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The Science of Flipping with Justin Colby #231

REI Mastermind Network | Real Estate Investing Strategies & Mindset

Justin Colby is the founder of The Science of Flipping Podcast and The Science of Flipping Coaching Program and is an active Real Estate investor having flipped over 1600 homes in multiple markets over his 14+ year career. As a coach and mentor, he has advised 1000s of clients on how to become a real estate investor and is a recognized national public speaker.Connect with Justin!Website: https://thescienceofflipping.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2019443671672860YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiSw81DxHpEEH8OzqemcVkwAs you can already tell we have made some changes and a few more are on the way. If you are interested in what we have planned, head over to Patreon.com/REImastermind, and support the show today. Financial contributions are always appreciated along with a LIKE, SHARE, and REVIEW.  It really helps us grow and reach more people with this valuable information.  See you next time and tell a friend!LIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsitePatreonApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsYouTubeSpotifyStitcherDeezerFacebookTwitterInstagramSUPPORT THE SHOW!You can get RentRedi’s annual plan for only $54 when you use our special code MASTERMINDGet Exclusive Content on Patreon! • https://www.patreon.com/reimastermindGet $10 and Reduce Your Business Costs by Shopping at AppSumo • https://bit.ly/reiappsumoGet $10 Towards Your First Purchase at Drop • https://drop.com/?referer=3DC729"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - JD


5 May 2021

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#190: 4 Exit Strategies From an Expert Real Estate Investor with Justin Colby

Accelerated Real Estate Investor

We’re talking wholetail, wholesale, and flipping strategies today with Justin Colby from the Science of Flipping. Find your next perfect virtual market when you use Justin’s criteria for gauging the health of a city, and learn about the 4 exit strategies that help him protect his assets.


23 Apr 2021

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Episode 4 - Justin Colby

Flipping Failure Podcast hosted by Clint Bartlett

Welcome to the Flipping Failure Podcast hosted by Clint Bartlett. This is where we interview the nation’s top real estate investors, industry insiders, and thought leaders. Diving into skills and attributes needed to overcome failures and obstacles to achieve at the highest level. Today we sit down with Justin Colby.


13 Apr 2021

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547 - When You Are At Your Bottom - Justin Colby

Creative Real Estate Podcast

From losing it all to building it back and finding success in Real Estate. Justin Colby is the founder of The Science of Flipping Podcast and The Science of Flipping Coaching Program and is an active Real Estate investor having flipped over 1500 homes in multiple markets. As a coach and mentor, he has advised 1000s of clients on how to become a real estate investor and is a recognized national public speaker.  If you've ever found yourself wanting to quit, this episode is SERIOUSLY for you! Episode Notes: What got Justin into real estate investing? Justin describes what his first deal was like How Justin systemize his deals? How Justin gives back by mentoring Justin talks about leveraging Contact Justin Colby: The Science Of Flipping: Home Books: Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography - Walter Isaacson Connect With Us! To connect with Jason, please email or call him at: Phone: (303) 949-8662 Email: crep@ecospace.com Website: Ecospace  We look forward to hearing from you! Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review. Each review helps us reach a larger audience with each episode.


3 Mar 2021

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The Science Behind Success in this Business with Justin Colby

The Flip Talk Podcast with Don Costa

Justin Colby is the Founder of The Science of Flipping Podcast and the Science of Flipping Coaching Program, programs to help you launch, grow, and scale your investment business by avoiding the mistakes others make. After graduating from UCLA with a BS in Science, Justin quickly decided to pursue a real estate career after connecting with a North Carolina developer. Having flipped over 1500 homes in multiple markets, Justin is now a coach and mentor for thousands of ambitious real estate investors and is a Rockstar national public speaker. He is considered one of the best trainers in his space and is with us today to share a little of his magic touch. In today's episode, Justin discusses his real estate journey, which started well before becoming a 'statistic of the crash,' losing his home and car to the repo man and finding himself sleeping on a friend's couch. He reveals how going back to basics to get himself a game plan with a coach gave him a blueprint to flip houses and bounce back tenfold. We discuss the effort and patience required to seal your first deal and why Justin thinks procrastination is the biggest hurdle to success. He also discusses his real estate forecasts for the coming months, the effect COVID 19 has had on his current business model, and why you always need to be ready to pivot when something unexpected comes up. "You gotta be able to take action and have the fortitude to withstand the failures" – Justin Colby "You need to want it because it can create an incredible lifestyle for you, but you also have the challenges that come along with it" – Justin Colby "There's no way you can become the person that you're meant to be without failing" – Justin Colby "The 79-unit townhome development that I did lost hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was terrible. But the amount of learning lessons that came from that is basically priceless" – Justin Colby "When COVID did hit, I immediately made a pivot again because of my experiences in the past. I saw something I've never seen before, and I knew I couldn't just continue doing my business model that is running in a very linear way. When something that comes in that has never been seen you have to be mobile" – Justin Colby This week on Flip Talk: Justin's journey from boom to bust to boom again Why the hard work on cold calling pays off How the crash taught Justin to pivot Procrastination and why you should kick its butt Why failure will be your most valuable lesson of all Why you should quality check your data Connect with Justin Colby: The Science of Flipping Website The Science of Flipping on Facebook Justin Colby on Twitter Justin Colby on LinkedIn Justin Colby on YouTube Justin Colby on Instagram Rate, Review, Learn and Share Thanks for tuning into the FlipTalk podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and want to learn even more about what it takes to build a 7-figure real estate business, head over to iTunes and subscribe to the show. Don't forget to tune into our other show: FlipTalk's Rookie PlayBook and share your favorite episodes on social media to help other new investors learn what it takes to grow a successful business in the real estate investing industry.  Join the community of FlipTalk fans on Facebook, YouTube,  and visit our website for even more content, information, and resources about real estate investing. 


