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050: Josh Duntz on Breathwork Post-COVID and Healing with Ayahuasca

The Reload - for Unconventional Leaders

In today's discussion, performance mindset coach, Sean Hansen, speaks with Josh Duntz, co-founder and CEO of Stasis, a digital health company focused on using breathwork to fix autonomic health disorders. Josh talks us through how incorporating breathwork can increase your ability to perform in high stress situations and then recover more quickly so that you can continue to keep your edge.He also shares his experience in using Ayahuasca, a psychedelic compound, to heal from trauma and uncover profound realizations about how he had been living his life in a blindly reactive way and what he wanted to do differently.Are you an executive, entrepreneur, or combat veteran looking to overcome subconscious blind spots and limiting messaging to unlock your highest performance?  Reach out to Sean at Reload Coaching and Consulting.  Like what you've been hearing on the show?  Hit that subscribe button on your podcast player of choice!Resources:Josh's LinkedIn IG: @joshduntz @stasisperformanceTwitter: @joshduntzStasis PerformanceBreath  - James Nestor The Oxygen Advantage - Patrick McKeownStasis in The AtlanticMulti-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies Heroic Hearts Project 

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25 May 2021

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PEAK FLOW/Adventure #7: Meet Florida, USA's Josh Duntz

Peak Flow

Meet Josh Duntz: former US navy specialist, breathwork practitioner, and CEO and co-founder of STASIS Performance.  * Find out more about his mission and work at www.stasisperformance.com. * Watch PEAK FLOW on @youtube and listen to PEAK FLOW across our PF podcast ecosystem: @anchor.fm, @spotify, @googlepodcast, @breakeraudio, @pocketcast, and @radio_public. 🌊 * Visit www.thepeakflow.com to join us. See you Outside! #PlayWithPurpose


14 May 2021

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CoH Episode 29: Josh Duntz from Stasis

www.Consequence of Habit

On this week’s episode I got to sit down with Josh Duntz to discuss the amazing work he and his team at Stasis are doing using the power of breathwork. We discuss why breathwork has gained so much recent notoriety and the science behind the practice.  Josh initially developed his passion for breathwork while serving in the Navy as a member of the special operations community.  As Josh transitioned out of the military he founded Stasis as a way to share the benefits of breathwork in the field of human performance and as a way to improve mental health and sleep.  After Covid-19 hit, he and the team at Stasis started using breathwork to help patients recover and improve lingering respiratory effects related to the virus. Be sure to check out the work Josh and his team are doing at https://stasisperformance.com/.


26 Jan 2021

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Breathwork in Fitness with Josh Duntz of Stasis Performance

The Strategy of Fitness

Today on the podcast, the guys recap their week of working out including Nick's bodyweight mayhem, Rob's progression on Matt Wiebke's Gains Lab Programming and Dan finishing Chris Clyde's track workout. The gang is then joined by the fantastic Josh Duntz. Josh is a former member of the Navy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) team who has developed a passion for breathwork following his military career. His company, Stasis Performance, provides individualized coaching and programing to control stress and optimize performance through breathwork. The guys talk about cold immersion, nasal breathing, practical tips for listeners and how you can contact Josh for coaching. Lastly, the crew goes over the gym hitters and Josh provides The Book of the Week.

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12 Aug 2020

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BHP 087: Josh Duntz | How To Increase HRV, Breath Better and Manage Stress

