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Brodie Kern on Personal Power, The Compound Effect, and Community (#5)

The Process Podcast

The Process Podcast is hosted by Jeff Sherman "Without personal power there is no execution in business" - Brodie Kern From drug addiction to millionaire CEO and Coach of 150+ Born-Again Entrepreneurs  Brodie is a high performance coach, motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur. He has ran several businesses including a commercial real estate brokerage, a telecom marketing agency, and a high-risk payment processing company.  He is the founder of Wake Up Wealthy, a personal development company that provides a coaching program for entrepreneurs where he teaches individuals how to rejuvenate their mind, body, and business, a one-stop shop for a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.  SHOW NOTES: Turning your kryptonite into your superpower [01:40] Overcoming addiction [2:47] How chaos gives you the opportunity to grow [03:39] The Granular Compound Effect [04:12] An entrepreneur alone is an entrepreneur at risk [10:40] There is a community somewhere with people waiting to help you [12:30] Without personal power there is no execution in business [15:32] The difference between self-help alone and joining a community [17:53] CONNECT: Instagram: @brodiekern Website: https://www.wakeupwealthy.co For more episodes of The Process Podcast visit us at www.theprocessshow.com


10 Nov 2020

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#53 - We Dive Into The Life Of Wake Up Wealthy Founder Brodie Kern

Jeff Knows Inc.

Jeff Knows Inc Podcast Hosted by Jeff Lopes - Episode 53 - We had an amazing conversation  with Brodie Kern.  A world renowned serial entrepreneur and real-estate investor that has grown multiple successful companies that have done millions in revenue…Last year, he realized that none of his accomplishments would have been possible if it wasn’t for learning how to master himself.Everybody knows that the current education system is outdated but Brodie decided to actually do something about it instead of watching from the sidelines…Sharing his decades worth of life experiences, he has impacted thousands of young professionals lives across the world, that is were Wake Up Wealthy was Born.Brodie KernInstagram: @BrodieKernFacebook: @BrodieKernConnect with Jeff LopesWebsite: www.JeffKnowsInc.comEmail: Jeff@jeffknowsinc.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeffknowsinc Instagram: www.instagram.com/JeffLopes#KeepMovingForward - Jeff LopesSupport the show (https://www.jeffreylopes.com)


26 Oct 2020

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Wake Up Wealthy - From Drug Addict To CEO with Brodie Kern

Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life

How do you deal with pain? Some people meditate, workout, or read, while others turn to alcohol or other substances. How you deal with pain often stems from your childhood programming. Fortunately, you have the power to not only change your identity, but to take the negative labels you’ve been given, embrace them, and make them work for you. After overdosing three times, three days in a row, Brodie Kern realized that it was time to turn his life around before things took a turn for the worst. After deciding to embrace his addictive, obsessive and passionate mindset and turn it into something positive, he ventured out to become a successful real estate agent and merchant accounts advisor. Last year, Brodie recognized that none of his accomplishments would have been possible if it wasn’t for learning how to master himself. He realized that if he could turn his life around, he could help others do the very same thing. Today, Brodie is a world renowned serial entrepreneur, CEO of Wake Up Wealthy, and real-estate investor that has impacted the lives of thousands of young professionals across the world. On this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life Podcast, Brodie and I discuss the link between pain, addiction, and substance abuse, the inner narrative when dealing with addiction, and how Wake Up Wealthy is helping young entrepreneurs master the art of business.


22 Jul 2020

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EP 54 - Brodie Kern - Wake Up Wealthy

All Things Telesales

Using AA as a catalyst to self-growth at age 21. Brodie Kern's niche of helping people change their mindset and entrepreneurship came together and helped him create a business that will allow him to fulfill his goalKey points:Time is the universal currency, not the dollar.Sometimes we need to lose ourselves to find ourselves. Hardwire positive ones and leave out negative thoughts.Accessing reality using meditation --many people are unable to be with their own thoughts and believe the first thought they get to be true,   they get angry, turn to drugs, etc and meditation causes you to observe your thoughts. Chase fulfillment in your work, it will fill that hole.The opportunity cost of not going out is loosing and wasting your life. Mind, body, spirit, and business and business is the sum of the first 3 and all of them work in harmony.Quotes:Networking is just making friends and having fun -Jake LynnNeurons that wire together fire together -BrodieThis episode of the podcast was brought to you by Balto, the #1 Real-time Guidance platform. Powered by AI, Balto gives sales reps recommendations during their phone calls so they can sell more and get to the next level.  Managers get data that shows them what’s working and what’s not so they can give their reps even better coaching. Balto helps sales reps, trainers, and managers become their best. You can learn more about Balto HERERead a case study HERE Or partner with Balto and make some side cash HERE ABOUT JAKE LYNNJake Lynn is a leading authority on telesales. He is the host of the Top 50 Podcast, “All Things Telesales."His thought leadership has been instrumental in helping guide some of today’s most elite insurance call centers. Funny and dynamic, Jake is passionate about helping phone-based sales professionals truly smile and dial.Setting the standard for teletraining for the insurance industry, Jake teaches agents to serve not sell with PEG (Praise, Empathy, & Gratitude) and to always put Compassion Before Commission. Brodi Kerns Website - WakeupwealthyConnect with Brodie linktr.ee/brodiekernSupport the show (http://www.allthingstelesales.com)


