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Biking Taiwan and Running a Business: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs - Interview with Jesse Krieger

Money Talkers

Jesse Krieger, best selling author and business owner, believes finding your ideal lifestyle and building your business around that goal is how to create the ideal balanced and happy life. We're exploring a variety of topics in today's episode including the lifestyle Jesse has with his business setup and the benefits of approaching uncomfortable conversations around money with kids can help them into the future. Jesse owns Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, and their goal is to elevate global consciousness through individual empowerment. They work with authors to complete a book they can be proud of for years to come, then design and perform a book launch that builds their business and brand. Visit Jessie here: lifestyleentrepreneurpress.com


5 Aug 2021

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Writing A book Can Be Your Best Business Development Tool with Jesse Krieger

PowerPassionProsperity Podcast w/Dr. Jay

Many people have considered writing a book unfortunately most don't because they have no idea how to get started let alone get published. Jesse Krieger the founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press has developed the gold standard for independent authors. Jessie shares how he and his team provide the right guidance to each stage of the book publishing process. If you have thought about writing a book this episode is a must listen. 


2 Aug 2021

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Ep #22 Millions in book sales without writing a single book with Jesse Krieger

Amplify To 7 Figures Podcast

Today’s guest has signed two publishing deals on two different continents and navigated the world of becoming a best-selling author, twice. He’s worked with hundreds of authors from around the world to achieve their dreams of writing and publishing a book. In addition to being featured on over 50 media outlets for his best-selling book “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”, he has been an entrepreneur his entire adult life and holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as National Taiwan University and Beijing Normal University. Please welcome today’s special guest, founder & Publisher for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, Jesse Krieger! Top 3 Amplifiers: Why a book is the best businesses card you can have How to use your book to get on media platforms The best book marketing strategy from a book publisher To listen, find other episodes, access the show notes, and find out more go to www.amplifyto7figures.com. Enter the giveaway here: https://amplifyto7figures.com/giveaway Connect with today’s guest: Website: https://www.jessekrieger.com/ Co-Founder of www.PowerFan.io helping authors, creators, and fans connect and conduct commerce in invaluable ways. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifestyleentrepreneurspress Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lepressbooks Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lifestyleentrepreneur/


29 Jul 2021

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Ep 146 Jesse Krieger, How to publish a book. Best selling author and Founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Innovator Diaries. A show about creativity, problem solving, growth and leadership.

Jesse Krieger is the founder and publisher of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, The Publisher for The Passionate. Jesse Krieger has helped 100+ authors from all over the globe in their journey towards writing and distributing their works. On top of that, Jesse Krieger is a two-time bestselling author who has been featured on over 50 media outlets for his top-selling book Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Meet Jesse Krieger. Find this Innovator Diaries Podcast episode and other stories in your favorite podcast player. Follow and Connect with Ricardo (Innovator Diaries Host on LinkedIn) https://www.linkedin.com/in/rigutie/ Follow and Connect with the Innovator Diaries Podcast on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/innovatordiaries/


16 Jun 2021

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Lessons From Publishing Over 100 Books with Jesse Krieger

Innovation and Leadership with Jess Larsen


26 Apr 2021

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Jesse Krieger on Crowd Funding Your Book Launch

Launch Your Book with Anna David

Jesse Krieger knows his way around a book launch. His company, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, has published over 100 books in six years. Now he's teaching authors how to raise money for their book launches. In this episode, we broke down that business model and also got into some launch ideas you may never have thought of. WANT TO LAUNCH A BESTSELLING BOOK? GO TO WWW.LAUNCHABESTSELLINGBOOK.COM FOR MY CHEAT SHEET.