17 Feb 2021

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The Science of Flipping with Justin Colby

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

How much money would you pay if you didn’t have to make a mistake that someone else did make? Today we get to hear from Justin Colby who is the Founder of The Science of Flipping Podcast and The Science of Flipping Coaching Program.[00:01 – 03:48] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Justin ColbyJustin talks about his backgroundHis time as a realtorBuilding a system that brought him success[03:49 – 19:40] The Science of FlippingJustin talks about the mistakes he made early onClosing his first dealSetting up a systemThe process of building his teamWhen you should consider to start hiringSkills he learned in and acquiring and building different asset typesLearning from his biggest losses[19:41 – 23:57] Closing SegmentJustin’s advice to aspiring investorsMake sure to learn from those who came before you and always try to level upHow Justin stays up on top of his gameHis way to make the world a better placeHow to reach out to Justin – links belowFinal words from Justin and MeTweetable Quotes:“My first hire was a personal assistant and I will still recommend that to people. The first thing you need to do is get the stuff that you aren’t good at, and the stuff that you don’t want to do but have to get done, so you could be running higher in sales.” - Justin Colby“It’s more about growing your wallet, not your operation. That’s really the key, people want to grow their operation because it looks cool, it sounds cool, people respect it. But if they can’t put more money in their pocket, then what’s the point?” - Justin Colby“Some of my biggest losses, helps me make more money in the long run.” - Justin Colby“Make sure you are learning from those who have done it before.” - Justin ColbyResources Mentioned: The Science of Flipping Podcast------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Justin, visit https://thescienceofflipping.com/. Check out his Youtube Channel hereGuest Email: justincolby55@gmail.com Connect with me:I love helping others place money outside of traditional investments that both diversify strategy and provide solid predictable returns.Call: 901-500-6191FacebookLinkedInLike, subscribe, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or whatever platform you listen on. Thank you for tuning in! Email me --> sam@brickeninvestmentgroup.com


10 Jan 2021

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Using Data for REI Marketing the Right Way ft. Justin Colby

REI Marketing Weekly

Acquiring data for your real estate marketing is not enough. Texting, cold calling, mailing with that data is not enough! What more can you do to get more mileage out of the precious data you buy for your business?  Justin Colby hops on the call to talk about how he's leveraging his data to get the best results.


2 Jan 2021

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The Science of Flipping! Live interview with Justin Colby

Portfolio Builders

In today's episode of The Portfolio Builders podcast Devon chats with the man, the myth, the legend: Justin Colby - founder of The Science of Flipping! Did you know that Chris and Taylor are publishing a new book? The Consultant Next Door is the modern-day consulting playbook for getting clients & getting paid. Pre-order your copy today for $0.99! Justin has wholesaled or flipped THOUSANDS of homes , and we are gonna chat all about the demographics that make a market stable .... and what trends he sees coming in the next year in real estate.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


16 Nov 2020

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#101 Justin Colby | How To Use The SWIM Method To Hit Your Real Estate Goals

Pave The Way Podcast with Greg Helbeck

Hi! Welcome back to Pave The Way! I have an honor today to talk with Justin Colby who's one of the industry authorities. In this episode, you will learn about ...  his background and how did he get into entrepreneurship. the SWIM Method and what he needs to do to use it to be successful. the mistake he made in the past that people can make sense out of.  how he's been successful consistently over the years. To contact Justin, www.thescienceofflipping.com Youtube: Justin ColbyGreg’s Course GetGregsCourse.com


7 Oct 2020

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Science Of Flipping With Justin Colby

Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

Nobody starts out great in the business. They either start with little idea about the job or little money to start their career. What pushes them forward is their determination to learn from others and take action. In this episode, Mitch Stephen interviews someone who is big on helping real estate investors create the business and lifestyle they have always dreamed of. He sits down with Justin Colby, a full-time real estate investor and the founder of The Science of Flipping, to show us the power of mentors and coaches to one’s real estate investing journey. Justin shares with us some of the programs they have over, such as The 5 Day Deal Challenge and The Science of Flipping Academy, aiming to help those struggling or just want to better their game. Listen to this great conversation where Justin gives a tremendous offer that could just be what you need to succeed.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Real Estate Investor Summit Community:reinvestorsummit.comReal Estate Investor Summit FacebookReal Estate Investor Summit TwitterReal Estate Investor Summit YouTubeMitch Stephen LinkedIn


18 Aug 2020