Upcoming Yoga Magic EventsSelf Care for the Signs with Earthling Astrology | 5/27 | 7:00 PM CT | Learn It Live Online. Use code ‘Use Code "OneforOnein21" to get a one month membership for $1. Yoga at the Brewery | 6/19 | 11:00 AM | Forgotten Star Brewing Co.


27 May 2021

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Amy Kuretsky on Self-Compassion and Resilience in Creative Business

Being a Whole Person

In this episode I was joined by Amy Kuretsky, an acupuncturist, breathwork facilitator, and business coach who helps creative entrepreneurs cultivate a deeper relationship with their heart, body, and business. This interview will be especially inspirational for all of you creative entrepreneurs out there, current and aspiring. Listen in to hear Amy share about her winding career path, her supportive tools and personal process for getting unstuck and out of a funk, how she practices compassionate productivity, how she conducts business with anticapitalist values within capitalism, some of her favorite role models in that area, and what an extended Instagram break has felt like. In the typical spirit of this show, we get deep about how we define our identities and how our various facets are so integrated. --- NEW OFFERING COMING SOON: 1-time sessions are returning! They’ll be in depth and specifically geared towards compassionately getting to the root of your overwhelm - I’ll announce full details in Monday’s Creative Wellness Letter (my biweekly newsletter). To have the first chance to sign up (along with access to my free resource library of worksheets, my favorite tools and resources, + other fun stuff), go to coachingforcreativewellness.com/newsletter to get on the list! --- TOPICS DISCUSSED: The many interwoven facets of how Amy defines herself based on what she does + who she is Her unique and winding path from being an art history major to becoming an entrepreneur How the real-life experience of being a business owner differed from her business classes in acupuncture school + the instagram highlight reel version The process, benefits, and effects of the style of breathwork that Amy practices + my experience with it How practicing breathwork helps us become more resilient + parallels the creative process Amy’s personal process of supporting herself through “funks” or creative blocks, along with her self-care tools Bringing self compassion into every part of business and life for true productivity Being an anti-capitalist running 2 businesses within the framework of capitalism (+ some of Amy’s favorite role models in this) How Amy defines success + what being a whole person means to her What her extended break from Instagram has been like MORE FROM AMY Upcoming Astrology + Breathwork classes: Nov. 18 + Dec. 16, 2020 Amy’s website Constellation Acupuncture MORE FROM REBECCA Free Discovery Call Free Resource Library Fuel Your Creative Work With Compassionate Productivity workbook My Brazilian album Florescer Get the show notes at coachingforcreativewellness.com/podcast-blog/s3e15


6 Nov 2020

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Amy Kuretsky and Doing Business Differently / #6

Grow From Center

Amy Kuretsky is a breathwork facilitator and wellness coach for mind, body, and business. Together we discuss navigating change while caring for yourself and your business, and cultivating self-trust along the way. ABOUT THE PODCAST: Laura Holway is a writer and coach that helps creative humans make space for what they long for, and cultivate the self-trust to move towards it. Grow From Center shares action steps, mindset shifts, and inspiration to support you as you create what you long to find—in your work and life.  MORE FROM LAURA: Find Laura on Instagram @laura.holway Subscribe to her bi-monthly newsletters for creative humans Learn more about Laura's coaching work


24 Aug 2020

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Amy Kuretsky on Self-Compassion and the Truth of Non-Linear Healing

Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette

Amy Kuretsky (she/her) is a breathwork facilitator and wellness coach for mind, body, and business. Amy believes that the health of our physical and emotional bodies are inextricably tied to the health of our businesses, and that when we work in this overlap we can build businesses that are heart-centered and healing for both the Continue Reading…

1hr 46mins

11 Feb 2020

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#10 - Winter Solstice Series With Amy Kuretsky