The Better Human Project

Josh Duntz is a Special Operations veteran, co-founder of Stasis High Performance currently working with Active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families to equip them with tools and strategies to manage stress and fatigue in healthy ways. In this episode we talk about how Josh found himself working as an Explosive Ordnance Device (EOD) technician, how his military career introduced him to the importance of communication, leadership, adaptability, stress management and recovery modalities – and of course, we discuss several ways to employ these strategies to drive high performance in our own daily lives. In This Episode: Military & EOD origins: How Josh became the guy in the bomb suit (but not really!) Racism issues: why it’s different this time Being a silent bystander is no longer acceptable Talking leadership – Go towards the problem Why we all need friends who hold us accountable and call us out on our BS Implementation & adversity Not judging our failed hypotheses Using cold exposure to reduce stress, boost mood, HRV, performance and more The Stasis High Performance story The first direct to consumer cold tub that sanitizes water and keeps it cold… Applying the Bird scooter business model to cold tubs A second pivot to a third business model Breathe work and exposure program: 15 vets + 15 spouses in a stress management program Increase HRV, improve sleep, reduce stress The power of breathe: Biochemistry, biomechanics and respiratory rate How exposure to adversity can make us better: Hard times breed hard people Adaptability is crucial for resiliency and long term success Josh’s #1 Tip to: BE Better DO Better PRESS PLAY TO TUNE IN. Links & Resources Josh Duntz on LinkedIN | Instagram | Stasis Performance | Stasis Performance on IG Oxygen Advantage – Patrick McKeown Breath: The New Science of A Lost Art by James Nester Follow Ryan & The BHP Ryan Munsey | Website | Instagram Better Human Project on Instagram Master Your Mind Online Course F*ck Your Feelings on Amazon or Audible The post BHP 087: Josh Duntz | How To Increase HRV, Breath Better and Manage Stress appeared first on Ryan Munsey.

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2 Jul 2020

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Josh Duntz: Stasis Performance

Fire For Effect

On this episode Tom welcomes on Josh Duntz, Navy EOD & Special Operations Veteran, and Founder of Stasis Performance. Linking up remotely via teleconference, this episode really touches base on some important topics that, quite frankly, need to be discussed more frequently and seriously in this day and age. This episode begins with Josh and his background, the importance of exposure training and breathing practices, to some good ol' Army and military reminiscence. Getting deeper into conversation, Tom and Josh discuss the extreme importance and awareness of mental health stigma, cannabis activism, the view in which both military and civilian lifestyles view and accept these, and of course the societal problems and stigmas that exist as a result. We hope you all find this episode interesting as we not only thoroughly enjoyed talking to Josh, but can't wait to have him on again. Visit Stasis Performance to learn more about this great company, its programs, and their passionate and effective work. Have a question for Josh and Stasis ? Email: info@stasishp.comSupport the show for *Exclusive Content*, *Give-Away Packages*, *Additional Discount Codes*, and the opportunity to be a part of The Kensington Corner mission and community, and much more!  (https://www.Patreon.com/thekensingtoncorner )Remember to Follow, Share, and Review, and Subscribe to stay current with new announcements & upcoming episodes.  From all of us at TKC,   Thank you for supporting and listening. Support the show (https://www.Patreon.com/thekensingtoncorner )

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1 May 2020

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Josh Duntz Part 2 - A Chilling Journey to Entrepreneurship

Veteran Influencer Podcast

As someone who used to work with explosives for a living and has trained physically throughout his career as a member of Special Operations teams, Josh Duntz is no stranger to physical and mental stress. In today’s episode we catch up about his transition from the Navy's Explosive Ordnance Disposal community via a remote-work sales role facilitated by the DoD Skill Bridge program. Josh and I recorded our first conversation in August of 2019 while he was still on Active Duty. I wanted to follow up with Josh now to hear about his experiences and offer listeners some insight into how this program works. At the end of his fellowship, Josh made the decision to transition again and chose entrepreneurship as his path. He is now working hard to launch Stasis, a Human Performance Optimization company focused on delivering high-tech, self-serve ice baths to gym owners and other fitness practitioners. We discuss how Josh and his team are inventing new technology and software which allows users to pay by the minute to jump in an ice bath at their local gym or health club, versus the far more expensive and liquid nitrogen based cryosauna offered elsewhere. Through a combination of technology innovation, facilitated by a mobile app, Josh is trying to offer customers a way to expose themselves to healthy stress without needing to pay for an expensive membership or subscription. We talk about the benefits of cryotherapy, and the advantages of a cold-water bath treatment versus the more expensive liquid nitrogen based cryosauna, as well as how routine exposure to stress can create a buffer to deal with the slings and arrows of everyday life.

