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Episode 145: Part IV of Our Fall Marathon Series: California International Marathon Race Director, Scott Abbott

Run Farther & Faster — The Podcast with Coaches Lisa Levin and Julie Sapper

This week, in Part IV of our Fall Marathon Race Series, we welcomed Scott Abbott, Executive Director of the Sacramento Running Association which is the machine behind the California International Marathon (CIM), one of the nation's premier running events, a known OTQ and BQ qualifier, and one of the world's largest marathons.  Scott, who has over 20 years of experience working in the running industry, shares his insider tips on CIM and why this marathon is so special.  He even convinced us to head out to Sacramento in 2023!  We are so grateful for Scott's insight and hope this episode helps those heading out to Sacramento on December 4, 2022! Scott's Contact Information: Website CIM Facebook CIM Instagram Scott's Instagram Interested in private coaching for your next race?  Contact us at julieandlisa@runfartherandfaster.com. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @runfartherandfaster and check out our website (www.runfartherandfaster.com). Thanks for listening! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/runfartherandfaster/message

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13 Oct 2022

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Oreos, Whiskey and Caring About People’s Pain: My Appearance on Moments To Momentum with Scott Abbott

Startup Competitors

I was recently a guest on the fun and inspirational Moments To Momentum podcast with Scott Abbott. In his signature style, Scott asked me a series of questions, balancing frivolity with deeper business insights. We talked about how I got started in technology, Oreos and whiskey, and a few other interesting facts about my life. After that, we moved on to more serious topics. One we discussed at length was how to recognize and not trivialize the pain and suffering of others. And once you recognize that pain exists, how you can appropriately adjust your approach to people whether in business, life or parenting. The other was “the day I fell in love with sales”.It was a really fun conversation and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed being Scott’s guest.A Sample of the Questions Scott Asked Me:Who is Mike Kelly? What’s your background? How did you get started in technology? What are you doing now?What is DeveloperTown and FullStack?Any celebrity crushes? If you were a teacher, what would you teach?What is your favorite: cookie, snack, beverage and meal? If you had a yacht, what would your yacht be named?Can you share with us one of your most meaningful, defining and noteworthy situations - you know, a specific experience, time, relationship, or event - that has made a significant impact on your life, so far? What happened, why was it so meaningful, what did you learn, how did it benefit you, and what advice or recommendations can you share?About Moments To Momentum with Scott Abbott"Moments to Momentum, with Scott Abbott" is a fun, informative and inspirational podcast - featuring impactful conversations, with successful leaders from a wide-spectrum of demographics and vocations - that share their most meaningful situations, stories and events (i.e. “moments”), that they have experienced. Furthermore, how those big moments produced "momentum," that helps them succeed in their profession, and life. By having leaders share their most significant experiences - along with the lessons and advice learned - listeners gain their own “moments to momentum," as they enjoy and benefit from our guests’ personal experiences, insights and recommendations.An important element of the podcast - is identifying and discussing what Scott calls, the "bio-mechanics" to productivity, happiness and success. In other words, using the podcast to understand and appreciate, the components and connection between the biological elements (i.e. the mind, heart, body, soul, psychology and sociology), with the mechanical elements (i.e. the strategy, tactics, systems, structure, tools, science and engineering), that it takes to effectively determine, develop, maintain and optimize consistent productivity, happiness and success: in business, work and life.momentstomomentum.comLinkedInInstagramTwitter

8 Nov 2021

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You Can Cower or Tower - With guest Scott Abbott

Let's Go Win Podcast

Episode #52:   What if I told you, that you can learn everything you need to know about human potential, commitment, and grit by talking to a runner?  That was absolutely my experience talking with Scott Abbott in this highly entertaining and educational episode.  Lessons ranging from "Attribution Theory", building relationships, creating a lasting impact and so much more.  I am not personally a runner but I received so many great insights by getting to "pick the brain" of a gifted runner.  Please join us on this amazing journey!Bio:Scott Abbott is an experienced sport professional in the running industry.  He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Sacramento Running Association which is known for putting on the California International Marathon, one of the nation's premier running events and one of the world's largest marathons.  Abbott has over 20 years of experience working in the sport industry, and has worked with athletes of all levels from youth to college to professional.Contact Scott:WebsiteCIM FacebookCIM InstagramScott's Instagram


