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You Have Permission to Dream Big with Bob Goff

Start With A Win

Our guest on this episode of the Start With A Win podcast is Bob Goff, a recovering lawyer who has found his life’s purpose in helping other people find theirs. Bob spent his first career of 32 years as a lawyer, commuting daily from San Diego to Seattle and only missing dinner four times in 25 years. He has always prioritized his family, recognizing that they are the most important thing to him. Even while he was practicing law, he was doing incredible work through his nonprofit called Love Does, where he now spends much of his time and energy. They have built schools in eight countries in the middle of their own civil wars because Bob does not want the next generation to suffer despite the political climates in their countries.Bob has written several books, and he just recently released “Dream Big.” This book encourages people to find and reach their biggest dreams and lets them know that they don’t have to ask anyone for permission to do so. In the book, he guides people to strip away barriers and baggage holding them back and letting go of the self-limiting beliefs that have affected them for too long. It is also crucial for readers to clearly define their dreams and think through what they want to do that will outlast them. One aspect of this process is focusing on your passions rather than obsessing about the wrong things. Bob says he has been amazed working with people and how taking a genuine interest in those you come in contact with can make a drastic difference. Bob has a relevant story to demonstrate every lesson, one of which is the story of The Oaks retreat center. He and his wife purchased the camp right before the pandemic hit. They weren’t able to do anything with it immediately, but Bob started looking at the adjacent properties and realized that if he purchased a nearby horse racing track, they could host horses and their trainers there. This opportunity would not have come their way had Bob not been intentional about looking around his current circumstances. Bob encourages listeners to get unstuck and unleash their potential. Connect with Bob:https://www.amazon.com/Dream-Big-Youre-Going-About/dp/1400219493 https://bobgoff.com/https://twitter.com/bobgoffhttps://www.instagram.com/bobgoff/https://dreambigframework.com/podcasthttps://www.oakscenter.com/Connect with Adam:https://www.startwithawin.com/https://www.facebook.com/REMAXAdamContoshttps://twitter.com/REMAXAdamContoshttps://www.instagram.com/REMAXadamcontos/ Leave us a voicemail:888-581-4430


7 Jul 2021

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Bob Goff

Steadfast With Sandra McCracken

This finale episode of Steadfast season two features Bob Goff and latest book Dream Big. Bob is a best-selling author, storyteller, speaker, coach, and lawyer. Through this book and in his own life, Goff draws upon our ability to be patient and steadfast in all circumstances, holding tightly to a bright hope for the future.Steadfast is a production of Sandra McCracken in partnership with Christianity Today.Produced by Sandra McCracken, Leslie Eiler ThompsonWritten by Leslie Eiler ThompsonEdited by Andrew OsengaMixed and Mastered by Mike CosperMusic by Sandra McCracken Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Jun 2021

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Bob Goff | Your Next Brave Move

The Good Life with Stevie & Sazan

Bob Goff joins us on The Good Life today to help us navigate through ambiguity. Instead of waiting for life to happen to him Bob takes life by the reigns. He is living by simply saying yes to the next brave move. Today’s show will inspire you to do the same. We learned that sometimes doing the next bold thing is the best way to break out of feeling stuck. If you need to fall in love with life’s possibilities all over again then this is the episode for you. It’s about to get GOOD.


18 Jun 2021

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Bob Goff: ...that I shouldn't live my life for the approval of other people

Nobody Told Me!

Joining us on this episode is New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff, who is on a mission to shake people into the version of their lives they dreamt about before someone told them it was impossible or incorrect. Bob, who’s known as an “encourager to millions”,  is the creator of the popular Dream Big conferences and author of the new book, Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do About It. ***** Thanks to our sponsors of this episode! --> NordVPN: join the more than 14 million people worldwide who have chosen NordVPN to protect their internet connection and privacy online. Go to http://www.nordvpn.com/ntm or use coupon code 'ntm' at checkout to get a two year plan, plus one additional month with a huge discount, and a 30 day money back guarantee! --> UTEP (The University of Texas at El Paso): UTEP Connect's mission is to make exceptional, affordable education accessible to anyone with the ambition to learn and the drive to succeed. Go to online.utep.edu to learn more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Jun 2021

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Love Does, Bob Goff

The Sister You Never Had

This weeks episode is a little different than what you're used to. Elisa talks about the book "Love Does" by Bob Goff, taking lessons and advice and sharing them with those who listen. Hope you enjoy! 


