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How to Write a Book that Attracts Clients in Just One Week with Dana Derricks

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>>> CLICK HERE to Book Your FREE 30-Minute Consultation Call with Dana!! <<<----Have you ever considered writing a book?I knew I wanted to write a book, and I knew that book could help me grow my business. Looking back now, I realize I underestimated just how helpful that book would be, though. Writing a book used to be a significant project that would take years to complete, and it was an exhaustive process dealing with the publisher forcing you to do things a certain way, even if it was clear those things wouldn't benefit you or your book.At the end of that exhaustive, generic process, you were left holding your book with no real direction on what to do next.Let me let you in on a secret…It doesn't matter where you're at, whether you're relatively new at what you're doing or if you've been in the game forever. If you're in business, you should have a book.Your book can be your best salesperson. It can bring you more potential clients and help improve your closing rates exponentially!  Let me introduce you to Dana Derricks, author of One Week Author. Together we will show you how you can avoid the generic approach to writing a book, streamline the process and share how you can put that book to work for you as you grow your business.  In this episode, I am going to cover:How your book can be the best salesperson for your businessWhat are the key points to remember when building a marketing system around your bookAnd… How you can work directly with Dana and his team to have your book funnel built! >>>CLICK HERE to Book Your FREE 30-Minute Consultation Call with Dana!! <<< >>>Click Here to Get Your Copy of Danas Book, One Week Author! If you got value from what you heard here, please be sure to subscribe and rate this podcast! Bonus points for you if you write a review! ;)  — SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW — Subscribe to Dan’s YouTube ChannelFollow Dan on FacebookFollow Dan on InstagramFollow Dan on TwitterWant Dan’s Wall Street Journal bestselling book for FREE?Click here to get Digital Millionaire Secrets, FREE!Interested in having Dan’s team personally work with you to grow your business?Book a FREE Strategy Session here!Want to learn the 5 Keys to Scaling ANY Digital Product, Online Course, Coaching Offer, or Mastermind?Click here to watch the webinar now!Click here to Visit our Corporate Website: GetClients.com — TRANSCRIPT — Dan Henry (00:00):Hey, everybody, in today's episode, we're going to be speaking with Dana Derricks on how to write a book in just one week.Dan Henry (00:13):All right, everybody. I have a very special guest today. Mr. Dana Derricks, a good friend of mine, and he's made multiple millions in entrepreneurship and online marketing. And he's a 13-time author. The guy knows how to not only write books but make money from books. And I'm excited to bring him on because, you know, one of the ways at getclients.com that we get clients is through my book, Digital Millionaire Secrets. So I know the value of a book, a well-written book, and especially a book that can grow your company and get you more clients. So I'm excited to bring Dana on and talk about, you know, exactly how to write a book quickly and a bunch of other stuff about, you know, marketing and making money with books. Dana, how are you doing?Dana (01:20):Dan! I'm doing awesome, man. Before I say anything else, can I just give you a quick shout out on how awesome the intro is? Oh, like the coolest thing ever,Dan Henry (01:28):Thanks, man. I was like, well, I gotta make an intro that that gets people on their toes and just isn't like some elevator music, you know? So that's awesome. But yeah, man, so you have a new book out called One Week Author, and you're absolutely crushing it. So I'd like to, you know, and probably a lot of people that follow me, know who you are, but just in case there's anybody that doesn't if you could just give a quick background on you know, what you've done and why people should listen to you from my audience that would be great.Dana (02:05):Yeah, definitely. So long story short, I've been in the internet space for the last 12 years full-time, and I have kind of built up a little bit of a marketing empire. I guess on number one on copywriting. I'm one of the best copywriters that are out there. I've written copy for Dan for just about any of the big, huge names in internet marketing you can think of. I've written 13 books, as Dan has said, and I've discovered a lot when it comes to books that I'm excited to share with you guys. And I've made for myself several million dollars over the past few years, plus many millions for clients and students. So I've been doing this a long time, and I've seen a lot. I've seen pretty much everything, probably much like Dan has. And Dan and I kind of are in a similar spot where we're, we are younger than some of the OGs in the space, but we do know what the hell we're talking about.Dan Henry (03:04):We're like middle-aged, ha.Dana (03:05):Yeah, we are, we're like a midlife crisis, on the verge of, or something like that in this space. But yeah, no, so that's me. And I'm excited to hang out with Dan and you guys.Dan Henry (03:17):Awesome. Awesome. And, you know, I, it