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E294: AfroBrutality - Syn Martinez


This week on RX’D Radio Shallow sits down with Syn Martinez. Syn is the CEO of AfroBrutality, an apparel brand that was created within CrossFit to battle the diversity issue in CrossFit. Syn talks about how the brand originated, racism he experienced as a child, social media, and the overall changes in the crossfit community. Enjoy the episode and come back Sunday for more RX’D Radio Website https://afrobrutality.com/ Instagram @afrobrutality @mr.syn Check out our newest course! Pre-Script™️ Nutrition - Sports Performance Class starts Jul 15, 2022 Check out our new sponsor Vivobarefoot ! www.vivobarefoot.com/RXD If you’re looking for a shoe for training, look no further then Vivo. Click the link and get 20% off your first order. Don’t miss the release of our newest educational community - The Pre-Script ™ Collective! Join the community today at www.pre-script.com. For other strength training, health, and injury prevention resources, check out our website, YouTube channel, and Instagram.  For more episodes, subscribe and tune in to our podcast. Also, make sure to sign up to our mailing list at www.pre-script.com to get the first updates on new programming releases. You can also follow Dr. Jordan Shallow and Dr. Jordan Jiunta on Instagram!


13 Jul 2022

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Syn Martinez: From Overweight to Athletic Brand Boss

Flip Your Script

By the age of 36, Syn Martinez was a self-made man, climbing his way up from working in the mailroom to traveling the country as a successful sales consultant. The grind took a major toll on his body. He soon tipped the scales at 315 pounds and was faced with serious health issues. Rather than give up, Martinez found lasting fitness and family at the gym. He shares how he took his love for athletics and used it to build a successful brand on Flip Your Script with host Kristi Piehl.


18 May 2021

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Ep 140: Syn Martinez creator of AFROBRUTALITY


Syn Martinez, creator of AFROBRUTALITY joins us to discuss his history with CrossFit, his relationship with Puma, what he sees on on in the community and what is next for him and his brand.


24 Mar 2021

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82. Open Mic:Syn Martinez

Turmeric and Tequila™

“I had to go from the black devil to the black god.”” –SYN MARTINEZ “I had The energy, the mission, the movement… Afrobrutality! I am so pumped to welcome Syn Martinez, longtime friend and Afrobrutality Founder, on to the T&T mic, we go way back and are catching up. Syn and I discuss the early days of the fit biz and some of our initial projects, man have things come along way… let’s just say Instagram wasn’t even a thing yet, ha. Syn shares his journey in his trademark raw fashion- this is why we love him. If you know me, you know authenticity is Queen/King, Syn is your human for the truth. We jump right into the deep, so grab the life vest. Fighting for equality is in Syn’s blood, currently he’s carrying the touch establishing Afrobrutality in 2008, creating a brand, lifestyle, and now a mission. He recently secured a new, large scale deal with Puma. We discuss some of the good and bad biz deals along the way, the lack of diversity in fitness/CrossFit, how health is wealth, and how we can collectively work together to LISTEN and work to make this world a better place. Check out his new line of gear (link below) it just might inspire you to make a positive change NOW (seriously, a shirt might change your life). Syn drops some “you heard it here first” on this cast, so tune in with pen in tow. Thank you Syn, keep up the good fight, as you do!! Syn Martinez: I help CEOs and Business owners optimize their Sales efforts by turning their Social Media into a Sales funnel for quality leads. For the last 10 Years I was able to help myself by turning a phrase (AfroBrutality) into an Internationally recognized Lifestyle Brand. I've helped and aided many Small Businesses Companies on how to create a Grassroots Campaign that can turn into Long-Term clientele. I've also done Consulting for many Small Businesses that are looking to Create an effective Sales Campaign through Social Media. My Knowledge is vast and my experience is extensive. Hire me today and let me Help You Create A Business You Can Eventually Afrobrutality: AFROBRUTALITY IS A MINDSET FOR PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT BEING HEALTHY, WHO CARE ABOUT SUCCEEDING IN LIFE BY ANY AND ALL MEANS, WHO WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ADD POSITIVITY TO THEIR LIFE AND THE PEOPLE AROUND THEM. "WE'RE AFTER A MINDSET OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO LEAD A POSITIVE LIFE AND WON'T LET LIFE DICTATE HOW THAT LOOKS AND FEELS." SYN MARTINEZ - THE O.G. CRIMINAL - @afrobrutality https://www.facebook.com/AfroBrutality/ https://afrobrutality.com Puma Gear: PRODUCT STORY: AfroBrutality is more than just a fitness collective or a clothing brand, it’s a movement. Founder Syn Martinez believes in the power of exercise as way to educate and uplift, while expressing yourself unapologetically. AfroBrutality aims to create a more diverse and inclusive space in the cross-functional training community, with workouts that incorporate Black History education and kick-ass gear to match. This tee features signature logo graphics and a bold mantra at the back. Power and positivity to all the people. Connect with T&T: IG: @TurmericTequila Facebook: @TurmericAndTequila Website: www.TurmericAndTequila.com Host: Kristen Olson IG: @Madonnashero Tik Tok: @Madonnashero Email: Info@KOAlliance.com Website: www.KOAlliance.com

