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Ant McGinley becomes a Prisoner of the Ant People

Voyage of the Page Turner

For his 10th show, Colin is joined by fellow podcaster Ant McGinley to journey into the world of the ant people to destroy the Evil Power Master. Will Ant make it out alive? Will he find miniature versions of himself? Will his strawberry bonbons last the entire show?Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram (@pageturnershow) and send your emails to voyageofthepageturner@gmail.comThe show is written and produced by Colin Leggo, and the Executive Producer is Ant McGinley. The Voice of Decision is Samuel 'Borath' Thomas.

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21 Feb 2021

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Behind The Lockdown #7 - Ant McGinley

Behind The Noise Podcast

As well as being a podcasting expert, a radio DJ and an open water swimmer, Ant McGinley is the co founder of pods Up North, An annual podcasting conference held in the north of England aimed at podcasters of all levels to learn from and meet the best podcasters in the business Show Notes: Pods Up North: Website - https://www.podsupnorth.com Twitter - https://twitter.com/PodsUpPodcast Wrestling With The Champ: Website - https://the-champ.captivate.fm Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheChampPod On The Left Side: Website - https://www.ontheleftside.co.uk Twitter - https://twitter.com/OnTheLeftSide Ant McGinley: Twitter - https://twitter.com/antmcginley Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/antmcginley/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ant.mcginley/                         ............................................................ Behind The Noise Insiders Private Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/BTNInsiders Host: Marc Farquhar Instagram - www.instagram.com/marcfarquhar Facebook - www.facebook.com/themarcfarquhar Twitter - www.twitter.com/marcfarquhar Producer Tek Twitter - www.twitter.com/producertek Behind The Noise Email us - podcast@behindthenoise.net Website - www.behindthenoise.net Facebook - www.facebook.com/behindthenoisepodcast Listen on Spotify - http://bit.ly/SpotifyBTN Apple Podcasts - http://bit.ly/BTNiTunes Watch on YouTube - http://bit.ly/BTNYouTube

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22 Jan 2021

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127 Ant McGinley: The Podcast Impact

Entrepreneurs Get Visible with Anna Parker-Naples

Today I’m speaking to Ant McGinley, an award winning podcaster, mentor and speaker, director and co-founder of Pods Up North. We talk about the power of podcasting as the most democratic medium to build connections and communities. What You Will Learn in This Episode: Why podcasting as a medium matters in today’s world Why we should stop comparing podcasts to radio What speaking at podcasting events has done for Ant’s career The importance of being your authentic self when you go to networking events What Pods of North is and how it came about  Ant’t advice for someone who is scared of podcasting When Ant decided to take action and attend podcasting conferences and events, huge things happened. So follow his advice, go where it’s happening in order to increase your visibility and become that go-to person in your field. Resources: Action Takers Mastermind: https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/mastermind/ Pods Up North https://www.podsupnorth.com/ Podchaser: https://www.podchaser.com/ Connect with Ant McGinley: https://twitter.com/antmcginley https://www.instagram.com/antmcginley/


21 Sep 2020

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12 Ant McGinley

The Trampled Bet Football Betting Podcast

The twelfth competitor to take the #LockdownFootballQuiz challenge is Manchster City fan, Ant McGinley from On The Left Side www.trampledbet.com https://twitter.com/antmcginley https://www.ontheleftside.co.uk/


11 May 2020

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Episode 7: Ant McGinley UK Podcasting Royalty


Ant Speak at Podfest, Podcast Movement, and just recently the Inbound Marketing Conference in Boston.He’s also the Co founder of UK podcast conference “Pods Up North”, the producer of football show “On The Left Side”, and host of a new show called “Pods Up”Prior to meeting Ant McGinley 3 of most trusted advisors had come up to me saying that I just had to meet him. Less than 5 minutes later we walked into a room packed full of people at #Podfest2020. Right next to Anthony were 3 seats. This was perfect because there were 3 of us. Within minutes we were pulling crystals out of our pockets and exchanging stories. He's learned a lot in his life and has an amazing story to tell. He's really in it to help people and make the world a better place. And the universe is rewarding him for it. In this episode we talk about:-Amazing Boredom-Creating Space (and time)-Watering seeds-Asking yourself for permission-and more...

1hr 13mins

25 Mar 2020

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S6E9 Podfest 2020 Recap with Ant McGinley

Podcasting 101

In this episode, my good buddy and podcast enthusiast Ant McGinley joins me (once again) to chat about PODFEST 2020. It was an amazing time. If you're on the fence about these events... this might change your mind... if you were there, well perhaps you'll hear a different perspective?


20 Mar 2020

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S6E7 From Concept to Podcast Convention in 3 Months with Ant McGinley

Podcasting 101

I'm not sure my words can adequately describe this podcast superstar. He's a Producer, an Influencer, a Speaker. A Rockstar and living legend! Ant McGinley and I met 2 years ago during Podcast Movement in Philly during a Stitcher party and immediately hit it off. He's filled with a million ideas and has the energy to match. Two years ago I saw him show a whole room of podcasters how to create a podcast episode from nothing to having it published in 30 minutes. Since then he has gone on to start his own Podcast Convention in the UK called Pods Up North. He's an inspiration to podcasters and he's come on the show to share his story.