26 May 2021

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Grace draws everyone in with Bob Goff and Lindsey Viducich

Pardon the Mess with Cynthia Yanof

It’s cool enough to have one opportunity to chat with Bob Goff, but then to get a second shot that includes his daughter, Lindsey Viducich? Well, that’s the makings of a podcast packed with laughter and endless nuggets of truth. Lindsey and Bob co-wrote Everybody, Always for Kids, and they describe it as a book of stories demonstrating how to live out our faith as expressed in love. Take that in for a hot minute and consider how different our lives, our parenting, and our relationships would be if our primary focus was to express our faith through the lens of love. As you might expect, there are lots of great stories coming your way on growing up in the Goff household and their crazy antics. But I was especially challenged by their family goal of picking the meaningful over the practical in life and intentionally drawing others into our circle through the grace of Jesus. Sit back and enjoy a few minutes of encouragement from Bob Goff and Lindsey Viducich—and then grab a copy of their new book so you can remind your kids that around every corner lies the opportunity to live bigger than ourselves, when we love “everybody, always.”


15 Apr 2021

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Hijack: Bob Goff

The MxU Podcast

Jay has hijacked the podcast! And he brought his friend and lawyer, Bob Goff. Bob is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, Law Professor at Pepperdine University, as well as an attorney who founded Love Does, a nonprofit human rights organization operating in Uganda, India, Nepal, Iraq and Somalia. He serves as the Hon. Consul for the Republic of Uganda to the United States. www.MxU.rocks


31 Mar 2021

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Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich: Everybody Always

Newsworthy with Norsworthy

Bob Goff returns to the podcast with his daughter and co-author Lindsay Goff Viducich to discuss favorite pizza places, how to discuss mortality with children, peanut butter money, and their new book Everybody Always for Kids.


1 Mar 2021

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003 "Living Centered and Dreaming Big" featuring Bob Goff

Living Centered Podcast

On this episode of the Living Centered Podcast, Lindsey and Miles sit down with NYT Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and chief balloon inflator of Love Does, Bob Goff.   Bob, one of the most inspiring people we know, continually makes a big impact on the world just by the way he lives his life—embracing big dreams, loving without abandonment, and inviting everyone to have a seat at the table. Throughout the episode, the three discussed taking bold risks, chasing dreams with friends, the power of authentic community, and finding people to speak truth—even when it's not easy. They also discuss Bob's experience at the Living Centered Program (spoiler alert—he didn't want to go!) and how living a centered life has impacted the way he connects with himself, those he loves, and the world around him.  Join us for a conversation that is sure to inspire you to find your people and start dreaming!   Show notes can be found at livingcenteredpodcast.com/episodes/003


8 Feb 2021

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021 | Bob Goff Part Two + 7 Email Etiquette Tips

H3 Leadership with Brad Lomenick

Part two of our conversation with Bob Goff. Bob is the bestselling author of multiple books including Love Does as well as the host of the popular Dream Big Podcast and Dream Big Academy. Bob is followed by millions on social media and should be named Chief Encouragement Officer of the planet! Plus, Brad provides 7 Tips on Email Etiquette, since we all use email and need some ways to make the process better! Make sure to check out http://h3leadership.com to access the list and all the show notes. Thanks again to our partners for this episode, LiveControl, which remotely produces your event for a fraction of the cost—so, say hello to your new camera operator at http://livecontrol.io/brad. And, to Gloo and GlooConnect, allowing you to connect digitally with people in your community. Head to http://GlooConnect.church to sign up for a free account, and start welcoming new connections to your church today.


29 Jan 2021