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Strength Coach Experience Episode #20 Ryan Faer Cleveland Indians "Inside Sports Performance of Minor League Baseball"

Strength Coach Experience

In this episode we welcome Ryan Faer, Performance Coordinator with the Cleveland Indians. Ryan realized at an early age that he wanted to be involved in sports performance, starting right out of the gate as a coach at 18 years old. Follow us as we go through each step of his journey, and how the combination of his experiences has led him to where he is today.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/strengthcoachexperience/support

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18 Jan 2021

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#86: Cleveland Indians Performance Coordinator, Ryan Faer

The Die Healthier Podcast

On episode 86 we speak with Coach Faer about the impressive synergistic and collaborative set up that the Cleveland Indians franchise employees top to bottom across the player performance aspect of the organization.  We also talk shop on a lot of S&C topics directly related to baseball, and beyond!  You can connect with Coach Faer on Twitter at @Ryan_Faer  As always, you can connect with us: Scot Gubbels on Twitter @Gubbsco and on Instagram @scottyg17 and Daniel Flahie on Twitter & Instagram @danielflahie This episode of the podcast is brought to you by the breath belt. The breath belt is a tool designed to help you train your diaphragm and regain a more functional and optimal breathing pattern. Visit www.thebreathbelt.com and enter promo code DHP20 at checkout to save 20% and receive free shipping in the U.S. I use the breathbelt almost everyday in some capacity. I'll wear it on my way to work, during training, or at night when I am practicing my breathing drills. It is a truly universal and game changing product.  This episode is also brought to you by polar bear fitness. Polar bear fitness is a new protocol created by our previous guest Dr. Leland Stillman, which uses a combination of diet, exercise, light regulation, and cold exposure to help you live a more healthier and optimal life. Visit polarbear.fitness to learn more and sign up following this link https://www.polarbear.fitness/a/18797/c4yNBYSs. Also, give our good friend Jeff Bramhall a look if you are interested in a hollistic approach to health. Just Breathe Manual Therapy and Coaching helps driven people develop the physical and mental habits to keep them pain free and help them live a joyous life. You can connect with him at www.JBMTcoaching.com  to book a free 30-minute video consultation. Please take a moment to rate, review, and share this podcast to someone you think would find value in it. We greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedules to give us a listen. Connect with us across our social media platforms and let us know of something you would like to hear more about on our show.  If you are looking for quality remote programming, either as an individual or in a small group consider working with Daniel through his company Flahie Fitness. I also provide full strength, speed, plyometric, and conditioning programming for highschools who don't have access to a full time strength and conditioning coach. He is also available for remote webinar eductional presentations.  If you are are interested in any of this, send an email at daniel.flahie@flahiefitness.com If you are interested in a more detailed, holistic approach to your health, consider working with Scot remotely. Changing your health can be complicated. You might not know what to do or where to begin. If working out and eating healthy isn't working for you then health coaching might be a good option for you! If you are interested in learning more, email Scot at gubbsco@gmail.com 

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1 Sep 2020

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Episode 16: Ryan Faer

The Mind Leads Performance Podcast

Ryan Faer is the Performance Coordinator with the Cleveland Indians.  Ryan is a major advocate for mental health awareness and he opens up the conversation on mental health on this episode.  Ryan shares his stories and struggles with both anxiety and depression.  In addition, he discusses the culture within the Indians organization, his core values, and how he used self doubt as an opportunity to overcome adversity.  This is an inspirational episode.  Check it out! 


27 Apr 2020

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Cleveland Indians Performance Coordinator Ryan Faer on weight room management, in season lifting, and simplification.

Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

iTunes  Stitcher Google Spotify Full Episode Here http://www.aotcpodcast.com/e/2-ryan-faer-arizona-performance-coordinator-cleveland-indians/


17 Jun 2019

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EP76 – Ryan Faer Talks Mental Health & Strength Training in Pro Baseball

Dear Baseball Gods

Ryan Faer, the Cleveland Indians’ minor league strength coordinator, joined me to talk about how he landed his job as a coach … EP76 – Ryan Faer Talks Mental Health & Strength Training in Pro Baseball Read More »

