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Activism & entrepreneurship with Meagan Ward

Lead With Soul

In this episode of Lead With Soul, we're diving deep into activism and entrepreneurship!I'm so excited and honoured to have Meagan Ward as a guest on today's episode. Meagan is a Spiritual Sales Expert & Coach for spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to magnetize high caliber, high-ticket clients with sales strategies and rituals.Join us as we talk about making money as a spiritual entrepreneur, the difference between internal and external activism, how to integrate activism into your business from a place of integrity and alignment, and projections for 2021 and beyond when it comes to infusing activism into your business and brand.Connect with Meagan:Instagram Find me on Facebook and Instagram or visit my website here.Find more episodes of Lead With Soul and show notes here.Download the transcription here.


22 Feb 2021

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Ep 204. How to make big money in your business w/ Spiritual Sales Expert Meagan Ward

Make Millions to Impact Millions with Laura Tynan

Ready to increase your business sales with a soulful approach that really works? In this episode, Laura speaks with Spiritual Sales Expert Meagan Ward on how you can ditch the soul sucking, sleazy sales strategies for simple soulful sales structures.You will learn the main challenges entrepreneurs face in their business and how to overcome them; the 3 questions to ask potential clients to increase your sales every time and why you shouldn’t be saying yes to clients that you CAN help! (What?!) If you are ready to increase your sales, attract more soul clients and do it in a way that feels fully aligned with who you are, then this one is for you! Connect with Meagan here, http://womenwhowantmore.com/ IG: https://instagram.com/saleswithmeagan FB:  https://www.facebook.com/wardkm-------Are you ready to launch your chart topping podcast in just 30 days? If so, we've got you covered. Check out the Powerful Podcast Plan to get the support you need to share your message with the world (with ease!).Want to learn more? Go to lauratynan.com to access free resources to support you with growing your business, mastering your money and sharing your message with the world. We always love to hear from you so leave us a review and let us know what you loved about this show and what you want to hear more of! Show Notes2.00: What the journey to become a sales coach looks like3.44: The main challenges women face in their business when it comes to sales4.50: Let's talk the psychology of sales; the beliefs stopping you from increasing your sales and imposter syndrome7.45: Why you may be undercharging for your offers and what to do about it13.00: How lack of structure and strategy is impacting your sales (in a big way!)14.25: How to bring someone through a sales process using this soulful, not sleazy, sales conversation approach15.55: The three questions to ask potential clients to close sales every time17.20 The one word that will change all your sales calls and boost your conversions19.50 How you know your potential clients want to say yes to work with you, and when yo ask if  you want to work with them?22.15: Why you shouldn’t say yes to clients that you CAN help (what?!)23.50: Can you learn to sell with soul or is it a natural skill?26.00 The principles of sales vs sales structures and funnels 27.00: The one nugget of wisdom for entrepreneurs to help you increase your sales now29.00 How to avoid getting sales objections ever again Favourite quotes to share: “There are people out there who will only learn the lesson if YOU teach them” “Stop charging your worth. You are a human being inherently worthy of whatever you want and will never be able to charge your worth. Charge for the transformation”If you enjoyed this episode we would really appreciate you leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts and share with us on social @iamlauratynan what you enjoyed most! Your feedback and support means so much to me and it will only take a minute.


20 Jan 2021

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5. Abundance And Activism With Meagan Ward

