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Boosting Your Direct Marketing and Your Relationships with Brian Kurtz

Tiger Performance Podcast

Brian Kurtz is a direct marketing enthusiast and the Founder and CEO of Titans Marketing LLC. He has over 40 years of experience under his belt, with 34 of those years spent as the Executive Vice President at Boardroom Inc. During his tenure there, he helped the business grow to $150 million at its peak. Now, he applies those same principles to his direct marketing coaching and consulting company today. He believes in using state-of-the-art methods for direct marketing while leveraging the tried-and-true fundamentals and educating the emerging generation on what works. In this episode… It can be easy to get caught up when it comes to marketing and your business. Likewise with our personal lives and our career. Yet there is a way to get the most out of both. More than a simple work-life balance, it’s possible to improve performance and enjoy the work itself. The key is building relationship capital: making connections that both sharpen your skill and enrich your life.  This is the core philosophy of Brian Kurtz, an expert on direct marketing and networking. He took a major publishing company to a nine-digit evaluation over his time as executive vice president. Now, he’s directed his knowledge towards coaching and consultation. His approach mixes work and leisure into a holistic life that’s still successful. Today, he’s here to share the advice and techniques he usually reserves for his coaching clients with you.  On this episode of the Tiger Performance podcast, Steve Adams hosts Brian Kurtz, the Founder and CEO of Titans Marketing LLC, to learn more about direct marketing and building lasting relationships. Brian goes through the science of marketing and how to earn loyalty by making smarter deals. He then breaks down his secrets for growing your network organically. Plus, they’ll talk about the success of Boardroom, generosity in business models, and the resources Brian recommends for copywriters and marketers.

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4 Aug 2021

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11 Eternal Marketing Truths That Can Help You Grow A Strong Business with Brian Kurtz

Subscription Entrepreneur

“Eternal marketing truths… really? Isn’t that a bit of a hyped up exaggeration?”Not when they’re coming from Brian Kurtz — our special guest on today’s episode of the podcast.You see, Brian is not your garden-variety marketer.He’s more of a living legend. Dare we say the Michael Jordan or Tom Brady of the marketing world?Whichever analogy you want to go with, here’s what you need to know:Brian has a storied career that spans 40+ years across 5 decades. His marketing strategies have helped sell over a billion dollars worth of books, information products, and recurring subscriptions.Now it’s his mission to teach and transmit the timeless truths of marketing he’s discovered to the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners.And that’s one of the reasons we’re so excited to share this episode with you.The second is because Brian is an extraordinary person who embodies his core values and practices what he preaches:-Generosity-Relationships-& OverdeliveryIn our conversation, Brian cracks open his vault of marketing wisdom and shares at least 11 timeless marketing truths with you. Truths you can use to build lasting relationships with your customers, sell more products and services, and grow a powerful and ethical business.Plus, we explore the importance of recurring revenue and detail ways you can optimize the systems in your business to increase member retention and boost lifetime customer value.If this is your first time meeting Brian, then we’re grateful for the opportunity to introduce you. If you’re already familiar with him, then you already know why this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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14 Jul 2021

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Brian Kurtz - Using The Pandemic To Eliminate What You Don't Want

