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Interview with Heather Harvey Photography - Magical Visit with Santa!

Good Morning Metroplex!

Metroplex Social is your daily source for local lifestyle news, including where to eat and what to do in Dallas Fort Worth.  Today we are interviewing Heather, the owner and creative mind behind Heather Harvey Photography. Heather has an experience during the holiday season that is unlike anything we have ever seen! Listen as we interview Heather and she tells us all about this amazing experience. Metroplex Social: https://metroplexsocial.com/ Heather Harvey Photography: https://www.heatherharveyphotography.com/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/metroplexsocial/message


8 Nov 2019

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Episode #82 – Kevin and Heather Harvey “If you’ve got a feel for steel…go for it!”

BlacksmitHER Radio

Heather and Kevin Harvey from South Africa, they are both Master Bladesmiths with the American Bladesmith Society. They attained their M.S stamps in 2003 making them, at that time, the only married couple Mastersmiths. Heather was the second lady Master Bladesmith. I think now there are four ladies that have their MS stamps  and one other married couple Mastersmiths worldwide. They are the only Master Bladesmiths on the African continent. Both are also members of the Knifemakers' Guild of Southern Africa and founder members of the Southern African Bladesmiths Association. Both are authorised instructors in Bladesmithing with the ABS. Regular classes are presented at their Heavin Forge Bladesmithing Studio and School in South Africa. The two will be travelling here to the Us and demonstrating at the SOFA Quad state round up. What We Talked About The couple met each other at a historical theme park, Gold Reef City, a re-creation of Johannesburg as a mining town 100 years ago. Heather was the blacksmith on site and Kevin was helping the woodworker in his workshop.  Eventually they began spending a lot of time together in each workshop, so much that the management decided to move the workshops closer together! They both enjoy many outdoor activities together such as fly fishing, four wheeling, and taking care of their 4 horses (which are named after weapons, Assagai, Bowie, Tomahawk). And their sheep named Valiant. In 1998 they both traveled to the American Bladesmith School in Arkansas for training. After returning to South Africa, they immediately founded the Southern African Bladesmiths Association (S.A.B.A) along with Bertie Rietveld and Tom Nelson.  They had at least 100 people show up for their first “hammer-in” , this was due to the fact that no one was forging knives at the time, most knifemakers were using the stock removal process.  So seeing forging techniques and heat treatment processes was very new to the current knifemakers in the area. Kevin and Heather were involved with creating a marking schedule to be used by the Knifemakers' Guild of Southern Africa's evaluation committee in order to allow forged knives to be recognized and for people to attain guild membership by submitting forged knives. In 2003 Heather was the first person to pass their Guild evaluation using forged blades. In 2003 they both received their Master Smith certifications in Atlanta with the American Bladesmith Society. The recent television program “Forged in Fire” has helped fill Kevin and Heather’s knife classes they offer at Heavin Forge. In fact, they are booked full until June of 2017! Their shop consists of three rooms: the clean room where they perform hand work, the dusty room is where the belt grinders are housed and the hot house room where all of the forging happens. They have enough stations for 6 students at one time. Due to the lack of good quality anvils being available in South Africa, Kevin designed an anvil pattern and had a group of 12 cast. He talks about the process and what it was like seeking out foundries and heat treaters in South Africa. They will be coming to the US to demonstrate at the SOFA Quad State Round up in September 2016. The demonstration will be making a Zulu Assegai (spear) where the blade length, excluding the narrow tang, is between 14 – 16 inches. The demo will involve forging the blade, heat treating it, grinding and polishing. The wooden shaft will be made at their home in South Africa from royal wood known as “pink ivory” which was only used by Zulu chiefs in their weapons. Heather will be giving a presentation and lecture on the Zulu culture and the history of the Assegai weapon. Heather is not able to forge anymore due to having some injuries to her right thumb and left forearm. The injuries are not related to forging, they were separate accidents that happened on their farm.  Guest Links Heavin Forge Website – heavinforge.co.za American Bladesmith Society - http://www.americanbladesmith.com/ A Big Thank You to today’s sponsor –Sothern Ohio Forge and Anvil organization, http://www.sofablacksmiths.org/index.html If you enjoyed this episode, I would love it if you would support the show by: telling your friends. sharing this episode using the social sharing buttons below. subscribing to the show and leaving a rating and review in iTunes.  Not sure how?  Just follow these simple steps here or watch the short video tutorial, http://youtu.be/rq4OCyRGjHc?list=UUH3MfNZLXlKgionAs6kMT_Q subscribing to the show in Stitcher, http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=54499&refid=stpr Thanks so much for your support!


5 Sep 2016

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Perfect Portions Every Time with Heather Harvey’s Measure Up Bowl.

Dr. Fitness & the Fat Guy

On today’s show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy had on Heather Harvey creator of the Measure Up Bowl. The Measure Up bowl isone of those product that once you see it you think, why didn’t I thinkof that it is so obvious. The Measure up Bowl has subtle lines tellingyou how much you are putting into each bowl in quarter and half cupincrements. You will not find a better product to control your portionsizes. Especially with cereal. Heather did a great job with the designand quality. These bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. Check themout at www.measureupbowl.comFor more Dr Fitnessand the Fat Guy check out our Wellness Minutes blog where we give youin depth information on health, fitness and weight loss topics in 3minutes or less every single day. iTunes Follow me on Twitter @FatGuy


18 Nov 2009

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Perfect Portions w Heather Harvey's Measure Up Bowl. Weight Loss Cardio Star Violet Zaki. Functional Fitness' Suzanne Andrews

Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

The most entertaining weight loss and fitness podcast showon radio." Please click on the POD button to listen to the latest Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guyradio show podcast broadcasting live each week from Atlanta, GA, USA.   Todownload the show on iTunes please click on this linkWe haven't updated our SobeFit magazine Dr Fitness and the Fat GuyWeight Loss Challenge in awhile because I think it's over - we did notlose 50 pounds combined - we lost over 30 pounds combined which isn'ttoo shabby. MartaMontenegro, the founderof SobeFit, is our coach and she comes on periodically to help us get back on track.We are still trying to lose more weight but the Fat Guy is gaining back his weight at a rapid pace, so please sendyour tips and words of encouragement or sabotage toadam @ drfitnessandthefatguy.com or to @FatGuy on Twitter. And remember to check out SobeFit magazine at www.sobefitmagazine.comBefore we started the show we talked about our new Facebook Fan Page that blogger, web genius and Fitness Journalist Karla Walsh is helping us with. She is running contests and all kinds of fun stuff for us. We really appreciate all that she is doing and want to make sure she gets the recognition she deserves. Also, on that page you can meet one of our listeners, Hollie who had lost about 15 pounds. Hollie is going through a bit of a rough time now and she is gaining back some of the weight she lost - so please Friend her from our page and give her the support she needs to get back on track. Thanks!  Hollie we know that you can do it - and we will help you any way we can. Ontoday'sshowDrFitnessandtheFatGuyopenedwithHeather Harvey creator of the Measure Up Bowl. The Measure Up bowl is one of those product that once you see it you think, why didn't I think of that it is so obvious. The Measure up Bowl has subtle lines telling you how much you are putting into each bowl in quarter and half cup increments. You will not find a better product to control your portion sizes. Especially with cereal. Heather did a great job with the design and quality. These bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. Check them out at www.measureupbowl.comNext up Violet Zaki, veteran exercise dvd star came on to tell us about her new Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt and Weight Loss Cardio Kick dvds she has out through Acacia. She also talked about her work with Body by Jake's Exercise TV. To learn more about her fitness training business and her dvds please go to www.zakifitness.com and www.acacialifestyle.com We closed the show with Suzanne Andrews star of PBS' Functional Fitness show. Suzanne has an occupational therapy background and has used that to created a fitness show that helps people do all the stuff they need to do every day. Activities, like taking out the trash, walking up stairs, carrying groceries, etc. To learn more about her dvds and her show please go www.healthwiseexercise.comRemember,you can find a tip a day at our new website www.wellnessminutes.com or on iTunes here. Or our blog www.drfitnessblog.com Amazingly the Fat Guy is being followed by thousands ofpeople who are interested in what he does each day. Who would havethought?  Anyone can follow the Fat Guy's exploits onTwitter.  Food journals are great ways to lose weight and the Fat Guy isalways trying anything in order to lose those last 20 pounds. So take a peekinto his food diary. You never know what he'll write. Somehow he can staycompliant to writing on Twitter but he can't fit in exercise each day. That'sright, moments after he eats something the Fat Guy used to Twitter about it and youcan follow him so that one day if you try real hard you too can look like theFat Guy. Please go to www.twitter.com/fatguyRemember we are now on every morning in Michigan.On radio station WKNW. They asked us to create a Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy"Wellness Minute." So now a new Wellness Minute runs on that stationeach morning at around 7:40. EachWellness Minute features the doctor and I going over 5 of his best tips on agiven wellness subject like: losing weight, getting in shape, living a healthylifestyle, etc. Now these Wellness Minutes are available online.  Ifyou have a favorite radio station that you think would benefit from ourWellness Minutes send them an email telling them about it and who knows maybeyou can hear us everyday too.Also once again, I need you to please do me a favor. My kid Max hasbeen doinga radio show called "Kid Power Radio" for awhile now and you shouldcheck it out. Tiffany from The Daily Candy called his family friendlyradioshow "Hilarious!" This is a great show for your kids. It is kind oflike a kids version of TMZ or Entertainment Tonight mixed in with alittle Wayne's World. Max recaps the week in entertainmentand gives his take and review of what he liked and didn't like on TV,at themovies, video games, in books and in music and even restaurant reviews.Pleasego to his site and download the show for your kid. He had a big showrecentlyhe interviewed Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Cartoon Network'sAdultSwim, someone from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus andeven Miranda Cosgrove star of Nickelodeon's Hit TV Show iCarly. And ifyour kid sends Max an email he'll read it on the air next week.The show can be found at www.kidpowerradio.comand you can email Max at RadioStarMax at Yahoo.com. He has gotten emails fromkids from England, Australia, Chinaand even the US.Your encouragement is greatly appreciated.  Thanks to you his show isrocketing up the charts!As always, more laughs, more info and more fun than any other health, fitness,weight loss podcast out there. Click the podcast button and check outthe entire show right now. Now you can listen to only the expert interviews at our new website www.healthexpertradio.com here or on iTunes here. Don't forget to check out the Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy blog atwww.drfitnessblog.com for more tips about weight loss and Dr. Shafran'sanalysis of all things health and fitness. Also check out our brand newredesigned website www.drfitnessandthefatguy.comto subscribe to our FREE weekly healthy living newsletter and enjoy all thebenefits of our onlineweight loss program and community. You can also email Dr. Fitness therewith your specific questions and he will personally answer each one. Promise!!Please blog about our show. Our show grows when our listeners tell theirfriends about us. We need your help to grow our listener base so if you enjoyDr Fitness and the Fat guy please forward this podcast to a friend and putlinks to our website and show on blogs and message boards you enjoy. Thanks!


13 Nov 2009

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