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13 Apr 2020

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Former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Tech turned Entrepreneur Josh Duntz

Veteran’s PATH

My guest today is good friend of mine - former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician turned entrepreneur Josh Duntz. Josh is the co-founder of Stasis - a human performance company that focuses on bringing cold water exposure training and immersion therapy to the masses. He is also a lifelong athlete and CrossFit coach who now uses yoga, breath work and that cold water exposure training as part of a daily routine to optimize his own performance.


16 Jan 2020

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Josh Duntz - EOD Master Technician to DoD SkillBridge Fellow

Veteran Influencer Podcast

Josh Duntz is a Navy EOD Master Technician experienced in leading small, high performing and dynamic teams of special operations personnel. Josh has done seemingly everything possible to engage proactively with his military-to-civilian transition. Over the last couple of years he has finished his bachelor’s degree, completed the 6-month transition fellowship with The Honor Foundation, worked with Elite Meet to network with other veterans, and is jumping into a DoD SkillBridge internship with a company on the west coast he was introduced to through Shift.org. Josh is also a founder and member of the leadership team at the Navy Special Operations Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which ensures Special Operations personnel and their families have the tools needed to overcome the challenges they face. I wanted to talk to a currently transitioning service member like Josh because his perspective is based on a very modern, holistic approach to leveraging transition resources. During the last couple of years Josh has been deliberate about his planning and preparation for a career after the military which has positioned him ideally to get a job that he's excited about that will allow him and his wife to relocate back home to Tampa in a work-from home business development role. Do you enjoy the Veteran Influencer Podcast? Rate and Review the show on Apple Podcasts to help us reach more veterans and service members.


15 Aug 2019

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Josh Duntz UnyteCo Military Clothing Line Founder and Navy Veteran Ep 216

Veteran On the Move

Lifestyle Apparel Co. Unyte with Josh DuntzActive Duty EOD Technician Josh Duntz is the CEO and Founder of UnyteCo, a lifestyle clothing company. But it is more than a just brand; it's a movement. He hopes to run it full time once he separates from the Navy at the end of 2019."When you get those people from different backgrounds, you can learn so much from them. [And] you'll be surprised by how much stuff you'll learn." - Josh Duntz on the UnyteCo inspirationGusto is making payroll, benefits, and HR easy for modern small businesses.Josh Duntz - Career in the NavyJosh joined the military at the age of 19. He had the initial plan of becoming a pilot. But his heart drew closer to joining the Navy.Throughout his career, he had three deployments and was part of the Mind Countermeasure Dive Team to Bahrain. He recently transferred to a local detachment. They respond to any explosive threats in the Mid-Atlantic region.Entrepreneurial JourneyJosh has always been into entrepreneurship since high school. He and his friends used to sell t-shirts and graphic designs. With only two years left in active duty, he set himself up for success. He learned from his mentors and started his own podcast. Now, he also started his own business.A World Closer with UnyteCo Apparel UnyteCo is more than just a clothing company. It was born out of a desire to spread a positive message. Joshua believes that people can stay together despite their different backgrounds.The company seeks to bring people together through their passion for the active life. Part of the proceeds will return to the Navy Special Operations Foundations. Download and listen to this episode with Josh Duntz to learn about his story and the movement he is in. Don’t forget to leave us a 5-star rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We would love to hear from you!Check out this link for Josh Duntz: UnyteCo Facebook TwitterDownload Joe Crane’s Top 7 Paths to Freedom or get it on your mobile device. Text VETERAN to 38470.  Join the Veteran on the Move on Facebook!Check out Veteran on the Move on Facebook to connect with our guests! It’s also a great place where you can stay in touch with other veterans who are transitioning to entrepreneurship, and get updates and free gouge on the people programs and resources to help you in your transition to entrepreneurship.The Veteran On the Move podcast has published over 150 episodes giving listeners the opportunity to hear in-depth interviews conducted by host Joe Crane featuring the people, programs and resources to assist veterans in their transition to entrepreneurship: Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard veterans, DOD, entrepreneurship, business, success, military spouse, transition, education, programs and resources.  Veteran On the Movehas garnered over 500,000 listens verified through Stitcher Radio, Sound Cloud, Itunes and RSS Feed Syndication making it one of the most popular Military Entrepreneur Shows on the Internet Today.

7 May 2018