The Be With Podcast

Happy Solstice darlings! This episode is the first interview of three in a series that explores trauma as a living breathing metaphor for winter solstice - the rich fertile soil that leads to new growth and light.If you love this series and want to deepen your learning through ritual, I am so pleased to offer EMBODYING OUR LIGHT AND DARKNESS: A RITUAL GUIDE. https://www.bewith.org/shop/lightanddarknessIn this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing my friend Amy Kurestsky, a breathwork teacher, acupuncturist, business owner and mentor and overall boss. TOPICS:- Difference between capital T trauma and little t trauma- What the world would be like if more people did trauma work- Amy’s journey with breathwork and trusting Spirit’s intelligence while healing physical issues and childhood pain- Working with our wounded inner children- Breathwork for working with implicit memory or feeling flashbacks- Breath work for Crohn's and dropping into our bodies- How Spirit uses this work to have an exponential impactFIND AMY HERE: https://www.amykuretsky.com/ https://www.constellationacu.com/BREATHWORK FOR BELLIES:https://www.constellationacu.com/events/breathwork-for-bellies-janBREATHWORK FOR BUSINESS:https://morning-dust-7821.ck.page/74839b24d7ON BEING - RACHAEL YEHUDAhttps://bit.ly/3707U3sABOUT BARBARA: Barbara Erochina is a coach, queer mystic and the creator of Cards for Self- Care. She combines Gestalt psychotherapy, spiritual direction and coaching in order to help those longing for more to own their authentic self and live with more courage and pleasure. Barbara coaches one on one, runs online masterminds and offers in-person retreats & workshops.Please share this Winter Solstice Series with someone who needs it. BARBARA’S WEBSITE: www.bewith.org INSTAGRAM: @bewithcards @amykuretskyBARBARA’S EMAIL: contact@bewith.orgMUSIC CREDIT: “Wanderlust” by Nomyn - https://soundcloud.com/nomyn/wanderlust


22 Dec 2019

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70. Amy Kuretsky on Building Trust and Clarity

Devoured: The Podcast

Amy Kuretsky (she/her) is a wellness coach for mind, body, and business with a background in acupuncture and Chinese medicine based out downtown Minneapolis, on Dakota and Anishinaabe traditional, ancestral, unceded, occupied territories. Her work is focused on helping female-identified and non-binary business owners thrive in the liminal space between work and life. She believes that the health of our physical and emotional bodies are are inextricably tied to the health of our businesses, and that when we work in this overlap we can build businesses that are heart-centered and healing for both the individual and the collective. Along with her coaching business, she also co-owns Constellation Acupuncture and Healing Arts with her #workwife, Kim Christensen. Get full show notes and more information here:  https://www.luciahawley.com/podcast/70


7 Nov 2019

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89. Soul-Led Business & Underworld Journeys with Amy Kuretsky

Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack

Surprise! My dear friend and Breathwork facilitator, Amy Kuretsky, is my guest for today's Q&A episode of the podcast! Together, we dive into your questions about running an intuitive/soul led business, support around Underworld Journeys, and how she discovered that the flow of a Breathwork practice lines up perfectly with Line Two of the Major Arcana (MIND BLOWING)! For more about Amy, visit her website at https://www.amykuretsky.com, or follow her on IG @amykuretsky ABOUT THE PODCAST  Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast explores the cards through an inclusive, trauma informed perspective, rooted in compassion, common sense, and critical thinking. Through a weaving of intuitively channeled downloads, answers to listener questions, and lessons around the cards, Tarot for the Wild Soul offers ways to view the Tarot as helpful, applicable medicine that can provide nourishment and clarity to us in our day to day lives. ABOUT LINDSAY Lindsay Mack is a queer intuitive Tarot teacher, and the host of TFTWS podcast. Lindsay is the creator of Soul Tarot, a reinterpretation and intentional utilization of the Tarot as a non-predictive healing tool, one that is can assist us in differentiating the noise of our mind from the truth of our soul. Through her regularly sold out workshops, retreats and online Tarot courses, Lindsay has had the profound honor of teaching Soul Tarot to thousands of people from all around the world. As a joyful and healthy survivor of childhood abuse, trauma & PTSD, Lindsay is passionately dedicated to honoring and helping to bring space, light and healing to those who are experiencing mental, emotional or physical suffering. It was the healing from a breakdown in 2014 that fully birthed her into this sacred work and onto her soul path. It is an organic part of her healing work with the Tarot, and she is honored to be sharing these offerings to those who feel called to them. Honoring and acknowledging that this podcast is recorded on the unceded land of The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, currently called Portland, OR, with the deepest respect to the Kalapuya Tribe, Cowlitz Tribe, and Atfalati Tribe. WEBSITE: www.tarotforthewildsoul.com FOLLOW US ON IG at @wildsoulhealing PODCAST EDITOR: Chase Voorhees PODCAST ART: Rachelle Sartini Garner