11 Feb 2021

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Living a Life of Impact—Sacramento Running Association’s Scott Abbott (Ep 63)

Go Be More Podcast

Want to help us grow the show? Leave us a Rating and Review!“I think it's going to free us from the shackles of some of the things we've done in the past. As long as we can kind of weather the storm. I think ultimately it's going to be good.”—Scott AbbottNow, as the executive director of the Sacramento Running Association, Scott can look back with clarity on the powerful impact his running experiences have had on him. As he and the guys reminisce about their collegiate running days, Scott also shares the powerful differences between the three “I” words—inspiration, influence, and impact.(5:01) The importance of hard work and a good education… growing up in the Abbott household.(9:49) Competitiveness and the “escape” that sports provided…(11:42) How a disappointment in soccer and the promise of a trip to Disneyland opened the door to running…(15:59) Working towards the top 10…(19:24) “I'm pretty good at this. And this is something that could be a part of my life now moving forward.” Scott recounts the season when running became more than a trip to Disneyland.(22:36) “You just break something down into, showing up every day, working hard, doing the task in front of you, bank it, and move on to the next. And that being the pathway to success.”(24:45) Arriving at the decision to go to UCLA…(26:13) Bikinis, an unusual start to practice, and brilliant recruiting methods…(29:39) Bryan’s great Bob Larsen story…(33:29) Realizing after the fact, how thoughtful Bob’s coaching was…Bryan’s experience(34:43) Chasing the shadow of Bob Larsen… Jon’s experience(37:15) Bob Larsen sees you as an individual… Scott’s experience(39:35) “He had a greater perspective on life than I think most people do in terms of like, what's really important.” Jon reflects on one of the greatest long-distance running coaches.(40:59) What’s missing in the world of coaching…(44:01) Wired for coaching…(46:21) Making a tough decision to go away from coaching but toward a life of balance…(49:58) Facilitating running through the Sacramento Running Association…(52:06) Planning events in the age of Covid and being creative…(56:24) “We don't really have a lot of control over what's going to happen with the pandemic. But what we can do is have a mentality to try to come out of it stronger with new skills, with some new ability, and with some new opportunities.”(58:17) Getting off the hamster wheel…(1:00:32) What does Go Be More mean to you?If you liked this episode, check out our interviews with coaches Bob Larsen Part 1 / Part 2 and Tracy Sundlun.Recorded November 11, 2020.References:Sacramento Running Association - homepageGuest:Scott Abbott - InstagramHosts:Bryan Green - @sendaibry, bryan@gobemore.coJon Rankin - @chasejonrankin, Go Be MoreLinks:Go Be More websiteGo Be More YouTube ChannelAnd, you can now get these show notes sent directly to your email. Sign up here!Production and EditingCreatives Collective Marketing

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1 Dec 2020

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Scott Abbott, CEO of Five Star Franchising

Modrn Business

Today’s guest is the CEO of Five Star Franchising, Mr. Scott Abbott. Five Star Franchising is holding company of home services businesses which focuses on bringing systems, technology, branding, and training to portfolio brands.In this episode we get into many topics including mindset, personal and professional development, how the customer journey has changed and some of the tools and strategies you have found to acquire customers, how to gain a competitive edge through technology, automation and much more.Join our text community with feedback or guest recommendations: www.voxie.com/modrnbusinessRegister for Springboard Event for Emerging Franchisors - September 21-23 (online in the virtual [Re-Launch] PODS):www.franchisors.comAudio Engineer:Ben KlieverBen@modrnbusiness.com


10 Sep 2020

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Building Business by Creating Value with Scott Abbott

Path 2 Freedom

Scott Abbot loves to create value, and he's pretty good at it too. No matter the business, Scott has always found unique ways to bring value to his company and customers. And he's built a business model doing just that. To learn more about opportunities in franchising, reach out to Wes wes@path2frdm.com 

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23 Jul 2020

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67: Improving the Customer Experience with guest Scott Abbott of ProNexis