Hustle And Flowchart - Tactical Marketing Podcast

Brian Kurtz joins us for round two today, and we really love how open he is and how he dives into his wisdom from his book, Overdeliver. We talked about the shifts and pivots people had to make over the last year from going to live events to online conversations. Plus, we chat about the things we’ve had to shave off from our own lives and what we can stop doing, which is something that’s not talked about as much. It’s that non-negotiable part of our lives, which we have individually and collectively been saying no to lately. Something else Brian discusses is non-negotiables in our lives and knowing that if we don’t want to do it, if it’s not fun, which is the main theme of our show lately. We have stopped glorifying the money part of the business but instead, try to glorify our lifestyles. You’ll also hear Brian’s thoughts on what he’s learned from the marketing greats, such as Perry Marshall, Jay Abraham, and Dan Kennedy, and even Picasso, how he uses what he’s learned from direct marketing over the years as well as how he is getting amazing open rates with his emails. After you have listened, you’ll want to check out our chats with Mike Long and Marx Acosta-Rubio for more talk about how to make the best use of your time while using this current economy to your advantage. “If you have content, not everybody is going to see the content all of the time. Even if you repeat stuff a year later, it’s new for a big chunk of the audience.” - Brian Kurtz Some Topics We Discussed Include: Lessons learned from direct marketing 101 Applying rules from geniuses like Picasso to apply to the future Pre-pandemic planning which led to success What to keep and what to throw away in your business What does cutting up a salami have to do with content marketing? The 4 C’s concept when trying new projects What’s ahead for the future of live events One easy tip to get a 45% open rate with your emails Lessons learned from the titans of direct marketing The beauty of curating content and overdelivering Resources From Brian Kurtz: Overdeliver Breakthrough Advertising Brian Kurtz to get on Brian’s list and find ways to work with him Titans Xcelerator The Breakthrough Advertising Quickstart Bootcamp References and Links Mentioned: Capability Amplifier podcast with Mike Koenigs & Dan Sullivan The Dan Sullivan Question book Who Not How by Dan Sullivan Essentialism by Greg McKeown Are you ready to be EPIC with us?! Then grab our EGP Letter here! Did you know we have an awesome YouTube Channel?  Join the Facebook Community - be sure to hop in our Facebook group to chat with us, our other amazing guests that we’ve had on the show, and fellow entrepreneurs! This episode is sponsored by Easy Webinar - be sure to check out these special deals for our listeners. How To Create A “Pandemic Adapted Business” - Mike Long How To Make Time Move Slower To Accomplish More - Marx Acosta-Rubio

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20 May 2021

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Million Dollar Copywriting, Brian Kurtz and Simon Severino | STRATEGY SPRINTS® 282

Strategy Sprints

Brian Kurtz has been a serial direct marketer for over 35 years. Under Brian’s marketing leadership, Boardroom sold millions of subscriptions and tens of millions of consumer, health, and business-related books. And during his career at Boardroom, revenues went from approximately $5 million (in 1981) to a high of over $150 million (in 2006). His mission for the next 35 years (as the Founder of “Titans Marketing LLC”), is to be the bridge between the eternal truths of direct response marketing and all that is considered state-of-the-art direct response marketing today. 🐋FREE SALES TEMPLATES: www.strategysprints.com/tools 🌞FREE SALES MASTERCLASS: www.strategysprints.com/equalizer 💎SALES COACHING (Free 7 Days Trial): www.strategysprints.com/tuesday-sessions WHO I AM: My name is Simon Severino and I help business owners double their revenue in 90 days. I sing your song, with you, until you know it by heart. After 17 years of strategy execution from NY to Sydney, I created the Strategy Sprints® Method, a practical method to run an agile and resilient company. I have fired myself from client work and enjoy now working above the business. If you run a business, I can help you make it irresistible for clients, easier to run and immune to competition. BE MY FRIEND: 🌿  Sign up to my email service - https://www.strategysprints.com 🌍  My website / blog - https://www.strategysprints.com 🧊  Instagram - https://instagram.com/strategysprints

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19 May 2021

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The Titans Of Direct Response & Lessons Learned Spending $80 Million Dollars On TV, Mailing 1.3 BILLION Pieces Of Direct Mail & Running A Business To Make HUNDREDS of Millions Of Dollars - With Brian Kurtz

