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Short Byte: Jon Williams - Planning for failure

CTO Connection Podcast

In addition to being the founder of the New York CTO Club, Jon Williams is also a fractional CTO. In this episode, in addition to briefly discussing how and why the New York club got founded, we also dug into one of Jon’s favorite patterns for helping engineering teams to both think through risks associated with projects and deepen their team communications and levels of trust.PARTNERThanks to our partner CloudZero — Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform. Control cost and drive better decisions with CloudZero cloud cost intelligence. The CloudZero platform provides visibility into cloud spend without the typical pitfalls of legacy cloud cost management tools, like endless tagging or clunky Kubernetes support. Optimize unit economics, decentralize cost data to engineering, and create a shared language between finance and technical teams. CloudZero helps you organize cloud spending better than anyone else.Join companies like Drift, Rapid7, and SeatGeek by visiting cloudzero.com/ctoconnection to get started.


26 May 2022

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Jon Williams

Mission: TimPossible

Previews this afternoon's CEO forum in Athens


24 May 2022

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ep. 1: Jon Williams: Patriots Player Overcomes Adversity, Inspires Young Athletes

Peer Into Character®

Jon Williams has overcome adversity and painful events on and off the field. He wants young athletes to believe they can, too. And, he has advice for how they can do it. The former New England Patriots running back joins Even Field’s Chuck Wilson to share his personal life story, describing family tragedies, school challenges, and a serious injury. And how he was able to achieve goals in his life despite those challenges. For young athletes, parents, and coaches, Jon’s path to the NFL is both insightful and inspiring. Peer Into Character® features thought-provoking and inspirational stories and observations about character and leadership shared by professional and amateur athletes, coaches, educators, and others.  Peer Into Character and Chuck Wilson on Sports™ podcasts for youth and adults are presentations of Even Field®, a nonprofit organization that promotes integrity, life skills, and leadership through sports. Even Field founder and series host Chuck Wilson has been recognized as one of the “100 Most Influential Sports Educators in America” by The Institute for International Sport. For complete show notes, a transcript, and information about Even Field's organization, please visit Even Field.


27 Sep 2021

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Episode 36 - Dr. Jon Williams & Harper Thompson

The Last Cash

Due to a misadventure in an attempt to record commentary, we managed to get frequent guest Harper Thompson and the TD of the recent Seven Oaks Open, in the studio to talk about the event, and the "Seven Oaks Gold" layout that was created for it specifically. It was a fun and very insightful conversation, and soon to be followed by video coverage at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5DDYXU-aiWQApN9l_h9KfA Like/share/subscribe/rate/review, and enjoy the show!   #discgolf #sevenoaks #nashville--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lastcashpodcast/support

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8 Jun 2021

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#319 Interview with Jon Williams MD Strategic Proposals

Enterprise Sales Show

One of the most significant challenges facing Enterprise sales professionals is how to write winning proposals. We tend to be good at building rapport and engaging customers, yet the arrival of a RFP in our inbox can strike the fear of God into us. To bring value to the ESC community we reached out to our network to find the best person in this space. Jon Williams is the MD of Strategic Proposals who employ 30 people who focus exclusively on producing winning proposals for their customers.He's a popular keynote speaker, and has published widely on bid and proposal best practice - including the "Proposal Guys" blog, numerous white papers and the book "Proposal Essentials" - Win more, win more easily (available on Amazon). He's won a range of industry awards, and is a Fellow of APMP (Association of Record for Bid, Proposal, Business Development, Capture and Graphics Professionals). As an APMP Approved Trainer, he's helped over 2,000 candidates to achieve certification.Our purpose at Enterprise Sales Club is to enable SaaS Sales Professionals to achieve their potential through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences, and collaborative learnings. If you have found this podcast valuable, please like, re-share and pass onto a work colleague or someone within your network whom it could help at this stage of their career. To discover exclusive content for our community, go to https://www.enterprisesalesclub.com.


12 May 2021

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The Creative Moment Podcast with Jon Williams, CEO and founder of The Liberty Guild