The Aligned Podcast

In this this episode we chat with Meagan Ward, Spiritual Sales Coach to Spiritual Entrepreneurs.  In this discusssion, Meagan shares how spiritual leaders are being called to speak up, to lead, and to heal. How to navigate fears around taking up space and unintentionally silencing marginalized voices. We chat about abundance, activism, and inclusivity within the spiritual community and beyond.Meagan also discusses how to show up and sell, while honoring and amplifying this movement and black voices. We end the episode with a meditation led by Meagan that you will not want to miss. We also touch on: Why we decided to push forward, trust our intuition, and launch our podcast How the current astrological energy is supporting this movement Why it’s never been more important to use your voiceDo you have fears around taking up space?Do you have fears around unintentionally silencing marginalized voices?Are you wondering how you can shift your online business and offers to be more inclusive and conscious of the experiences of people of color?Meagan also provides how to envision a future where black lives truly matter, through a guided meditation provided at the end of the episode.To work with Meagan:Instagram: @saleswithmeaganWebsite: womenwhowantmore.comMega Giveaway To Celebrate The Launch!!!To celebrate the launch of our podcast, we are doing a mega giveaway! A 60 minute explore session with Jessica, a 60 minute natal chart reading with Ali, and the free gift of “You Are The Light Healing Workshop” for every entry. ⁣⁣In order to be entered to win, you must do ALL of the following:⁣⁣1) Subscribe to the podcast (Available on all platforms⁣ including, Apple & Spotify2) Rate and 5 star review⁣3) Take a screenshot of your written review⁣4) and submit to thealignedpodcast@gmail.com⁣5) Follow @thealignedpodcast, tag two friends, and also follow @peoplecallmejess, and @aliofstedal on Instagram! ⁣6) Download your free gift You Are The Light Healing Workshop” ⁣We decided to extend the contest one more week! Don't miss your chance to win! The winner will be announced on Instagram Tuesday, June 23rd by 6 pm PST⁣⁣Please subscribe to The Aligned Podcast available on all platforms!Follow us on InstagramWith Love & Gratitude,Jess + Ali


15 Jun 2020

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Interview: Meagan Ward- Meagamoves

Women of HERstory: A Podcast

Interview with Meagan Ward of Meagamoves!Fitness Trainer and dancer, Meagan Ward, gives us tips on how to be the best you that you can be!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/womenofherstorypodcast/support


22 May 2020

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EP: 015: Meagan Ward Shares How Being Denied a $3 Raise From her Job Propelled Her to Quit and Build her Business Empire in Less Than a Year!

Making The Brand with Timeesha Duncan


4 Mar 2020

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Meagan Ward

Movement Guidance

On this episode of Movement Guidance we sat down with Meagan Ward! She is a personal trainer from Dallas, Texas.  She received her B.F.A. in Dance from Point Park University and after graduating she relocated to L.A. and participated in the Debbie Reynolds Scholarship Program. She also is an ACE certified personal trainer. She recently launched her online business, Meaga Moves, meant for dancers looking to improve fitness.  With her fast knowledge of movement she strives to help students gain body awareness  and strength through health and fitness.  We are sponsored by Hollywood Dance Experience! Hollywood Dance experience is a 6 day event in Anaheim, California from July 20th to 25th where dancers will work with the coolest teachers and choreographers that Hollywood has to offer.  Not only will there be dancing. There will be a bus tour, a formal dinner cruise, a day at Disneyland, as well as a Disney workshop on the Disneyland property.  Use promo code “Movement Guidance” to receive $250 off your tuition! In order to redeem this promo you must first register and put down a deposit.  Once you have put down our deposit, you will email info@hdedance.com and give them the promo code “Movement Guidance.” This truly is an event not to be missed.  Background music by: Ryan Vettel (@ryanvettel) Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @movementguidance.  Catch ya next time!


26 Feb 2020

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Episode 020: Flawless Fruition: Creating Success as Women with Meagan Ward

Unspoken Terms

Today’s episode goes out to all the fierce femmes! Listen to hear from Meagan Ward y’all about her inspirational journey to the successful businesswoman, wife, and mother, that she is today. As a serial entrepreneur, organic influencer, and CEO, she shares insights into what it takes for women to take control of their lives and careers! Learn tips for entrepreneurship, landing major brand deals, setting up a powerful business backend, and thriving in all of the areas of life, while you’re at it! Powerfully poised in entrepreneurial activism and global empowerment, Meagan Ward is the incomparable impact leader, strategist and branding maven consistently positioning women for greatness in business and life. Crafting her own life’s work around the transcendence of womanhood and career, Meagan’s keen expertise as an industry trailblazer has propelled hundreds of women forward through the transformation of passion into purpose, helping each woman to uniquely define and create success on their own terms--something she achieved for herself in just three years. More on Meagan Meagan has created an enterprising network of women as owner of Creatively Flawless, a branding agency for women-owned businesses, owner of FEMOLOGY, Detroit’s first female-focused co-working space, and creator of The Powerful Women, the acclaimed movement highlighting powerful women in Detroit which cultivates rich experiences for women to embrace, learn, bond and uplift through sisterhood. As a reflection of its owner, Meagan’s first business, Creatively Flawless, has serviced hundreds of women across the nation in the first-hand development of their strategic and visual branding. Meagan’s continuous capacity to set the bar high for herself and every woman with whom she encounters has afforded her recognition and features in Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, Crain's, Rolling Out and a host of others. Her dedicated brand work has been displayed in Times Square, Target, Vogue, Essence magazine and more.  Where to find Meagan Website: https://www.meaganward.co/ Social Media:  Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/femology Personal Instagram: https://instagram.com/meaganaward Business Instagram: https://instagram.com/creativelyflawless Femology Instagram: https://instagram.com/femology Best Way for Audience to Contact You: email - hello@femologydetroit.com


