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BELONGING w/ Nidala Barker and Kirilly Lowcock

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Talking about the unresolved genocide of Australia’s First Nations is fraught with social peril, not least for a white bloke of insane privilege like me. But I definitely don’t think that’s a valid reason not to discuss it!Truth is, this episode is big.I don’t want you to listen to it because it’s gonna give me another click or play or subscriber or whatever. In context of this conversation, I couldn’t care less about any of that. I want you to listen to this episode because I genuinely want you to consume the wisdom of these women, and their insights as modern indigenous people on why racial inequity is still such a shitfight in this country.Australia is beautiful, but she is culturally broken, and we’re all suffering for it whether we realise it or not.***IG @lucky__roland

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15 Nov 2020

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TRE.04 - Kirilly Lowcock

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Straight up - this chat with Kirilly from earlier this year about her organisation Indigenous Doulas was one of the most impactful conversations I’ve ever had.As a white bloke in Australia, I know that I’ve got the easiest go of it out of everyone on the entire planet. I don’t know what it’s like to suffer discrimination based on my gender or race, so talking to Kirilly - a fiercely driven Indigenous Australian woman - about childbirth and racism was quite frankly an intimidating prospect.But as politically loaded as these subjects can be, I reckon there‘s only one way to bridge gaps in understanding between socially disparate groups, and it’s by talking! Honestly and respectfully, with no agenda but to learn.Luckily for me, Kirilly was patient, eloquent and passionate, and it didn’t take me long to realise that I was communicating with a soul who has been around the traps for a hell of a lot longer than most.I still feel really privileged for the opportunity to have had this discussion on the banks of the river in Brunswick Heads earlier this year - the divide in knowledge and sensitivity of indigenous culture is enormous in colonial Australia, so I hope you learn as much from this as I did.#theluckycountrywww.luckyroland.com.au www.thecleancollective.com https://www.instagram.com/indigenous.doulas/?hl=en

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22 Sep 2019

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Conversation 4: Understanding indigenous and women’s rights with Kirilly Lowcock

The Ripple Effect from The Clean Collective

“I used to go to church, sometimes as a child. But this is the most holy place I’ve ever been. When you’re in the birth room, there is a palpable feeling in the air that is completely different." - Kirilly Lowcock Recorded alongside the shores of the river in Brunswick Heads, this conversation explores women’s rights, indigenous rights and bridging the cultural gap between western medicine and traditional birthing. “Kirilly was an amazing person to share space with, and I think the best character trait that I benefitted from was her patience, in teaching me so much that I didn’t know in such a short amount of time.” - Roland Davies, Host. Like what you're hearing? Please give us five stars, hit 'subscribe' and share with your mates. Head to https://thecleancollective.com/blogs/eco-and-healthy-living-blog/tagged/the-ripple-effect-podcast for more information about our podcast, Q&A's from our guests and more fortnightly episodes.

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8 Sep 2019