The Best Business Podcast With Daryl Urbanski

Over the years, the face of marketing has significantly evolved. From direct to online marketing, one thing remained true—the value of audiences or consumers. In this podcast, Brian Kurtz talks about how his dream of building marketing infomercials for television made him pursue a career in direct response marketing. From his humble beginnings in list management, he specialized in working with buyers to capture their interest.  For Brian, the main takeaway is to continue tracking the progress of your advertisements. Moreover, Brian also discusses why business owners should learn how to prioritize essential things in their work. Lastly, he shares his dreams and goals for his career in the future. Understanding how running a multimillion dollar business requires an optimal marketing strategy. If you are interested to know more about direct response marketing and the processes of scaling your audiences and tracking your promotions, this episode is for you. Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: Discover how Brian’s background in list management helped him venture into both online and direct response marketing.  Explore essential and informative tips on promotion and generating positive audience response. Find out how to be a successful business owner. Resources Mailing List Strategies: A Guide to Direct Mail Success by Rose C. Harper Advertising Titans!: Insiders Secrets From The Greatest Direct Marketing Entrepreneurs and Copywriting Legends by Dan Lok, et al. Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz The Origin of Illness: Psychological, Physical, Social  by Norberto R. Keppe The Best Business Podcast: The Godfather of Internet Marketing Shares His Words of Wisdom with Ken McCarthy Joe Polish interview with Brian Kurtz: Increase Your Business with Direct Mail How Paying for Better Postage Made Me a Better Marketer by Brian Kurtz on Copyblogger Connect with Brian: LinkedIn | Email Brian Kurtz's Blog Titan Marketing Episode Highlights How Brian Got into List Management When Brian was a senior in college, he was trying to pursue a bunch of different things. He visited some headhunters six months before graduating. They told him that they could not offer him a job because he has not yet graduated. Brian eventually got into a publishing company because he was an English major. Brian emphasized the importance of making genuine contributions and connecting with other people. Tune in to the full episode to discover how Brian journeyed into list management. Brian’s Experience in List Management Brian thinks it is crucial to listen to people who believe that you are talented. Brian shared how he fell in love to list management and how he got his curiosity in copywriting. Everybody needs lists. He learned about what makes people tick and pursued copywriting. Above the Average: How Brian is Different Brian first asks his clients if they understand the concepts of recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM). Recency explains how a customer who has most recently bought from you is worth more than a customer from a long time ago.  Frequency measures when and how often buyers order and getting them to select more lists. Monetary value shows how much the buyers or audiences spend on your business or on niches related to your business. Listen to the full episode for Brian’s discussion on the relationship between lists and copywriting. Reselling Your Product According to Brian, your previous customers should always be on your best list. To get your audience back, you do not have to resell the product in the same way. Instead, treat them as already being part of your family. Find the objection of why your audiences no longer want to subscribe to your newsletter. You have to resell the product to them based on these objections. Challenges Brian Has Faced Earlier in his career, he was struggling to find a way to market his products on television. But when he saw how long an infomercial came in the 1980s, he swore to get into this business. Even though Brian didn’t spend a lot of money on this, he had a lot of anxiety chasing this dream. Now, whenever he faces challenges, he keeps thinking and writing about them for himself. Journaling helps Brian be grateful.  Finding the Best for a Larger Audience It is impossible to bring new people and your new product together without looking beyond different niches. For business models with the most success, progression in niching down is a major characteristic. As an example, Brian discussed how some newsletter business owners are content with a hundred thousand subscribers. He reiterated how the biggest challenge he faced was figuring out ways to make his products’ reach deeper rather than wider. Scaling and Tracking You cannot force a product on an audience. Focus instead on selling your product's benefits. Keep your resiliency for the particular problems you see in the world to integrate into direct response marketing.  If you take a general approach to scaling, you need to figure out how to specify your product without losing its simplicity. Try everything you can do to track your advertisements by attributing each medium of the campaign. Listen to the full episode for more examples of scaling audiences and tracking infomercials. Promotions and Responses Throughout Brian’s career, he has observed companies accurately online marketing predictions. For him, the beauty of the sales cycle exciting it is when compared to traditional direct mail, where there is no sales message embedded. Every time you mail somebody, you could be taking away responses from a future offer by not addressing it immediately. In contrast with direct email, email and online marketing should aim to achieve something with every piece of promotion. Habits of a Successful Business Owner You do not have to be so religious about your work, but you need to prioritize the most important thing to do in your day. Be grateful for your life and the people around you. You will not be successful without the help of others. Avoid the prescription of illness where you tend to be envious of successful business owners. Approach life from a perspective of gratefulness. Instead, learn from successful people and try to collaborate with them. Ask them for advice on how to grow your own business. Brian’s Future in Direct Response Marketing His life mission is to know the eternal truths of direct response marketing and bring them forward. Brian also strives to spend time with other people who will help him contribute to a significant change in the world. Brian is constantly thinking of how to create something extraordinary, which qualifies him to explore the online marketing world. He also shares how he is excited to have a mastermind group for multi-channel marketing. Brian aims to bring exponential growth in terms of media to both online and offline professionals  Brian’s Final Words The same discipline with how sales messages are created still applies in online marketing. Spending a lot of time on email and online messaging is powerful, but it could turn more people off with new content. Ignore list selection and segmentation, even if it’s cheap to send an email. 5 Powerful Quotes “And I went into New York City. And I actually visited some headhunters. And I said, I'm graduating in May. And this was January, and I said, ‘I really want to have a job when I get out.’ And these headhunters, like looked at me, ‘Why, you know, you can't get a job. I can't recommend you for a job. You're not graduating for another six months.’ But interestingly, you know, my whole life's been about serendipitous stuff. So sometimes you do something.”  “But I just loved, as you said, I think you hinted at it, that this idea that it was the audience's, it was how an audience responded to an offer. And my curiosity was so piqued by this business, that that's how I started getting all that curiosity to learn about copywriting and to learn about offers and to learn about the kind of direct mail.”  “You know, there's another rule of thumb in the list business: that your ex buyers, or previous customers, is always going to be your best list. So that concept could be taken into almost any business. Someone who was a subscriber to whatever you do, and they lapse, their subscription usually laughs because of time or money.” “What we did was we broke a big rule and said, we are going to go 25 minutes out of 28 and a half and not offer the call to action for the first time until we were maybe 24, 25 minutes in. (...) It was kind of a breakthrough format. Because we understood that that was a form that was clicked for that type of a product, we were able to get three out of four successes on TV in our first four shows.” “But it's about really being grateful for the people in your life, and their expertise, what they do, how they share it, how they share it with you, and how you learn from it, instead of being envious.”  About Brian Brian Kurtz is the founder and CEO of Titans Marketing LLC, which provides direct response marketing coaching, consultation, and educational services. He has an English major and Business Administration degree at Rutgers University. As a direct response marketing consultant, he specializes in demographical and data marketing. Brian has been responsible for buying more than $80 million worth of direct response TV spots over three years. He has also overseen approximately 1.3 billion pieces of mails used for online and direct response marketing throughout his career.  In 2000, Brian was inducted into the Direct Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame at the 14 Annual Circulation Day. He has received the Leader of the Year Award from the Direct Marketing Club in New York. The 2002 Silver Apple Honorees also acknowledged his work and accomplishments. Brian is also a blogger and has written several articles exploring direct response marketing and other related topics. If you want to reach out to Brian, you can find him on his LinkedIn profile, or you may email him directly at trexcowboy1@gmail.com. Visit Brian Kurtz's Blog and his company website at Titan Marketing for more information about his work. Enjoyed This Podcast? Marketing has significantly evolved over the past few years, transitioning from direct response to online marketing. Brian reminds us that the fundamental concepts haven’t changed despite the change in media. If you enjoyed the podcast, be sure to subscribe and share it with your friends! Post a review and share it! If you enjoyed tuning in, then leave us a review. You can also share this with your family and friends to inspire them to take ownership of their lives. For episode updates, visit our website. You may also tune in on Apple Podcasts.  PS. Do you already have a successful business, meaning you're up, running, and paying your bills with some profit left over? Are you interested in growing your business, automating/streamlining things, and staying one step ahead of your competition? 📨 If you can answer YES to all these questions, please reach out to me through https://www.members.bestbusinesscoach.ca/problems-we-fix/ and describe your situation, goals, and the best time/way to contact you.

