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Sloane Elizabeth On Falling in Love with a Life Outside the Rules

Loving Your Own Soul

Coach, Author, and Blogger Sloane Elizabeth joins us from the beautiful land of Miami for a conversation centered around intuition, nutrition, and spirituality. Sloane discusses the various ways connecting food choices and energetic alignment have not only helped her in her own journey, but also the journey of those she works with. She also discusses the importance of setting boundaries around food and eating with others, which come from both physical, spoken, and energetic standpoints.  After years of struggling to set food and eating boundaries and trying to find the “right diet” that would make her happy, Sloane realized that there is no “right diet” as the restrictions found with many diets were causing her to live an unfulfilled life. In college she studied nutrition, before learning more about wellness coaching, and later tapping into her own unique perspective when it comes to food and eating. Sloane now combines nutrition with neuroscience and spirituality to make aligned choices that fulfill her in her own life, while helping others do the same. In this conversation we go on to discuss the steps to realizing when one may be disconnected from their intuition and how to then realign oneself. This conversation was so much fun, be sure to tune in!  Topics We Talk About:  Living an empowered life Signs from the Universe  The ways the body changes as a teenager Importance of slow morning and doing life in your own way Setting boundaries around food, your choices, and scenarios involving food 3 categories of boundaries: physical, energetic, and spoken Living life outside the rules and ditching restrictive ways Learning to surrender and trust  Sloane’s college experience, studying nutrition, and spiritual journey The power of listening to and honoring the intuition  Sloane’s unique perspective around food freedom Sloane’s cookbook for college students: College Kravings Digital nomad life The ways our souls remember one another or locations Intuitive vs. fear-based voices in our heads  Find more at lovingyourownsoulpodcast.com Resources:  Connect with Sloane Elizabeth on Instagram: @sloaneelizabeth Check out Sloane online https://www.sloane-elizabeth.com/ Grab a copy of the brand-new Kale and Cravings ebook:https://www.sloane-elizabeth.com/shop Join Sloane and Britt on Friday, February 26th for the Modern Wellness Community Morning about living with love and intuition: https://forms.gle/dCAT8uNZZzbLv4vZ6 Learn more about the Feng Shui Color Wheel Book: The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein  Bleach Alternative: Shop Here  Learn more about Britt’s holistic wellness coaching services and programs through Ambu at ambuwellness.com  or @ambuwellness Join my private Facebook Group:  Ambu | A Modern Wellness Community Connect with me on Instagram @lovingyourownsoul Loving Your Own Soul is edited and managed by Sixteen Creative

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16 Feb 2021

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Finding Your Food Freedom with Sloane Elizabeth

The Self Love Breakfast Club

Finding freedom in the food you eat is both enlightening and liberating, yet achieving this goal can be challenging. Today we speak with Sloane Elizabeth about food freedom and the effort it takes to achieve it. As a holistic food freedom and body confidence coach, Sloane uses a combination of nutritional science and spirituality to help women release their food fears and restrictions. We lay the foundations for our conversation by hearing about Sloane’s personal goals and what she is grateful for before talking about her food philosophy. Sloane then walks us through the three different layers of “self”, paying special attention to our spiritual side. Toward the end of the show, we find out just how smart our bodies are, and why our brains have good intentions but might not offer us the best solutions. As she explains, it’s about returning trust to our bodies and recognizing it for the intelligent entity that it is. To find out more about how you can achieve food freedom, be sure to join us today.


6 Jan 2021

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Finding Food Freedom with Sloane Elizabeth

Twenty Fun


2 Nov 2020

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Let's Talk Food Freedom With Sloane Elizabeth

See Me Show

In this week’s episode, I’m so excited to introduce you to our very special guest, Sloane Elizabeth. Sloane is a freedom food expert, helping women drop restrictive diets and find freedom with food.  She teaches women how to combine nutritional science with manifestation and spirituality in order to eat with love and intuition and find food freedom that lasts. We will be discussing all things related to food freedom and how freedom allows you to live an authentic life. Connect with Sloane on Instagram @sloaneelizabeth and check out her book, Kale & Kravings on Amazon. Also, be sure to visit her website https://www.sloane-elizabeth.com/ to learn more about coaching and to access amazing free resources!


28 Oct 2020

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65. Food Freedom: Eating With More Love + Intuition with Sloane Elizabeth

High Vibin’ It

Food freedom expert, Sloane Elizabeth, joins us to help everyone improve their relationship with food! Whether it’s emotional eating, an eating disorder, overindulgence, or just plain everyday guilting and shaming, Sloane is here to help us find food FREEDOM.If you’re tired of dieting, meal plans, or harsh guidelines this episode is for you!You’ll learn how to eat food in a way that feels nourishing for you body, soul, and mind. You’ll also get tons of tips and tricks for how to eat in a more intuitive and loving way so you don’t have to live a life of restriction or self-deprivation.In the Patreon version of this episode, Sloane talks about setting boundaries with unsupportive family members, how to cultivate more confidence, how to have more compassion for your body, and smart shopping tips to get the best quality food at the grocery.Join our Patreon at patreon.com/highvibe to get exclusive bonus content, extended episodes, video podcasts, freebies, community, and more!Sloane’s Website: www.sloane-elizabeth.comLearn more about Kelsey’s Radical Self-Love Retreat: kelseyaida.com/retreatSPONSORS:Get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp: betterhelp.com/vibin


14 Sep 2020

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Sloane Elizabeth is a holistic wellness coach and food freedom expert


Sloane Elizabeth is a holistic wellness coach and food freedom expert. She uses nutritional science and manifestation principles to empower her clients to heal their relationships with food. She created her method, eating with love & intuition, to help her audience heal deeply and experience food (and life) freedom that lasts. Sloane is also an author, speaker, podcast co-host, and yoga teacher.


