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Alabama Sports Psychologist Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Success is a Choice

This is a replay of one of our more popular episodes from the past. Though this interview took place in 2020, but the insights are still relevant and beneficial today. We hope you enjoy this episode as you listen to it for the first time or as a refresher.  Dr. Bhrett McCabe is one of the leading experts in the area of sports psychology. The best of the best turn to him when they need help with performance and mindset. He is the founder of The MindSide and is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with Clinical Psychology Ph.D. from Louisiana State University (LSU). He is also a practicing Sports Psychologist and he works with a number of PGA TOUR professionals, including Jon Rahm and Billy Horschel. Dr. McCabe has also worked extensively with the University of Alabama athletic department. His podcast "The Secrets to Winning" comes highly recommended and is one of our favorites. Click here for Dr. McCabe's complete bio In today’s episode, we discuss: What makes Nick Saban so good Mental toughness Getting the most out of athletes Performing under pressure ... and so much more!!! Resources, Books, and Links  Twitter: @DrBhrettMccabe Website: BhrettMccabe.com Instagram: @DrBhrettMcCabe Facebook: Facebook.com/DrBhrettMccabe Catalyst School: TheCatalystSchool.com Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/bhrett-mccabe-4630ab9 Listen to Jamy when he appeared on Bhrett's "Secrets to Winning" podcast: https://www.bhrettmccabe.com/secrets-to-winning-podcast/becoming-the-leader-your-team-needs-jamy-bechler/ Listen to Bhrett's  "Secrets to Winning" podcast Articles of Interest . . . 19 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Knew Earlier Leading Sports Psychologists on the Role Golf Can Play in a Crisis Every Golfer is One of these 5 Personality Types Handling Adversity: Not if but when Alabama Team Psychologist Helps Crimson Tide Athletes Coaches Cope with Coronavirus Past "Success is a Choice" podcast episodes of interest . . . Nate Bain (Tennessee Titans Social Media Manager) - Episode 143 Adrian Griffin (Toronto Raptors assistant coach) - Episode 141 Ben Curtis (former British Open Champion) - Episode 140 Mike Lombardi (Former NFL General Manager) - Episode 138 Mark Immelman (PGA Broadcaster) - Episode 137 Bill Curry (former SEC Coach of the Year) - Episode 134 Gary Reasons (2x SuperBowl Champion) - Episode 105 Jon Gordon (author of "The Energy Bus) - Episode 100 Brittany Horschel (wife of PGA Tour pro Billy Horschel) - Episode 084 Paul Tesori (caddie for PGA Tour pro Webb Simpson) - Episode 080 Dwane Casey (2018 NBA Coach of the Year) - Episode 001 Bhrett McCabe in Action https://youtu.be/hrXg0-v6w8o https://youtu.be/tA4IsR3jd4U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbp_K0SM0v4&t=10s Rate and Review Please consider rating the podcast with 5 stars and leaving a quick review on iTunes.  Ratings and reviews are the lifeblood of a podcast. This helps tremendously in bringing the podcast to the attention of others. Thanks again for listening and remember that “Success is a choice. What choice will you make today?” Jamy Bechler is the author of five books including The Captain and The Bus Trip, host of the Success is a Choice Podcast, professional speaker, and trains organizations on creating championship cultures. He previously spent 20 years as a college basketball coach and administrator.  The Leadership Playbook is Bechler’s online program that helps athletes become better teammates and more positive leaders while strengthening a team’s culture. As a certified John Maxwell leadership coach, Bechler has worked with businesses and teams, including the NBA. Follow him on Twitter at @CoachBechler. To connect with him via email or find out about his services, please contact speaking@CoachBechler.com. You can also subscribe to his insights on success and leadership by clicking here.