1hr 13mins

3 Feb 2021

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Episode 8: Lt. Ronald Perez of NYPD CrossFit and Syn Martinez founder of Afro Brutality

The Docs In The Box Podcast

In this episode we talk with Lt. Ronald Perez of NYPD CrossFit, and Syn Martinez, founder of Afro Brutality Sports about their initiative to unite the local communities and the Police through fitness.  NYPD CrossFit and AfroBrutality Sports have been working together to bring CrossFit events to communities considered “fitness deserts” with limited access to the sport.  These mobile events serve as health clinics, improving health and  fitness, as well as increasing dialogue between the community and police.  We discuss the role of structured group exercise and “sweat equity” in youth development.  We also discuss the role of CrossFit in mental health and suicide prevention, and diversity within the sport. www.afrobrutality.com IG @Mr.Syn  www.nypdcrossfit.com  IG @NYPD_CrossFit


2 Sep 2020

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The Hard Question Ep. 10 of 12 with Syn Martinez

My Backstory with Josh Boyer

Here is episode 10 of 12 of The Hard Question Podcast series with Syn Martinez from Afro Brutality. This episode was pretty profound for me. These episodes were born out of the desire to continue Rory's legacy of helping so many people, especially in terms of mental health. Rory only knew Syn and I for a brief amount of time; however, he left such a lasting impact on both of us. We talk about that impact, our views on suicide, social media and so much more. I hope you all walk away better for listening!


10 Aug 2020

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Afrobrutality's Syn Martinez on CrossFit and Race in America


Syn Martinez is one interesting human being and his story is a fascinating look at his dedication to improving life in Harlem, New York. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 13mins

22 Jul 2020

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Season 2 Episode 4 FT Brandon Lilly & Syn Martinez

Inside The Labyrinth

In season 2 of episode 4 of Inside The Labyrinth Podcast, Jay and I had the privilege of having two power houses and leaders on the show, Brandon Lilly And Syn  Martinez. "Brandon is a top ranked powerlifter, author of "The Cube Method", and "365STRONG", as well as a respected strength coach. Brandon is ranked as one of the strongest powerlifters of All-Time, having world class totals in multiple weight class, raw, and equipped — *2,110 lbs Raw Belt Only, *2,237 lbs Raw with Knee Wraps and *2,612 lbs Multiply Equipped. His efforts as a lifter, and a coach have helped cause a paradigm shift in the sport of powerlifting. His Cube Method has helped over a dozen men total 2,000 lbs or more in raw divisions, and over twenty women total over 1,000 lbs."  =========================================================================================================================================    "AfroBrutality is a mindset for people who care about being healthy, who care about succeeding in life by any and all means, who will do whatever it takes to add positivity to their life and the people around them," "We're after a mindset of people who want to lead a positive life and won't let life dictate how that looks and feels." Martinez tells BuzzFeed Health he needed something that captured the spirit of their loose collective of mostly black and Latino athletes that started working out together in 2008, as well as Martinez's non-conformist, in-your-face approach to fitness, and the super-hardcore CrossFit workouts they were doing. He drew a skull with an afro and a middle finger as the handle of the afro pick. He called it Afro Brutality."==========================================================================================================================================Not only was this episode one of my favorite podcasts, but it was one of my favorite conversations I have ever had. Brandon shares his life experience and how a traumatic lifting injury changed his life forever in 2014. Not only was Brandon very honest about his journey but he admitted his faults during his journey which made him who he is today. Syn speaks on how AfroBrutality was created and how he first met Brandon. Syn does not hold back and is the definition of starting an idea from scratch and turning a dream into a reality. If you are looking for life experience and the willing to change, this is for you. Jay and I want to thank both of you leaders for coming on the show and making a difference. Its conversations like this one that show no matter who we are, we all have struggles and we all have the opportunity to grow and make ourselves better.@afrobrutality           @brandonlilly3     @therealjumpmanjay@reps_for_responders  Repsforresponders.org --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/Inside-The-Laybrinth/support

1hr 36mins

24 Jun 2020

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Syn Martinez: Race, CrossFit, and Inclusivity in Fitness

BarBend Podcast

Today I’m talking to Syn Martinez, who owns and operates the fitness and lifestyle clothing brand Afro Brutality. Syn also owned and coached at CrossFit Harlem from 2009 to 2014. I’ve known Syn for around seven years, and he’s always been very transparent and outspoken in his views. In this conversation — recorded just a day before it was announced Glassman would be stepping down as CrossFit CEO — we cover some topics and perspectives that may be controversial in the fitness space. It’s also worth noting the podcast does include language that could make some uncomfortable.Our conversation revolves around the controversy surrounding Greg Glassman and CrossFit HQs stance — or in some cases, silence — on race relations and inclusivity. Syn was an early adopter of CrossFit methodology on the East Coast, and he also built relationships with Glassman and his team over the years, including some possible initiatives to expand CrossFit’s reach within the Black community. Syn gives his perspective on the opportunities that could have been and what he thinks fell through along the way.


15 Jun 2020

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251. Syn Martinez and Merle Mckenzie

Best Hour of Their Day

Ackerman, Syn, and Merle have an uncomfortable and real conversation.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jason-ackerman/support


6 Jun 2020