2 Jul 2020

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38. Brodie Kern- Drug Addict to Millionaire

Venture Mentality

Today on the Venture Mentality podcast I sit down with Brodie Kern. Brodie is the 26 year old CEO of Wake Up Wealthy. Brodie and I discuss his journey, how he overcame drugs and turned his life around, and what his ambitions are for the future.Website: www.venturementality.comInstagram: @venture.mentalityTwitter: @VM_elevateCheck Brodie Out:Instagram: @brodiekern


2 Dec 2019

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Brodie Kern - From Drug Addict to CEO


Brodie Kern is a 26 year old ex-drug addict. After rehab, AA meetings, and trying to figure out how to dig himself out of this hole, he found real estate. After realizing that real estate was not for him, he tried other things before eventually starting his high-ticket coaching business (The Wake Up Wealthy Brotherhood) along with the his top 100 business podcast (The Wake Up Wealthy Podcast). In this episode, Brodie and I dive deep into his story, mindset, and goals. Brodie's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/brodiekern/ Brodie's Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-wake-up-wealthy-podcast/id1445817699?mt=2 Thanks for listening! Leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts and let us know what you thought of this episode! Brady Morgan's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bradymorgan_/


28 Oct 2019

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EP 165 - Brodie Kern - The Bull Shit Story That’s Holding You Back

Underdog Empowerment

You can and should make a lot of money. You should also find something that makes you happy.   This isn’t some cheesy ass virtue signaling, this is the key to having a real sense of fulfillment.   Brodie Kern is a recovering addict and the CEO of the Wake Up Wealthy Brotherhood, helping 6 and 7 figure earners dominate.   In this interview, we went deep on what fulfillment actually means and the one thing you must do if you want to achieve that feeling.   Show Notes: https://underdogempowerment.com/brodie-kern/   Get More Involved:    Leave A Review & Subscribe On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/underdog-empowerment/id1373572178 Access Our Top Resource Recommendations: https://underdogempowerment.com/resources/ Join The Elite Underdog Alphas With The Free Underdog Report: https://underdogempowerment.com/report Subscribe On YouTube: https://underdogempowerment.com/youtube


11 Oct 2019

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Addiction, Self-Talk, Meditation & Waking Up Wealthy | Brodie Kern

The Shining Icon Show

Brodie Kern went from drug addict to a successful serial entrepreneur, and now he helps others revolutionize their own lives. We talk addiction, meditation, being real with yourself, operating in extremes, making radical changes, mentorship and what he means when he says "stop listening to yourself & start talking to yourself." My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carsonjoness/ Brodie: https://www.instagram.com/brodiekern/ https://giantvoicesmedia.com/


20 Aug 2019

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Breaking Bad Habits, ft. Brodie Kern (Founder of Wake Up Wealthy), with Alex Quin

Hustle Inspires Hustle with Alex Quin

Alex Quin sits down with Brodie Kern where he explains how he turned his life around from alcohol and substance abuse to world renowned serial entrepreneur in a short 24 months. The little voice in your head can be one of your biggest enemies and if you listen to it, it will be your biggest downfall. Learn how to control your inner urges and temptations and apply that power to a better purpose. If you are an entrepreneur who needs the extra push to get through BS in your life or leveraging Instagram to build your brand, the episode is particularly for you.Check us out on Facebook: @HustleInspiresHustle | @AlexQuinFollow us on Instagram: @HustleInspiresHustle | @AlexQuin Want more info? : http://hustleinspireshustle.com | http://alexquin.comCheck out Brodie on Instagram: @BrodieKernExecutive Producer: Alex QuinTalent Producer: Michelle ChiaAudio Engineer/Post Editor: Salomon Diaz/Alex Quin/UADV Graphics & Animations: Michelle Chia/Chris Soueidan/Daniel TorunoSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


20 Aug 2019

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Brodie Kern on How to Build Confidence and Upgrade Your Belief System

The Art of Fulfillment

Brodie Kern is a serial entrepreneur, investor, personal development expert, and international speaker who is the epitome of a “zero to hero” story. At one point, he was overweight, addicted to drugs, had a drinking problem, and was dead broke. But within a short 24 months, he was able to turn his life around and turn himself into a business owner and real estate investor who has grown multiple successful companies in his life. He has become a thought leader in business, mindset development, and wealth with his work being featured by Forbes, Inc magazine, the Harvard Business Review and so much more. He is also the host of The Wake Up Wealthy podcast where his goal is to help other accelerate their personal development and master the art of business. In this episode, Brodie and I discuss the step by step process on how you can replace your negative beliefs with ones that empower you, why you must learn how to love the process instead of focusing on the outcome, and three truths that will set you free and have you stop worrying about everything that could go wrong in life.Follow Brodie on Instagram @BrodiekernFollow us on Instagram @meditationformillennialsFollow me on Instagram @joecorcione


1 Aug 2019