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Tarot and T.I.M.E., with Kait Fowlie

Reiki Radio Podcast

Hello, alchemists!Have you considered using tarot for self development? On today's episode, we explore the evolution of ones path, and how tarot and hypnosis can play significant roles in your self-transformation. I started with oracle because tarot seemed intimidating (for various reasons), but once I moved past that story, the cards became a supportive part of my self-work.Today we will learn more about tarot and self-hypnosis, with special guest, Kait Fowlie. Kait is the founder of Curio Tarot School and creator of the upcoming course, You Are the Spell! Learn more about her work at http://kaitfowlie.com and be sure to follow her IG for daily inspirations, http://instagram.com/kait_fowlie.And if you've learned anything or resonate with these podcasts, please rate and review to help other healers and seekers find Reiki Radio. You can also access free gifts and activate your membership in the Alchemy Circle, at http://theenergeticalchemist.comxo


9 Aug 2021

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Lean in to the wisdom of tarot w/ Kait Fowlie

The Self Love Show

**Special gift for listeners** 15% off Kait’s 6 week tarot fundamentals course with the promo code SELFLOVE.  Offer ends June 30th 2021. On this episode we talked about:(03:28) My first tarot story(06:30) Meet Kait(11:20) What is tarot(15:05) A new perspective(17:00) Tarot vs Oracle cards(19:00) Tarot for beginners(23:00) Challenging themed cards(29:50) Card pull for the listeners(37:08) Speed dating NUGGETS OF WISDOM “Each of these cards does a really beautiful job in summing up one very specific part of the human experience.” “Tarot is a machine that runs on mystery.” “Go through the process of really committing yourself to pulling one card a day, and just notice what that card brings up for you.” ABOUT KAIT Kait Fowlie is a tarot reader / teacher, moon watcher and energy worker who is passionate about helping others find spiritual empowerment. CONNECT WITH KAIT Website: www.kaitfowlie.comInstagram: @kait_fowlie OTHER CREDIT Photography for Kait by Lizzie O'DonnellWebsite: www.lizzieodonnell.comInstagram: @lizzieodonnell ABOUT YOUR HOST Jenni Anne is an empowerment coach, PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® guide, certified yoga teacher and natural living lover.  She supports individuals on their journey of ditching autopilot living to instead consciously create their life.  She believes that we need to understand the Self as a whole, and her coaching approach encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. After experiencing a burnout just before she turned 30, with her depression, anxiety and OCD coming to a head, Jenni has completely transformed her life.  Her healing journey began, which called in her own spiritual awakening and uncovering her calling; to help others. Through the power of breath, neuroscience and spirituality, her intention is to guide you out of your limitations and enable you to practice self agency.  Empowering you to make Self Love your lifestyle and explore your own ways to be of service in our world. LET'S CONNECT! Website: https://iamjanne.com/Find me on Instagram @iamjennianneInsight Timer: Jenni AnneYou Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWoYKBVWkPMelWGOf-iv1rQ 


18 May 2021

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12: Connecting & Listening to Your Intuition with Kait Fowlie

Spirit of Success

On today’s episode I brought Kait Fowlie on the show to talk about her journey pivoting her career and the role that intuition played in helping her make that shift. I saw Kait post about listening to your intuition and that is what inspired me to ask her to be on the show! I met Kait a year ago and she has done two tarot readings for me that have profoundly impacted my life in a positive way, so it is an honour to have her on the show! We go in depth on the role intuition played on both of our journeys, and how we can cultivate our intuitive listening muscle over time, and how it can evolve on your journey through life. This episode is a must listen! I have been getting asked about intuition and funny enough this episode was already planned! We also give you some great tips on dealing with the unknown which I believe is relevant now more than ever. During this episode we discuss: Kait’s ‘tug’ to leave a stable job to bet on herself & what that felt like for her How we navigated intuitive nudges early on in our careers  Kait’s amazing story how she got into tarot (hint: a time capsule is involved)  How to start listening to your intuition (Kait gives some really great advice) Why self-inquiry is SO important; especially if you have physical pain How to create a bridge for yourself to overcome fear of the unknown  How listening to your intuition can evolve in your life over time  The stat I heard that literally blew my mind & made me re-think abundance and scarcity Kait’s Bio: I am a tarot-reader / tarot teacher, moon watcher and reiki practitioner who aims to empower others to connect to their own inner guidance systems so they can live confident, inspired lives.  Connect with Kait: Social Handles Instagram: @kait_fowlie Twitter: @kaitfowlie Website: www.kaitfowlie.com Book a tarot reading with Kait: https://www.kaitfowlie.com/tarot-readings Spirit of Success is a podcast creating a platform for honest conversations sharing the real life stories behind personal transformations. If you’re a fan of the podcast, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review Spirit of Success! If you resonated with something you heard, don’t forget to share with a friend! We are also now on Patreon! If you would like to support the production of future episodes, please find out more about that here! We thank you for your support and would love to give you recognition on a future episode! Follow the Host Dr. Tracy Debi on Instagram/Facebook: @dr.tracydebi Edited by: Kattie Laur Logo/Podcast Intro: The Cultivated Group  Music: ‘Breathe out, Breathe in’ (Instrumental) by Roof


26 Oct 2020

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49. Love Readings: A Tarot Reader’s Perspective with Kait Fowlie

