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Luke Hagerty On His Unlikely Comeback From The Yips, Tommy John Rehab & More

From Phenom To The Farm

2002 Cubs first-rounder Luke Hagerty joins the pod to discuss his career, including his 2019 comeback in which he returned to organized ball as a 37-year-older touching 99 mph, more than a decade after the yips derailed his professional career. The guys also talk...- Taking his only Division I offer as a "project"- Sharing a rotation with the 1st overall pick his junior year of college at Ball State- Struggling with pain during TJ rehabAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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20 Apr 2021

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REAL MAN with Dr. Tommy John

R.E.A.L. Man Series

With Master Degrees in Health and Exercise Science from Furman University, Dr. Tommy John brings over 17 years of health experience to the table. At completion of  his studies Dr. Tommy played professional baseball for three years with teams such as the Schaumburg Flyers, Tyler Roughnecks and the LA Dodgers.  After his career was abruptly ended from a rare infection in his throwing shoulder, Dr. Tommy developed his own baseball performance company providing over 11,000 baseball training sessions for baseball enthusiasts from ages six to thirty. Additionally, he expanded his practice of personal training, sports performance training and rehabilitation of all types of soft tissue injuries.  Dr. Tommy was drawn to chiropractic because he realized there was a higher element missing from the healing, performance process and proper function of the human body in the innate intelligence and the nervous system: brain, brain stem and spinal cord.  That paramount observation led him to obtain his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University, (a 4-year program), in Marietta, Georgia, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.  As the son of renowned Major League Baseball pitcher Tommy John who played in the Major Leagues for 26 seasons and was the first person to comeback in 1974 from the revolutionary surgery named the Tommy John Surgery, it is not surprising that Dr. Tommy developed a passion for proper healing and physical function as he witnessed firsthand the outcomes of injury, innovation and principled healing. The primary goal of Dr. Tommy John Performance and Healing Center is to provide entire families with integrative, individualized care plans and treatment to improve their quality of life by reducing physical and emotional pain from injury and aging and minimizing the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery.


20 Apr 2021

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Session 66 (Mar 28 2021): Part 3 of 4 Tommy John Education Series with Dr. Andrew Robb - THE NERVOUS SYSTEM WILL ALWAYS MATTER

FIRSTAR Let's chAT: an Athletic Therapy podcast

Part 3 of 4 Tommy John Education Series with Dr. Andrew Robb, DC, CSCS, ACUTHE NERVOUS SYSTEM WILL ALWAYS MATTER  Andrew Robb focuses in the area of baseball pitching biomechanics, throwing injuries and sports performance and conditioning. He has been published in multiple scientific journals and continues to collaborate with the Canadian Coaching Centre, American Sports Medicine Institute and Major League Baseball. This conversation will enhance your understanding and guide you to the areas of importance in working with throwing athletes. Join the conversation. 

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29 Mar 2021

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Session 63 (Mar 10 2021): Part 2 of 4 Tommy John Education Series with Jesse Litsch, retired MLB RHP. I'M GUNNA LEARN YA

FIRSTAR Let's chAT: an Athletic Therapy podcast

Part 2 of 4 Tommy John education series with Jesse Litsch, retired MLB RHP              I'M GUNNA LEARN YAOn April 14, 2009 Jesse was sent to the 15-day DL because of a right forearm strain. On June 9, after attempting to rehab conservatively, it was announced he would undergo season-ending Tommy John surgery. He made his return to the mound just over 12 months following this surgery. Jesse Litsch is a retired MLB pitcher. He won 27 games in his career, including a 13-win campaign in 2008. His experiences with injury all took place at the highest possible level of performance, in the big leagues, and ultimately cut his career short. 10 surgeries later, Jesse is impacting today's youth through education and experiential knowledge from within the game of baseball as he is an active coach and scout. 