took me about 30 days to write my book. And so I'm super interested to see how, you know, your approach to doing it in a week. But before we get into that, let's talk a little bit about what kind of money can be made from books. Because if you look at our space, you see guys like Russell Brunson and, you know, just I mean, Tony Robbins, you know, a lot of guys who lead with a book. And so do I, you know? And basically, you buy the book, you get a lot of great value out of the book, the book teaches you something, and then if you want more help, you buy a product or sign up for a service or do further business.Dan Henry (04:04):And a lot, a lot of books are like that. You know, I mean, I'm pretty sure a Rich Dad, Poor Dad has some sort of offer, you know, after you read that book, I think they have some sort of coaching offer. So a book can really bring a lot of money in for your company. Our book, I think we've done six or 7 million directly from people buying the book and then signing up for our coaching program. So let's talk a little bit about what you've seen and what's possible in terms of a book growing a company.Dana (04:41):So you're living proof. A book is one of the best selling tools, in my opinion, that there is. In my opinion, a book is the best salesperson on earth. It's a better salesperson than me. There's a number of reasons for that. And like mainly is it can be everywhere. It can be a million places at once. It can be delivered instantly through audio or digital. And so that is why I am so sort of heavily invested in books. And that goes back to something. I got a nugget out of one of Dan Kennedy's books. And back when I was doing, you know, kind of just my copywriting gig, and that was he said that he would not entertain sending out a proposal or even discussing a potential project, a copywriting project with a client unless they had read at least a copy, one of his books.Dan Henry (05:41):Right. Well, we tell people that too. We say you either have to read the book or at least watch our webinar otherwise.Dana (05:47):Yeah. You guys see why right? So as soon as I read that, I'm like, Oh, geez, that like that's money in the bank. So I'd already written a book. So then I basically made that a rule. I would not get on a call with any potential client had they not read my book. And so that really like doubled my closing rate right there because all the heavy lifting was done. So you guys are kind of living in that now with Dan, but as far as the potential to make money on the back end of books, Dan's proving just how lucrative that is. But if you just look at it from a generalist kind of like scope, what are all of these big names in our space have in common? Like all of them, they have a book, and most of them have many books, right? So I don't think that it's fair to say that the only reason they're successful is because of their books. But I do think that they wouldn't be where they are, had it not been for their books.Dan Henry (06:42):Oh yeah. I mean, you mentioned double the close rate. We actually did a study on we took everybody that bought our program, and we looked at, okay, did they read the book or did they watch the webinar or did they do both? And so we separated hundreds of sales out by people who just read the book and people who just watched the webinar. And we found that the people that read the book closed 300% higher. They were 300% more likely to buy if they read the book versus the webinar. So they were like three times easier to close. And it, you know, the authority that gives you. I mean, if you think about it, Dana, if you want to go like really deep on this and you talk about like, God, right? Like the omnipotent, most powerful being in the universe, when he decided that he wanted to persuade the human race, what did he choose?Dan Henry (07:39):What tool did he choose to do that? He, he wrote a book. So, you know, and, and it just goes to show you that, like you said, the best sales letter ever is a book and people who take the time to open a book and read it. They are a different class of buyers, usually, than somebody who doesn't take the time. So yeah, I think a lot of money can be made with a lot of authority, not just money, but authority, reach, impact when you have a book versus just like a YouTube channel or an ebook or a PDF report or something like that. A real book is, it makes you a real player. Can we talk about it? I want to get to this whole one-week thing. I'm fascinated by writing a book in a week. Is there anything else that you want to cover before we jump to that?Dana (08:27):No. I think just as long as everybody is of the mentality, which it seems like you do need a book, it doesn't matter where you're at, whether you're, you know, relatively new at whatever you're doing, or you've been in the game forever, and you don't know how a book can possibly benefit you. I bet Dan would agree. You should probably have a book if you're in business.Dan Henry (08:47):Right. And I mean, even if you were like a lawyer, right? I mean, it doesn't have to be just for people who sell courses, and coaching could be anything. You know, e-commerce software. I mean, everybody, you know, everybody, I would recommend at some point, everybody has a book. Now, we can talk about this, and I'd like to talk about this after we talk about how to write it in a week, but