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Ep. 104: Fixing healthcare with decentralized applications | Leah Houston


Help us grow by liking this episode, sharing it, and subscribing to the podcast!Leah Houston, MD, practiced emergency medicine across the US for nearly 10 years before becoming an entrepreneur in the physician autonomy and digital privacy space. She experienced the administrative burden of the onboarding and credentialing process first-hand, and that experience led her to start HPEC, a digital identity and credential data wallet for practicing physicians. The HPEC wallet is a decentralized application now available on the app and Google Play stores that makes the physician the primary source of ownership and control of their professional credentials, and data. If you enjoy this interview please subscribe to the podcast and share it with your friends, and don't forget to check out our website, futuratipodcast.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Sep 2022

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24. Who Are YOU? with Leah Houston MD

Accredited Investor Journal

On today’s episode we meet the Physician who is changing the lives of millions by keeping their information safe on the internet. After going through identity theft herself, Leah Houston solved her problem and is now sharing her solution with the world!3 Key Takeaways What to do when you solve a problemWhy finding a niche where you are needed changes everythingWhat is your identity being used for on the internetResourcesWebsite - https://www.hpec.io/Invest here - https://fundopolis.com/about/blog/issuer-spotlight-hpecs-leah-houston-md-on-how-hpecs-technology-will-securely-improve-the-physician-patient-relationship/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/leahhoustonmd/?


7 Jan 2022

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RX25: Entrepreneur Rx Interview with Dr. Leah Houston, Founder and CEO at Evercred

Entrepreneur Rx

For this episode of Entrepreneur RX, John had the privilege of featuring the amazing Dr. Leah Houston, an emergency trained physician, and founder of HPEC and Evercred. HPEC is a platform leveraging blockchain technology that allows physicians to store decentralized identities.Leah shared her experiences with identity theft and blockchain in this episode. She explains how HPEC started, the confusing processes and verifications required in healthcare, the need to restore physician autonomy by alleviating redundant credentialing systems, and the importance of Evercred. This credential issuing system is interoperable with HPEC. Leah shares a lot of knowledge, tune in and enjoy!


5 Jan 2022

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Tackle Innovation Challenges by Building a Referral Network | Interview with Leah Houston from HPEC

Pathmonk Presents Podcast

Doctors play an essential role in our society as they work to cure and heal patients. Even more so as the pandemic has struck the world we rely on the medical services even more. Unfortunately, there continues to be a lack of medical staff with systems in play that can delay onboarding even more. Leah Houston MD, founder of HPEC, has worked with a driving passion to combat the challenges faced in the industry. HPEC has developed a secure standards-based open-sourced technology that gives physicians control over their professional digital identity. Their wallet stores verifiable medical credentials and connects physicians to a secure and private referral network. With this innovative technology, there are challenges faced with growth and expansion as people often fear the unknown. Leah has worked to build a powerful brand and build their own referral network with their technology in order to encourage growth for their innovative technology. With the world digitizing, Leah aims to get physicians on board to this new age of technology that will benefit both physicians and their patients.


23 Sep 2021

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Ep. 149 Blockchain MD: Healthcare Applications with Dr. Leah Houston

BackTable Vascular & Interventional

We talk with Dr. Leah Houston, founder of HPEC, about the healthcare applications of Blockchain Technology and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), including the importance of giving physicians control over their own professional digital identity. Thank you to Dr. Tim Yates for co-hosting!---SHOW NOTESIn this episode, our co-hosts Dr. Tim Yates and Dr. Aaron Fritts invite Dr. Leah Houston, founder and CEO of Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community (HPEC), to discuss blockchain technology and how she is applying it to healthcare.Dr. Houston describes how she was initially introduced to blockchain through investing; however, she learned more about the technology and felt compelled to seek ways to use the technology to decentralize healthcare and allow physicians to regain autonomy as well as patient trust. She describes her vision of creating self-sovereign identities (SSI) for physicians that would allow them to carry digital assets like credentials, medical documentation, and payments. From the patient’s perspective, SSI could help them easily access their medical records.HPEC is a physician-owned and physician-led company that aims to help them regain control over their practice of medicine. Dr. Houston describes the process of crowdfunding through other physicians and friends/family that has allowed her team to develop and test their product, a mobile application. She encourages any interested physician to get involved in development and/or pilot testing through the HPEC website.---RESOURCESHumanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community (HPEC): https://www.hpec.io/World Wide Web Consortium: https://www.w3.org/


20 Aug 2021

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#52 Digital Credentialing With Dr Leah Houston

Female Physician Entrepreneurs Podcast With Founder Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS

Dr Leah Houston is the founder of HPEC. HPEC is giving practicing physicians ownership of their professional brand in a digital space through blockchain enabled self-sovereign digital credentials and identities. This will create employment mobility for physicians which will provide a mechanism for them to restore their autonomy and control over the sacred doctor patient relationship. As an Emergency Physician, I previously worked in Emergency Departments all over the country for almost 10 years. During that time I observed first hand the harm this current system does to both physicians and patients. These experiences afforded me a deep understanding of the problems that plague the US healthcare system, and the barriers we face to correction. In addition to my Medical Degree, I received my undergraduate in molecular biology and biochemistry. I have experience in genomics and proteomics research. I am also a real estate investor, a peace accelerator, and an advocate for early childhood education reform. I also have foundational experience in public policy, and have lobbied for many issues surrounding healthcare reform and education. I have worked in public policy and advocacy throughout my life, and continue to do so. Also I enjoy my work in social acquisitions as a connector. As a humanitarian and philanthropist I learned how more happens when my energy is spent connecting two or more people with a common goal. If you want to connect with me please send a short note as to why, to make sure I don’t miss you! Join Leahs community at  https://www.hpec.io/ -------------- Looking to build your online business? Grow your email list? Learn about how to start a coaching business? Resources, courses, training and the business tools to make it happen. Learn more at https://sharonmackconsulting.com ___________________________________________________________________________________________ This podcast is designed to help entrepreneurs start and build their businesses. Learn more at Female Physicians Entrepreneurs If you are a female physician join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FemalePhysicianEntrepreneurs/ Thank you again for listening, please share with your friends and subscribe to our podcast. If you have any questions reach out support@femalephysicianentepreneur.com Sincerely, Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS #entrepreneurship #femalephysicians #business #businessgrowth. #realestate #realestatesyndication #womenphysician


16 Jun 2021

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Getting Back in Control of Things with Dr. Leah Houston

Licensed to Live

In this episode we speak to Emergency Medicine physician and founder of the Humanitarian Physician’s Empowerment Community, Dr. Leah Houston.  In this episode (All Times Approximate) 5:00 Physician’s rights and control have been lost slowly but surely 13:00 a half million dollars raised from physicians; how to invest in HPEC 20:00 Talking bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain 24:00 Using technology to make complicated processes simple; quick win for your career 28:00 What’s next for HPEC? Show Sponsor, EH3 Coffee, HPEC Dr. Leah Houston Licensed To Live episode with Dr. Leah Houston (recorded 2018)


10 Mar 2021

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Episode 53: Reclaiming Our Autonomy & Freedom as Physicians Through Blockchain w/Dr. Leah Houston

Next Level Physicians: Thriving Outside the Box

SHOW NOTES: This week next level entrepreneur Dr. Leah Houston and I took the conversation to another level as we chatted about taking our power and autonomy back through Blockchain, and how she is leading this movement. Highlights from the conversation: Dr. Leah Houston - Emergency medicine doctor / founder & CEO of HPEC (Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community) Decentralization of physician’s credentials / blockchain - Over the past 20 or 30 years, physician-patient interaction has been completely altered. We were instructed on how to document and share the digital information about our patients. All of that information is now analyzed in order to find ways to deny payment to doctors, and at the same time deny services to patients. - As physicians, it's our duty to protect that information and to have control of that information, for the sake of the relationship with our patients. Blockchain - When we talk about any digital communication, whether it be through a cell phone, on a Facebook group, via email, etc… they are centralized (all of the data is in, controlled by, and belongs to a specific platform). Blockchain is a way to record information and provide secure direct communications without going through a centralized identity. - Blockchain is great for physicians, as it creates an opportunity to document what happens with patients and transfer that information directly into a patient’s digital record, keep a copy to ourselves, and not share it with anyone else. It can also help us keep a secure communication between colleagues. (HPEC covers this) Decentralization of physician’s credentials - It’s important to start by obtaining our digital identities and asserting that we are who we say we are in the digital space. We have a license, DEA numbers, Medicaid, Medicare.... all of them are part of our digital credentials. They can be verified by any institution, and blockchain allows us to keep them in one place, available. (HPEC covers this) - There are movements, such as campaigns in GoFundMe, to make certifications a lifetime. Institutions shouldn’t be able to profit from physician’s knowledge and time. (HPEC supports this) Catch up with Dr. Houston by connecting with her in one of the following ways: 1. Social Media Handles ◦ Twitter @hpecid @leahhoustonmd ◦ Facebook HPECid ◦ Instagram  hpecid ◦ LinkedIn hpecid 2. Website https://hpec.io/ 3. Ways to invest or participate w/ HPEC.IO. ◦ Fundopolis Join the Movement- You can join over 200 other revolutionary physicians and become an owner of this platform through the HPEC website for a just $250 Here:  https://hpec.io/invest-now/ You can also get on the waiting list to  be one of the first to have access to this technology when it becomes available here:  https://hpec.io/join-the-waiting-list See you on the next one! Hosted by: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne Looking for a Coach or Mastermind to Join? Ready to Take Your Career, Business, and Life to the Next Level? If you want to Learn more about Dr. Maiysha's coaching, courses, and masterminds. Visit www.DrMaiysha.com. Choose from of our Free Mini Online Masterclasses on Mindset Mastery, Manifestation, and Next Level Entrepreneurship Right on the Home page to start your journey now.