12 Sep 2020

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Sloane Elizabeth Talks Food Freedom and Eating with Love and Intuition

Courageous Wellness

Today on the podcast we welcome Food Freedom Coach, Sloane Elizabeth. Sloane works with individuals to tap into intuitive eating, to ditch food rules, diets, and restrictions. She also works to help clients learn how to eat with love and eliminate guilt and fear around food. On this episode, we discuss Sloane’s personal journey to her work and offer practical tools and tips to cultivate food freedom. Sloane has also recently released a free guide titled: 5 Steps to Eat With Love & Intuition to Stop Obsessively Thinking About Food -- which you can find access here: Get the Guide To learn more about Sloane you can visit her website: https://www.sloane-elizabeth.com or follow her on instagram @sloaneelizabeth Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review Courageous Wellness! We release new episodes each #WellnessWednesday! You can also follow us on instagram @CourageousWellness and visit our website: www.courageouswellness.net to get in touch.  This episode is brought to you by Milk+Honey.  To receive 15% off your purchase visit www.milkandhoney.com and use code: CWPODCAST (all one word) at checkout! Milk+Honey is a line of non-toxic, effective, and safe bath, body, and skincare products made in small batches in Austin, Texas.   This episode is brought to you by Ned! You can receive 15% off our favorite Ned CBD products . They even offer an entirely female created line for periods called Natural cycles. Go to helloned.com and enter the code CWPODCAST at checkout!   We are so happy to offer our listeners 10% off on all Four Sigmatic superfood coffee and elixirs! For 10% off Four Sigmatic products visit www.foursigmatic.com and use the code: courageous at checkout!


12 Aug 2020

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Episode 023: Eating with Love & Intuition With Sloane Elizabeth

Modern Girl Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with: Sloane Elizabeth is a holistic wellness coach specializing in helping women release diet mentality and restrictions so they can find lasting food freedom. She teaches her audience and clients how to eat with love and intuition, and uses methods from nutrition and psychology pairs with manifestation and deep subconscious healing to facilitate this shift and transformation. Sloane is also a yoga teacher, speaker, and author of Kale & Kravings: Nourishing Dorm Room Recipes and Wellness Practices for Students. What we talked about: Eating disorders Changing my body for myself Being confident Sharing what you feel and think Just let go My own version of healthy Feeling at home with your body "Feeling good, looking good and being healthy are the priorities" Connect with our guest Sloane: SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES + WEBSITE: IG: @sloaneelizabeth Website: www.sloane-elizabeth.com Facebook Group: Eating with Love & Intuition with Sloane Elizabeth Free Food Freedom Guide Meet Your Host: Katelyn Parsons is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Intuitive Eating Specialist in San Diego, CA. She helps ambitious women heal their relationship with food and rebuild body trust from the inside out so that they can feel good in their skin without obsession. Beyond coaching & speaking, Katelyn enjoys exploring the world with her husband, long beach walks and chatting over multiple cups of tea with friends. Ready to heal your relationship with food + body? Click HERE to book your Body Trust Breakthrough Call Click HERE to download your Food Freedom Guide

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21 Jul 2020

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Food Freedom w/ Sloane Elizabeth

Unplugged Goddess

DIET CULTURE IS CANCELED AND LOVING YOURSELF IS IN! In today's episode, Kelsey chats with Sloane, a food freedom expert, on how to eat with intuition and love. Yes, this means eating those late night french fries when you're on your period and NOT feeling bad about it. If you have a bad relationship with food, or are just wanting to learn some tips on how to eat sustainable while still treating yourself to yummy desserts, this is the episode for you!Connect with Kelsey:IG: @unpluggedgoddesspodcast // @unpluggedgoddess Website: https://unpluggedgoddess.com/SELF LOVE COURSE LAUNCHING SOON! Connect with Sloane:IG: www.instagram.com/sloaneelizabethWebsite: www.sloane-elizabeth.com FREE Food Freedom Guide: https://sloane-elizabeth.lpages.co/food-freedom-freebie/FB Page: www.facebook.com/groups/SloaneElizabeth Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Kale-Kravings-Nourishing-Wellness-Practices/dp/057852256X 


29 Jun 2020

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A sit down with (Sloane Elizabeth)

The blonde life podcast

In this episode we talk her amazing food freedom program manifestation and quartine hacks as well of how to have the best day every day! And how to feel food freedom with an in-depth way of how to love yourself in this hard time. Her instagram is @sloanelizabeth --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/katherine622/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/katherine622/support


31 May 2020