there is a certain way to sell your book. And it's not just throwing it on Amazon or giving it away for free. The way that I, Dana, Russell Brunson, even Tony Robbins do it is, you know, you, you have the book either for sale or the book is free, and then you just pay shipping. And when they buy the book, there's a thing called an upsell or a bump or a one-time offer.Dan Henry (09:38):And you build it into this. This funnel is what we call a book funnel. And what that does is it allows you to make some extra money besides just the cost of the book. It allows you to get clients, both people who are willing to pay for something small right now so that you can do a lot of things like break even on ad costs. I mean, we, for the most part, break, even on our Facebook and YouTube advertising, when we sell the book because there's a couple of other products they can buy after the fact. And then, you know, they get those products, they get the book, and they end up becoming a high ticket client. So you know, I think that that's important to talk about as well. And we can talk about that after writing the book in a week, but let's go ahead and dive into that man. Like, how do you write a book in a week?Dana (10:28):So I've got to, for context, I have to say as Dan said, it took him 30 days. Dan is a unicorn, like 30 days is lightning fast, okay? Just for context and just be like putting that out there. So most people take years to write their books. So I actually stumbled across my method of getting my book done in a week, sort of an accident. So I wrote my first like four books, the old fashioned way sitting down in front of a word document and just typing and it took me about six months. And I'm a professional writer, by the way. So and that's not slow. That's not like overly fast, but that's not slow compared to everybody else.Dan Henry (11:14):Someone in my family, they get paid, they're professional writer and author. And when they get a publishing deal, they give them like two years to write the book, and they pay all their expenses. I mean, that's, that's a normal traditional publisher, but like two years to write a book. I mean, that's like normal.Dana (11:30):Yeah. I mean, I don't know about you, but I don't like waiting around two years for anything like that.Dan Henry (11:37):In two years, I'll figure out a better book to write like,Dana (11:40):Yeah. Oh yeah, I'll be so over that topic, I'll be like, Oh man, like, I can't even remember two years ago. It seems so long. So anyway, so I, like Dan, I don't like flying. And so when I would take cross country trips, I would hire a driver, and then I would just kinda get some work done and whatever. So I was on a cross-country trip, and I was trying to think of how I could justify, you know, all that time. It was like a 36 hour, one-way trip. And I came to realize, okay, I'm going to write a book during that trip. Like, that's how I'm going to justify this. So I had the book outline, done hopped in the truck. I get about an hour into the trip. I'm writing my book, and I start getting car sick. So then I have to close my laptop. And then you know, a couple of hours past that I start losing cell cause getting to the sort of the rural areas. And so now I'm just sitting in this truck with my driver. I know you guys, well, people might be thinking of a private driver that is like a chauffeur, no. Like private driver for Dana is like call up the local school and ask if any bus drivers are free this week and like hire them, right?Dan Henry (12:59):That's like when you give guys a six-pack to put a new roof on your house.Dana (13:05):Oh, a hundred percent. Yup. So you know, three hours into this trip, I'm not able to work. So now I'm like, Oh great. This is going to be awesome. I've talked about the Packers for two hours with the driver. There's nothing left to say. And then I realized, okay, like, what can I do right now? Like, what am I capable of doing? And I realized, well, I'm talking, I can talk. And although I didn't have cell service, I had my phone on me, and I had my outline. And I'm like, why don't I just try to talk the book? Like, why don't I just try that? It's all I can do. So long story short, throw on my headphones, talk to my book based on my outline. And six hours later, I looked up, and I said, Tim, to the driver, I'm like, dude, you will not believe this. I just got my whole book written, essentially all the content written in six hours. Like I just did something amazing. He looks at me, he's like, well, that's cool and keeps driving. And I'm like, all right.Dan Henry (14:00):He probably thought you were nuts.Dana (14:02):Yeah, for sure. But that's how I really came to realize like there's a faster way to writing books, and it didn't sacrifice quality cause we still, you know, go through some edits and proofreading and all that. But and it's based on it's it took me whatever, however, many, six books or something like that to figure that way out. But it's really based on science. Like you can, the average professional person that types for a living are gonna type anywhere between 50 and 70 words per minute. Whereas an average human being that talks, they're going to talk about three times at about 150 words a minute. So it's just three times more efficient to talk as opposed to type, and that's how I kind of discovered that piece of it.Dan Henry (14:47):Yeah. I totally agree. Actually, believe it or not. That's how I wrote my book. I wrote it in the car, going back and forth. I would just speak the, well first I outlined it and then once it was outlined, I spoke, and then I just had somebody else clean it up, and then I checked it, and then it went to the actual editor. So my part was relatively minuscule compared to what went into the book, but it was written by me. It wasn't like it was a ghostwriter or anything. It was written by me. So yeah, that's awesome. So six hours and you wrote the meat of the book. I imagine that you know, you still had to edit it and clean it up and all that, but tell us more about that. Tell us more about the whole process.Dana (15:36):Yeah. So also like what Dan and I were able to do in getting our books done so quickly is also think about it this way, too. We didn't take away from any other like there was really no opportunity costs for us to write our books that way, because we were already stuck in a car, right? Like, so I want you to think about that as well. Like this thought of, you have to clear your schedule for a week or something and spend all day every day, getting your book written. That's not the case. Like, you know, like find where and how you can get a two for one. If it's going for a drive, if it's, you know, walking on the treadmill, going for a walk, if it's whatever it is, like there are opportunities where you can cost nothing in terms of time to get this done.Dana (16:23):So that's, that's one piece. And then the other to answer your question, there's a lot more that does go into it. But there is a, you know, a round of editing, it's so much easier to edit when it's on paper, then, you know, try to make it perfect when it's coming out of your head. So if you think about it this way too, if you guys have ever typed a paper or typed anything really, as you're typing, unless your eyes are closed, you're editing along at the same time.Dan Henry (16:51):That's a great point.Dana (16:53):Right? I can't sit there and let something look bad as I'm going through.Dan Henry (16:59):And it sacrifices the actual genuine quality or at least the upper-level quality of the material, like we get so caught up in, in what it reads like that we forget the actual story. And I think when you speak the book first, you are more wrapped up in the story, and then you can always clean that up. But if you don't have that initial heart and meat there, it's not going to come across as good because you're doing the superficial part before you do the big picture part.Dana (17:29):Exactly. A hundred percent. And that alone you guys, is why it takes other people years to write their books. And it takes Dan and me, you know, weeks. So there's more that goes into it. There's if you're not using a publisher, which I haven't used a publisher for any of my 13 books, there are amazing resources that you can go to go and get the rest of it done. So you can go and hire proofreaders. You can go, and you know, get the graphics made for it. You can go and get books formatted, like get the templates. So it looks like a book. You can go and get them fulfilled. So they're printed and shipped out to your customers or to you or whatever. Like there are all those resources available for you that you don't like the days of getting an expensive publisher to help you or even having to have a ghostwriter. Those really aren't; it's not a thing anymore because following the system I laid out in my One Week Author book, it's really all you need in terms of getting all those pieces put together so that your book is done and you're really happy with it.Dan Henry (18:36):So let's talk about that for a second. Your One Week Author book, if somebody were to buy this book and I'll give you guys a special link where you can get that book here in a second. But what is the main thing if they read your book at the end of that book that they're going to know and know how to do and be able to execute on?Dana (18:58):The main thing is they're going to, anybody, all of you that are going to read it, you're going to walk away, not only empowered on how to write books. And most people say, Oh my gosh, like I have a problem, Dana, like not only am I going to be able to write the book I've wanted to write, but now I have, you know, two or three that I'm I'm going to knock out this year. So not only are you going to be able to do that and get your books done, and they should be, you know, doing what they're supposed to do, and that is boost your business, use them as a sales tool, marketing tool. But also, it's actually a new way to think about creating content, right? So it's very common in a lot of fields. Like if you look at any court, any courtroom, there's a person doing what they're sitting there typing and transcribing what's going on, right? If you look at a lot of different medical fields, the doctors are getting things transcribed all the time. So it's a new, more efficient, like, again, it's three times the speed. It's a more efficient and effective way to get content produced, not just books, but any content.Dan Henry (20:06):Awesome. Awesome. Yeah. So let's go ahead and tell everybody where they're going to get that book. If you go to oneweekauthor.com/dan, you can get that book. And that'll also let Dana know that I referred you to get his book from this