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Partnerships to Grow in Real Estate with Ike Mutabanna

Purchase to Profits - Real Estate Investing Podcast

Ike Mutabanna controls a portfolio, with his partners, of over 3000 multifamily units. His other company pools funds to allow investors to passively invest in businesses and other income producing assets. Connect with Ike Mutabanna: http://www.wealthchakra.com Connect with Seth Ferguson: http://www.SethFerguson.org


19 Apr 2019

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RG 111 - From India to U.S. Multifamily Syndication: The Global Perspective w/ Ike Mutabanna

Investing In The U.S.

The number one type of person I love interviewing on my show is other successful expats who are making a massive go of it here in the US! This week I am speaking with fellow expat Ike Mutabanna. Ike went from India, to the US, to Malaysia then back to the US to start his career in US multifamily investing. Truly inspirational! If you are listening to this show and thinking "how can he achieve so much?", if Ike can do it so can you!!!So what are you waiting for?Get educated, take action and go make a dent in the universe.If you want to see what my guests look like head over to my YOUTUBE channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCuFEo0AY…iew_as=subscriberHead to my NEW website www.reedgoossens.com/podcast-investing-in-the-u-s/ to find links from today's show.Hit me up at info@reedgoossens.com if you want my FREE EBOOK!Take action, back yourself and go out and make an impact in the world!Follow me on:Facebook: www.facebook.com/reed.goossensInstagram: www.instagram.com/reedgoossens/twitter: twitter.com/reedgoossens


20 Mar 2018

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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 182 Ike Mutabanna of The Side Business Show Podcast

Chris Voss Podcast

Ike Mutabanna of The Side Business Show Podcast The post The Chris Voss Show Podcast 182 Ike Mutabanna of The Side Business Show Podcast appeared first on Chris Voss Official Website.

28 Feb 2018

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Ep. 112: The Fundamentals of Syndication with Ike Mutabanna

Multifamily Live

Download This Awesome Podcast: http://bit.ly/2PRDY1U   Welcome to the REI Foundation Podcast. In Today's episode we had the awesome opportunity of interviewing President of IHM Business Group, Iqbal Mutabanna. After being the CTO of many startups in Boston for over a decade, he now lives in Dallas with his wife and two kids. Now Ike is running multiple small businesses one of which is meant to educate about the value of multifamily investing in apartment communities.   GETTING STARTED: "I started investing passively in multi-family in early 2016 with Joe Fairless. When i started investing I didn't really invest with a lot of knowledge of what I was doing, which is unusual for me, like many engineers, very deep in the details and looking at things in five different angles. Joe and I met through a common close friend and I trusted her enough that she would not recommend something to me that would be harmful. A lot of my real estate experience prior to that was really small single family stuff where the experience was mixed. I wasn't confident that real estate was the right place for me. But I thought, let's give this a try. I invested in one of Joe's deals early 2016 and it did really well. I told me wife, we need to do another one."   FINDING THE RIGHT PARTNER: "My answer is based on my business experience. Being in the startup world I learned is to invest in the people, not the business. The first thing I would look for is the credibility and the principals followed by the promoter of the deal. If I know them personally, I ask myself how well I know them? How much can I trust them? If I don't know them as well, what can I learn about them? How do they conduct their business? More so, how have they managed past deals and managed their relationship with their investors."   THE FUNDAMENTALS OF SYNDICATION: "Very simply put, syndication is similar to a mutual fund. There is one big difference though, a mutual fund puts stocks in a variety of different companies based on one thing like steel or a diversified set of stocks that all grow at 10%. There is a similar thing called REITs which are the same as Mutual Funds. Investors invest in other peoples deal that then give them a return. The main difference in syndication is that the funds are raised for a specific property. When you are a passive investor in a syndicated deal you are actually becoming an equity owner in a specific property. When you invest in a fund you are becoming a shareholder in a fund that may hold 10 other properties."   HOW TO CONTACT IKE:   www.thesidebusiness.show   Thank you for listening! We hope you got as much value from this interview as we did. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


24 Jan 2018

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18: Equity partner in over 1,000 apartment units. Raising investment capital and hosting The Side Business Show. -Ike Mutabanna

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ike Mutabanna raises capital for multifamily investments focused on the Dallas real estate market, and he is the president of IHM Business Group. Ike recently completed two apartment deals where he raised $1.5MM. Collectively, Ike is now a partner in over 1,000 apartment units. Ike previously served for over a decade as a CTO for several tech company startups in Boston, and he is the host of the Podcast, “The Side Business Show,” where he conducts interviews focused on side business ventures. Ike was also raised in India, and he and his wife both have a passion for helping marginalized communities in his home country.


21 Jan 2018

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Season Two: Episode 01 Ike Mutabanna - Side Hustle Your Way to Success!

The Corporate Investor Podcast

Today we speak with host of "The Side Business Show", Ike Mutabanna. Ike is based out of Dallas Texas but previously lived and began investing in Boston. Ike is a former CTO with over 20 years in the corporate world. He began investing in single family homes before becoming a passive multifamily investor and is now raising money as a syndicator. Ike has a great story of jumping into real estate, learning quickly from his mistakes, and then focusing in on what is working. There’s a lot of value in this one so hit play now!


4 Jan 2018

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JC 025: 3 Keys to Real Estate; Scale, Value and Risk with Ike Mutabanna

The Real Estate Locker Room Show with John Carney

Ike Mutabanna is a real estate entrepreneur and the president of Dallas, Texas based IHM Business Group. Ike also hosts the successful podcast, “The Side Business Show,” where listeners learn how to grow their wealth through running a wide variety of side businesses. Over the last 15 years Ike has spent time as co-founder, president and CTO in a variety of startups and turnaround companies. He’s originally from India where he attended the University of Bombay, India and earned his BE degree. Ike also has a MS degree in Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Ike is an active commercial real estate investor and multifamily syndicator. In his downtime you will find Ike pursuing his newfound passion for mountain climbing, having recently started training for technical climbs on rock cliffs. The 3X advantages of syndication versus single-family investment: 1) Risk diversification is much better in a ten-unit apartment building versus three single-family houses. 2) Economies of scale is better in terms of net income. The more net income allows you to hire property managers, allowing you to focus your time and energy on further investments. 3) Value appreciation - you have the ability to force appreciation with creative strategies to increase rent and overall income and push the value of your properties. Favorite quote: “When you want something really, really bad and you take the action to achieve it, the universe comes together to help you achieve it.” The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho. Check out The Side Business Show podcasts and contact Ike here: www.thesidebusinessshow.com or podcast: thesidebusiness.show Thank you Ike for taking the time to share your story and business insight with us. Connect with John Carney Facebook: www.facebook.com/JohnCarneyOnline Twitter: @John_M_Carney Instagram: @johnm_carney © John Carney 2017


13 Sep 2017