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116. How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile for Thought Leadership & Business, LinkedIn Guru John Espirian

April Garcia's PivotMe

On the show today, we have John Espirian, a B2B content writer, all-around LinkedIn nerd, and eager experimenter who helps business leaders to build a recognizable online presence and develop their personal brand. John explains the importance of creating content on LinkedIn and shares some ways you can do it without consuming time. Listen in to learn how to build a LinkedIn audience around thought leadership in your industry in a non-salesy approach. You will also learn how to approach LinkedIn content creation when doing it yourself or delegating to keep on showing up consistently. Pivotal Questions Asked: [4:38] How did you get into this work? [10:41] What are people doing wrong on LinkedIn? [27:54] Talk to us about content banking and the best way to do that. [34:15] What is something you could tell a business owner that they could do right away to make their LinkedIn profile better.  In This Episode You Will Learn: [5:55] How to use LinkedIn to build an audience around thought leadership in your industry. [10:45] Some of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid when pursuing LinkedIn content creation. [21:29] How to define your LinkedIn brand and strategy before delegating the task of content creation. [23:10] The different options you can approach content creation on LinkedIn.  [28:28] The value of content batching in time-saving and creating consistency.  [39:15] How to consciously get clear with your personal brand to attract loyal customers who refer you.  Quotes: “You got to stay relevant by showing up because people will forget you.”- John [27:17] “You’ll be more efficient if you can batch your content rather than doing it each time.”- John [29:07] “Sometimes, our best content is the thing that is so natural to us that we can almost overlook.”- April [32:23] “The clearer your personal brand is, the more likely you’re to attract the people who are going to align with and support your brand.”- John [39:26] PivotMe listeners go to pivot-me.com/linkedin   use discount code APRIL  and you’ll save 15%. The best insights to leverage your LinkedIn profile for less money than a tradeshow or an ad.


26 Aug 2021

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139 - LinkedInForBusiness incontra John Espirian

LinkedinForBusiness by Leonardo Bellini

LinkedIn For Business incontra John Espirian, uno dei più importanti e famosi copywriter e content creator di LinkedIn e proprio grazie a questa sua passione è arrivato a scrivere il libro “Content DNA. Using consistency and congruence to be the same shape everywhere”, un manuale per imparare a definire una “forma” unica di contenuto, adatta a tutti i canali così da poter costruire una presenza online che venga notata, ricordata e preferita.Scopri, attraverso la sua storia, l'importanza di avere una Content Strategy!Leggi l'articolo completo sul blog di LinkedInForBusiness! https://linkedinforbusiness.it/podcast/podcast-139-linkedinforbusiness-incontra-john-espirian/Visita il sito di LinkedInForBusiness per restare sempre aggiornato!linkedinforbusiness.itScopri i corsi di LinkedInForBusiness per stare al passo con il digital!https://academy.linkedinforbusiness.it/categoria-prodotto/linkedin-marketing/


8 Jun 2021

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#135 Create Copy That Sells On LinkedIn - John Espirian

Business Growth Show

👉 Why should you bother with creating content on LinkedIn?!John Espirian is the relentlessly helpful copywriter, all-round LinkedIn nerd, eager experimenter and author of Content DNA.B2B clients hire John to write web pages, expert articles and case studies and improve their presence on LinkedIn👉 Listen to John & Sam discuss their experiences as they provide tips and tools that you can utilise, to skyrocket your own sales & biz! - In this episode they cover:👉 Who to target with your content👉 Utilising John’s CHAIR framework to get results from your copy👉 How and why to play the long game📽️ SPONSORED BY VIDYARDGet Your FREE Vidyard account here: http://www.vidyard.com/bgs🌐 WEB CHOICEFor Your FREE digital marketing assessment: https://www.webdesignchoice.co.uk


11 Apr 2021

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25. John Espirian: How being Relentlessly Helpful SuperCharged his Career