podcast. That's oneweekauthor.com/dan. And that's where you can get the book. I would definitely pick it up. But let's go a little bit beyond that, Dana, let's go a little bit beyond the writing of the book, and let's talk about marketing the book. So let's say the book's done, and we have a funnel, right? And that funnel is designed to not only sell the book but also make some extra money from the sale of the book. Offset, add cost, create a client from that book buyer. What would you say are the biggest points to remember when building out that system and as well, and I'd like to talk about this next, you know, is it really worth it for the person who wants to sell that book to bother with you know, doing that themselves? Or is it a bit faster if they have somebody else do it and they can focus on what they do best, and that's, you know, writing the book and, you know, making the impact and making the sales, not necessarily getting tripped up in all the, creating the funnels and this, and then that so can you, can you talk about like the main things to remember when building out this marketing system, using a book?Dana (21:43):So, the first and main point, you guys are going to get this in One Week Author. So I throw a lot of rocks at the publishing industry in traditional publishing because they are pumping out a lot more books now than they ever have. So the supply of books has just skyrocketed, and the demand and consumption of books haven't followed suit. So, in other words, the marketplace is getting flooded with books. So with that being said, a lot of the things that they say to do are just not true. They're just trying to sell you their publishing service. So one of the things that they make you think is like, once your book is done, you've got it in your hands. That's the finish line. You got your book done. You're an author high five, see you later. And that's not the finish line.Dana (22:29):That's actually the starting line. So now, congratulations, you're an author. You have now entered the beginning of the race. So with that being said, you need to market your book. You need to sell your book. You need to get people to read your book and consume your book. Otherwise, it's just another thing to put on the shelf. That means nothing, right? So there, as we said earlier, it doesn't matter where you are in your business. You can be a small, local business. You can be a big-time, whatever thought leader influencer. It doesn't matter. You need a book. I'll give you a couple of examples of each. So I've got a client that's is a physician in a small town in Alaska. And he sells a unique procedure that has to do with STEM cells. And he does a really fine job.Dana (23:19):He's a tremendous thought leader in the space. One thing that he has some difficulty with is being able to translate his high level of knowledge in sort of the technobabble or you know just his expert-level knowledge and translate that into a way that's dumbed down for his potential client, or excuse me, his potential patient so that they understand what the heck's going on. Cause they don't need the whole gory details of the ins and outs of how you know, medically it does this and that they just want their knee to feel better, right? Or their shoulder to not be in pain. So what we did for him, we got his book written, he followed my system. He actually flew out to my office, and I walked him through it. And his book now is the main selling tool that he uses for his prospective patients.Dana (24:15):So, in other words, he just hands the book out, and they come back, and they do the consult. And before they'd have a hundred questions, it was kind of difficult for him to try and translate his very, very high level of knowledge in that medically into selling them on the procedure. Now, the book does all of that. He can do that multiple times. Like the book can be multiple places that he can't, they come into for the consult, and they don't have those questions. They were already answered in the book. They just say, Hey, how much is it? How do I, you know, where do I write the check? And so at a local level, that is, I mean, that should be the way people sell things. And then there, I have tons of examples, but I mean, we've got like even I've got an attorney that does trademark has a trademark service.Dana (25:08):He followed my system, got his book done, and now he's built a funnel. We've helped him build a funnel to acquire new clients and new prospective leads. So those are a few applications. And again, as Dan said, I can translate this to like the book itself is not where you make money. Okay. That's another misconception that the publishers lead us to believe. The book doesn't need to make money. All the book needs to do is indoctrinate your potential leads so that they buy your thing a lot easier. As Dan said, the likelihood of his leads converting went up by 300% if they consumed his book. For me, it doubled, right? It's happening all over the place. So that's really what the book should be doing. And the funnel is actually one of the most critical pieces because how are you going to get your book out? Like throwing a book on Amazon, doesn't do the trick anymore. Right? As I said, there's an abundance of supply, and it's saturated. So you have to get the funnel, you have to know what should go, where within the funnel, so that people