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Laurie Handlers and Michael Gibson: Extraordinary Lovers Experience

Buried Pleasures

Join PollyAnnamazing and her OG Pirate Queen friend and Best Selling Author Laurie Handlers and her Beloved Michael Gibson as they discuss what makes an extraordinary lover. We have a great time talking about "Extraordinary Lovers Experience" retreat and a few more juicy tidbits.  This is a show you do not want to miss. Sacred sexuality and relating are key topics we cover. 


21 Aug 2021

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Michael Gibson, Author of "Big Presentations in Small Rooms"

New Creation Podcast with Keegan Stewart

Find Michael’s book, “Big Presentations in Small Rooms” here: https://www.amazon.com/Big-Presentations-Small-Rooms-Presentations/dp/0578815451


29 Jul 2021

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37: Governance, Modernity, and the West with Michael Gibson


In this episode, we chat with Michael Gibson about problems with our governance, tech stagnation, and potential paths forward from here. Michael is a principal and co-founder at the Venture Capital firm 1517 Fund. 

1hr 5mins

12 Apr 2021

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Michael Gibson & Calvin McCarthy | Movie Making Duo that Sometimes Hang Dong

Sketch Comedy Podcast Show

What makes a movie good? This was a conversation that I recently had and it really blew my mind. The argument was “if a movie is ‘good’ and I can’t keep my eyes open during it, is it good to me?” I had to pause, and completely agree. The movies that I enjoy most are the ones where I am engaged, fully, and feel connected to because they were so entertaining. I hate to admit, but there are a lot of “good” movies that do not appeal to me in any way. You know who would totally agree with that? Michael Gibson and Calvin McCarthy. Why? Because they are producing and creating a movie in Portland right now called “Vampire Mutants from the Planet Neptune” which sounds more like a random word-generator than the title of a movie. But, after talking to these two, I have no doubt that it is going to be a really good movie, at least for me!We talk about putting a movie together, the creative process, being in movies, watching movies… we talk a lot of movies. Calvin has been an actor and director in the Portland area since he was little, and Michael is a producer and focuses on sound, which is near and dear to my heart. And yes, we do talk about hanging dong in a movie. Michael & Calvin developed the production company Video Is The Future and their first production is going to be the aforementioned “Vampire Mutants from the Planet Neptune” where you can join me at the premiere and help support this film! Go to http://bit.ly/SCPSmutantvampire to support!This episode’s sketch: “Oscar-Worthy Movie Pitch“For more episodes, information, and apply to be on the show, visit: http://sketchcomedypodcastshow.comSOCIAL MEDIAFACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/sketchcomedypodcastshow TWITTER: http://twitter.com/sketchcompod INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/sketchcompodSUBSCRIPTIONS & REVIEWSAPPLE: http://bit.ly/SCPSitunes GOOGLE: http://bit.ly/SCPSgplay RSS: https://scps.fireside.fm/rss PODCHASER: https://www.podchaser.com/SketchComedyPodcastShowSketch Comedy Podcast Show is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.© Copyright 2021 Stuart RiceSpecial Guests: Calvin McCarthy | Actor, Writer, Director at Video is the Future and Michael Gibson | Movie Producer - Video is the Future.Support Sketch Comedy Podcast Show


10 Mar 2021

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Episode 31 Michael Gibson & The Monkey in the Bar

The February Room A Fly Fishing Podcast

"A fisherman in a monkey suit walks into a bar"... This isn't the lead-up to a punch line, but an actual retelling of events from our guest, Michael Gibson. A former fly fishing guide and outdoor television producer, Michael is the Idaho Field Coordinator for Trout Unlimited and a champion for coldwater fisheries and public access. Plus, he's a helluva' good story teller, but may need to find some new fishing buddies....--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lauren-karnopp3/support Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


3 Nov 2020

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35. Becoming Extraordinary Lovers with Michael Gibson

