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Todd Olson, CEO, and Founder at Pendo

Net Effects

In this episode of the Net Effects Podcast, co-hosts Les Ottolenghi and Mark Bavisotto interview Todd Olson, CEO and Founder at Pendo. The unicorn company, Pendo,  founded by Todd Olson, is “on a mission to improve the world’s experiences with software”.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/neteffectspodcast/message


15 Mar 2021

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A Look at Culture Shifts As a Company Grows with Todd Olson at Pendo

Growth Think Tank

Just as your strategy changes and your target client gets better, your culture shifts as the company grow. There are defined inflection points that will help you anticipate the culture shifts as your company grows. My guest today is Todd Olson, CEO of Pendo. His company was ranked #73 in the 2019 Inc 5000 list. We talk about the main inflection points as a company grows to 500 employees. In this episode, you will learn how to lead culture shifts as your company grows intentionally. Get the show notes for A Look at Culture Shifts As a Company Grows with Todd Olson at Pendo Click to Tweet: Listening to a fantastic episode on Growth Think Tank featuring #ToddOlson with your host @GeneHammett http://bit.ly/gttToddOlson #CultureShiftsAsaCompanyGrows #GeneHammettPodcast #Leadership #GHepisode706 #GTTepisodes #Podcasts Give Growth Think Tank a review on iTunes!


11 Mar 2021

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46: Pendo CEO Todd Olson - incentives drive outcomes

Built By Humans

Todd Olson (CEO at Pendo) joined Scott Britton and Andrei Newman on the Business Is Human podcast. Here are some key takeaways from the conversation: Solving a problem or facing a challenge with someone is the best way to get to know them. It’s important to be incredibly mindful of the behaviors you celebrate in your company.  A key aspect of being able to take dollars online is the level of commitment you are asking for (monthly billing > yearly contract). The best companies are accepting and embracing that people will want to try things before they buy them (you cannot hide behind slick marketing or a hyper charismatic salesperson anymore). As a CEO, it’s important to avoid behavior that might make an exec feel disempowered. Create a culture that makes employees feel comfortable with speaking to you and bringing pressing issues to light. Invest in educating your salespeople on how to have an executive-level conversation. 


10 Mar 2021

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Todd Olson (Pendo): Navigating Common Pitfalls in Cross-Functional Teams


Todd Olson is the CEO of Pendo, the leading software platform for product teams. Todd recently wrote a book called, “The Product-Led Organization,” and we unpack its key themes in this episode. Learn about the importance of cross-functional teams, but also how to work through key challenges that arise when more folks are involved in decisions. Plus, you’ll hear about the power of “addition through subtraction” when it comes to product management. All that (and more) on this episode of BUILD.


18 Nov 2020

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Perfecting Product with Pendo CEO and Co-Founder Todd Olson

How I Launched This: A SaaS Story

Stephanie Wong (@stephr_wong) and Carter Morgan (@carterthecomic) are back with a new episode of How I Launched This. This week, we talk with Pendo CEO and Co-Founder Todd Olson. With a passion for helping teams build and adapt digital products, Todd and his co-founders from Google, RedHat, and Cisco created Pendo to help companies analyze how their product offerings are used to optimize performance for customers.Pendo offers analytical tools, messaging features inside products, feedback polls, and customer feedback roadmaps to allow users to impact product development and companies to adjust products to fit real-life user needs. With situations like the global pandemic, this has become especially useful as users adjust to a new way of working with products. Pendo helps them navigate the products in these new ways and provides feedback to companies so they are able to adjust if necessary to ensure user satisfactionTodd is no stranger to startups, having launched many himself starting from a very young age. With Pendo, he wanted to focus on what users really want, what they really need, and how they're actually using products that digital engineers build. He tells us the process of Pendo's creation, starting with the initial ideas and partnering with like minded individuals. Todd feels it's important and quite honestly, more fun, to have co-founders to help support the mission and bring complimentary skills to a project.Later, we hear more about Todd's journey through entrepreneurship, from his first company to Pendo. We talk about how a lifetime of entrepreneurialism has changed him, and he tells us lessons he's learned, giving insight into the process of building a company, realizing it's potential, then moving to the next project. He details the evolution of Pendo from inception to edited iterations, to the useful service it is today. We talk about tradeoffs entrepreneurs and their startups invariably have to make and how to make the tough choices.We dig into the technology behind Pendo later in the show as Todd outlines the tools they use and why. Todd also takes the time to talk about his new book on product-led businesses. The show wraps up with a discussion of how product-led businesses can adjust for the future and embrace the changes that come with it. We end with Todd's thoughts on the future of SaaS companies. Episode Links:PendoGoogle App EngineBigQueryThe Product-Led Organization


8 Nov 2020

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The Product-Led Organization