that land into your funnel convert into buyers, and then you simply follow up with them and get them to buy whatever your next thing is. And so that is kind of a few examples of it, but that's really what this whole process should look like.Dan Henry (26:29):Awesome. Awesome. So that is, you know, that is a great way to explain it. And I think, you know, your example of the doctor, I mean, it really shows that no matter who you are, no matter what business you are in, you absolutely can benefit from a book. So let me ask you this, Dana, a lot of people come to me and they say, Dan, is there anybody you know that can just build out this marketing system, build out this book funnel for me, and if so, who do you recommend? And I generally don't recommend anybody because I don't know anybody that I personally know that would do a good job and actually do it right, except you. And I'm wondering, do you offer a service where you would build out their book funnel for them?Dana (27:30):Great question. If you asked me that about two months ago, I would say no. So just for context, guys, I'm not in the book space. I just happen to have 13 books that I've written and therefore built 13 book funnels for myself and make millions of dollars off of those. I'm in the marketing space, okay? So the reason I wrote One Week Author is that everyone asked me, how did you write 12 books? How did you write 12 books? So finally I'm like, fine. This is how, and then I also get asked all the time, just like Dan does, how do you market your books? How does the book, like, what do you do with that book funnel? And so, because enough people have asked, I have opened, I did write the One Week Author books so that you guys can see how I write books so quickly and how Dan writes a book so quickly.Dana (28:18):And now, people have asked for my team and me to build their book funnels for them. And for the first time, I am opening that. Before, we would only do that as a kind of courtesy to some of our best, highest paying clients. But now, I do want to help more authors, more people that want to leverage books. I'm very passionate about this subject. So we do have a done for you offer where we will build your book funnel for you from scratch. And this is not one of those Donnie, the funnel builder from up the road or in that Facebook group that, you know, is going to use some crappy template that he found. This is like from scratch, modeled off of our own book funnels that have already been tested and perfected. Plus scouring, many of our clients and colleagues to know what actually works. So we'll build that for you. My designers will actually build that from scratch for you, and it'll be yours. And then our team of copywriters will also come in and create and craft the copy from scratch based again, off of what works, what we've already tested and perfected so that you have literally a marketing machine built. And so all you have to do is send some traffic to it and watch as people buy your book and then come banging at your door for all your other products or services.Dan Henry (29:36):Now, Dana, based on what you just said, if you were to ask me, you know, Hey Dan, what do you think Dana frickin Derricks would charge me to build my funnel, the copy, all of that? If I was just casually sitting around, I'd probably be like, and I don't know 50 grand, you know? I mean to do all that where it's done, ready to go, I'd probably think at least 50 grand. Tell me that you're at least upwards of that or what, come on. Let's just let the cat out of the bag. What do you charge for that?Dana (30:06):Well, if it was for Dan, I probably would charge 50 grand, but for everybody else, you know, I feel like you're going to yell at me if I go too low, but I think for your audience, and by the way, once we are at capacity, I don't have a ton of, I'm not going to do, you know, 500 of these or something. But once we hit capacity, I'll just shut it off. The link won't work or something like that. But for your audience, I hope this is okay. I want everybody to be able to just say yes to it. And again, you may not make millions of dollars off of it. That's okay. But if you can sell twice as many of whatever you're selling right now, that's a huge win.Dan Henry (30:56):Which is easy. Easy.Dana (30:57):Yeah. Oh, something would have to go really wrong if it didn't sell.Dan Henry (31:00):And so whatever price you're about to say, I probably will yell at you for it, but just know everybody that whatever that price is, it will likely go up once he gets a flood of customers. So don't hold us to this, but what is it right now, Dana?Dana (31:15):You know, I think I want to be nice to everybody and let them all be able to afford it. So I was thinking like ten grand.Dan Henry (31:23):Ten grand? Ten grand, and you will...Dana (31:28):Is that bad?Dan Henry (31:28):I mean, it's not bad for them, but I don't understand why you would only charge ten grand. I mean, you've made millions and millions, and you've written 13 books, and you're one of the best copywriters in the game. And you're going to build their book funnel out. You're going to write the copy. You're going to have it ready to go to send traffic to for ten grand. I think that's grossly undercharging. I mean, I would charge probably a hundred grand personally, but I won't do it. So look, anybody listening to this