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2703 - The Intricate Ties Between Fast Food And Black America w/ Marcia Chatelain

The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam sits down with Marcia Chatelain, professor of history and African American studies at Georgetown University, to discuss her recent book Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America, on McDonald’s, fast food franchises, and their ties to the success and failures of Black capitalism. Professor Chatelain discusses how McDonald’s came to occupy a state-like role in Black communities following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., becoming the face of economic stability and occupation, and even acting as a community center. Starting in the 1960s, she and Sam trace McDonald’s rise from an up and budding suburban fast-food chain, to a central element in civil rights organizations’ shifting strategies following a period that centered nonviolent action and socialist vision, looking also at this tactic of jumping into communities in discord as a form of disaster capitalism. Next, they jump into the role of the Nixon administration in really solidifying this revolution, as he centered his small business loans to franchise owners as a revolution for the Black community (despite his other policies regarding these communities) and take on the passing of the torch from MLK to Ralph Abernathy as the head of the SCLC and what it meant for their tactics. Entering the ‘70s, Marcia explores how McDonald’s found rampant success in Black communities, yet questions began to arise about how much that actually affected the community members, as well as the remaining discrepancies in the treatment of Black versus white franchise owners, before she and Sam discuss the ’80s and Reagan’s role in solidifying these elements. They wrap up the interview by moving back to the present, as Professor Chatelain discusses her disappointment in the resurgence of this “Black-owned business” based tactic, reflects on the continued discrimination against McDonald’s franchises owned by Black people or in predominantly Black areas, and explores the three faceted strategy of free college, Medicare for All, and free child care that she sees as the best accessible solution. Emma also dives into the reconciliation bill that is definitely just down the road this time we promise, and Biden’s commitment to his “nothing will fundamentally change” proclamation. And in the Fun Half: Alex from NY talks MAGA infiltration and gives his fight club matchups, Teak from Salt Lake promotes DSA stamps, and Emma and the MR crew discuss Glenn Youngkin’s recycling of decade-old culture war attack ads for CRT fear-mongering, before looking at the “Free Kyrie” protest outside the Barclays Center this weekend. Little Mack calls in about limited libertarianism and repercussions for Manchin, a Fox interviewee’s “Epstein didn’t kill himself” inspires a discussion on the importance of looking into conspiracy, and a CSPAN white-collar caller asks the bold question “what if workers didn’t deserve fair pay in the first place?” Plus, your calls and IMs! Purchase tickets for the live show in Boston on January 16th HERE! Become a member at JoinTheMajorityReport.com Subscribe to the AMQuickie newsletter here. Join the Majority Report Discord! http://majoritydiscord.com/ Get all your MR merch at our store https://shop.majorityreportradio.com/ (Merch issues and concerns can be addressed here: majorityreportstore@mirrorimage.com) You can now watch the livestream on Twitch Check out today’s sponsor: Tushy: Hello Tushy cleans your butt with a precise stream of fresh water for just $79. 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25 Oct 2021

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Dr. Marcia Chatelain: Author of “Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America”

Seneca's 100 Women to Hear

Since the 1960s, the history of fast-food giant McDonald’s has been interwoven with the lives of Black Americans—sometimes in surprising ways. In her Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Franchise, Dr. Chatelain, a professor of history and African American studies at Georgetown University, reveals the complex interrelationship of the fast food chain and the crusade for civil rights. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


21 Oct 2021

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Marcia Chatelain and the McUniverse

Food with Mark Bittman

Mark talks to Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Marcia Chatelain about the fascinating relationship between Black America and McDonalds, how McDonalds can lift people up (and bring them down), and her dreams for her child's future eating habits. Order Marcia's book Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America wherever books are sold. Today's episode was sponsored by Brami Snacks (promo code BITTMAN30), Mr. Espresso (promo code FREESHIP1978, and O Olive Oil.Subscribe to Food with Mark Bittman on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen, and please leave us a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts. Follow Mark on Twitter at @bittman, and on Facebook and Instagram at @markbittman. Subscribe to Mark's newsletter The Bittman Project at www.bittmanproject.com. Submit your listener questions to Mark and Team Bittman on our toll-free listener voicemail line at (833) FOOD-POD or (833) 366-3763. Food with Mark Bittman is part of the Airwave Media podcast network. Email sales@advertisecast.com to advertise on the podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


11 Oct 2021

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The Golden Arches in Black America: Dr. Marcia Chatelain, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Historian

