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#37 - Ben Goresky - Addiction, Masculinity and Relationship Yoga

Escaping Samsara

Ben Goresky is a counsellor, coach and explorer of consciousness. He is involved in addiction recovery and working with men as part of the Samurai Brotherhood, a community I am also involved in. He hosts the Evolving Man podcast. As both recovered addicts we talk deeply about abuse, drug addiction and recovery. Then we delve into spiritual practices that have helped Ben on his journey before getting into the spiritual power of men's work.Find out more about Ben's coaching and online trainings here: https://evolvingman.com/

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6 Jul 2021

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150: Want a happy, healthy relationship? This could be holding you back. (ft. Ben Goresky & Mark Wolynn)

Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships With Women

If you desire a fun, healthy relationship with hot, connected sex and harmonious teamwork, you can have it ... but it takes consciousness work to transcend the wounding of the past. You know you must become aware of how your parents shaped you, but did you know patterns from your grandparents and other forebears can also be involved? Here, Mark Wolynn of The Family Constellation Institute and author of It Didn't Start With You, But It Can End With You breaks down how to heal ancestral trauma. Whether you're married, in a relationship, dating, or single, this is a powerful episode that proves two things: 1. The wounding from our past will repeat itself until it's healed. 2. It absolutely can be. [Note: this episode was originally aired on Ben Gorski's podcast, The Evolving Man.]DROP-IN MEN'S GROUP THIS MONDAY, MAY 3 (referenced in the episode): https://evolutionary.men/event/drop-in-mens-group-5-03-21/

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30 Apr 2021

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49: The Art of Conscious Relationship w/ Ben Goresky

Soul Food For Thought

Ben Goresky (@evolvingman) is a men’s coach who focuses on conscious relationship and addiction. He serves as a leader at the Samurai Brotherhood mens group, and he is the host of the Evolving Man Podcast.

1hr 17mins

11 Apr 2021

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Ben Goresky – Men’s Coach, Addiction Counselor, Podcaster: ” If you have an addiction, your life is center around the addiction, so you need to change your whole life”

Conversations About Men

17 Apr 2020

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Ben Goresky – Men's Coach, Addiction Counselor, Podcaster: " If you have an addiction, your life is center around the addiction, so you need


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17 Apr 2020

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#138: "I am Here In Service to The Feminine" with Ben Goresky

CLAIMED — Feminine/Masculine Polarity. Femininity. Embodiment.

"Ben Goresky is an entrepreneur, men’s work facilitator and mentor. As a leader in The Samurai Brotherhood, a community for conscious men, he draws on his experience in the realms of addiction, transpersonal therapy and his bachelor’s degree in counseling to support men in improving their relationships, and their success in the world. Ben offers an integrated masculine approach to 1-1 mentorship, and is also trained to facilitate various types of transformational breath work. Ben hosts The Evolving Man Podcast on iTunes and evolvingman.ca" "...it cracks my heart open and I cry with gratitude and I feel how empty I would feel without the feminine. And how empty I would feel without my partner or my mother and where I would be without it... And what rises out of that is this strength 'Oh my god, I am here to serve this energy. I am here to serve the feminine.'" Join us for a discussion about why men are waking up and doing the inner work, healthy masculine leadership and polarity dynamics in relationships. Here is are the details of our conversation: What Ben finds attractive in a woman? Ben's definition of a powerful woman Feminine/masculine polarity dynamics & expressions Ben's definitions of success & purpose Why men are waking up to do their inner work Ben's transformative experience that has shaped him as a man Why being in service to the feminine is what makes a man what he is The lost rituals of initiation into manhood Masculine vulnerability and how it manifests How does healthy masculine leadership look like? And much more... P.S. Sign up for the free, exclusive training from me on “The Lie of Female Success: How to Get Unstuck, Release Pressure & Stop Trying to Do It All” to find out: How to overcome the "Superwoman Syndrome" so you can start living in freedom, with ease, and owning your truth True feminine power and what you can do right now to begin feeling supported, stop pushing & controlling your life and men How to rediscover, embrace and cultivate feminine flow and become embodied so you can stop overthinking and start making decisions from the heart The essence of masculine/feminine polarity and how to attract and magnify the relationship you want And much more… Sign up at girlskill.com/webinar


23 Jan 2020

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48: Ben Goresky - What does healing really mean?

