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23 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Arthur Carmazzi. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Arthur Carmazzi, often where they are interviewed.

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23 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Arthur Carmazzi. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Arthur Carmazzi, often where they are interviewed.

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Ideal working environment - with Arthur Carmazzi - 057

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In this episode you can hear Arthur Carmazzi and Andrei talk about the anti climactic first big fail, building trust in organizations and creating and ideal working environment.

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Aug 04 2020 · 53mins
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Transforming Organizational Change, ft. Arthur Carmazzi

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PeopleHum talks to Arthur Carmazzi on how to build a culture proof organization for business success. for. If you like the podcast, please follow the channel, so we could keep producing more content like this!

May 09 2020 · 41mins

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The Colored Brain Model: Understanding How Our Brain Communicates with Arthur Carmazzi

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Every company aims to maximize the productivity of their employees, departments, and the overall organization. That can be achieved when individuals have a greater understanding of what is required of them to perform their jobs better and can work well with others. Based on new research, a Colored Brain is a psychometric tool that incorporates the latest research on neuroplasticity and how neurotransmitter substances and “brain communication” work. Renowned motivational leadership keynote speaker and trainer Arthur Carmazzi, the Founder of Directive Communication International, dives into the Colored Brain model and how our brain processes the world around us. He says that by identifying the patterns in the way our brain genetically processes the environment, we’re more able to understand how to get along with each other, thus minimizing conflict and misunderstanding and maximizing individual and group potential.
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Aug 26 2019 · 55mins
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Anniversary Episode 5: Colored Brain Processing with Arthur Carmazzi

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Business Breakthrough Podcast is having a birthday! Join us as we bring back some of our favorite guests. In this episode, Arthur Carmazzi will rock your world as he dives deep into the way different brains build clarity about the world around them. Join us to understand how to build the ideal team by bringing in people with brain processes that complement each other.

Tune in to the rest of our anniversary series

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Friday 17th May: Episode 5

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May 17 2019 · 40mins

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WFYHP 0170 Arthur Carmazzi

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Ranked as one of the Global Top 10 most influential Leadership Gurus by Gurus International, Arthur F. Carmazzi has 21 years of experience specializing in psychological approaches to leadership and corporate culture transformation. He is a renowned motivational leadership keynote speaker and trainer in the Asian Region and has advanced Corporate Training with innovative techniques and tools that have been acknowledged by some of the world’s greatest organizations. He is a bestselling author with book titles like: “The 6 Dimensions of Top Achievers”, “The Colored Brain Communication Field Manual”, “Identity Intelligence”, “Lessons from the Monkey King” and “The Psychology of Selecting the RIGHT Employee”.

May 13 2019 · 22mins
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Improving Corporate Culture Starts With You with Arthur Carmazzi

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💰Improving Corporate Culture Starts With You - with Arthur Carmazzi💰

Being a jack of all trades is difficult, but meeting one of the world’s top 10 most influential thought leaders on organizational culture, leadership, corporate culture, self-transformation, best-selling author and founder of the directive communication psychology, Arthur Carmazzi made it possible.

He shared his intellect of research and gamification methodologies that influenced the training and leadership development of the corporate world. Not to mention the various ways to practically improve your work culture through innovative tools, assessments, and games.

Arthur, like any of us, has struggled to achieve his goals, but instead of letting it keep him down, he made it an inspiration! His experience inspired him to not only get back up and keep trying but also to help others move forward. Throughout this interview, he reminds us:

✅Leadership affects culture.

✅Awareness of dysfunction is the first step to having a culture that works in synergy.

✅One leadership style does not fit all.

✅It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear.

👉For more insights, you can:

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May 13 2019 · 1hr 5mins
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117 - Unlock Your Leadership Potential With Arthur Carmazzi

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"Surround yourself with great people; delegate authority; get out of the way."     - Ronald Reagan

Are you ready to get your mind blown?  That's what this interview was like for me.  It was so action packed that it was like drinking water from a fire hose!

My guest this week is Arthur Carmazzi and he lets it all go in our time together...sharing everything!  From his beginnings in the leadership world to being ranked as one of the top thought leaders in the world.  Grab something to write with...you're not going to want to miss a thing!


More on Arthur...

Arthur is ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 most influential thought leaders in leadership and organizational culture by Global Gurus. As a Motivational Keynote Leadership Speaker, bestselling author and founder of the Directive Communication Psychology, Arthur’s brain clarity research and gamification methodologies have influenced the training and leadership development industry through his unique neuroscience and game-based psychological approaches to leadership and corporate culture transformation. His innovative tools, assessments, and games, have a visible ROI on marketing conversion, engagement, productivity and effective behaviour modification. Research by Arthur Carmazzi on the genetic foundations of the brain’s Ambiguity Relief clarity getting processes have been the inspiration of the Colored Brain model used across multinationals in 52 countries. DCI has over 400 licensed Directive Communication (DC) Psychology leadership and culture trainers in 18 different countries who are delivering Value to clients globally

He is the developer of the CBCI (Colored Brain Communication Inventory) for creating Team Cooperation and Synergy and EDMA Management Gap Analysis tool used for “Psycho-Productivity” management as well as the CCE (Organizational Culture Assessment). To support performance further, Arthur has created Squadli, a Web/phone based Performance Measurement and gamification app. These tools have been implemented across a variety of HR and Leadership disciplines by some of the world’s top multinationals to generate greater efficiency of human capital. The unique “linked implementation” structure of Arthur’s training tools and methods have earned him and the Directive Communication methodology accreditation from the prestigious American Institute of Business Psychology.

Arthur Carmazzi Social Media Links:

YOUTUBE: https://youtube.com/CarmazziTV

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arthurcarmazzi

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/arthurfcarmazzi

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/arthurcarmazzi

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Arthur_Carmazzi

Apr 14 2019 · 56mins
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PP 553: Success Through Gamification with Arthur Carmazzi

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“Give somebody fish they'll eat for a day, teach them how to fish they will eat for life”

Chief Awesomeness Officer is just one of the many titles that Arthur Carmazzi holds in his lifetime. He is also the founder of the Directive Communication Psychology, a motivational Keynote Leadership speaker and he has also been named as one of the top 10 leadership Gurus Globally.

At a very young age, Arthur already had a knack for being an entrepreneur. He sold bubble yum and fake tattoos during his early teen years and with this, he was able to buy his first car during 8th grade. After an amazing business streak, he got stabbed in Puerto Rico and his life completely changed. He traveled the world for 3 years, met a girl, followed her to Korea, went broke, went half a million in debt and got a job which he did not like. But during his lowest point he had an epiphany that paved the way to his now most successful ventures.

Discover how Arthur came up with the concept of Avalon, his ideas for Directive Communication Psychology and how Gamification came about. Here in this podcast he also talks to Kim about his Squadli app, his book and how his creations can lead your company to a higher performing culture.

Check out my website: https://thekimsutton.com/


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kimsuttonofficial/

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Episode Highlights:

01:57  What is a Chief Awesome-ness Officer?

03:58  Entrepreneur at a very young age

17:17  Directive Communication Discovery

21:02  Bali in the beginning

26:38  Let’s talk Gamification

Mar 21 2019 · 55mins
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Arthur Carmazzi of Directive Communication Psychology & Author

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Arthur Carmazzi of Directive Communication Psychology & Author

The post Arthur Carmazzi of Directive Communication Psychology & Author appeared first on Book Author Podcast.

Feb 24 2019 ·
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Arthur Carmazzi — What Color is Your Brain?

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Understanding how your brain processes ambiguity will help create better teams and work environments --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lessdoing/message
Jan 30 2019 · 21mins