31 Mar 2021

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#176: Combining Success, Freedom, and Adventure – Jesse Krieger

Man Alive

In today's episode of the Man Alive, we have a guest who has traveled the world and created businesses based on his passions. Jesse Krieger is the author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur and is now the founder and publisher of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, helping people with great ideas publish their books. Have you wondered whether the thousands of hours you spend each year working could be more enjoyable, or whether you could have more success or make more money doing what you love? Would you like your work life to include more freedom and adventure? If you've set these aside to take on adult responsibilities, this is a good time to reassess.  The world has turned upside down and we are creating new ways to work that never before seemed possible. Now is a great time to envision what would be fun and meaningful in your future! Ultimately Jesse believes that being a lifestyle entrepreneur is about living creatively expressed and free, having a network of friends around the world and opportunities that present themselves in auspicious ways. In our conversation we discussed: First steps for entering the entrepreneurial world with low risk and high gain Reframing the idea of risk to allow for less fear and more traction  How to get clear about your vision and mission -- the foundation of any business  Ways to ride the waves of instability that can come with entrepreneurship and business growth  How to start having more adventure and freedom wherever you are, before you start traveling for business Connect with Jesse Krieger www.LifestyleEntrepreneursPress.com www.publishizer.com   Connect with Shana James    shanajamescoaching.com/3ways Curious what you’d need to become a better leader and lover? Take the quiz For Women: Modern dating doesn’t have to be a nightmare for women


18 Mar 2021

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Jesse Krieger - How To Launch A Book In 2021 As An Entrepreneur

University of Adversity

Joining Lance today is Jesse Krieger, twice best-selling author and having signed two publishing deals on two different continents. Jesse has worked with 100+ authors from around the world to achieve their dreams of writing and publishing a book via his company, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. Unlike most traditional publishing companies, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press helps authors through the entire author journey, from writing and creating a great book. In addition to creating unique ideas for marketing, the team also creates compelling back-end offers to increase the revenue generated from a book launch and continues to drive sales and media opportunities after the book launch has ended. Jesse has a superpower to see the meaning between the lines and create truly compelling titles, book covers, and marketing language.IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: [00:06:06] Adversity Invites Transformation[00:14:32] Developing a 5-Year Mastery Goal[00:16:42] Overcoming Self-Criticism and Moving into Transformation[00:24:38] How To Start Writing Your Book[00:52:36] Pivoting Through the Covid Pandemic🥇WHAT IS ONE LESSON THAT ADVERSITY HAS TAUGHT YOU?🥇Jesse says, “Transformation begins when we drudge up everything in the way of transformation.”📖 Pre-order Mastering Adversity Book hereConnect with Jesse Kreiger:● Follow Jesse on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Amazon!● Visit Jesse’s website● Visit the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press websiteConnect with Lance: ● 📱 Connect with Lance on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. ● 📺 Subscribe to the University of Adversity Youtube Channel ● 📧 Email Lance at lance@universityofadversitypodcast.comAbout University of Adversity PodcastLearn how to shift your perspective on adversity by understanding that although adversity may feel like your worst enemy, it is actually your greatest ally. My mission is to connect with unique and inspiring individuals and showcase their journey and what they have gone through in order to become successful in their lives. Tune in three times a week with Lance Essihos for your gold-filled lesson of inspiration, resilience, and bravery. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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1 Mar 2021

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Entrepreneur Publisher Jesse Krieger and Ad Emotions Brian Gregory

School for Startups Radio

January 11, 2021 Entrepreneur Publisher Jesse Krieger and Ad Emotions Brian Gregory

11 Jan 2021

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Jesse Krieger: Take Your Business Expertise and Write a Book!

Biz Soup Podcast Radio

Take Your Business Expertise and Write a Book!Episode 076with Jesse Krieger of Lifestyle Entrepreneur PressJesse Krieger sits squarely at the intersection of publishing and promotion – having signed two publishing deals on two different continents and navigated the world of becoming a best-selling author twice. It has been his honor to publish 100+ books during his 6-year tenure as founder & publisher of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press - The Publisher for The Passionate. In addition to being featured on over 50 media outlets for his best-selling book Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Jesse has been an entrepreneur his entire adult life and holds degrees from University of California, Berkeley, as well as National Taiwan University and Beijing Normal University.Listen to this information-packed BizSoup Podcast Radio episode with Jesse Krieger about using your business expertise to write a book.Talking points include:●   Why you need to clarify your idea, who it’s for, what it teachers, and your motivation before writing a book.●   How to figure out where a book fits into your business.●   Why you should make your book your best business development tool.●   How you need to decide which format will work best for your book. Connect with Jesse KriegerWebsitelifestyleentrepreneurspress.com publishizer.com Facebook facebook.com/LifestyleEntrepreneurPress LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/lifestyleentrepreneurpress Instagram @lifestyleentrepreneurpress Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


28 Oct 2020