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17: Patty Dominguez

Hunting for Novosparkus

WOMEN AS INNOVATORS  Hear how Patty Dominguez quit the corporate world and found her Zag. She shares her journey and introduces us to her positioning marketing company focused on helping female entrepreneurs discover their unique place in the market.


24 Aug 2021

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How to be different with Patty Dominguez

The Woo In Food

Ever felt you had to be someone else? You had to be a certain way, cook certain meals, wear certain clothes, talk and show up a certain way to be accepted, to define you, to be taken serious... Pfft what a load of shit hey? You are different just by being you. You're not the first or last one to cook a certain dish, to work in your industry and sell a program, to be a working mum that has a side business and juggling all the balls..... Point is there is room for everyone even if you do not see or believe it...  Showing up and being you no matter what you love to eat, preach, speak, watch, or hang out is all the things that make you unique. We humans love to complicate things and it doesn't have to be that way.  This week's podcast episode "How to be different" I had the honour to be guest on my very own mentor's show @pattydominguez_ positioning to profit. We chat all things standing out of the crowd, how being you is being different, why some of us connect with certain people online, what makes you unique, how authenticity is craved now more than ever, being in a community with like minded people makes you feel at home.  When creating recipes for you in my monthly Cucina planner it is so important to incorporate recipes that have homage to my cultures (yes there is a few there haha) but when you cook these meals they will make you feel like a a warm hug.  You can also join the FREE FB community group "The Woo In Food" here If you're feeling like a flustered hot mess thinking wtf to cook for weeknight dinners my monthly Cucina meal subscription can help you by taking the thinking and overwhelm out of weeknight meals and re ignite that love and passion for cooking with a twist of my multi heritage here --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/marylin-rossano/message


6 Jun 2021

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How to Position for Profit with Patty Dominguez

The Profitable Way

Today's episode is a heavy hitter for knowing how to position your business in ANY market and stand out! If you have questions about how to choose your niche, where to start with pricing your offers, how to think of your competitive analysis and how to actually build a PROFITABLE business from ground zero... this episode is for you! Patty Dominguez is our guest on today's episode and she is AMAZING! We chat about: Three reasons people fail when they first start their businessThe power of energetic investment The adventure of choosing a niche and positioning yourself How to move through the fear of serving a small niche How to use competitors to validate your offerHow to find your "white space" in any market and why this mattersHow to use messaging to propel profits and create a ripple effect in client attractionHow to switch your mindset when choosing your niche Why community and leadership is essential especially right now Why honouring your values and boundaries can make or break your businessHow co-dependency is so common in the coaching industry and why we have to avoid creating co-dependent relationships with our coaching clientsWhat you need to know to create an aligned price point for your offer and how to say no to the price war game Patty’s advice on picking the right coach for you The difference between hunting and fishing and why you need to focus on one over the otherHow to define success outside of the numbers in your business and the embodiment of success we get to choose I can't wait to hear what you take away from this episode, there are sooo many golden nuggets!About Patty, today's guest:Patty Dominguez, founder of Positioning to Profit, is a best-selling author, advisor and a contributing marketing expert. Her work has been featured on Smart Business, Investor’s Business Daily, NY Daily News, and American Express Open Forum to name a few. Prior to 2013, she worked in Fortune 50 and management consulting, most recently as head of Global Agency Strategy. Over her corporate tenure, she has managed a billion dollars in marketing spend. She now helps entrepreneurs and small business owners claim their “Category of One” status based on their unique abilities. You can connect with Patty on her website herePatty's Instagram, her LinkedIn and her twitter are all linked for you to say hi to here wherever you hang out!Discover your “Positioning to Profit” Potential with this quiz and supporting report... click here for your special gift!If you would like to connect with me, you can find me on my website here and on Instagram @robyn.gooding


22 Apr 2021

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How to Position Yourself for Growth with Patty Dominguez

Fempreneur Secrets

There can only be ONE you and that's the special power that you need to define for yourself. In today's episode, Patty Dominguez, founder of Position to Profit, walks us through the process of how you can define your unique category of ONE and position your business for profit.  In this episode, Patty talks about: Internal & external factors affecting business profit Positioning your business to your uniqueness Value stacking and how that can help increase your profitability This is a POWERFUL episode that you MUST LISTEN to! Tune in now. Links Mentioned: Show Notes Positioning Quiz


8 Jan 2021

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234: How to Lose Money by Not Positioning Your Business with Patty Dominguez

How to Lose Money

Patty Dominguez is the founder of Positioning to Profit.  She helps small business owners establish their Category of One status. She believes true expert positioning is comprised of two parts: external (following a proven framework) and internal (aligning at the core), because your business results will always meet your identity.


