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#4. Blenders Eyewear CEO Chase Fisher: The Hustler Mindset and Taking on the Titans of the Sunglasses Industry

The Savage Leader Podcast

In this episode, Darren Reinke chats with Chase Fisher, founder and CEO of Blenders Eyewear. Chase talks about starting his sunglasses company with only a $2,000 loan from his roommate, the importance of being a hustler, competing with the titans of the sunglasses industry, overcoming adversity, how he almost quit, and how surfing has influenced his leadership style.Show NotesThe Genesis of Blenders Eyewear [1:00]Taking on the Giants in the Sunglass Industry [1:47]How to Develop the Skills to Be a Successful CEO [2:35]What It Means to Be a Hustler [3:42]How to Instill the Hustler Mindset within the Team [4:50]How He Persevered During Tough Times [6:13]How He Translated His Natural Style into the Organization and Culture [7:43]How Bootstrapping Blenders Eyewear Impacted the Company’s Mindset [9:40]How to Let Go and Delegate [11:05]How Blenders Stays Innovative [12:40]How to Foster a Mindset of Getting Better [14:50]Chase’s Mentors and Advisors [15:48]The Influence of Chase’s Dad [17:30]How Surfing Has Influenced Chase and Blenders [18:45]What Does the Future Hold for Blenders [21:40]Advice to Other Leaders and Entrepreneurs [22:45]Show LinksBlenders Eyewear WebsiteBlenders Eyewear WebsiteBlenders on Instagram


3 Mar 2021

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Veteran State of Mind Episode 068: Life In Forward Motion, with Chase Fisher

Veteran State Of Mind

Today we're joined by our second civilian guest on the podcast, California native Chase Fisher. Chase is an extremely successful young entrepreneur, athlete, and all-round good bloke who's here to share his knowledge with the VSOM community. He's based in San Diego where he runs his company Blenders Eyewear, one of America's fastest growing sunglasses brand. If you're searching for advice on how to build a company - or life - that you can be proud of, then look no further.Connect with Chase on Instagram @chasefisher and follow @blenderseyewear. Their website is www.blenderseyewear.comYou can find books from guests of the podcast here: https://www.vsompodcast.com/books/You can connect with Geraint at @grjbooks across social media, and find his Afghanistan memoir Brothers in Arms in all good book stores.If you are a veteran struggling with mental health, or you just want a bit of help adjusting to civvie life, then say hello to the Royal British Legion at @royalbritishlegion or www.rbl.orgThank you to our sponsors! The show doesn't happen without them!Combat Combover - www.combatcombover.comFrontier Risks Group - www.frontierrisks.comKamoflage Ltd - www.kamoflage.co.ukRite Flank - www.riteflank.co.ukZulu Alpha Strap Company - @zulualphastrapsFor clips and content from the show, behind the scenes, and photos and videos of the guests' time on operations, follow @veteranstateofmind on Facebook and Instagram, and go to www.vsompodcast.com for links to all the connected sites, and an online submissions form for sending in your questions to the show. Cheers!Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=Ea-uUc26ENbNBYWd6-2779MBUZrl6WymCW_b0GdibwrG6-xBlWcpjLS6osk9OqZFbR9wOm&country.x=GB&locale.x=GB)


16 Jul 2020

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Live in Forward Motion with Chase Fisher