Franchise Secrets Podcast

Tune into this week's podcast as we dive into the customer experience.  This episode is packed with tips and advice with Scott Abbott, CEO of ProNexis, on the topics of first interaction, paid leads for home services and piloting call centers as a franchisee. Scott is a respected entrepreneur from Utah that has led several companies from their growth stage to exit. Most notably was co-founding Five Star Painting, one of America’s largest painting franchise systems, taking it to over 100 locations in four countries, culminating with the sale of Five Star Painting to The Dwyer Group, one of the world’s most respected franchisors in the service industry. Today Mr. Abbott is leading ProNexis to become a fully integrated business solution for service based businesses.


22 Jul 2020

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Episode 174: Straticos, Scott Abbott

Drink Culture Podcast

We made the trek to Carmel to meet with Scott Abbott at his new Traction Optimization Studio. Scott describes himself as an architect, builder, and custodian of prosperous (and resilient) companies, leadership, and growth. With over 25 years of experience and expertise launching, operating, buying, and selling successful tech companies he has lead teams that generate billions in sales, service thousands of clients, and hired hundreds of employees. Scott was a finalist for the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award, an Entrepreneur in Residence at Indiana University, and is the author of 3 books, including The Co+Factor, and the best-selling/award-winning Level-UP to Professional. It was a privilege to sit down and chat with Scott, enjoy! Learn about Scott Abbott!  Review the episode on iTunes, Twitter, and Facebook! Check out our sponsors for this episode: FullStack PEO - Turnkey HR for Emerging Companieshttps://www.linkedin.com/company/27092746/ https://twitter.com/fullstackpeo https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Consulting-Agency/FullStack-PEO-1107694849373703/ Drink Culture Newsletter: https://www.drnkcltr.com/newsletter/ Drink Culture Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/drnkcltr Drink Culture Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drinkculturepodcast/ Drink Culture Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drinkculturepodcast Drink Culture YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/drinkculture

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8 Jul 2020

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87: Executing on the Fundamentals to Create Real Value, with ProNexis CEO Scott Abbott

The Franchise Story Podcast

Stories from Franchisees & Founders Scott is a respected entrepreneur from Utah that has led several companies from their growth stage to exit. Most notably, Scott co-founded Five Star Painting, one of America’s largest painting franchise systems, taking it to over 100 locations in four countries. Now, Scott is the CEO of ProNexis, leading that company to become a fully integrated business solution for service based businesses. In terms of finding the next evolution for your business, Scott advises, “Every time there’s a shift in human behavior, there’s a massive opportunity that exists for those of us in the game, whatever game that is. For us, we just kept iterating on how to expand the business by feeding what works and starving what doesn’t.”  Scott walks us through his entrepreneurial journey, then his franchising one. Along the way, he shares valuable lessons and necessary risks that ultimately takes him to the next level of success. Tune in now and find out how Scott was able to effectively launch a franchise brand and built it to create real value for his customers.  What we talk about: Talking about EO - Entrepreneurs Organization Scott’s background and how he got into franchising “When you're a new entrant into a business, you need to do something different.” - Scott Abbott “When you create value, you needed, at some point, sell that value.” - Scott Abbott The willingness to take risk How Scott got to the decision of selling the Five Star Painting The elements in every business Being involved in IFA About Pronexis Creating the world’s best customer service solutions Building something that creates value What we mention: Five Star Painting Pronexis Entrepreneurs Organization IFA - International Franchise Association


30 Jun 2020

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190 Colorado Springs Parks Departments' Scott Abbott

Outdoors with Hiking Bob

On this episode, Bob talks with Scott Abbott, the Colorado Springs Parks Department's Parks, Trails and Open Space Manager.  They discuss the impact of increased usage in the city's parks and open spaces, how the staff manages the parks, and more.  This podcast was recorded prior to the COVID-19 crisis hit critical mass in the U.S.  Read my article in the Colorado Springs Independent on how to safely engage in outdoor recreation during this crisis Please consider becoming a patron of this podcast! Visit:  for more information. Hiking Bob on ,   and  Listen on ,  and


18 Mar 2020