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25 Apr 2021

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278[Marketing] Lessons from Building $150 Million Business| Interview with Author Brian Kurtz - Overdeliver

2000 Books for Ambitious Entrepreneurs - Author Interviews and Book Summaries

Lessons from Building $150 Million Business Order the book 'Overdeliver' here: https://overdeliverbook.com/ 7 Day FREE Trial to “The Entrepreneur's Book Club”: https://2000books.com Get my Coaching & Mentorship on scaling your Online Business: https://www.2000books.com/coaching

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12 Apr 2021

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Practical Tips to Build a Marketing List -- Brian Kurtz // Titans Marketing

MarTech Podcast // Marketing + Technology = Business Growth

Today we're going to discuss the strategy and usage tactics behind building a marketing list. Joining us is Brian Kurtz, Founder and CEO of Titans Marketing, which is a consultancy focused on list building and making the connection between out of home and digital marketing. In part 1 of our conversation, Brian is going to tell us about the process that he uses to build and/or buy a marketing list. Show NotesConnect With:Brian Kurtz: Website // LinkedInThe MarTech Podcast: Email // Newsletter // TwitterBenjamin Shapiro: Website // LinkedIn //  TwitterSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


6 Feb 2021

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24 Brian Kurtz, Serial Direct Marketer & Original Gangster

