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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Erica Stephens. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Erica Stephens, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Erica Stephens. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Erica Stephens, often where they are interviewed.

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What to eat on training/competition day - Nutrition for Taekwon-Do Erica Stephens

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In this video we're talking nutrition and how it plays an important role in your TKD training and competing. We also discuss some topics like weight cutting for tournaments, foods which support performance and much more!  Be sure to LIKE and Subscribe  Link to Ericas Instagram/ E-book : https://www.instagram.com/nutritionfortaekwondo/  TKDCoach Academy - Taekwon-Do ITF Tips, tricks, tutorials and exercises to help your training. ******************************* For more kicking tips check out our other videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNxbSX4inLhzQTVr_nkjKeA   Be sure to Subscribe to our channel and not miss any of our upcoming videos covering everything Taekwondo & Martial Arts related.  FREE kicking e-book: https://tkdcoachacademy.com/product/12-exercises-for-higher-kicks/   Want daily tips, exercises and videos? IG https://www.instagram.com/tkdcoach_academy/https://tkdcoachacademy.com/

May 17 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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Interview with Erica Stephens

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Erica and I have a shared a very similar pathway into running our businesses. Whilst our goals have differed, there are several points that we can agree on when it comes to how a business should be run. In this podcast, we compare our perspectives and discuss the points of difference that set us apart in this space.

Apr 03 2020 · 46mins

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Interview with Erica Stephens

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Tune in for our interview with Erica Stephens as we talk about the ins and outs of sports nutrition. 

Jan 17 2020 · 31mins
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Episode 7- Nutrition for Taekwondo with Erica Stephens

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Accredited Sports Dietitian, Erica Stephens joins Marc Zirogiannis from her home base of Australia to discuss her ebook Nutrition for Taekwondo, her Taekwondo career, and her work consulting with high level athletes in the area of diet and sports nutrition.   Erica Stephens provides some practical advise for Taekwondo athletes on diet and getting ready for competition.   This is an informative and interesting discussion.  To find out more about Erica Stephens and her work please visit:  https://www.nutritionfortaekwondo.com

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Apr 15 2019 · 25mins

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Erica Stephens "Nutrition for taekwondo"

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Hello and welcome to our first Taekwondo Passion episode in english.

For this podcast our guest will be Erica Stephens, an expert in taekwondo and also and expert in nutrition.

She was an international level taekwondo athlete who competed for Australia and recently she releleased a book about nutrition for taekwondo.

In this episode, Erica will respond us to questions like:

Is there any difference between a healthy diet for normal people and a diet
designed to perform in a sport like taekwondo?

What issues or misunderstandings are
common in taekwondo athletes that can be solved easy with a professional

Can a nutrition program make a difference between being an elite or an
average athlete?

Is it worth to spend money in supplements?

Safe ways for cutting weight

The evolution of nutrition for taekwondo.

Can you be an elite athlete as a vegan?
Apr 29 2018 · 36mins
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Erica Stephens is an Accredited Sports Dietitian and a former Taekwondo athlete for Australia. She made the Australian team for the Junior World and Junior Asian Championships, the World Championships and Asian Championships and the World University Games, before giving away the sport at the age of 20.

She has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics and the International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition. Helping taekwondo athletes (and other combat sport athletes) to make weight in a healthy and sustainable way is a large part of her work as a sports dietitian in private practice in Canberra, Australia. She compiled the Nutrition for Taekwondo eBook in order to provide more Taekwondo athletes across the world with credible and safe advice.

www.focusontaekwondo.com/erica-stephens Please leave us a rating and review
Feb 24 2018 · 28mins