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13 Feb 2019

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Interview with Ryan Faer

The PBSCCS Podcast

Ryan is currently going into his second season as the Arizona Performance Coordinator for the Cleveland Indians baseball organization. Prior to the 2017 season, Ryan worked at his alma mater DeLand High School (DeLand, FL), where he served as the school's first Director of Strength and Conditioning. Before DHS, Ryan spent time with both the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets organizations. In addition to his stint as Director at DeLand High School, Ryan also volunteered with DHS's baseball teams from 2010 - 2014 while he completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida. In that time, he also completed a strength and conditioning internship at Stetson University. Ryan is currently pursuing his masters degree in Science Writing from Johns Hopkins University.If you would like to learn more from Ryan about Movement Links, you can follow the link below to his slides:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-rbQh8MhrGeazZNcGNvUy1Nems/viewIf you liked the episode and wanted to get more information from Ryan, you can check out some of his articles on his blog:https://ryanfaerblog.com/or by following him on social media:Twitter:@Ryan_FaerInstagram:@ryan_faer


22 Nov 2017

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005: Ryan Faer - Taking Ownership of Your Physical Development

The Art of Pitching

Ryan Faer is a baseball strength and conditioning specialist. He currently serves as the Arizona Performance Coordinator for the Cleveland Indians. In the past, he's worked as a strength coach in both the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets organizations as well. He also has over 7 years worth of experience coaching at the high school level, at Deland and Lake Howell High Schools in Central Florida.As Ryan’s playing experience is more limited than our previous guests on the show, this episode is more of an informational Q&A type of episode. Please do reach out and let me know what you think; if you like this format, or you’d rather us stick to what we’ve done in the previous episodes, let me know!

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20 Oct 2017

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Ryan Faer- Arizona Performance Coordinator, Cleveland Indians

Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe on StitcherSubscribe on Google Play Quotes"A majority of kids need to learn to move better, have better posture, and learn to move their body in space." "What it boils down to is developing the entire body. The shoulder starts at the feet, you have to start with the ground." "If we get them to actually put the baseball down, and actually focus on training, its a great opportunity to get bigger and stronger." "There are hundreds of things we have to put together to develop the entire athlete, there's not just one way to do it." "How do you individualize a system? Its not easy. But we have to work that in to make it an efficient system." "Coaching became less of a career for me when i figured out that i wanted to develop people, now its my calling." "I got cut from the JV team in high school. But after a couple of weeks I decided i had to get to work, and that's how my love for strength and conditioning got started." ResourcesAthletic Movement Skills- Clive Brewer Periodization- Tudor Bompa Contact Info@ryan_faer ryanfaerblog.com Website and Social Media sites for the showwww.aotcpodcast.com Twitter @aotc_podcast Facebook facebook.com/aotcpodcast Instagram aotc_podcast Contact Info for Jonathan Twitter @j_gelnar7 Email jgelnar7@gmail.com


11 Jul 2017

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Episode 07: Ryan Faer (Professional Strength Coach) on Maintaining Peak Performance During the Baseball Season

The Baseball Drive

On this episode we are joined by professional strength and conditioning specialist, Ryan Faer, of the Deland Bulldogs and formerly of the New York Mets. We discuss the importance of ensuring that our athletes maintain peak performance during the baseball season.  Ryan shares why it is important for coaches and parents to be advocates for their players’ overall health and wellness, and he shares his suggestions and provides the staples for in-season training. Ryan keeps your players’ maturing bodies and their student-athlete schedules in mind when offering reasonable strategies for implementing a strength and conditioning program for your team or individual player.  In addition, we cover all seasons, fall, spring, and summer, touch on the specialization hot topic, and discuss the role nutrition plays in an athlete’s performance. Episode Links Show Survey – will only take 60 seconds The Baseball Drive Resources The Baseball Drive on Facebook Follow your host on twitter: @TIMBANOS Follow the show on twitter: @DRIVEBALLMEDIA Follow the guest on twitter: @ryan_faer Ryan’s Blog: RyanFaerBlog.com Our guests resources: Eric Cressey & The Sports Nutrition Guide Book The Back of Ryan Faer’s  Baseball Card Ryan Faer is currently the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Deland High School Bulldogs in Central Florida.  Prior to returning to his ala mateur, Ryan spent a season with the New York Mets and coached two seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers organization as a strength and conditioning coach. Prior to his start in professional baseball, Ryan also worked with Division I Athletes at Stetson University. In addition, Ryan doubles as a baseball coach.  He has spent over six years coaching high school baseball at both Deland High School and Lake Howell High School, as well as having experience in the summer travel circuit. His roles on those teams where to obviously handle the strength and conditioning components, but he has served as a pitching and bullpen coach as well. As a player, Ryan played baseball at DeLand where he was their varsity captain and received the “Coaches Award” for outstanding effort and leadership. Upon graduating from high school, Ryan attended the University of Florida, where he earned his degree, and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.


12 May 2016