1hr 15mins

21 Feb 2020

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Escape to Victory: Deadly Rematch (ft. Ant McGinley)

Beyond The Box Set

In over three years of podcasting, one genre we've never really touched on here at Beyond The Box Set is football movies. Fortunately, Podcast supremo and host of On The Left Side Ant McGinley is here to give us a crash course with the all-star WW2 sports classic Escape to Victory... Tune in to hear our thoughts on misleading movie titles, Sylvester Stallone's goalkeeping credentials, the most relaxed POW camp in movie history and much more!  ----- Every week on Beyond The Box Set, we compete to pitch sequel, prequel and spin-off ideas to bring classic one-off movies back to the big screen. We've been rated as a binge-worthy listen by Apple Podcasts, recommended a Podcast of the Week by The Guardian and we've achieved five-star reviews from over 150 global listeners.  If you enjoy the show, please hit subscribe to receive a new episode every Friday morning, and consider leaving us a rating or review - it really helps us to build our audience and improve our visibility.  beyondtheboxset.com patreon.com/beyondtheboxset twitter.com/beyondtheboxset facebook.com/beyondtheboxset instagram.com/beyondtheboxset 00.00: Anal bleeding: Football's silent killer 46.05: Escape to Victory Drinking Games 54.40: Escape to Victory: Deadly Rematch 1.07.05: Escape to Victory: Don't Mention the VAR 1.19.00: Escape to Victory 2: Prisoner of Love 1.29.05: Episode 153 Preview & Listener Submissions

1hr 37mins

31 Jan 2020

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Interview with Ant McGinley

Absolute Business Mindset

I am a corporate employee with an entrepreneurial mindset.This is a fascinating and funny interview with my friend Ant McKinley. We talk about Ant's career in radio, cruises and podcasts. We start with his ability to talk in multiple languages. His early career in student and local radio, his complete change to be entertainment officer on a cruise ship. Then his twist to go into podcast writing, producing and presenting.Below are the links that we discuss:www.podsupnorth.comTwitter@antmcginley@podsupnorth@ontheleftsidePod from nothing (podcast) - bit.ly/podsun19@fcbrickstandfcbrickstand.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 11mins

17 Nov 2019

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#61 - Ant McGinley

Behind The Noise Podcast

Ant McGinley is a podcasting expert and the self proclaimed UK Podcasting Ambassador. He is organising Pods Up North, a Podcast event held in Manchester UK on Saturday November 23rd 2019. To get your tickets for the very special price of just £50 use the code: earlybird "Pods Up North brings together the super talented and diverse podcast community for a day packed-full of panel discussions, workshops and talks with top speakers from across the audio world, including folk from the BBC, Social Chain and Audio Boom. From getting listeners to monetisation, you'll learn the latest techniques, get insider-industry advice, learn some killer new skills and meet other awesome, podcasters. All with the aim helping you to create and continue to produce great podcasts. You don't even have to have a podcast to come to Pods Up North. We've designed the day to be for podcasters of all levels. So whether you’re just starting out or you want to discover how to take your podcast to the next level, Pods Up North is the event for podcasters you don't want to miss. Sessions include: building your audience starting a podcast from scratch making the most out of your content personal branding how to put on a live show understanding listener statistics putting on a live show how to be a great presenter and much, much more…" Pods Up North: Tickets - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pods-up-north-tickets-72362047833 Twitter - twitter.com/podsupnorth Instagram - www.instagram.com/podsupnorth/ Ant McGinley: Twitter - https://twitter.com/antmcginley Instagram - www.instagram.com/antmcginley/ Facebook - www.facebook.com/ant.mcginley Kate Cocker: Intagram - www.instagram.com/k8cocker/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/K8Cocker Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kate.cocker Vic Turnbull: Instagram - www.instagram.com/v_to_the_c/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/SilentVic Facebook - www.facebook.com/buggerluggs Behind The Noise Insiders Private Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/BTNInsiders Host: Marc Farquhar Instagram - www.instagram.com/marcfarquhar Facebook - www.facebook.com/themarcfarquhar Twitter - www.twitter.com/marcfarquhar Producer Tek Twitter - www.twitter.com/producertek Behind The Noise Email us - podcast@behindthenoise.net Website - www.behindthenoise.net Facebook - www.facebook.com/behindthenoisepodcast Sponsor - Very Metal Art - www.verymetal.co.uk Listen on Spotify - http://bit.ly/SpotifyBTN Listen/Download/Subscribe on Apple Podcasts/iTunes- http://bit.ly/BTNiTunes Watch on YouTube - http://bit.ly/BTNYouTube Subscribe on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Pandora, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Radio Republic, Spotify and also get the podcast on Stitcher, Podcast Addict App on Android, iHeart Radio and TuneIn.

2hr 48mins

28 Oct 2019