The Secret Life Of Cookies

This episode features the author of my summer history book must-read, Dr. Marcia Chatelain. We discussed her insightful, important, Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America, about McDonald’s impact on African Americans over the past 60 years, all while making another summer must: a blueberry, peach buckle. Also revealed inside: the greatest sandwich known to humankind.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


23 Jul 2021

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Pulitzer Prize Winner Marcia Chatelain on Fast Food in Black America

AMDG: A Jesuit Podcast

Last month, Georgetown University professor of history Dr. Marcia Chatelain was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her book “Franchise: the Golden Arches in Black America." The book reveals the hidden history of how fast food became one of the greatest generators of Black wealth and power in American and the costs of this success story.Host Mike Jordan Laskey asked Professor Chatelain what it was like to hear she won the Pulitzer, and then they discussed the book and some of the most interesting things she learned during her years of research and writing. Professor Chatelain also shared what she has come to love about Jesuit spirituality since arriving at Georgetown 10 years ago.Lear more about Marcia Chatelain and "Franchise" here: http://www.marciachatelain.com./AMDG is a production of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States.


7 Jul 2021

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Dr. Marcia Chatelain - Author of Franchise

Karen Hunter Show


1 Jul 2021

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Fast Food: Good and/or Evil with Marcia Chatelain, Adam Chandler & Kenji

Special Sauce with Ed Levine

On this week’s episode of Special Sauce, we continue our deep dive into the world of fast food. This time  Franchise Author Marcia Chatelain, Drive-Thru Dreams Author Adam Chandler, and Kenji discuss the unique good vs. evil duality of fast food. The new-ish made-to-order McDonald's Quarter Pounder and the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich are definitely on the menu.


2 Apr 2021

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Power of Black Women Voters - Marcia Chatelain, Prof. African American History, Georgetown University

Electric Ladies Podcast - Women Leaders Discuss Careers, Trends, Technologies and Innovation in Energy, Climate, and Corporate Responsibility

Black women voters were a force in the 2020 election and are going forward and their rights are under attack in states anew today as a result of their power. Where did their activism start? In commemoration of Black History Month, Listen to this remarkable interview with Marcia Chatelain - Professor of History and African American Studies at Georgetown University - tell great stories about the black women suffragists who fearlessly  helped women finally get their vote ratified, with the 19th Amendment 100 years ago. The Amendment did not explicitly grant black women their own voting rights.  Dr. Chatelain also has a fascinating take on the impact of Senator Kamala Harris as Vice President. (This was recorded prior to the 2020 election.) You'll hear:  How black women managed the racial tensions within the suffrage movement. Stories of remarkable black women suffragists who played a critical role in successful passage of the Amendment. Strategies the black women suffragists employed to make sure their voices were heard. Her surprising take on the impact of Kamala Harris as the Democratic VP Nominee. Plus, insightful career advice! Also read Joan’s Forbes blog on Marica’s insights here, and for more on the suffrage movement, including Joan’s sold-out even at the Newseum go here. You’ll also want to listen to: Newseum event on Suffrage Movement, Lori Harrison-Kahan on the role of women journalists in the suffrage cause and how the #MeToo movement began in suffrage Brooke Kroeger, Author of “The Suffragents” on the male supporters of women’s vote (Is Joe Biden a “Suffragent” for choosing Senator Kamala Harris as his VP) Jennifer Palmieri, Former Communications Director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and President Obama, and author of “Dear Madam President.” Thank you for subscribing to Green Connections on Apple Podcasts or iHeartRadio and leaving us a review! Also, join our Private Facebook Group and share your insights! Join our mailing list to stay up to date on the top podcasts! Reach us on Twitter @joanmichelson


5 Feb 2021

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Recent Zoom Recordings #2. Marcia Chatelain, ‘How Fast Food Became Black Food ’ 2020-09-25. CHNY.

Treasures of the CHNY Archive

A talk by Marcia Chatelain about her book, Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America. Facilitated by Linda Pelaccio, Introduction by Cathy Kaufman. Culinary Historians of New York program from September 25, 2020. Held on Zoom. 

1hr 15mins

25 Jan 2021

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1283: McDonald's in Black America / Marcia Chatelain

This Is Hell!

Historian Marcia Chatelain on the economic and social dynamics of fast food corporations and Black American life, and her book "Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America" from Liveright. https://wwnorton.com/books/9781631493942

1hr 9mins

13 Jan 2021