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October 10, 2021 - Dr. Avery Jackson - You Are The Healed

Linked UP Church

Sermon Notes: CONNECT WITH Linked UP Church! Connection Card: Request Live Prayer: Online Giving: https://www.linkedupchurch.com/give

1hr 25mins

10 Oct 2021

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Dr. Avery Jackson 1st Wednesday

Faith Life Church

1hr 16mins

1 Sep 2021

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UNCOVER: Avery Jackson

Young Black Equestrians

Get ready to have your passionate fire ignited! Avery Jackson, creator of Wild Talk, comes to us this week sharing the value of storytelling and the compelling journey they have taken in AND around the horse industry. Avery Jackson is a multitalented Young Black Equestrian. Their determination to unveil Black excellence in unlikely places is the backbone of Wild Talk.  Wild Talk is an impact firm. Listen to this weeks episode to find out what it means. We hope you have a pen to take notes. https://www.wildtvlk.com Instagram: @wildtvlk @avryjxn

1hr 3mins

12 Jun 2020

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Episode 4: An Osteoporosis Story with Dr. Avery Jackson & His Patient Jocelyne F.

Get Back To It

Did you know that May is National Osteoporosis Month? In this episode, Dr. Rita Roy sits down with Dr. Avery Jackson of Michigan Neurological Institute, P.C. and his patient Jocelyn F.  to learn how Jocelyn was able to get back to her retirement. A highly successful neurosurgeon and ambassador for the National Osteoporosis Foundation, Dr. Jackson also shares practical tips for preventing and treating osteoporosis. Support the show (https://spinehealth.org/donate/)


28 May 2020

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#27 Betwixt Generations feat Avery Jackson

Over the Shoulder

BeMo Brown, Backpack Matt, and TomTom are back in studio with special guest Avery Jackson! This week we center our discussion around the creative mindset of Generation Z! Do Millennials lack compassion? Has the Millennial calling card of 'instant gratification' evolved into impatience? How will this effect the creative industry as Gen Z, unconventionally, enters the work force? All this and somehow Summer Walker on this weeks conversation between professional ceatives. Follow us on all social media platforms @ots.pod. Powered and distributed by Simplecast.

17 Nov 2019

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Grace Ep 34 The Godprescription with Dr. Avery Jackson III Deborah Labello

The Grace Podcast

We're back this week with Dr. Avery Jackson III Christian neurologist and Deborah Labello, a woman who used her faith as her tool for deliverance from drug addiction and mental health issues. Dr. Jackson and Deborah bring to life the scriptures that led Deborah to her healing and testimony of how faith fuels our mental and physical health. Listen in and be reminded of how our relationship with Christ serves our relationship with yourself and others, and how we can use love to provide hope for a hurting world. Grab a copy of Dr. Jackson's book at www.thegodprescription.com! Enjoying this episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


25 Feb 2019

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Grace Ep 33 The Godprescription with Dr. Avery Jackson III

The Grace Podcast

What does faith have to do with medicine? EVERYTHING, and Dr. Avery Jackson III is here to share why. As a neurologist performing over 10,000 surgeries in his career, his weapon for success has been layering his medical practice with spiritual principles for healing and restoration. As a Christian practicing medicine, Dr. Jackson shares with us many of the ways that the Holy Bible directs us towards our ultimate physical health through the restoration of the mind aligning with the body and spirit. Listen in to learn how you can use your faith as the God Prescription for healing and wholeness. Grab a copy of Dr. Jackson's book at www.thegodprescription.com Enjoy this episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


18 Feb 2019

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Trans-Parenting Podcast Epidode 4: Avery Jackson is in the House!

Trans-Parenting Podcast

Avery Jackson, my 8-year-old daughter, joins me on today’s episode. We talk about what life was like before transitioning and how it’s been since. She has opinions and isn’t shy about sharing them. Hear her thoughts on bathroom bills and being a good parent. She also tells about some of the cool stuff that she’s been up to — from YouTube to hanging out with friends to activism. There are a few surprises and hints at upcoming projects, too! The video she made that is mentioned as part of an upcoming project is here: Avery Chat. Hey, friends! We’re now on Patreon. Become one of our patrons and get extra stuff like a bonus recording each month, a bumper sticker, or even a t-shirt. In addition to our eternal gratitude, of course!


21 Feb 2016