The Creative Moment Podcast

Jon talks us through how The Liberty Guild works in contrast to the traditional agency model.He explains that it is built around talent; an association of craftspeople working towards a mutual goal. No buildings - it’s simply and easily scalable delivering a global alternative to the standard agency model.Jon explains how and why they charge a flat fee for a product, the result of that product being an idea. Jon believes that charging by the hour is not the right way to go, he charges for an idea.How long does it take to make an idea? You can’t answer that! Clients are now wise to agencies loading hours and people into jobs. The cost to create the idea is the same, regardless of the client - however big or small. The Guild doesn’t work on tiers in terms of the service you get - it will always be the best as the Guild works with world-class talent. They get paid well, work faster and the client pays a fair price.Jon talks through the different products the Guild offers. The Liberty Guild can be whatever shape the client wants them to be - ideas only or ideas and activation.It is different every time for each client depending on where they are at with their brand and what they need but they are flexible.Jon discusses the longevity of ideas which has been discussed for a long time within the creative industry. Who owns ideas?Jon feels it is pointless for the client to own the ideas. The Guild works by holding the IP for ideas until the client buys an idea. The other ideas remain the property of the person who created them. Jon explains why a model akin to music licensing might be the way to go when it comes to ownership of ideas. He is scaling the business so this is something he is looking at but not top of the list right now!Jon talks over how the creative process has worked as a virtual model. The Liberty Guild is currently 100% virtual. He says that those moments of spontaneity are not real. They don’t happen in a corridor or over a cup of tea. He says it comes from hard work; blood, sweat and tears. He feels that to work on your own terms in your own environment breeds success. Jon has looked at the science of creative excellence. He’s studied the successful working practices of companies like Klarna and Spotify and other technical giants and has worked out this is the best, most effective, most successful way of working; how to get the most out of people.Jon explains how the Guild works and how it is designed to deliver optimal performance. It isn’t a big team. It’s about multiple small teams. The wonder of a spontaneous creative environment is a myth. Despite The Guild being 100% virtual, Jon is sold on the need for an environment. He takes Salesforce as an example who have walked out of their huge offices and how this represents a fundamental shift in how we work. We need human contact but we don’t need 20 floors of desks.Jon talks over where it goes from here? But doesn’t believe this will mean a brain drain. The broadband infrastructure means we can work to exercise our minds from anywhere in the world. Jon talks over the meaning behind freelance. He gives a history lesson on where the term came from!It is a brilliant way to be and how to work on your terms that creates your best work. The Liberty Guild is about freedom and how it is a better way to work for the creative industry and clients too.


1 Mar 2021

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The World Of Internet Radio (& Why You Should Know About It) | With Jon Williams of What Was That Radio

Your Band Sucks (At Business)

Radio has long been a holy grail of achievement for bands around the world. And for good reason! Getting your music played alongside your favourite artists, being introduced by amazing DJ's, it all really DOES feel fantastic when it happens to you!In more recent years, a focus has shifted from focusing on radio towards Spotify playlists - but there is something lost in that trade that is surely worth consideringJon Williams is the founder and host of What Was That Radio, a world class music enthusiast, and all around one of the most passionate humans I've come into contact with in my life in the music industry. We've been dying to get Jon on the air since he started What Was That Radio, an online internet station that is focused on delivering new music to listeners around the world, to learn more about his new station and what our listeners, and bands around the world, should know about the online radio industry. And hint: It's something that I'm blown away I haven't focused on earlier! There is a WORLD of opportunity out there for bands that are willing to put in the work. Why? Well there are many reasons, but the one that I want to focus on is "trust". And trust, is something more than valuable than nearly anything else when trying to position your band as a legitimate contender in your genre - and it is also something that Spotify, and other streaming apps, does NOT give you! Why does radio give more trust to listeners than streaming apps like Spotify? Well the big one is that radio has DJ's, and listeners develop very real relationships with their DJ's. So if a DJ recommends your music to their audience - you can bet your bottom dollar that their audience is going to take that suggestion serious. We talk about this, and plenty more, on this episode of Your Band Sucks (At Business) with the one and only Jon Williams! ----Do you want the FREE 5 Step Single Release Guide? Click Here!---Stuff We Mention In This Episode:What Was That Radio (Consider subscribing as a paid member! It really is fantastic!)Band of RascalsFintan (Marcus performs drums live with Fintan!)The Zone @ 91.3 (Great Modern Rock Radio Station that gave us our start in Canadian Radio!)Deep Sea Gypsies (Victoria Blues Rock Band)SpiritboxBBC Pirate Radioradio.co (online radio station platform)---Stuff We Use / Affiliate Links: Distrokid (our recommended music distribution service)Close.IO (Malcoms recommended CRM)Transistor.FM (A great podcast hosting platform)BackBlaze File Backup Services (Malcoms recommend data backup service)Canva (what we use for graphic design)Quickbooks Accounting Software (What we use to run our books and process credit card payments)Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/yourbandsucksatbusiness)

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16 Feb 2021

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Ep75 Pyn Cofounders & Co-CEO's, Joris Luijke & Jon Williams


In this episode, I sit down with Pyn cofounders & co-CEOs, Joris Luijke and Jon Williams to discuss internal communications approaches and how their platform enables companies to communicate more effectively. In this episode you’ll learn:How Joris & Jon connected on this ideaWhy "Pyn"?Some of the challenges companies face with remote comms, and how to overcome themWhat great internal communication look likeTips to get employees to take action on corporate messagingHow to use their open-source employee journey map (link below)Much moreDisclaimer: Pyn underwrites the Redefining HR community so I want to be transparent about that relationship.

15 Feb 2021

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How to Start the New Year Authentically w/ Jon Williams

The Collide Kids Podcast

Christen interviews Jon Williams and they talk about new years resolutions, 2020 being the year of forced family fun, stories from the theater, principles for acting that apply to our lives, and putting yourself in someone else's shoes. Plus Kids Only Segment featuring Jonah Johnson!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/collidekidspod/support


1 Jan 2021

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10/24 Radio Show: Dennis Elsenbeck & Jon Williams

r-House Radio Show

Your host, Peter Hunt, welcomes Dennis Elsenbeck and Jon Williams to the show.Dennis is the Chairman of the Board of Northland Training Center in Buffalo, NY, as well as Head of Energy and Sustainability, Energy Consulting Service at Phillips Lytle LLP.Jon Williams is the Chairman and CEO of Viridi Parente.Peter leads Jon & Dennis on a discussion about sustainable technologies in WNY.


24 Oct 2020