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Episode 6 - Dan Franklin (Author of ‘Heavy’)

Too Old For This Pit

On this episode we're joined by Dan Franklin, author of 'Heavy: How Metal Changes the Way We See the World'. We chat about how the book came to be, the vast number of bands Dan's seen and the relief he felt after recovering his wedding ring from a Deftones moshpit. There's discussion about a study on death metal fans Vs 'normal' people, how album artwork can shape your experience of a record, and Dan's story about spending two days at the scrapyard prising a certain CD from the "automotive tomb" of his wrecked car.Before we get into it all, Kieran and I discuss pubs reopening, cheap ice-cream, his betrayal of our friendship and the all-encompassing power you gain from throwing a microwave as far as you can. 

1hr 21mins

2 Jul 2020

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Dan Franklin Heavy: How Metal Changes the Way We See the World…with TRE’s Giles Brown

Talk Radio Europe

Dan Franklin Heavy: How Metal Changes the Way We See the World...with TRE's Giles Brown


16 Apr 2020

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Heavy: How Heavy Metal Changes The Way We See The World - Dan Franklin


Dan Franklin has literally written the book on heavy metal, taking us from Tony Iommi's fingertips through to modern bands like Oathbreaker and Conjurer. We of course have to perform a full Cred Check by having everybody name the heaviest song ever recorded.If you were cool you'd support us on Patreon for extra episodes: https://www.patreon.com/DeathSentence

1hr 26mins

28 Mar 2020

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Word Podcast 316 - Dan Franklin

Word In Your Ear

Dan Franklin's first book "Heavy" chronicles his life-long love affair with heavy music in all its different manifestations, from Meat Loaf to Sunn 0))), and argues that it deserves a lot more respect than it gets as a rule. It's a story that takes us from a cassette copy of a Guns N' Roses album thrust into the hands of a puzzled eight-year-old, via the fields of Donington and the mosh pits of Camden to the lengths a new father will go to free a Type O Negative CD from the mangled remnants of a family car. Get bonus content on Patreon See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


13 Mar 2020

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206 Dan Franklin

Under the Crossbones The Pirate Podcast

Comments or Questions? Email me at nick@underthecrossbones.com or join us on Facebook or Twitter. Dan Franklin is a member of the pirate band, The Skullduggers, as well as a member of The Bootstrappers, a group that plays at a popular theme park located in Anaheim, Ca.  He has also played with Slash and Leann Rimes.  He's also a filmmaker that has a couple of fun projects coming up. In this episode: How Dan became a pirate musician Nick does a magic trick Dan talks about traveling with the Scallywags to support "Sea of Thieves"  Thank you so much for tuning in!  I think I'm learning how to do this better, thank you to all that reached out to offer encouragement or support, I sure appreciate it. Today's show is sponsored by: Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast - The best in pirate talk and music! Get to listenin'!http://www.PirateRadioOfTheTreasureCoast.com Important Websites: Dan Franklin  www.danfranklinmusic.com   You can also find both Dan and The Skullduggers on Facebook     Comments or Questions? Email me at nick@underthecrossbones.com   Additional Show Notes: http://www.UnderTheCrossbones.com/206   Support the show!: http://www.UnderTheCrossbones.com/support  Subscribe to Under The Crossbones on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/under-the-crossbones-the-pirate-podcast/id1039621331   Visit http://www.UnderTheCrossbones.com for all the episodes.   Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/underthecrossbones Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/undercrossbones


14 Jan 2020

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#48: Dan Franklin, associate publisher, Jonathan Cape

Always Take Notes

Simon speaks to Dan Franklin, associate publisher at Jonathan Cape and one of the most celebrated book editors in the United Kingdom. Franklin talked about how the world of books has evolved since he started his career in the 1970s, the experience of editing some of Britain's most well known literary novelists, including Ian McEwan and Julian Barnes, and also publishing some more eclectic books, including Michael Jackson's autobiography 'Moonwalk' and Madonna's 'Sex.'You can find us online at alwaystakenotes.com, on Twitter @takenotesalways, and on Facebook at facebook.com/alwaystakenotes. Our crowdfunding page is patreon.com/alwaystakenotes. Always Take Notes is presented by Eleanor Halls and Simon Akam, and produced by Nicola Kean. Zahra Hankir is our communities editor. Our music is by Jessica Dannheisser and our logo was designed by James Edgar.


29 Jan 2019

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Dan Franklin Smith, pianist

National Gallery of Art | Music

Program: Music for solo piano by Brubeck, Chopin, Copland, Gershwin, and Previn. Pianist Dan Franklin Smith performs music from the great romantic tradition in the form of nine short pieces by FrÈdÈric Chopin, music inspired by Chopin by American composers Gershwin and Copland, and music inspired by jazz by Dave Brubeck and AndrÈ Previn. Based in New York City, Smith heads an international festival in Germany called "Elysium: Between Two Continents."


16 Aug 2011

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Jesus: The Great Liberator (Matthew 20:1-16) Dan Franklin (7/3/2011)

The Bridge - Evangelical Free Church

Have you heard the verse "...the last will be first, and the first will be last"?  Dan Franklin takes a moment to explore it's true meaning in his look at how Jesus liberates us.


6 Jul 2011

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What It Means That Jesus Offers Us Freedom (John 8) - Dan Franklin (6/26/2011)

The Bridge - Evangelical Free Church

What does it mean that Christ offers us freedom?  Dan Franklin takes a look at the meaning and the implications.


30 Jun 2011