The Long Distance Love Bombs Podcast

Ben Goresky is an addiction counselor who helps men understand and recover from addictions of all kinds.  Ben is also a men's work leader in The Samurai Brotherhood, a rapidly growing community in Western Canada. You can find him online at his website here and follow him on Instagram here. You can also find his men’s community at the Samurai Brotherhood here and on Instagram here. If you want more of his vocal insights, Ben has a podcast called the Evolving Man Podcast and you can listen to it here.  The books Ben suggested are Iron John, No More Mr Nice Guy, and The Way of the Conscious Warrior: A Handbook For 21st Century Men (click each title to learn more). __________________________________________________ Follow me on Instagram @LongDistanceLoveBombs: https://www.instagram.com/longdistancelovebombs Sign up for my weekly newsletter!  Each week, I share a personal story as well as my favorite books, tunes, articles, and ideas.  Click here: http://eepurl.com/T0l91.  It's easy and takes five seconds. Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/longdistancelovebombs/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/longdistancelovebombs/support

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11 Jan 2020

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E19 Ben Goresky - Addiction, Masculinity, Mens Work, Feelings, Plant Medicine

The BeeSea Podcast

Ben Goresky is a Mens Coach, Addictions Counsellor with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Host of The Evolving Man Podcast. I found his podcast to be incredibly helpful for me and many of my friends. In this conversation I feel like we get a good sense of who Ben is as a man, a human and a person of service. Ben has gained his knowledge through personal experience and personal challenges. He has a massive passion for helping others and empowering men to dive deep within themselves.You can find Ben at:Email: ben@evolvingman.caInstagram: @evolvingmanWebsite: www.evolvingman.caYou can find me/support the podcast:Website: www.beeseapod.comEmail: bec@beeseapod.comFacebook: The BeeSea Podcast @beeseapodInstagram: @beeseapod & @beeseatherapiesPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/beeseapodMusic in the podcast:Intro music from TranXista https://tranxista.bandcamp.comBird sounds done by Glen Dimech from 4D EmptyFacebook: 4D Empty @4demptyInstagram: @theoctomid<<< DISCOUNTS >>>If you're interested in an eco friendly, plant based, compostable phone case use this referral link to get 10% off your order: http://bit.ly/2XIl19jAND if you're interested in getting any essential oils of your own you may go here: http://www.mydoterra.com/beeseapod either click "Join & Save" or "Shop Now".Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/beeseapod)

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10 Oct 2019

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RMP 084 - NO MAN HEALS IN ISOLATION with Ben Goresky

The Rising Man Podcast

Addiction, suicide, and loneliness run rampant in our society. Whether you are currently living in serious pain and suffering, or want to help those in need, this episode is for you. Ben Goresky is an expert in both addiction and men’s work, making this episode invaluable for finding practical solutions to these massive problems. Listen in, as this one covers a lot of ground, including why having a village is vital, how you can always be of service, and what cutting edge addiction research is telling us.  Show Notes: Why the world lacks mature responsible men Leaders eat last - respect the whole tribe’s contributions It’s hard to step into service for your community when you are focused on survival The truth behind the homeless epidemic Addiction is a symptom of disconnection, not a personality flaw The double standard that society treats mental health vs. physical issues We underestimate the power of the programming from our childhood years. Suicide - the thoughts arise when someone is trapped in their pain and doesn’t know how else to get out Addiction experts: Gabor Mate and Johann Hari We can still be a service, despite what difficulties we may be going thru.  The difference between the village and family Staying the same and comfortable is easy. Doing the work is hard, but worth it. “The Boy Crisis” by Warren Farrell and John Gray -  book about what is happening with our young men in this day and age.  Connect with Ben: Evolving Man Podcast - anywhere you can find podcasts Evolving Man.ca - articles, coaching sessions, and access the podcast. His work has two main directions - Men’s Work and Addiction  SamuraiBrotherhood.com - Community for conscious men Instagram: Evolving Man @evolvingman Samurai Brotherhood @samuraibrotherhood His Wife @risingwoman Rising Man Links: IGNITE your raw masculine power as we learn the HAKA, a ceremonial Maori war dance. Be one of the 100 men to perform the dance on Saturday September 7th in Venice Beach, LA. Click here for more info! Join the RMP Fire Circle, complete with monthly calls and a private community for those ready to dive deep. All newcomers are welcome to their first call free of charge! Instagram @therisingmanpodcast Instagram @jeddyazuma Facebook @JeddyAzuma


22 Aug 2019

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Episode 006 Understanding Addiction, Relating to Addicts and Choosing the Path of Healing w/ Ben Goresky

The Inner Experience with Sam Asser

Ben Goresky is an addiction counsellor, men’s coach and an explorer of consciousness. Predominantly working with men in 2 main subjects overcoming and conquering addictions and conscious relationship work. He has worked with 100’s of addicts in the past 15 years with a range of healing modalities inspired by his own history with addiction and is constantly doing so much amazing work in this world. We cover;  Understanding Addiction what it actually means, how it is defined in society and why it needs to be decriminalised and talked about. Relating to addicts, how we can support them and not shove them to the side, but help them reconnect to their hearts. Trauma, mindset and the power of plant medicine for healing and cultivating gratitude. Guest: Ben Goresky @evolvingman 

1hr 6mins

14 May 2019