8 Dec 2022

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Consistency is a Myth with Bhrett McCabe | Season 3 Episode 7

The Perfect Par

In this episode, I am joined by world-renowned sports psychologist, Bhrett McCabe. Bhrett joined me last season on episode six where we discussed general topics around the mental game.  This year we discuss his new book Break Free From Suckville, his controversial claim that "consistency is a myth", gaining confidence on the course, and much more! You can find more about Bhrett at his website here, Instagram here, Twitter here, or find his new book here.


27 Jun 2022

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Dr. Bhrett McCabe - Alabama Adapted Athletics Podcast Season 2 Episode 10

The University of Alabama Adapted Athletics

Tide Fans! The final episode of season two of the Alabama Adapted Athletics Podcast is here! To cap off a great season, Dom Taylor sat down with UA Sports Psychologist, Dr. Bhrett McCabe! Hear Dr. McCabe talk about different aspects of athlete mental health, his experience in working in sports psychology, the championship mindset, and other interesting topics. 


31 May 2022

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Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Masters of Baseball

Dr. Bhrett McCabe, Renowned Clinical and Sports Psychologist

8hr 2mins

10 Mar 2022

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Dr. Bhrett McCabe (Sports Performance Psychologist): “Every Strength Coach, Hitting Coach, Every Coach Should Know What to do. If a Player Comes to Them and Says, Coach, I just Don't Think about Living Anymore”

Swing Smarter Hitting Training Podcast | ⭐Hitting Performance Lab⭐

In this interview with clinical Sports Performance Psychologist, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, we go over: What are the top two mistakes that athletes make when it comes to dealing with those injuries? Psychologically? Dad's saying you need to tough it out. You need to get out there. What's your advice for some of those? What’s your advice on a player that is VERY hard on themself? “To me, the first thing we can do as the coach is never assumed that they're going to be better. I think we must assume that they're going to struggle.” What do you, and it leads into some tough talks where, we're talking about suicide rates and things like that. What's your initial analysis? “Every coach strength, coach hitting coach, every coach should know what to do. If a player comes to them and says, coach, I just don't think about living anymore.” Where can people find you? Do you have any, so that could be social. That could be the website.  I know we mentioned the beginning any kind of workshops or anything coming up?


3 Feb 2022

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Sports Psychologist and Author Dr. Bhrett McCabe on breaking free from "suckville" and the importance of relationships

Sports Spectrum Podcast

Bhrett McCabe, Ph.D is a clinical and sports psychologist, author and former LSU baseball player. He is a member of 2 National Championship teams and 3 College World Series teams with the Tigers and earned his doctorate at LSU in clinical Psychology.  Currently, he is the Sports and Performance Psychologist for the University of Alabama Athletic Department, providing services to all sports, including the 2015, 2017, and 2020 National Championship Football Teams. Over the past 10 years, Dr. McCabe has become a trusted resource for amateur, collegiate, and professional golfers on the PGA, LPGA, and Korn Ferry Tours. In 2019-2020 season and so far in 2020-2021, his professional clients have amassed over $17 million in earnings. He is the author of  “Break Free from Suckville” and "The MindSide Manifesto: The Urgency to Create a Competitive Mindset" and the host of The Secrets to Winning podcast highlighting guests across sports, business, entrepreneurship, and organizational culture. --- Looking for a great gift idea? Order our new devotional book: "The Increase 52 Week Devotional: Inspiring Stories of Faith from the World of Pro Sports." 


9 Jan 2022

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180 – Gotta Love Suckville! – Dr. Bhrett McCabe Interview