Witch Church

On Episode 49, I was blessed enough to enjoy a conversation about Love Readings with Kait Fowlie! Kait is a Toronto-based writer, tarot reader, tarot teacher and Usui reiki healer. In this episode, we discussed why we (sometimes) begrudge giving love readings as tarot readers. But we also chatted about our best moments giving love readings, as well the best questions for YOU (as the client/querent) to ask during a love reading. This is a juicy one! Enjoy! 🔮KAIT’S INFO:Website (Readings & Tarot School): https://www.kaitfowlie.com IG: @kait_fowlie Book mentioned by Mal: Rituals and Practices with The Motherpeace Tarot by Vicki Nobel 💥MY NEW WEBSITE IS NOW LIVE! https://www.whoroscopewitch.com Check it out! April Books are now open for Astrology & Tarot readings, as well as reiki healings! 💥JOIN MY PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/whoroscopewitch 💥MY INFO Instagram: @whoroscopewitch Twitter: @malhasty Email: whoroscopewitch@gmail.com 👩🏻‍🎤Logo by Libby: http://libbyalexander.com/IG: @libbylog

1hr 10mins

6 Apr 2020

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Creating Your Own Tarot Practice with Kait Fowlie

Tarot Bytes

Episode 162. Whether you're a long-time tarot reader or totally new, a regular practice is necessary if you want to develop a strong relationship with your cards. But what does that look like? And how do you get started? Kait Fowlie joins me to talk about creating a meaningful tarot practice. Kait shares tips for making tarot part of your daily life with journaling and monthly/yearly rituals. She also shares her genius tip for combining tarot with "morning pages," a practice from The Artist's Way that involves writing three pages of longhand stream-of-consciousness done first thing in the morning. If you're curious about how to get started on a regular tarot practice, this episode will get you started in the right direction!


1 Mar 2020

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038 | Using Tarot as a Tool for Self-Care with Kait Fowlie

Mindful Productivity Podcast

Kait Fowlie is a Toronto-based Tarot Reader, Usui Reiki Practitioner & Writer who lives to connect people with their innermost truth and find magic in daily life. This conversation brings to light that you don't have to hold any mystic powers to build your self-awareness and use both tarot and oracle cards as tools for self-growth. Kait shares what brought her to using tarot, how she incorporates it into her routine and tells us a little bit more about the practice of Reiki and what it's all about. Visit the Blog: https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com Subscribe to the Mindful Productivity Podcast: ️iTunes Spotify GooglePlay Stitcher Come say Hi online! ️ Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube  Resources & Products: Mindful Productivity Planner Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book Dot Grid Journals 100 Life Challenges Productive Note Taking Finding Your Way Guided Journal Podcast Notes Journal Self-Care Reboot Course Read the Blog Grab Your Holiday Goodie Bags 🎁 There are two to choose from!🛍️ Regular Goody Bag (Free) - Contains 200+ products usually sold for $1 - $100🛍️ Premium Goody Bag ($100) - Contains 80+ products usually sold for $101 - $500Find all of the details here ⬇️https://www.mindfulproductivityblog.com/xmas21Grab yours before the party ends on December 9th!Support the show (https://mp.vipmembervault.com/products)


15 Oct 2018

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Inspired By Life with Kait Fowlie

Reiki Radio Podcast

Reiki Radio: Inspired By Life with Kait Fowlie! Kait is a Reiki Practitoner, Tarot Reader and Writer. Through her work, Kait dares us to express and live our spirituality in our own unique ways! Join us to explore what inspires you, the gift of shadow and why Kait believes that a great life starts with having creative perspective, daily. We also talk about feeling a sense of purpose in community, vacations based on your sign and so much more! This episode is packed with love, laughs and...well...inspiration. To learn more about Kait and her work, visit kaitfowlie.com - and if you're in Toronto, Canada, you can meet her this Saturday at her Tarot workshop, Finding Yourself in Tarot. Her Instagram is also full of creative expression, @kait_fowlie  - and you can join Kait and I next Friday, 6/22, in the Seekers Circle for a FB Live. Enjoy the show and visit yewchi.com to learn how access your free gifts, including 22 Days of Transformation. ANNOUNCEMENT: New online course, The Fabric of Creation, starts June 21, 2018. If this calls to you, be sure to register today! Journey in LOVE!


13 Jun 2018

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TGGC #85: Balancing creativity alongside your day job with Kait Fowlie.

Conversations - Sarah Starrs

Kait Fowlie is a Toronto-based writer who is interested in wellness and the writing process.Kait and I talk about balancing a day job and creative projects without working all the time, diving deep into journaling as tool for healing, and using archetypes to understand your present mindset and situation. In this episode we talk about:Balancing a day job and creative projects without working all of the timeKait’s decision to transition into a day job after being a freelancerMaking space for her writing during the eveningsKait’s journey with journallingUsing journalling to understand where you are in your lifeTips for going deeper with your journalling practiceManaging anxiety with journallingUsing archetypes to understand your present mindset and situation Links mentioned:Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Mysse Memories, Dreams, and Reflections by Carl JungKelly Anne MaddoxThe Herbal TarotAutostraddleThe Kickass WitchThe Hoodwitch2 Dope QueensWhere to find Kait:WebsiteTwitterInstagram


19 May 2017