How I Got Hired

Interesting careers are always squiggly and this isn't any different in John's case.John Espirian, a LinkedIn superstar, has worked as a Call Center agent, then manager, then Quality Assurance tester at large companies like Fujitsu, then technical copyrighter and now, B2B website writer and overall LinkedIn nerd.If you follow John on LinkedIn, there's a good chance you'll be "noticed, remembered and preferred". Now who doesn't want that?In this episode, John shares:- His fascinating career journey where in 2009 the rug got pulled from under his feet and he was forced to give entrepreneurship a try for 6 months - How he got hired by his first two paying clients- How a simple but thought provoking question from his mentor changed his entire approach to his brand #RelentlesslyHelpful- Three types of people on any social media platform: creators, contributors and consumers, which one are you? - How a job seeker can get in front of the right audience and noticed, without selling themselves, and so much more.This is the perfect episode for someone who wants to leverage LinkedIn to get ahead in their career, don't miss it!John's post on the name pronunciation feature on LinkedIn is here.Follow John's work on LinkedIn here and if you'd like to connect with him, remember to include the secret word!John's website: https://espirian.co.uk/Hope you enjoy the show!  Please leave a great review on Apple Podcasts, as it would mean a lot to me and hopefully help others discover this resource for Job Seekers !  https://podcasts.apple.com/be/podcast/how-i-got-hired/id1536817985 And finally, connect with me on LinkedIn, I'd love to hear from you: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonalbahl/


28 Mar 2021

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LinkedIn | Don't Be Boring with John Espirian

Content Marketing, Engineered Podcast

 How can you improve your reach and engagement on LinkedIn? It all starts with your content.  John Espirian, Technical Copywriter and author of Content DNA thinks that boring is the new risky. He's seen too many companies and individuals crank out mediocre and often self-promoting LinkedIn content on an inconsistent basis, and then those same folks wonder why they aren't getting value out of the platform.Think about the last time you were on LinkedIn. What prompted you to visit? I imagine you spinning the scroll wheel on your mouse at a rapid pace, and then something makes you stop. What was it about the content that drew your attention? Was the post from a company or a person? John shared a research finding that LinkedIn visitors are more likely to interact with people in their network rather than businesses. Add to this the expansive nature of personal networks over business, the case is compelling that your company's LinkedIn strategy should have employees, not the company, at the forefront. Successful LinkedIn engagement springs from consistently posting on-brand content that follows the XX rule of challenges, inspires or draws a chuckle.In the most recent LinkedIn algorithm change, posts that cause people to linger longer than x seconds are prioritized, giving advantage to video and long-form content. John shares an interesting hack for this utilizing PDF documents.We also cover how to strengthen you LinkedIn profile and even touch on Clubhouse (an up-and-coming invitation-only social networking platform).


8 Mar 2021

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John Espirian: Author, Content DNA – The stairway to LinkedIn heaven

The Fuel Podcast

John Espirian: Author, Content DNA – The stairway to LinkedIn heaven Our 50th episode stars John Espirian – a Black Belt 10th Dan of LinkedIn. 90 minutes of tips and tricks to get your LinkedIn performance in the premier league.  John dropped into the Fuel podcast to unleash his substantial knowledge of the business community’s leading social media platform – LinkedIn, to help all of us in the new business world, up our game. Included: The benefits of using video Stop liking and start commenting Why view counts are misleading Optimising your profile How to sign up for John’s LinkedIn leaders course How to prune your network The five best content types Why you should treat posts like mini blogs. Show notes Content DNA is your handbook for defining the unique “shape” of your business, so that you can build a presence that’s noticed, remembered and preferred. And John’s LinkedIn course is the quickest way to get the best practice advice you need to avoid common mistakes, build a strong profile and create content that gets results on the world’s number one business networking platform. John’s LinkedIn profile: The book – get it here: https://espirian.co.uk/book/ Sign up for John’s very cost-effective LinkedIn Leaders course: https://espirian.co.uk/linkedin-course/ The post John Espirian: Author, Content DNA – The stairway to LinkedIn heaven appeared first on Fuel Podcast.

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21 Feb 2021

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182 From unknown B2B writer to high-profile LinkedIn expert: How John Espirian built a personal brand by being relentlessly helpful