Your Intended Message

Direct marketing reaches both emotion and logic and calls upon both art and science.Brian Kurtz, a serial direct marketer offers marketing insights from the lessons of direct mail marketing that can help you become a better email or online marketer. Insights from this Conversation with Brian Kurtz When you have to pay for printing and postage you learn the lessons of direct marketing quickly - or you fail miserably. What might be the cost of failed email marketing? Damaged relationships. How might you use the PS or the PPS in your email for better marketing? Be a human in the B to B marketplace. It's not the brilliant burger - its the hungry audience that makes the difference. Marketing isn't everything. It's the only thing.Brian Kurtz is responsible for the distribution of over 2 billion pieces of promotion copy in his career  (online and offline). Brian's latest book - OVERDELIVER does that. It over delivers on value because when you buy the book you get access to invaluable direct marketing resources in the form of pdfs, videos and insights from marketing gurus. Learn more about Brian at his website https://www.briankurtz.net/  Your Intended Message is the podcast about how you can boost your career and business success by honing your communication skills. We’ll examine the aspects of how we communicate one-to-one, one to few and one to many – plus that important conversation, one to self.In these interviews we will explore presentation skills, public speaking, conversation, persuasion, negotiation, sales conversations, marketing, team meetings, social media, branding, self talk and more. Your host is George Torok George is a specialist in communication skills. Especially presentation. He’s fascinated by the links between communication and influencing behaviours. He delivers training and coaching programs to help leaders and promising professionals deliver the intended message for greater success. Facts about George Torok He hosted the radio show, Business in Motion for 19 years, interviewing over 500 guests He wrote Secrets of Power Marketing, the bestselling book of personal marketing By the age of 21 he had visited 35 countries Connect with George www.torok.com www.SpeechCoachforExecutives.com www.SuperiorPresentations.net https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgetorokpresentations/ https://www.instagram.com/georgetorok/ https://www.youtube.com/user/presentationskills1


7 Jan 2021

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EP32 - Brian Kurtz - From Direct Marketing to Digital Marketing

The Digital Agency Hacker Podcast

Welcome to the Digital Agency Hacker! On today’s episode, JC speaks to Brian Kurtz, a serial direct marketer for the past 35+ years, about how he built a state-of-the-art direct marketing and publishing company and teaching all he learned doing that. Brian is committed to educating any and all online marketers who will listen…and he is also committed to “learning while teaching” because there is still so much to learn. Check out more about his company Titans Marketing here! https://www.briankurtz.net/


23 Nov 2020

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#57 - Overdeliver - The Ultimate Marketing Strategy - Brian Kurtz

The Fearless Business Podcast

My Guest today is Brian Kurtz currently the Founder of Titans Marketing. Brian Kurtz has had two careers. The first spanned 34 years as a force behind Boardroom Inc., an iconic publisher and direct marketer. During that time, he was mentored by, and worked with, a who’s who of marketing legends (who he owes everything to). And more specifically, he worked side-by-side with the most prolific copywriters who have ever lived. His second career, which he is five years into as the Founder of Titans Marketing, is a direct marketing educational and coaching company where he has also continued working with the best-of-the-best. Titans Marketing is known for two (soon to be three) mastermind groups, an array of classic books and swipe files Brian has re-published and created…and he is the author of two books himself. His most recent book is Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing. It is his opus (but not a memoir). His first book, The Advertising Solution, profiles six legends of advertising and copywriting including Gene Schwartz and Gary Halbert. As a business-to-consumer marketer at Boardroom, Brian was responsible for selling over a billion dollars’ worth of products “$39 at a time” to millions. As a business-to-business marketer with Titans Marketing, he has sold over $5 million worth of products (and services) to thousands, enabling them to spread the gospel about direct marketing to millions. During both careers, he has been a serial direct marketer, with a foundation in the eternal truths and fundamentals of direct response…while being committed to “overdelivering” over almost four decades.What we’ll be discussing today:Marketing Breakthrough Advertising Book Overdeliver BookWhat is Brian working on at the moment?Promoting Overdeliver BookTitans Xcelerator Mastermind GroupHow to get hold of Brian:LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-kurtz-a1934Facebook https://www.facebook.com/brian.kurtz.121Website https://www.briankurtz.net/A Bit about Fearless Business:Join our amazing community of Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers on Facebook:>> https://facebook.com/groups/ChargeMore And check out the Fearless Business website:>> https://fearless.biz


6 Oct 2020