Product-Led Podcast

Todd Olson is the CEO and founder of Pendo, a product cloud that provides user insight, user communication, and user guidance for digital product teams. Driven by their mission to improve the world’s experiences with software, Pendo combines powerful product usage analytics with feedback, communication, user guidance, and planning tools to offer an integrated and complete integrated platform for digital product teams. In this episode, Todd talked about the role of sales in a product-led organization, what people need to keep in mind when it comes to freemiums, and the metrics product-led organizations should look at. Show Notes [00:35] The story behind the writing of his book [01:51] How becoming product-led has changed things for different teams [03:11] How becoming product-led changed things for the engineering team [04:17] What he’ll tell organizations that want to become product-led [08:18] The role of sales in a product led organization [10:22] What people need to think about when it comes to freemium [12:15] What he meant when he said “product is the new marketing” [14:06] Metrics product-led organizations should look at [17:22] How things have changed in terms of delivering products in a product-led organization [18:30] What product ops is and how it fits into a product-led organization [19:47] Advice he’d give to those who want to shift to product-led [20:38] Where people can find him online About Todd Olson Todd Olson is the CEO, founder, and the brilliant mind behind Pendo, a product cloud that helps drive software adoption, which leads to more effective employees and happier customers. Some of Pendo’s clients include the world’s leading digital enterprises and software companies including Salesforce, Zendesk, LabCorp, Okta, and Verizon. Profile The Product-Led Organization: Drive Growth by Putting Product at the Center of Your Customer Experience by Todd OlsonPendo WebsiteTodd Olson on TwitterTodd Olson on LinkedIn


3 Nov 2020

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Why Product-Led Organizations Win With Pendo CEO & Founder Todd Olson

Build With Maggie Crowley

Did you think product-led growth was something just for people doing "growth hacking?" Turns out that being product-led is about way more than just growth and instead is one of the best ways that a company can get their customers what they need, faster. In this episode Maggie gets the real scoop on all things product-led from Todd Olson, CEO and Founder of Pendo, who recently wrote the book on the subject. Want to learn more about being product-led? Check out Todd's new book here: https://www.pendo.io/the-product-led-organization/Like this episode? Leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review, hit the subscribe button, and share the pod with your friends! You can connect with Maggie on Twitter @maggiecrowley


25 Sep 2020

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Todd Olson, CEO of Pendo: The Product-Led Organization

Product Love


23 Sep 2020

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It’s Not Your Job to Fix Pornography Addiction | An Interview with Todd Olson and Steve Shields

Leading Saints Podcast

Todd Olson, LCSW, CSAT, is a counselor and co-founder of LifeStar, who has been treating unwanted sexual behavior for over 30 years. Steven Shields, CHMC (2020), runs the website and podcast Unashamed Unafraid, with the goal of bringing hope and community to those in recovery through sharing authentic and vulnerable addiction recovery stories. The LifeStar Salt Lake Clinic is partnering with Leading Saints to host live events to help Latter-day Saints be better prepared to lead those who struggle with pornography and sexual addiction. This will be an ongoing opportunity, available a few times a month, that you can attend in person or view online. Professional counselors will help guide individuals through the complexities of pornography and sexual addiction so that we are all better prepared to lead those in our lives who need the support. REGISTER NOW FOR THE NEXT LEADING SAINTS LIVE WITH LIFESTAR Highlights 07:00 Todd’s journey treating sexual addictions and how it has changed over 30 years 11:50 Steve’s journey and how he got involved with LifeStar 14:50 LifeStar’s programs 16:20 The purpose LifeStar and Leading Saints have in creating this educational discussion series for lay church leaders 19:30 What’s going on behind the scenes when someone comes to their church leader with a sexual addiction problem: minimal discussion and disclosure leads to temporary relief but a continuing problem 24:30 The disclosure process takes time and professional help 27:45 The bishop’s role is a part of the recovery, not the healer, and education about their role is needed 30:30 Helping young men who are preparing to serve missions 33:30 The bishop doesn’t need to do the hard part but can be the hope and spiritual resource 35:30 Creating a dialogue with therapists and recovering addicts so that leaders can know what they should do and how they should approach the problem 38:55 Handling betrayal trauma with the spouse 41:00 ARP is a 12-step support group, not an an addiction recovery program 44:40 Discussions will be recorded and streamed online, and topics will be repeated to keep the learning going 47:30 We are all volunteers and not expected to know everything, and this will be the Cliff Notes to becoming a resource for those without hope 49:00 Working with counselors 50:30 Men will resist going to support groups and counselors 51:40 Dealing with trauma in the bishop’s office Links LifeStar Unashamed Unafraid Go to LeadingSaints.org/subscribe and register to receive information about the Leading Saints live discussions with LifeStar “The Atonement Works for Me”: One Couple’s Recovery from Sexual Addiction 6 Things I Wish Bishops Knew About Addiction Steve Shields was also interviewed as part of the Liberating Saints Virtual Summit, which is available in the Core Leader library. For access, become a Core Leader.

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19 May 2020

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1.7: Todd Olson & Erik Troan, Pendo.io

USA Booming

Pendo founders, Todd Olson and Erik Troan, join USA Booming to share their story of explosive growth. Olson & Troan discuss Pendo’s rise to unicorn status ($1bn+ valuation) is a combination of talented individuals, shared core values and a maniacal focus on the customer.  Find out more about Pendo, Olson & Troan at www.pendo.io.


13 Feb 2020