Reputation Revolution | the Influence & IMPACT podcast

In this week's episode, author of Content DNA, John Espirian, unpacks his personal branding journey, explaining how he went from an unknown B2B technology writer to a high-profile LinkedIn expert who has successfully managed to differentiate himself from his competitors in the marketplace. { N.B. After we listen to John's story, John and host Trevor Young shift gears and discuss LinkedIn tips and strategies } John's the real deal. He's a genuine, humble guy. He's not flashy, but he's credible. This makes him the antithesis of many of the self-proclaimed 'thought leaders' we see out there on the web who are good at scoring airtime, but scratch beneath the surface and there's not a lot there. In this wide-ranging chat with Trevor Young, John discusses: why he chose to build his personal brand in the first placehis book Content DNA, and why he wrote itthe concept of creating personal brand building blocks, and how they helped him establish a unique tone of voicethe importance of showing up and relentlessly delivering value time and time againmaking public promises and staying true to themthe 90/10 rule - spending 90% of time on a primary social channel, and 10% on a second one. John also covers blogging, writing styles, and building an email list. In part 2 of the interview, John and Trevor take a deep dive into LinkedIn. John touches on: LinkedIn's algorithm and the potential of organic visibility on the platform versus Facebookthe type of content that performs best for John on LinkedIntips for increasing views of your LinkedIn postswhy LinkedIn values 'dwell time' John Espirian quotes: 👉 "Your brand identity is like a hook of a great song: get it right and people will echo it back to you." 👉 "I've found that people who find me through LinkedIn are willing to pay up to 30 percent more than the people who find me through Google." 👉 "You've got to turn up, you've got to do the reps in the gym kind of thing. And eventually you will become known. But you've got to stick at it for long enough for it to happen."  CONNECT WITH JOHN: LinkedInTwitterWebsiteYouTube


7 Feb 2021

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182: Relentlessly Helpful Content DNA, With John Espirian


Wouldn't it be awesome if your ideal clients could learn about you in a low-risk, low pressure manner, make a decision to follow you, and then show up all by themselves on your digital doorstep, ready to buy your product or service? As seemingly fantastical as this may sound, it is actually quite possible when one can strategically leverage the many powers of what today's guest calls 'Content DNA', to effectively attract followers and ideal clients over time using social media.In this episode, we meet John Espirian, who is a self-described LinkedIn Nerd, also known as the 'Relentlessly Helpful Copywriter', and Author of one of my favorite books, 'Content DNA'.My Favorite Quotes from John in this episode, (paraphrased):“Go beyond 'Know-Like-Trust' —become the PREFERRED choice in your niche!”“Boring is the new risky!”“Create relentlessly helpful content!”"The best content gets seen and remembered because it includes 'conversational marketing'!"The best ways to connect with John Espirian online are:Website: https://espirian.co.uk/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnespirian/About the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast:In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful Experts and Creative Entrepreneurs who exemplify the use of Profitable Happiness™ to build influence and business success. For a weekly journey of music, marketing, and motivation, subscribe to the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast with Dr. Pelè.https://drpele.comSupport the show (https://drpele.com)


15 Jan 2021

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Your content DNA to visibility and prosperity with John Espirian

Classroom Without Walls

In this episode, I had the great honor to interview the Godfather of LinkedIn, aka, John Espirian During this interview, we discussed John's new book, Content DNA, and how you can apply the wisdom in his book to grow your brand and business.  John dropped so much value.  If you are serious about growing your business, this is a must-listen episode.  ---- You can watch our interview on my YouTube channel via this link. ---- Give this episode a listen and give your biggest takeaway by sharing this on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Make sure to tag me  @AiAddysonZhang and use my hashtag, #ClassroomWithoutWalls --- Do you know that this podcast is also a weekly live streaming show? Every Wednesday, at 2pm PST | 5pm EST, my guest and I go live on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch to delivery valuable content to you. I highly encourage you to join us live and ask your questions. You will get immediate answers! You can follow my other social media channels: LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook --- 🙏 Classroom Without Walls' weekly live streaming shows are proudly sponsored by StreamYard, my favorite tool to go live on multiple social media platforms Use my discount link here to check them out!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/classroomwithoutwalls/message


8 Jan 2021

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How to Create your Brand with Content - John Espirian

Insight Out with Billy Samoa

After 54 episodes I can honestly say I’ve learned something from each guest. Today's guest, John Espirian, is as high up on the list in terms of valuable insights shared. My insight meter is broken but nearly everything he says packs an insight punch.His book is called Content DNA, but it is about much more than content. It is about creating an identity…we hear the word brand thrown around all the time. His brand is his promise. And on this episode, we explore what that means: How to create a memorable tagline or band message - hint: think musically Building blocks of his Content DNA Using a manifesto to set expectations How to create a newsletter with double the average open rate Tips for creating content Number one secret for great copywriting John's Website:https://espirian.co.ukCheck-out John's LinkedIn Loser video series:https://espirian.co.uk/linkedin-loser/Get your copy of his book, Content DNA here:https://espirian.co.uk/book/Links and Resources15:47 Content DNA: Using consistency and congruence to be the same shape everywhere42:37 Coschedule headline analyzer tool42:40 Sharethrough headline analyzer toolSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=23010497)


19 Oct 2020