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Respect the mountains with Rafael Pease | Pro Snowboard, Mountaineer, social-environmental activist & documentary filmmaker.

Dark Starts Backcountry Splitboard Podcast

Episode 53 Dark Starts backcountry splitboarding podcast presents Pro Snowboard mountaineer and filmmaker Rafael Pease. Professional Chilean snowboard mountaineer, social-environmental activist, and documentary filmmaker. Since college he has lived between Chile and the United States. Switching from winter in the Northern hemisphere to winter in the Southern hemisphere. Inspired by Jeremy Jones' movie Deeper, he found his own calling to influence and educate people on environmental issues through filmmaking. Rafael puts part of his soul into every documentary and project he creates. Combining his diverse background in snowboard mountaineering, activism and environmental sciences, he finds a unique perspective to educate and keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. Through the power of film, Rafael is manifesting the change that he wants to see in the world. Respect. Show links: https://connectionsmovement.com https://www.instagram.com/rafaelpease/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/connectionsmovement/?hl=en Special thanks to: Visit our website for great deals from our sponsors: www.darkstarts.ca/partners Groundswell Marketing www.instagram.com/groundswell_fm/ Valerie Black The Artist Behind The Logo www.instagram.com/valerieblack.art/ Follow us: www.darkstarts.ca @ Darkstarts.podcast https://www.instagram.com/darkstarts.podcast/ @ Darkstarts.media https://www.instagram.com/darkstarts.media/

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6 Apr 2021

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How to be a Splitboard Mountaineer with Rafael Pease: Stories from the Skintrack Episode 2

The Caroline Gleich Show

Welcome to Episode 2 of Stories from the Skintrack, a special four-part podcast series on the show to help you learn about avalanche and mountain safety through the personal experiences of four special guests. We will be talking about close calls and fatalities, tips and tricks on getting into backcountry skiing and splitboarding, climate change, inclusion, mentorship and much more. My guest on this episode is Rafael Pease, a splitboard mountaineer and environmentalist and founder of Connections Movement, an award-winning production company telling stories from remote corners of Earth to inspire action and create change.  I’ve been so impressed by his ability as an athlete and storyteller on human-powered, high-altitude expeditions and I’m excited to chat with him today about his background and accomplishments, the role of skiers and snowboarders as activists and advice for people who want to become mountaineers. Stories from the Skintrack is brought to you in partnership/collaboration with Backcountry.com. The first item ever sold on Backcountry.com was an avalanche beacon out of a garage in Park City, UT way back in 1996. For over 20 years, Backcountry has been dedicated to gearing up folks for safe & unforgettable experiences on the skintrack.  Whether you are thinking about getting into backcountry skiing this year, or just need to make sure you are adequately prepared with the right gear, the Backcountry Gearheads are amazing resources that can help you find exactly what you need. And be sure to also check out your local avalanche forecast center for additional education & information….  gear + knowledge = safety and fun for all!  Thanks for listening today & stay tuned for the next episode of Stories from the Skintrack. Check out their gear guide: https://www.backcountry.com/sc/winter-gear-guide Special thanks to Avery Sandack for his help with the audio on today’s episode, to my partner Rob Lea for being extra quiet while recording and to Jonah Cuddy for the beautiful intro and outro music. If you liked today’s episode, please rate, review and share it with a friend. Until next time.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/caroline-gleich/message


18 Nov 2020

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Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell - Rafael Pease - Connections Movement, Splitboard Mountaineer

Engearment with Sean Sewell

Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell - Rafael Pease - Connections Movement, Splitboard Mountaineer Rafael is one of my favorite people.  He stops by the Engearment studio for his 2nd podcast on his way back to Chile to edit 2 of his upcoming Nat Geo documentaries.   We talk about the challenges of summiting a 21K Chilean volcano in the middle of winter. Fighting for public access to the beautiful mountains of Chile. Government censorship and control.  The adventures that went into making these films. And so much more. He tests gear in the craziest conditions and is an Engearment OG partner. Truly, he is one of a kind! It is a lively conversation and full of unedited dialog (not safe for work or kids!).  He is truly inspiring and fighting the good fight. Learn more about Rafael and his company Connections Movement Follow Rafael on Instagram - Rafael Pease

1hr 10mins

4 Mar 2020

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Rafael Pease – Ep. 11


Rafael Pease – Ep. 11 Rafael Pease was born in Paris, France, but has lived most of his life traveling around the world. After becoming burnt out on the competitive nature of team sports as a kid, Rafael found his true passion at the age of 17… snowboarding. Since that moment, Rafael has not taken his foot off the gas. He has spent years chasing snow back and forth between the US and Chile, along with a few trips to other parts of the globe including Japan and Kyrgyzstan. During this period, Rafael also worked to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado Boulder. Through this program, combined with the time he spent adventuring in the mountains, Rafael decided that he wanted to make an impact on the world through environmental activism. While there are many ways to go about this, Rafael decided to create the Connections Movement, a production collective exploring the connection we as humans hold with the environment through various distinct lifestyles, cultures, and geographical locations.  His first big film was called Yugen, a 3-year borderless mountain-based documentary film that explores the connection we as mountaineers and environmentalists share with the natural world. Today Rafael is working on putting out his next set of films, most notably, Tupungato, a Land Rights film that will showcase the creation of a national park through his perspective as a snowboard mountaineer and environmental activist. With a long future ahead of him, there is no doubt that Rafael will continue to make an impact on the world for many years to come. The Links Find Your OM Instagram – @findyourom.official Facebook – @findyourom.official Website – www.findyourom.net Rafael’s Links Rafael’s Instagram – @rafaelpease | rafaelpease.com Connections Movement – @connectionsmovement | connectionsmovement.com The Mentions Yugen – Film Link Julian Carr – @juliancarr Erich Roepke – @erichroepke Click here to listen to our previous interview with adventure photographer Len Necefer! The post Rafael Pease – Ep. 11 appeared first on FIND YOUR OM.


4 Feb 2020

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Engearment Podcast - Interview with Rafael Pease - First Descents on 22K Chilean Volcanoes, Mountain Fitness and Making History

Engearment with Sean Sewell

Engearment Podcast - Rafael Pease - Connections Movement, Environmental Activist, Filmmaker, Splitboarder Rafael sits down with Sean Sewell to chat about the creative process (and sufferfest) that goes into making a human-powered, backcountry adventure in Chile.  With first descents over 22K tall volcanoes and a stacked team of skiers, splitboarders and film crew.  20 days of the planned expedition in temperatures as low as -60F.   Learn more about the team at Connections Movement Rafael is also a contributing writer and gear tester for Engearment.  He has helped us with splitboard boot reviews, sleeping bags, tents and all sorts of expedition worthy gear.  Learn more about him and his work with Engearment here.


1 Jul 2019

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Episode 10 – An Interview with Rafael Pease Discussing his film project: Yūgen

Spark R&D Podcast

In episode 10 of the Spark R&D Podcast we chat with Team Rider Rafael Pease about his upcoming splitboard, adventure travel documentary film, Yūgen. This has been a three-year project for Rafa and he has put a tremendous amount of time and energy into it. It was very interesting chatting with him and getting his take on everything to do with the project now that it is complete. He talks about the how the project was formed and then grew, where he went, who he met, his favorite experiences, and some of the challenges.

19 Sep 2018