podcast right now. I'll tell you what I'll do. This is going to be for a limited amount of people because I think very quickly, Dana, you're going to see how many people take this off, and you're not going to want to charge ten grand anymore. But here's what I'll do. If anybody would like to book a call, can they, at least for now until you get too busy, can they speak directly to you or maybe to one of your guys if you're busy but likely to speak to you about this?Dana (32:25):Yes. And 99% of the time, I always charge it some sort of deposit, just so that I don't get on the phone with someone that is not serious. But Dan and I have, I'm not going to say threatened, but we probably have made it known to you guys that if you do not have $10,000 and you're not going to have like your card in your wallet with you, and your partner, isn't like available to say yes to it. Do not schedule a time, please. Dan will not be happy if he hears that something like that happened.Dan Henry (32:58):Yes, please, please don't waste Dana's time. This is, I already think he's undercharging. So but this is for serious people who really want to grow. I mean and don't want to deal with it. And look, let's face facts here. You're going to spend more than ten grand trying to piece all this crap together anyway. So I think this is an amazing offer. Let's do this. I'm going to make a special link. Okay? It's going to be, getclients.com/talktoDana and that's here's what this special link is going to give you. It's going to give you an opportunity to book a call with Dana, to talk to him about having his team and him build your book funnel for you. And on top of it, if you book this call and I'm going to throw out a special offer, Dana. And this is from me to you, and you're going to have to let me know whoever buys so I can send this to them.Dan Henry (33:48):But I have, in my mastermind, and I don't sell anything on creating books, right. Or book funnels or anything. But in my mastermind that people pay right now, $55,000 per year to be in, I did do a two-day event called Brand Authority Profits, where I showed my whole strategy to how I did my book. And what I will do is this, and that was just like a casual event. It wasn't like a course or anything. It's just a casual event where I just shared behind the scenes of over two days of how I wrote, and it's very similar to a lot of stuff we talked about here today. But I had a very specific advertising and launch strategy that went behind it. And you just said, Dana, that once the book funnels built out, what do you need to do?Dan Henry (34:36):You need to send traffic to it. So here's what I'll do the section out of that two-day event. I'm not going to give you the whole thing because that wouldn't be fair to the people that pay 55 grand. But it's an hour and a half of training. It's a 90-minute section of that event. It's high quality recorded. It's not just like a, you know, camera set in the room, but it goes over my entire advertising and launch strategy for the book that I did for Digital Millionaire Secrets. It covers how to build hype, how to launch, split testing, or, you know, ongoing social media advertising on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, podcast. Some high-level strategies where I talk about Facebook ads, Youtube ads, email marketing, podcasts, interviews, summits, some Dream 100 stuff. I don't, you know, I don't go show the Facebook dashboard or anything. I just talk about upper-level strategies for that, but here's what I'll do. For anybody that goes to getclients.com/talktodana books a call with you and decides to take you up on your done for you book funnel offer for $10,000. I will send you that launch and advertising session that I did at this event. I'll give it to you absolutely free. You don't have to pay $55,000. I will just send it to you for free if you become a client of Dana and have Dana build your book. How's that for an offer, Dana?Dana (35:57):That right there, my friends, is worth the 10K alone. So I would highly recommend saying yes to this before Dan changes his mind and forbids me from charging, right?Dan Henry (36:08):Yeah. As soon as you up the price, though, or as soon as you're done with the people that came from this episode, we'll cut that off. So if you're listening to this episode, I would book that call immediately because I'm only going to do this for as many people, I don't know the exact number Dana, but you can only build so many book funnels. So when you decide to cut it off, I'll cut this offer off. But there's nobody I would recommend to build you a book funnel other than myself or Dana. And I won't do it. And Dana will because Dana has a different business model than me. And so, you know, Dana is, and he's going to build it just as good as I could, and I wouldn't recommend anybody else besides us to. So you're getting a really great deal here, but even if that's not what you want to do, even if you're not ready for that, go to oneweekauthor.com/dan and at least get the One Week Author book, and that'll get you started. And Dana, I imagine if they were to take you up on this $10,000 offer to build it for you, do you give them any additional training or any tips on how to write the book beyond the One Week Author book?Dana (37:14):Yes, definitely. So first of all, I would highly recommend to anyone that's listening, and