28 Mar 2021

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Standing in Sovereignty and Health with Dr. Tommy John

The Golden Rule Revolution with Lucas Mack

He is a Medical Freedom Activist and someone who greatly inspires me. Dr. Tommy John is the son of a famous major league baseball player who grew up seeing the world differently than most and it's helped him be the powerful voice for freedom and sovereignty that he is today. This episode is FIRE!For more information on Dr. Tommy John go to: https://healthfreedomforhumanity.org/ or https://www.drtommyjohn.com/


19 Mar 2021

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Episode 29: A Different Approach to Healing - Interview with Dr. Tommy John

What They AREN’T Telling You

Today I interview chiropractor Dr. Tommy John discussing how his own sports history led him to become a practitioner and why chiropractors get a bad rap in the mainstream medical community. We also talk about fear, the state of the world during this pandemic, and the important role the mind plays on our physiology, our ability to heal, and our ability to stay healthy. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/melissa-floyd/support

1hr 11mins

15 Feb 2021

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20. From Tommy John Surgery to D1 Baseball Player w/ Chris Newell

On Q Performance Therapy Podcast

Season 2, Episode 1 Podcast #20 Welcome back! This week, Q kicks off season two with PTW Newtown Square athlete, Chris Newell. Chris grew up in Newtown Square and is currently a sophomore center fielder on the University of Virginia baseball team. In high school, he played baseball at Malvern Prep where he won three state championships. In 2019, he was named Pennsylvania’s Gatorade player of the year and an Under Armor all-American. During his first year at UVA, Chris was named as a second team all-American and one of the ACC’s best freshman. In this episode, Mike and Chris talk about Chris’s background in baseball, his elbow injury and Tommy John surgery, and the mindset he developed throughout his rehabilitation. They also touch on the psychology behind an injured athlete, Chris’s strength and conditioning training as a D1 college athlete, and coaching/mentorship. Please leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts! See below to learn how. HOW TO WRITE A PODCAST REVIEW USING APPLE'S PODCAST APP Launch the Apple Podcast app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the Search icon (on the bottom right) and search for “On Q Performance Therapy.” Tap the album art. On the podcast page, scroll down to Ratings & Reviews. Tap Write a Review at the bottom of this page. If necessary, enter your iTunes password to log in. Give us a 5-star rating and a brief review! We'd be very appreciative! 4:00 - Chris talks about his background and how he got into baseball. 7:45 - When he was 13, he won the Babe Ruth World Series. 10:58 - Chris discusses what led to him getting Tommy John surgery on his elbow when he was a sophomore in high school. 15:37 - He committed to UVA at 15 years old and tore his UCL at 16 years old. At the time, Chris felt like baseball was all he had. Q says that is a psychological component that medical professionals and parents need to understand; for a young athlete, their sport is everything. 17:56 - Q asks how Chris’s injury affected him mentally, socially, and academically. Chris explains why tearing his UCL was actually the best thing to happen to him. 20:45 - “You hear it so much: it’s how you handle adversity. I saw it first hand with myself and I knew I had to come out of the situation better than I came into it, and that’s the mindset I had.” 21:21 - One of the main takeaways from his injury was to appreciate the little things in life. 22:30 - Q asks how his training program has developed over the years. Chris talks about working with Jordan Quinones (Trainer at PTW Newtown Square) since he was 12 and how it prepared him for college ball. 30:40 - Chris answers how his time in baseball has helped him physically and where he sees himself going in the future. 33:42 - Q asks about coaching techniques, motivation, and where Chris gets it from. 34:50 - “You’re going to hear so many different things from so many other people so, what I said about being a sponge, obviously respect them and hear what they have to say, but one thing I always tell myself is try and take at least one thing that [a coach] tells me and put it into myself” 36:43 - Chris discusses how he depends on his coaches, past and present. The number one thing he looks for in a coach - whether that be a baseball coach or strength performance coach - is a meaningful relationship. This is something Chris keeps in mind when he coaches little kids. CONTACT Instagram - @chris_newell Twitter - @c_newell20