The Golf Improvement Podcast with Tony Wright

Gotta Love Suckville! Dr. Bhrett McCabe Tells You Why – And MORE Welcome to Episode 180 of THE Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to sharing useful information on professional club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques. I Create EXCEPTIONAL GOLF CLUBS – You Shoot LOWER SCORES! Show Notes: Interview with Dr. Bhrett McCabe – a Clinical and Sports Psychologist and founder of The Mindside, a center for Sports and Performance Psychology – and author of the new book BREAK FREE FROM SUCKVILLE (How a Simple Mental Change Will Spark Your Performance). Bhrett shares why and how he wrote BREAK FREE FROM SUCKVILLE, and why it took 3-1/2 years to complete (good for us!). He talks about some of the things that happen to athletes (and all of us!) when we fall into a state of SUCKVILLE – and why we should see benefits from getting there. Bhrett shared many important concepts in the book – but two of them that he discusses are the Importance Of Being You, and the actual value that Apathy  can have to moving out of SUCKVILLE. He discusses the importance of competing against the uncertainty of a challenge, rather than focusing on competing against yourself. He talks about some of the wonderful things that can happen when athletes move OUT of SUCKVILLE and toward greater future achievements. Finally, Bhrett shares some Final Words – that we the way we think and see things gives us a great opportunity to be able to handle ANYTHING that is before us! 3-1/2 years was Worth The Wait for this book Bhrett – THANKS!! Useful Web Links: Buy The Book directly from Dr. Bhrett McCabe – CLICK HERE! (If you buy the book directly from Dr. McCabe, he will personally sign your copy!) Buy The Book from Amazon.com – CLICK HERE! Shout Out! In my continuing efforts to avoid surgery for the heel bone spur I have, I recently purchased a set of orthotics from Foot Chair – and they are making a huge difference in my ability to walk pain free – THANK YOU! I Create EXCEPTIONAL GOLF CLUBS You Shoot LOWER SCORES! Tony – STAY SAFE! CLICK To Subscribe To My Blog And Podcast!! The post 180 – Gotta Love Suckville! – Dr. Bhrett McCabe Interview appeared first on GAME IMPROVEMENT GOLF.


2 Nov 2021

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Dr. Bhrett McCabe- Mental Health Awareness Week Feature

Victory Over Injury Podcast

Focusing on national Mental Health Awareness Week, this episode of the "Victory Over Injury" Podcast, presented by Andrews Sports Medicine, Dr. Michael K. Ryan's distinguished guest is Dr. Bhrett McCabe, PhD, clinical and sports psychologist. Selected content is featured from the "Victory Over Injury" full Episode 6, with Dr. McCabe, where various mental health issues experienced by athletes and non-athletes alike come into focus. Dr. McCabe's experience and suggestions provide thought provoking, timely dialogue.    


8 Oct 2021

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Episode 31: Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Be The Right Club Today Podcast

In this episode, Hal and Chase interview Dr. Bhrett McCabe, clinical and sports psychologist, Mental Game Coach to multiple PGA and LPGA Tour Players including John Rahm, and the Alabama Crimson Tide. They discuss playing in "The Zone," conquering the yips and calling them out by name, and how to channel your focus to achieve your full potential. Let us know what you think @halsuttongolf and @chasecoopergolf


12 Aug 2021

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Dr. Bhrett McCabe, PhD, Clinical and Sports Psychologist

Victory Over Injury Podcast

In this episode of the Victory Over Injury Podcast, Dr. Michael Ryan's distinguished guest is Dr. Bhrett McCabe, clinical and sports psychologist.  Dr. Bhrett McCabe, PhD, shares his championship experience as an athlete, with his clinical training as a psychologist and how to help competitors break free from their patterns of struggle and create winning solutions on their playing fields. Dr. McCabe is a speaker and author, and the consulting sports psychologist at the University of Alabama, and other schools, working with all teams and coaching staff.  He also works extensively with professional athletes including 12+ PGA and LPGA Tour players whose rankings have reached #1 in the world, as well as with numerous Fortune 500 companies and organizations. Dr. McCabe is founder of The MindSide, a performance consulting organization in Birmingham, Alabama. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from Louisiana State University and completed his psychology internship at the Clinical Psychology Training Consortium associated with the Warren Alpert Brown Medical School in Providence, RI. Upon completion of his training, Dr. McCabe worked in the corporate sector, conducting research, developing medical strategy initiatives, and enhancing thought leader development and collaboration within the pharmaceutical industry.

2hr 27mins

21 May 2021