The Power of Investing in People with Sha Sparks

Blenders Eyewear was founded in 2012 by Chase Fisher. The idea spawned when Chase went to see one of his favorite DJs at a Downtown San Diego nightclub. His neon green “beater” sunglasses received an overwhelmingly positive response, and what started out as a night full of close friends and good music quickly escalated into a full-fledged obsession with sunglasses.After further research Chase learned that one company lords over approximately 80% of the global sunglasses market, he knew it was a broken system begging for disruption. And disrupt he did. Chase believes in the hustle, he started a grassroots effort buoyed by social media and his SDSU network, selling shades out of his backpack while doubling as a surf coach during the company’s first year. He leveraged his background as a sponsored athlete (surfing, snowboarding) to develop sunnies with scintillating style and adventurous spirit—the visual embodiment of the company’s "live in forward motion" maxim. It’s been this steadfast self-determination—and the combined efforts of the San Diego-based company’s 32-person team—that’s established Blenders as one of America’s fastest-growing sunglasses brands today. In addition, Blenders worked with Direct Relief to produce 30,000 pairs of safety goggles to help fill the shortages. These goggles were supplied to regional and state hospitals that were hit the hardest. In the month of April, a portion of all proceeds were donated to Direct Relief to support their cause. Our goal was to raise $100,000. And with your help, Blenders reached their goal!You can check out his website at blenderseyewear.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


9 Jul 2020

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Taking Blenders Eyewear to $90 Million All Online with Chase Fisher

Chasing Independence: From Podiums to Prosperity

Chase Fisher is living the action sports CEO dream! And it is not even close to being over. Chase went from slinging sunglasses between surf lessons on the beach in Santa Barbara to starting one of the most disruptive brands in sunglasses. Founded in 2012, Blenders produces a wide range of men’s and women’s sunglasses as well as snow goggles. Driven by a company-wide motto of “life in forward motion”, its products are predicated upon a bold aesthetic that emphasizes progressive color-ways aimed at an active lifestyle demographic. Chase has surrounded himself with a talented team of spunky and spirited designers, photographers, and communicators to help drive his vision of growth. Chase’s active lifestyle and drive have not only landed him some of the best products in the market, but a hefty buy-in by one of the industry's largest players. Chase’s energy and outlook on business is a refreshing listen for anyone looking to grow their e-commerce brand. Stay tuned as we drop in with Chase and hear his epic story of living life in forward motion!* Correction: In opening credits, $19 Million should be $90 Million. Follow Chase FisherVisit Blenders ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖Follow Chase SellmeyerVisit Kanga Marketing OnlineWIN $15,000 For Your Small Business Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe Chasing Indepence YouTubeFollow Chasing Independence Facebook


15 Jun 2020

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049: Online Business By The Beach: The Origin Story Of Blenders Eyewear - Chase Fisher

New Age Influencers

Chase Fisher grew up surfing the beaches of Santa Barbara, went to school in San Diego, and is now the head of one of the best looking brands out there, Blenders Eyewear. Tune in to hear how he started/scaled this successful sunglasses brand, and how he was able to utilize social media marketing to really make it skyrocket. He gives us details about how he took two thousand dollars and went ALL IN on his vision, and why it pays to be relentless when pursuing any sort of idea... Blenders Eyewear @chasefisher @blenderseyewear New Age Influencers: @newageinfluencerspodcast @aaronbpatton http://newageinfluencers.com/


17 Sep 2019

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Episode 14: Action After Chase Fisher: Be Experiential

Finding Direction

Action After Items Be Experiential 1. Act on something that you've been thinking about doing. 2. Try something new. 3. At the beginning of the day write down 5 things you want to accomplish that day, then go execute on them. Get your Action After Worksheet Here! www.stumassengill.com/actionafter


9 Jul 2019

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Episode 13: Chase Fisher: You Only Fail if You Quit

Finding Direction

Chase Fisher is the CEO and founder of Blenders Eyewear. Growing up as a surfer Chase knew he was destined to work in the action sports industry. Early on he found ways to use his entrepreneur skills to create successful side hustles in the industry until ultimately he founded Blenders in 2012 which now does 7 figures annually. On this episode we discuss how Chase was primed to be a success in this industry, his winning daily formula, his advice for college graduated and lots more. Enjoy!


2 Jul 2019

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The One w/ Chase Fisher

In The Weeds Show

Chase Fisher - Founder of Blenders Eyewear See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 13mins

22 May 2019