20 Feb 2020

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Femology CEO, Meagan Ward, Talks About Motherhood and Being an Entrepreneur

The Momsense Nonsense Podcast

Meagan Ward, Femology + Creatively Flawless CEO, joins us to talk about how motherhood influences women's day to day choices and how it has positively impacted her businesses.  She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Crains Detroit, Essence, and more.  To say she is an inspiration too so many women is an understatement.


13 Jan 2020

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Episode 023: Flawlessly Launch Your Personal Brand With Meagan Ward

She's Off Script

After she didn't get a $3 raise she deserved at her first job out of college, Meagan Ward set our on the path to launch her own business. 12 months after starting her career in corporate America, she quit to start her own business, She is a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur that is passionate about seeing women succeed! In addition to running her branding agency, Creatively Flawless, she has also taken her passion to the next level by launching Femology, a co-working space for Detroit’s community of women entrepreneurs. Her efforts landed her a permanent spot as a speaker in the Traveling Embassy Speakers’ Program.Join us as we Go off script with the personal branding expert, Meagan Ward.Listen on Apple PodcastsMentioned in this episode: Instagram: @creativelyflawless http://www.creativelyflawless.com @meaganawardTakeaways:Use the success of the women around you to fuel your own success There are multiple forms of self-care including saying no and giving yourself breathing room to sleep in after pulling an all nighter.Announcements: If you’re looking for a community of supportive women who are looking to Go Off Script with their careers, lifestyles and businesses join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShesOffScriptCommunityThank you so much for listening! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, join our Facebook community, and follow us on Instagram! If you have any general questions or comments for the show, click here.When Karen Okonkwo launched one of her first ventures, Sorority Secrets, she was shocked when someone asked her why she did not feature any people of color on her website. Being a black sorority member herself, she couldn't believe she had unconsciously created a site with a lack of diversity. Years later, Karen met a photographer and suggested he could do something about the issue she had come across with stock photography. Needless to say, they both teamed up to create TONL.Join us as we Go off script with the co-founder of the TONL, Karen Okonkwo.Listen on Apple PodcastsMentioned in this episode: Instagram: @karenokonkwo https://www.karensthoughts.co/ @TONL https://tonl.co/Takeaways:Learn to 'tap' into your intuition. Corporate America can give entrepreneurs the tools they need to be successful in their future businesses. Don't underestimate the impact of "free" press. Have a solid marketing plan for your launch. Karen's Gem - Stop comparing someone else's middle to your beginning. Get clear on your vision. Your 'why' should make you cry.Announcements: If you’re looking for a community of supportive women who are looking to Go Off Script with their careers, lifestyles and businesses join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShesOffScriptCommunityThank you so much for listening! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, join our Facebook community, and follow us on Instagram! If you have any general questions or comments for the show, click here.


22 Feb 2019

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An Interview With Women Entrepreneurial Activist, Meagan Ward

Mother Honestly Podcast

U.S. Embassy Representative, Women Entrepreneurial Activist, Branding expert, Mentor, Wife, Mother, CEO and founder of Femology Detroit, Meagan Ward is a self proclaimed "Go Getter".  Growing up with a passionate single mother taught Meagan hard work first hand. Taking a different path from what her mother had planned for her while going to college on her mom's 401K, she went into business and entered the workforce making her mother proud.  Not being fulfilled working for someone else and feeling like she isn't being paid her worth, Meagan had her "Ah Hah" moment that led her into entrepreneurship.  So just like that . . .  she left her job! Meagan’s boldness and drive teaches us how "banking" on your skill set and relying on our talents and interests can help us build a successful business organically.  Raw and real, Meagan also talks with us about how entrepreneurship is not for everyone - it requires, mentorship, collaboration and HARD WORK!


12 Feb 2019