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Spreading the Bookish Love with Miranda Anderson

Beating around the Book

Miranda Anderson is a creative lifestyle and practical minimalism expert AND she's a book lover like us. She opens up the bookish box to new ideas to use and think about books in your home and life. And offers suggestions on how to spread the love so that you and your family, friends, and community can enjoy the books you love more than ever before. *This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link a percentage of your purchase will be paid to me, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend resources that I love. If you chose to use them, thank you for supporting me and the businesses I love! Find Miranda: Live Free Creative Website Miranda's Book Miranda on Instagram Book Nook: The Read-Aloud Family https://bookshop.org/widgets.js


2 Mar 2021

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Episode 8: Miranda Anderson – Less Stuff, More Adventure

Why is Everyone Yelling?

Miranda Anderson is here to encourage us to simplify. Miranda Anderson is the mother of three and the founder of Live Free Creative Company and her mission is to provide tools for women to live a creative, adventurous, and intentional lifestyle. Miranda is also the author of More than Enough, a book that shares a time when she  felt weighed down by the mass of belongings her family had been accumulating and decided to take an entire year where they would stop all unnecessary shopping. It meant learning to use what they already had and being more creative. In this conversation Miranda will give some tangible tips for getting starting with some simplifying of your stuff and we also talk about some fun new family tradition ideas. Enjoy my conversation with Miranda! What we talked about: 3:05- Introduction to Miranda Anderson and her business 11:00- Assessing what we already have before going out shopping and buying more 16:30- Tips on ways to declutter 21:20- Ways to organize chargers and cords 29:55- The importance of word choices that she discussed on a recent podcast 33:30- The balance of finding joy in holiday decorations and not having too many and ways to use what you already have creatively 45:00- Limiting stuffed animals with her kids 46:50- Teaching her kids to simplify and giving them the choice of what to declutter 50:25- A three step challenge to simplify and declutter 56:25- Her book and the 1 year no shopping challenge that she did 1:07:20- End of podcast questions Show Notes: Miranda’s Website More than Enough Everyday Reading What Miranda is reading:  Esperanza Rising Kid Book Recommendations: Charlotte the Scientist is Squished  Star Girl Connect with Miranda: Miranda on Instagram Miranda on Twitter Connect with Us: Why is Everyone Yelling Instagram Join our Facebook Group Lindsey on Instagram

10 Nov 2020

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Creating a Simple, Intentional, Free Life with Miranda Anderson

Law Chat with Girija

Imagine not going shopping -- sounds simple, right? Now imagine not shopping for anything for a whole year. Our guest today did it and she’s here to share her experience. Episode Introduction:  In today’s Law Chat episode, we are accompanied by a true minimalist who tells her how she turned her life around by realizing the importance of what she already had as opposed to always chasing for more. Episode Summary:  Miranda Anderson walks us through her journey where she had always been used to independence ever since she was a young child and how that made an impact on her entire life. She shares all her milestones from being a nurse to blogging as a hobby and then finally monetizing her creative side. She also shares how she and her family have adopted the value of minimalism and changed their life. Main Takeaways: When you’re confused about what you want to do in life, stop doing everything and put things into perspective. Sometimes letting go off of the idea of the way things should be done can help you do better. You may think that you have wasted time while working in a different stream when you were supposed to do something else but you don’t realize the fact that you’re always learning and gaining skills that can be spun off and utilized in a different manner. Simplifying the little things in your life such as your meals and your closet can help take a load off of your schedule. Focus on budgeting your energy along with time and money. If you’re not utterly excited about something, then you probably shouldn’t do it. You should give yourself grace for sitting down and doing nothing. You need a break every now and then. Perfection isn’t about not bending the rules, it’s about bringing a level of intention to every choice you make. If you truly care about something, make sure you keep it protected. Resources:  Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World Fun Facts About Miranda Anderson: Her favorite books are  Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown & The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister Her favorite business tool is Teachery. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Find Miranda Anderson: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/LIVEFREEMIRANDA/ Website: www.livefreecreative.co Shop Her Book: https://shop.livefreecreative.co/ Get the visual experience, watch the videocast for the episode here:  Connect With Girija: Website: https://www.gbplaw.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gbplaw/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GBPLaw/ Get Ready To Use Contact Templates At https://yourcontractbuddy.com/

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5 Nov 2020

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202. Less stuff, More Adventure! Practical Minimalism with Miranda Anderson


This week on the pod is all about less stuff, more adventure, more freedom and the MOST fun chats with Miranda Anderson. ICYMI, I had a major move last year where Jesse, Tommy and I carted our stuff away from tiny apartments in NYC and into an amazing home in the woods where plants grace my presence the minute I walk out the front door. Behind the scenes on this whole transition was Miranda Anderson, established blogger and author of More Than Enough: How One Family Cultivated A More Abundant Life Through A Year Of Practical Minimalism whose book I listened to on repeat at least three times. In this talk we discussed how your stuff is holding you back from adventure, why practical minimalism is bound to bring fulfillment, why lipstick is freaking awesome and why open mindsets can lead to Puerto Rico or Texas or the woods o’ New York or wherever your heart leads you. I’d say this episode with Miranda left me with more than enough! Press play to hear: Why less stuff inspires more adventure What is practical minimalism and why it might be right for you How to stop chasing materialism  Why acquiring enough stuff is simply a decision  How to live of life jam-packed of freedom and adventure Happiness = do more of the stuff you like and less of what you don’t like What’s an adventure mindset and why it’ll improve your life Links related to this episode: The full show notes with all the deets from this episode! BUY MY BEST SELLING BOOK, PARTY IN YOUR PLANTS! Where to buy Amazing Grass goodies and save 30% with code: PLANTPARTY30 Where to buy Four Sigmatic Magic Mushroom Products and save 15% with code: “PARTYINMYPLANTS” Book me to speak at your college, conference or company! Where I’d much appreciate you leaving a review for the show in iTunes!! Where you can go to suggest a guest (yourself or someone else) for the show! Party in My Plants on Instagram Party in My Plants on Facebook Party in My Plants’ Videos on YouTube --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/existennial/message