12 Jan 2021

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Dr Tommy John

Evolve with Pete Evans

With the state of the world in 2020, we need more people to stand up for the truth and what they believe. One such person and someone who is imploring others to do this too, is Dr. Tommy John, an experienced chiropractic healer, and former professional baseball player. Dr. Tommy John joins us on the show today to walk about the beliefs, values, and needs that go into living a healthy life and he unpacks his particular philosophy to looking after the body and mind. Naturally, we talk about the fallacy of the current measures against the 'pandemic' and our guest underlines the dangers of mask-wearing and the kinds of fear that he comes up against constantly in his work and personal life. Dr. Tommy John recently made an important social media post, calling men to account for the fear with which they have responded to the so-called pandemic, challenging them to step into their responsibility and action as humans. We talk a lot about what holds people back from standing up for their truth, where this fear comes from, and the eight essential parts of health. Our guest shares his own story of a shoulder injury that ended his baseball career and how mistreated he was by the medical field in this instance. We also delve into the sad story of his brother's death and the part that medication played in that. Stay tuned for Dr. Tommy John's hilarious Matthew McConaughey impression towards the end of the show, you will not want to miss it! Join us for all this and more on another great episode of the podcast! We hope you’ve enjoyed the first half of this podcast - if you’d like to listen to the rest, please visit the Evolve Network. The Evolve Network is now live at evolvenetwork.tv Subscribe for meal plans, recipes, cooking shows and our very own 'The Magic Pill' and 'The Magic Plant', as well as access to my favourite documentaries. The Evolve Network is also home to our full library of Podcasts. With new release podcasts airing first and in full on the channel. You can also watch selected Vodcast's in a video format! Enjoy this highlight of our podcast and head over to evolvenetwork.tv for the full Evolve podcast experience! I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences - join the conversation on my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/paleochefpeteevans.  For more episodes of Evolve, find us on iTunes at https://apple.co/2NpsIba, Spotify at https://spoti.fi/2NpSiN0, Acast at https://play./s/pete-evans, click the link on https://peteevans.com, or just look up "Evolve" in your favourite podcast app.  I'd love to spread the knowledge in these podcasts far and wide. If you liked this episode, I'd love it if you could share it with your friends, and perhaps even leave a review on iTunes.  This podcast is proudly presented by The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, or IIN for short. I've completed this amazing health training course through IIN, and I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone wanting to start a career in the health coaching and wellness space.This course is conducted over a year long period and it's constructed in a way that if...  See /privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


28 Nov 2020

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Dr Tommy John - Building Your Resilience The Natural Way

180 Nutrition -The Health Sessions.

This week, I'm excited to welcome Dr Tommy John to the podcast. He is the founder of Dr Tommy John Performance and Healing Center. The primary goal of Dr. Tommy John Performance and Healing Center is to provide entire families with integrative, individualized care plans and treatment to improve their quality of life by reducing physical and emotional pain from injury and aging and minimizing the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery. Questions asked during our conversation: How can we become more resilient as a nation? You recently used the phrase ‘Convenience Devolves You’, please explain.  What are your thoughts on children born into the digital age? https://180nutrition.com.au/ This week, I'm excited to welcome Dr. Tommy John to the podcast. Dr. Tommy owns and operates the Dr. Tommy John Performance and Healing Center in San Diego, California, where he provides individualized care plans, incorporating a truly holistic approach to health. In this episode, we discuss the fundamentals of what it means to become resilient at a time when it seems that the odds are against us. We dive into nutrition, movement, sleep and mindset in order to reclaim our health, strength and vitality. Over to Dr. Tommy. Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition, and I am delighted to welcome Dr. Tommy John to the podcast. Dr. Tommy, how are you mate? Tom 00:01:30 I'm doing very well. How are you? Stu    00:01:31 Yeah, really, really good. Really, really good. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to dive into your area of expertise. I'm really looking forward to the conversation, but first up for all of our listeners that may not be familiar with you or your work, I would love it if you could just tell us a little bit about yourself, please. Tom   00:01:50 Yeah, so I call myself a performance and healing specialist. I'm more of a facilitator of sorts, where I have chiropractic in a background. I have training and rehab. But we put together the emotional health, meditation, spiritual, purpose, relationships, outdoor light exposure, nourishment, and movement and we bring it all together and all I'm trying to do in my facility, on my pages, and my social, when I interact with anybody is just to empower people to know that they're self-healing, self-regulating, everything they have is within them. And if they can just access that and almost get out of the way and let themselves be their best self, whatever I can do to help facilitate putting them in the best position possible to be able to adapt, survive and thrive in this life. That's my job. So if it's a career, it's passion, I've never worked a day in the last 20 years. For full interview and transcript: https://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/dr-tommy-john-interview/ 

1hr 1min

18 Nov 2020

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Padres EVT Podcast Episode 128: Mike Clevinger needs Tommy John Surgery

Padres EVT Podcast

The San Diego Padres announced on Monday that RHP Mike Clevinger will be getting Tommy John Surgery and will miss the entire 2021 season. Dominic and James sounded off on the Padres. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eastvillage-times/support


17 Nov 2020