19 Oct 2020

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30. The Disrupter: Leah Houston, MD

Rx for Success Podcast

The CME experience for this Podcast is powered by CMEfy - click here to reflect and unlock credits & more: https://earnc.me/HJLyOSDr. Leah Houston is the founder of HPEC, and a board-certified Emergency Physician. While practicing emergency medicine across the US for nearly 10 years she recognized a common problem: uncompensated administrative burdens related to physician employment and credentialing are a leading cause of administrative waste and physician burnout. She also realized that distributed ledger technology could solve the obstructive regulatory problems in healthcare by creating a decentralized community of physicians. So, she began working on the project and named it HPEC - the Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community. HPEC is building a platform that will give every physician a self-sovereign digital identity attached to their credentials in order to create a democratic digital physicians guild. HPEC will streamline the current antiquated and laborious process of credentialing, reduce administrative waste, improve access to care and give physicians sovereign ownership of their data and employment rights. The organization will also create an opportunity for physicians to communicate more efficiently about policy, and practice in order to improve patient care.   In presenting a solution that has the potential to alleviate the administrative waste for health systems, government and practicing physicians Dr. Houston is a recognized and requested national speaker on the topic of decentralized identity as it relates to healthcare. Her work was featured as a part of the first HIMSS Blockchain and Healthcare Textbook, published in 2019. A lifelong advocate, innovator and investor she has also spent lobbying for public policy and healthcare reform. She understands the problems that plague the healthcare system from the inside and out and has dedicated her time to repairing the current global healthcare crisis. HPEC will restore physician autonomy to the practice of medicine, will begin in the United States and expand. Show notes at https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/30 Report-out with comments or feedback at https://rxforsuccesspodcast.com/report


12 Oct 2020

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Ep. 74: Self-Sovereign Physician Community - Leah Houston, MD (CEO HPEC)

Health Unchained Podcast

Dr. Leah Houston, founder and CEO of an early-stage startup called Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community. If you are a doctor or physician, this episode is for you. Her solution is to develop a platform that uses self-sovereign digital identities to allow physicians to manage their own provable credentials, cutting the administrative waste involved with provider credentialing. Show Notes•Introduction to Leah's background •What drives you to the healthcare industry?•How did you first hear about blockchain technology?•As a trained physician, when did you realize the flaws in provider credentialing system?•What is the vision for HPEC? •Importance of Self-sovereign Identity •What is a DID? https://www.w3.org/TR/did-core/ •Explain the current process for a doctor to gain medical privileges in a clinic or hospital? •What problems exist for healthcare professionals in regard to provider credentialing?•Blockchain adoption and awareness in healthcare•What are the biggest barriers to adoption?•What does it mean when people say blockchain can provide more trust?•How can HPEC affect the traditional credentialing workflow of a health system?•Can decentralized provider credentialing improve overall digital health technology adoption?•What kind of traction have you had so far?•Can you describe your technology stack?•Cost to build? •What is HPEC's business model?•How did you find your crowdfunding platform? •Physician investors•What other companies are working on similar projects? How are you different?•Outlook for 2021 and beyond•Most influential book you've read – Zero to One by Peter Thiel •Will the future of decentralized identity be hardware based or bio-metrics?•Final TakeawaysHealth Unchained News Cornerhttps://www.hibcc.org/mediledger-2/The Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC) recently announced that its Health Industry Number (HIN) System is now available to registered HIN licensees via Chronicled’s blockchain-enabled MediLedger Network. By using Mediledger, HIN pharma industry licensees will both be able to access and use real-time HIN data and incorporate it directly into their live business processes.Manufacturers, Distributors, and GPOs on the MediLedger Network use its Contracts & Chargebacks Solution to ensure pricing contracts are aligned. The solution guarantees that distributors always have valid pricing for customers (Hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, etc.) and that chargebacks are accurate. I’ve interviewed Susanne in episode 66 of Health Unchained. I highly recommend you listen to that episode to learn more about her vision and plans for Chronicled and the MediLedger Network. Health Unchained LinksWebsite: https://healthunchained.orgTelegram: t.me/healthunchainedTwitter: twitter.com/HealthunchaindBert’s Blockchain and Healthcare Weekly Newsletter: https://bert.substack.com/


12 Oct 2020