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5 Nov 2020

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#125: Practical minimalism for moms with Miranda Anderson

Fit Mama Real Food Radio

In episode #125 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio we will get to know Miranda's story a little more, chat about her year of no spending and learn what practical minimalism looks like. We also chat about how we can learn to love what we have and not need more + tips for practicing minimalism tips with kids. I was so inspired by this conversation with Miranda and I know you will be too! Connect with Miranda: Website, Instagram, Podcast Buy Miranda's book: More Than Enough Thanks to our podcast sponsor Seattle Elderberry!  Use code FitMamaRadio for 20% off your first order! Check out our new podcast sponsor Cleaning Essentials! Use code fitmama15 to save 15% off your next order! Show notes: https://www.fitmamarealfood.com/radio125


27 Apr 2020

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More isn't More with Miranda Anderson

The Vagina Blog Podcast

Miranda Anderson is the author of More Than Enough, the story of her family’s one year long no-shopping challenge. She enjoys educating people and loves to share advice and help in any way that she can. She loves minimalism and simplifying her life and teaching others how to do the same. She has found so much fulfillment leaning into her truth and encourages others to discover what that is for them and align their actions with their personal values.Today as we’re doing through this pandemic, and stay at home orders, we all need to make peace with what we have so this message from Miranda seemed very on-point. We’re going through a forced pause.


9 Apr 2020

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LS 048: LS 048: Rethinking Consumerism and Embracing Minimalism with Miranda Anderson

Live Simply, The Podcast

In this session of Live Simply, The Podcast, Kristin talks to Miranda Anderson about embracing minimalism. Miranda shares how to life a minimalist lifestyle with kids and a family. Her tips and stories will encourage and inspire you to say no the clutter and consumerism and yes to intentional living.  Show Notes and Links Mentioned in This Episode:  https://livesimply.me/minimalism-podcast/

1hr 17mins

15 Jan 2020

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112: How to Declutter Your Schedule // Miranda Anderson of Live Free Creative

3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms

3 strategies for building a more intentional schedule. For full show notes, including the 3 Takeaways and sponsors, please visit https://3in30podcast.com/112-declutter-schedule.*** Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


13 Jan 2020

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Guest Miranda Anderson: Minimalism with Kids & Cultivating more Adventure {Episode 46}

Outnumbered the Podcast

We're thrilled to present today's guest: blogger, podcaster, and now published author, Miranda Anderson! Miranda share some amazing wisdom with us about living an intentional, creative life by choosing adventures and an abundance mentality over the all-too-common and neverending search for MORE. In this episode with Miranda Anderson, we pick her brain about how minimalism works with kids.  She shares tips for helping kids declutter and making intentional choices about what to own.  Then she gives ideas for adventures with kids and how to cultivate an adventure mindset.  Finally, she advises about keeping a positive mindset when things go wrong. Mentioned in this episode: Live Free Creative Podcast Miranda on Instagram More than Enough book Live Free Creative website Cultivating an Adventure Mindset Free 5 days to Freedom course


26 Nov 2019

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SMM 068: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Spirituality|| Miranda Anderson

Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

A few months ago, I discovered Miranda Anderson through an interview on another podcast. I loved her positive approach to life and immediately binged episodes from her own podcast, Live Free Creative, and read her book, More Than Enough. I was thrilled when she agreed to be a guest on my podcast. Living the Life you Want In the episode, you’ll hear Miranda discuss how she learned to live the life she wanted. She shares key elements she has learned of contentment and gratitude as well as setting aside the message we are lacking in some way. Miranda shared, “Today is the day that I want. The things that I have right now are the things that I want.” A Year of No Spending While attending a conference, Miranda heard these words, “You can do more of what you like and less of what you don’t like.” She went home with a new perspective that ultimately led her family to an experiment of no spending for a year. Miranda realized she was in control of her life and she didn’t have to do what she had always done. She talks about the lessons her family learned from the experiment and how their takeaways were external as well as internal. Overall, Miranda learned there is always something in your life that is good that you can be grateful for. Creating Space I loved discussing with Miranda how we can be responsible for our own spirituality. Miranda said, “It’s a lot more difficult to take full responsibility for our spirituality but it also makes it a lot more personal.” Miranda also discusses how she has learned to create space in her life to do as the song says–search, ponder and pray. She points to the example set by Christ when He took time to be away and “be.” Miranda believes “being” is as important as the “busy” things we do in the Gospel. No Checklists in Spirituality I was grateful to get to discuss a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately–there are no checklists with spirituality. Miranda pointed out that the shift in the church to a more home-centered approach is helping us to rely less on the structure and organization and be able to discover for ourselves what we need as spiritual beings. Partner with God in Motherhood Miranda talked about knowing who she is and how her divine identity translates to her role as a mother and in her relationship with God. She understands why she doesn’t have to be everything for her children. “My job is to get to know the divine beings that they already are and we learn together.”   Follow Miranda Instagram: @livefreemiranda Website: livefreecreative.co Podcast: Live Free Creative Book: More Than Enough Follow Spiritually Minded Mom Blog: spirituallymindedmom.com Instagram: @spirituallymindedmom Facebook: spirituallymindedmom Podcast: Spiritually Minded Mom on iTunes


13 Nov 2019