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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Chad Fisher. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Chad Fisher, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Chad Fisher. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Chad Fisher, often where they are interviewed.

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Aaron Cheatham & Chad Fisher

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We start off the show talking about what we've been up to during the pandemic. The way that tides are changing in the country socially, and The Grey Area podcast, a new show that's coming out with Aaron and Chad on HotPod Network. 

Round 1(14:00)- We talk about the Space X program and the implications of regular people going into space. Then we talk about the different pressures that come with raising daughters vs sons. Lastly we discuss the outsourcing of baby names since Chad is expecting his first son. 

Round 2(31:00)-We discuss the fame and scandals of Michael Jackson and if anyone will ever be THAT famous again. Then we talk about the sports that are slowly coming back and our love of boxing then we transition to NASCARs decision to take away the confederate flag from events and other societal changes going on in sports world. 

Round 3(47:00)- We go over the proposition of the Austin PD being defunded and how realistic a possibility it is. Chad then talks about his passion for Popeyes and we close out talking about places we've travelled that stuck with us the most, an where we want to go first when the pandemic subsides.

Jun 13 2020 · 1hr 4mins
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Building eCommerce in 2019, Small Brands & eCommerce ERP - Chad Fisher of BTownWeb

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On this episode Blake is joined by Chad Fisher founder of BTOWN Web, a Seattle based software services agency. 
BTOWN Web was founded 7 years ago. 6 years ago they shifted focus to Shopify and became Shopify experts, 3 years ago they became Shopify plus partners 
BTOWN Web focused on being a jack of all trades to accommodate where their clients were coming from 
Building sites

We focus on what are the pain point brands are dealing with. When we are engaging with a brand it is often because they are looking into changing platforms. We have to get into the hard core moving raw data. From a design perspective sketch and photo shop to build actual sight. We have to look at what is the problem the brand wants to solve. 
What do you see as some of the challenges of building a great eComm experience? In terms of difficulties of the actual buildout. 

Technical components, connectors, functionality. Soft skills and things around the project are typically the problems that arise . Proper project management on both sides: communication, expectations, scope 
What do you think is something that might catch people off guard in the next year and a half? 

It is ok to sell and be a renter on other platforms, it is ok to do physical retail. Understanding how to make that seamless and efficient as possible so I can connect with my customers wherever they are. 
The pitfalls are not understanding the technology, not having the right partner to help navigate these challenges or not offering a product or connecting with the customer because you have hit a bump in the road by not understanding the technology. 
Quotes from the episode: 

“The evolution or life cycle of a brand. Unless you are doing over $5 million in sales you can get away with using your eComm platform as a light ERP”. [00:07:15] Links: BTOWN Web. https://www.btownweb.com
Sep 15 2019 · 15mins

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Leading the Way With Radical Generosity | Chad Fisher

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Chad Fisher

May 11 2017 ·
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10 Chad Fisher: 4 Teens and Avid Scouter

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Live Traffic Reports by Chad. Meet my great friend Chad Fisher. He's a dad of 4 teenagers, father, supervisor for a doctors office, and an avid volunteer of The Boy Scouts of America. Listen as we talk at our neighborhood pool, and enjoy! Subscribe/Rate/Review
May 20 2016 · 33mins

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Content Marketing and the Future of SEO – With Chad Fisher

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This interview with an SEO veteran covers not only the current state of affairs, but where SEO is heading and how to create great content for your business.
Apr 08 2013 · 59mins