Owning Your Sexual Self

Michael Gibson is a Sex and Happiness coach and creator of The Extraordinary Lovers Academy for Couples. Michael has studied and practiced Sexual Healing through Tantra for over ten years. Through the online workshops and private coaching, couples learn what is truly needed in relating to one another, and how to provide love and pleasure consistently. This work opens a path to Modern Relationships, which is the ability to walk in the world as conscious, sensual lovers who understand the needs of their partner/sFollow him on Instagram at @michaelgibson.elc Follow Me: Facebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineEmail: WellnessSexpertise@gmail.comWebsite: https://linktr.ee/WellnessSexpertise


12 Oct 2020

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CC Confidential: feat. Michael Gibson

Conservative Curious

In this episode, Michael Gibson, General Partner of 1517 Fund, talks about the “pay it forward” mentality in Silicon Valley, why his Venice Beach bungalow has turned into a personal library, and reminisces about where he spent the most time when he was at Oxford University. He even lets us take a peek into 1517’s shadow portfolio. Oh, and he almost became a CIA agent!

6 Aug 2020

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82: Michael Gibson

Nostalgia Interviews with Chris Deacy

My guest this week is Michael Gibson who lives in Athens, Georgia, and works as a Senior Editor at Lexington Books. He has written on Paul Schrader and Stanley Kubrick and we learn why film has been a significant part of Michael’s journey and why he is influenced by Schrader’s work on abundant vs. sparse cinema. We talk about Schrader’s contribution to film scholarship, and we learn why Schrader’s Affliction is very John Ford-ish. Two of Michael’s earliest memories are to do with film, including going to see The Empire Strikes Back and seeing the trailer on TV for The Shining. We learn how the Criterion Channel has kept him sane during lockdown and that Michael has been watching old Japanese films. Michael was a music buff as a child, and he explains why music is a soundtrack to his life and how our musical interests diverge from that of our parents. We learn about Michael’s career journey and how he wound up in publishing and how it keeps him in touch with his research interests, and the interdisciplinary scope that he is afforded. Michael talks about his time spent at Oxford and the different ways that geopolitics was covered in the UK and US, and he talks about it being a life-changing experience. Then, at the end of the interview, we discover why Michael’s memories are predominantly positive, we discuss the ‘new normal’ created by lockdown and we find out why he is both a looking back and a looking forward person. Please note: Opinions expressed are solely those of Chris Deacy and Michael Gibson and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the University of Kent.


17 Jul 2020

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Finding the Lost Elons feat. Michael Gibson

Conservative Curious

In this episode, we talk to Michael Gibson, General Partner of 1517 Fund, a venture capital firm that invests in the earliest stages of a startup. Previously, he ran the Thiel Fellowship where he oversaw the selection of the world’s youngest and brightest minds. Listen as he shares his thoughts on finding the lost Elons, what the alpha-gamma quality is, why he’s thinking of the Counter-Enlightenment now, and the importance of inspiring future generations.

20 Jun 2020

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Loving people, Where's God, and setting the tone for your day - Michael Gibson (#019)

Life Project Podcast

Michael Gibson is a pastor in Texas and co-hosts the podcast "Where's God?"  Michael joins Billy to discuss Where is God amidst all the pain and hurt in this life, how much of a pleasure he gets from loving on people, reading the Bible chronologically in a year, and how to properly set the tone for you day in the morning. Enjoy!ResourcesShare HimThe War for KindnessFaith for ExilesElevate (Instagram)Problem of PainThe Common RuleJohn Peckham booksDay by Day - CSB Chronological BiblePulse CheckTry praying or reading your Bible BEFORE you look at your phone. Make it easy on yourself and keep your Bible right next to your bed and your phone at the other end of your house. If your phone is your Bible, go get a Bible or buy one!The next time you are talking to someone try to do as James 1 says and “lead with your ears.” That means listen first.  The next conversation you have make sure you listen first before you speak and see if that changes the conversation.Go looking for God in places where you haven’t seen Him. Michael and Jonny’s new podcast talks about Where is God? So look for him in places where you may not have seen him.  Also, go check out their podcast!


19 May 2020