1hr 7mins

11 Oct 2019

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036 | Stepping into bigger business results through breathwork with Amy Kuretsky

One Simple Shift

I talk a lot about self-care because I believe taking care of yourself is absolutely essential to taking care of your business. I mean, let’s be real—in most cases, you ARE the business. But too often, I hear business owners tell themselves the story that they simply don’t have the time or money to invest in that kind of daily practice right now. So today we’re chatting about breathwork, an incredible way to connect with your intuition, work through stuck emotions that are holding you back in your business (like fear and self-doubt!), and unleash your potential in a whole new way. If you’re someone who feels like your own needs are constantly falling to the back burner while trying to get business results (but still not seeing the ones you want!) then this conversation around how health fuels hustle is for you.-Check out the show notes here!-So many business owners who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed are quick to tell me that they simply don’t have time for a daily self-care practice. And yet, as soon as we start working together, all of that shifts. Together, we do the thought work necessary for them to view self-care as an asset to their business and start thriving in both work AND life (because I deeply believe you can have BOTH!). If you’re struggling to calm the chaos in your head and would love some strategic coaching to uncover the one mindset shift that will make the biggest difference to you, then you’re absolutely going to want to join me for my FREE Stressed to Success coaching call. Together, we’ll clear the mental clutter and uncover the mindset shift that will make the biggest difference for you, so you can start taking the RIGHT actions, consistently, and start saying “no” to the things that aren’t bringing in results. Head over to amandadennelly.com/freecall to book. I do a limited number of these each week, so get over there and book yours today! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


21 May 2019

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Ep. #77: Creative Entrepreneur, Breathwork Facilitator, and Acupuncturist Amy Kuretsky on Running a Spiritual Business, the Power of Breathwork, and Holding Space for Healing

Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers

Amy Kuretsky is a wellness coach for mind, body, and business; a breathwork facilitator; an acupuncturist and the co-owner of Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts, and a tarot reader. In this episode we talk about:  Decolonizing her healing practice Exchange in business Advice for holding supportive space for people What my personal breathwork practice looks like The resistance that can come up with breath work The power of breathwork for both of us Why she doesn’t connect with Reiki How her tarot practice combines with breathwork Connecting with tarot archetypes and embodying them with breath work Her current tarot teacher  How she relates to Leo energy as a Leo sun Check out Amy's Instagram, Health Fuels Hustle podcast, and Patreon for amazing monthly breathwork circles. Check out her site and sign up for her free 7-day breathwork challenge for a great intro to breathwork. The blog for this episode is here. Check out the Reiki 101 episode I mention at the end of this episode here. Support on me Patreon for as little as $2 a month to access the Queen of Pentacles breathwork meditation, monthly embodied tarot yoga classes (October's class is Queen of Wands), monthly virtual new moon circles, & the Lilith: Healing the Wild book club: www.patreon.com/erynjohnson.  Follow me on Instagram. Purchase the Queens of the Tarot Breathwork meditation album for $11.11! 

1hr 10mins

8 Oct 2018