you're kind of thinking, okay, I'm not sure if this is right or not. So first of all, stop thinking and go. Go to that link and get the call scheduled, okay? Before they're gone, there's only so much time in a day that I can schedule calls. I already have very little availability. And then there's only so many we can sell at that price. So if you, that is you, if you already have a book written, but you don't have a good funnel or a good process to get buyers in, okay? That's you. That's you if you don't have a book written yet, but you know what book you want to write, and you can get it done in the next month, that's you, or even two months, okay? Go grab, lock your funnel in. And that's also you if you don't have a book written, but you don't even know what the book might be, but you know, you need a book, and you'll figure out the rest, that's you. Go lock in your spot, okay. And then as far as, I don't even remember your question now, Dan,Dan Henry (38:08):I don't remember the question either, but that, what you just covered, was fantastic. Oh, I said, well, you give them some, any additional tips or training on writing the book if they were to need it past just the One Week Author book.Dana (38:19):100%. Yes. So I actually have a system, my book writing system. That's kind of what the One Week Author kind of talks about. Obviously, you can't get everything inside of a book. So, and some of that stuff's constantly changing anyway. So I've got a resource that if you take me up on the 10K done for you book funnel, I will also give you my entire like resource for getting your book written in just days instead of months or years. So you're going to get that as well.Dan Henry (38:49):Awesome. Awesome. And I'll just leave everybody with this concept. You know, there's, if you really think about expenses 'cause oh, $10,000, it's a big expense. If you really think about it, right? And I know this because I've been in the business a long time. When you take the time and the going back and forth and trying to get this person to do that, learn this person. I got to hire this person to do that. It ends up costing you a lot more than that anyway, especially in time. But think about this. What is the highest cost that you have in your business? It's simple. It's not knowing how to make a million dollars. It's opportunity costs. If you have a book and a book funnel, that's cranking, and it's bringing you, not just clients, but clients that are basically fans before they ever buy from you, and they're just in it to win it.Dan Henry (39:41):And they're 300% more likely to buy when they read that book. If you have that in place, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that not having that will cost you far more than $10,000 in opportunity costs Because think about it. You know, if you were to save $10,000 or a hundred thousand, it doesn't matter what the number is, but you lost the opportunity to learn how to make a million. How much does it actually cost you? It cost you almost a million bucks. I mean, I would gladly pay if I wasn't in the position I'm in wherever I've already done it. I would gladly pay a hundred thousand dollars to have it all done for me because I know I can make at least a million dollars in the first year from that minimum. So by not paying that a hundred thousand dollars, I'm costing myself 900 grand.Dan Henry (40:32):I'm not saving myself a hundred grand. And so Dana's willing right now to do it for 10. So, we're going to talk about that, Dana. But I thought you were gonna at least say 25, to be honest with you, but ten kind of threw me off my chair for a second, but that's okay. I would go book that call because, trust me, it'll cost you a lot more to not book that call, especially if you have a product or a service ready to sell. Trust me; the book thing can blow it up. I'll tell you this. When I had that million-dollar day and I, you know, I did a zoom, and I spoke for two days, and I pitched on the second day and made a million bucks in a day. Virtually every single person at that zoom meeting read my book. And they mentioned that when they bought so, food for thought. Anyway, Dana, thank you so much for coming on. Once again, guys, book your call with Dana at getclients.com/talktodana and as well, you can get the One Week Author book at oneweekauthor.com/dan. Dana. Thank you so much for coming on today.Dana (41:43):My pleasure, man. Thanks, everybody.Dan Henry (41:44):Alright, everybody, don't forget to subscribe to the Dan Henry show, and I will see you in the next episode.


8 Feb 2021

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Dream 100 Guru Dana Derricks On The Power of “Snail Mail!”

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My guest today is Dana Derricks - Dana Derricks is the guru of gurus when it comes to Dream 100 marketing! My company is using Dream 100 right now and it has changed the game in our podcast, emails, sales, everything that we’ve done and it’s going to have great results for us in the future. We are big believers in Dream 100 and nobody on the planet teaches the Dream 100 strategy better than Dana Derricks. Dana Derricks is Russell Brunson’s go-to copywriter! Today we’re going to talk about: Dream 100 Copywriting The power of “snail mail” Dana’s new book, “One Week Author”


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