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The Vitality Secret with Neil Cannon

Catch-Up with CAROLINE

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6 Feb 2021

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Learn the Vitality Secret Method for Improving Mental & Physical Health with Neil Cannon

Mentally Fit

Dan Pierce: Mental and physical health are closely linked, and our guest today says that both are negatively affected by inflammation. On this call, you will nutrition and diet strategies that you can use to reduce inflammation and improve your total health today.Connect with Neil and learn more about his books on his website https://neilcannonhealth.comFor more conversations like this and to connect with the community at Mentally Fit Community, join us at https://joinmentallyfit.com


17 May 2020

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Neil Cannon on Kinks

Smart Sex, Smart Love with Dr Joe Kort

This week we talk all things Kink with my guest, sex therapist Dr. Neil Cannon.  Neil has been researching, writing about and treating members of the kink community for nearly fifteen years. He believes kink is nothing to feel any shame about. “In sex therapy all roads lead to shame, but clinicians should be there to help clients create a clear understanding of their sexual desires, without shame, says Neil. “We need to give people permission to be themselves sexually – that’s what most people want. To be free!”Connect with Dr. Neil Cannon:Website


16 Dec 2019

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Ep 31 Ignite Your Inner Healer Replay - 19.9.19 - With Neil Cannon

The Vitality Secret Podcast - Defy Disease, Combat Common Illnesses And Stay Young

Discover your true power to heal yourself and why you don't know about this. In 7 years of working in health, wellness and healing, nothing is clearer to me now, than knowing how powerful we are in healing ourselves of any common or chronic illness - when we know how. After a 30 year-battle with eczema and always being prescribed symptom-masking treatments, I stumbled upon its root cause and it went away fast. I accidentally discovered this, when reaching the health condition my father was diagnosed with years prior to his stroke - which was totally avoidable. Since 2015, I've helped people reverse all kinds of illnesses - by helping them get to the root cause. You'll discover: 1) The cause behind all common and chronic illness & disease, what triggers it, how to measure for it, and how to reverse it 2) Why you don't know about this - and why doctors' training is so heavily biased towards symptom-masking treatments 3) How to access your innate and heart's intelligence, calm your mind and body, stimulate healing and anti-ageing hormones Come ready with questions and pen and notepad. This will be LOADED with content. Join my free 7-day programme here: Https://VitalitySecret.com/Ignite


23 Sep 2019

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Ep 28 Ignite Your Inner Healer - by Neil Cannon, Author The Vitality Secret (Webinar Recording)

The Vitality Secret Podcast - Defy Disease, Combat Common Illnesses And Stay Young

This is an unusual episode, in that I decided to record one of my own webinars entitled Ignite Your Inner Healer. There are many reasons behind why we don't know all of this information, and you're about to find out.    Are you suffering from an ongoing illness, unnecessarily?    If you've been a subscriber of mine for a while, you'll know I reversed my own eczema after 30 years of struggles with symptom-masking treatments. This meant it always came back. I've helped many others do the same. And not only eczema! Since 2015 I've helped people reverse all kinds of symptoms.    I was inspired to write The Vitality Secret after witnessing my father suffer an unnecessarystroke. In other words, it was completely avoidable.    Did you know your body is designed to heal itself?   My mission is to support as many people as I can, in my lifetime, to be free from illness, pain and medication.  Since 2015 I've been helping people reverse all kinds of symptomsincluding eczema, IBS, type-2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, gout, obesity, low testosterone in men, low energy, brain fog, migraines, even Parkinson's in one case, all by addressing ONE main cause.  You'll discover 3 SECRETS; 1) WHY doctors are not trained in nutritionor how to help the body to heal; the 'root cause' (if you will) of why pharmaceutical medications are the standard of care and why you don't know what I know... 2) WHATis the main cause of common and chronic illnesses as well as most forms of cancer - and how to check for it with one blood test that might just save your life.  3) HOW to reverse the main cause of almost every chronic illness that exists using a 3-step system.  If you'd like my personal support, please go here:  https://VitalitySecret.com/Coaching


19 Jul 2019

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132 - The Secrets To Vitality With Neil Cannon

Wealthy Wellthy Podcast

Today on Wealthy Wellthy Wise is Neil Cannon. Neil is an award winning health coach, speaker, podcast host of MoJo Fit and a best selling author of The Vitality Secret, a book inspired from witnessing the health of his father deteriorate unnecessarily. Neil made it his quest to understand chronic inflammation and discovered that so many ailments stem from inflammation. In this episode Neil and I discuss the 3 parts to healing and the most important healing factor that is totally missed by western medicine and dogma. Neil best known for helping reverse illnesses like diabetes, arthritis and even cancer. If you’re dealing with chronic inflammatory conditions you’ll want to listen to this conversation. For show notes and more info visit: http://wealthywellthy.life/132 


12 Apr 2019

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Episode 53: PEOPLE NEED NICE SEX THERAPISTS like Dr. Neil Cannon

Sexplanations Podcast

Neil and I were classmates in our human sexuality doctoral program and we've been supporting each other professionally since then. In this conversation we discuss our careers, the similarities and differences. He's a sex therapist. I'm a sexologist. He teaches in a classroom. I teach online. We're both really passionate about serving others and love welcoming newcomers to the field. Join us for a chat on facing challenges, fulfilling dreams, and starting a sex school.SEXtra Credit: Catch the important people in your life doing good things and notice that out loud or in a note.


13 Jul 2018

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Pod Perspective Episode 4 - Neil Cannon

POD Perspectives Podcast

In the fourth episode of POD Perspectives I talk to Neil Cannon, best selling author of ‘The Vitality Secret: Defy Disease, Combat Common Illnesses and stay young. Creator of an award winning online health program, podcast host and health coach.In this episode we will be talking about inflammation and diet.Follow the links for more information:Website: https://theinflammationsolution.org/homeFacebook: https://bit.ly/2GCP0SAInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/neilcannonhealth/


22 May 2018

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PSDcast - Neil Cannon of EnOcean on energy harvesting in smart devices

Power Systems Design PSDCast

Power Systems Design, Information to Power Your Designs

5 Nov 2016

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Neil Cannon

FitPro Industry's Podcast

Neil Cannon is a health coach and the author of a no.1bestseller, The Vitality Secret, and a previous book to help menincrease testosterone completely naturally, called MojoMultiplier. Neil stumbled upon his passion in nutrition and fitness in 2011when figuring out how to solve a health problem for himself. Sincethen, he has read many books from leading authorities in"alternative? health, interviewed experts in the field and learnedfrom the best. Neil is a firm believer that most health conditions can behealed naturally and drugs should be the absolute last resort. Hehelps his clients reduce high blood pressure and inflammation, burnconsiderable amounts of fat with ease, balance unhealthycholesterol levels and he has helped reverse pre-diabetes as wellas helping men increase testosterone naturally.


5 May 2016