19 Oct 2020

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Standing Out In A Crowded Marketplace with Patty Dominguez

Sexy Soulful Success with Emily Cassel

If you've ever struggled to position your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace among hundreds or thousands of "competitors," this episode is a MUST LISTEN! Emily is joined by Patty Dominguez, who supports coaches, service-providers, + solopreneurs to position themselves as experts in their fields and to niche in a way that is authentic and maintains their authentic personality. In this episode, the two discuss how to establish a Category of One in your industry, how to embrace the "new normal" as business is rapidly evolving in accordance with current events, the differences between marketing strategies and tactics, how to incite curiosity when speaking about your business, & how to know which of the 3P's your business falls under and how to effectively market accordingly! If you want to know how to truly stand out, eliminate your competition, and truly ENJOY leading your business, tune in!


13 Jul 2020

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Positioning yourself to profit with Patty Dominguez

EntrepreNot Yet

Hello and welcome to episode 30 OF THE SHOW!  What?! Yes!  We are 30 episodes in!  To celebrate, I have such a treat for you… and that’s this week’s episode.  I am so excited for you to hear this 30th episode with industry expert, Patty Dominguez, who is here to talk about the critically important but frequently overlooked topic of positioning. In addition to tons of laughter, we talk about…Why Patty broke out of her cushy corporate career of 18 yearsHow entrepreneurship taught her way more than her MBAWhy entrepreneurship may not be easy, but it’s simpleHow she broke through her pricing Imposter SyndromeWhat the difference is between positioning and branding – and why you need to know the differenceWe have big laughs over what Patty calls “random acts of marketing”The hard business truth that “If it’s a nice-to-have, it’s not gonna work”The VERY expensive way she learned to trust herself and that she knew “enough”Why not tying emotions to your outcomes will speed up your successLike I said, there were definitely loads of laughs in this episode but also a ton of value and advice that you can take action on, and I really think you’re gonna enjoy it.  More about Patty!Patty Dominguez is the founder of Positioning to Profit.  She helps small business owners establish their Category of One status. She believes true expert positioning is comprised of two parts: external (following a proven framework) and internal (aligning at the core), because your business results will always meet your identity.https://www.instagram.com/pattydominguez_/https://www.linkedin.com/in/pattydominguez/https://www.facebook.com/officialpattydominguez/ https://twitter.com/PattyDominguez_Take Patty’s positioning quiz to see how you’re doing


13 Jul 2020

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331 - Positioning to Profit with Patty Dominguez

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

Patty Dominguez is the Founder of Positioning to Profit. Prolific Positioning is the method she devised to help businesses with their brands. Developing a business' position is the foundation to growth. You can make a good living finding your own tribe/niche; it doesn't have to have the Oprah effect.


30 Jun 2020

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Patty Dominguez, How to Position Your Business Uniquely and Prolifically – InnovaBuzz 287


In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Patty Dominguez, a business growth strategist and brand positioning expert. Patty helps small business owners achieve "Category of One" status through the power of Prolific Positioning. She is passionate and driven to inspire my clients to discover their uniqueness in the marketplace, leverage strategies for their business growth so they can establish a strong value proposition, increased revenues and a better position in their niche.In our discussion, Patty and I talked about:Her Positioning to Profit framework that involves both external as well as internal elementsWhy mindset is so important to how we position ourselveshow your business results will always meet your identityListen to the podcast to learn more.Show Notes and BlogThe Podcasts


14 May 2020

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011: Positioning to Profit (with Patty Dominguez)

On Her Way Up

Patty Dominguez is the founder of Positioning to Profit. Prior to starting her entrepreneurial journey in January 2013, Patty worked in Fortune 50 for eighteen years. In her last position, she was the head of Agency Strategy Relations for Kraft Foods and their portfolio of brands. Today, Patty speaks on the importance of Positioning Marketing for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Connect with Patty at pattydominguez.com or positioningtoprofit.com. Find your position at positioningquiz.com.


7 May 2020