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Elle Woulfe — Empathy and Making People Feel Seen in the Workplace

Marketing Unplugged

Elle Woulfe is the Vice President of Growth Marketing at InVision and was named one of the most fascinating people in B2B Marketing in 2019. She is a veteran revenue-focused marketer with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, demand generation, brand management and go-to-market strategies. Elle shares her story, how she discovered her path to marketing, and what it’s like herding and raising chickens during the pandemic. Key Takeaways: [2:35] What has kept Elle engaged during the pandemic? [6:15] Although there will be a bit of disruption, we and businesses are much more resilient than we realize. [8:55] Elle really enjoyed spending extra time with her children during this pandemic. [12:30] Why does Elle feel like her degree is irrelevant? [16:25] Elle was in sales for two years and, wow, was it hard! [22:50] Elle got laid off in January of 2009 and it was a terrifying job market to be faced with. [27:35] Elle shares her experiences at Eloqua and why it was an amazing place to work. [35:15] Why is Elle so attracted to working for high-growth companies? [37:15] What’s it like working with Brian Kardon, the CMO of InVision? [43:25] Elle shares her management style and why it’s important to just get out of people’s way. [47:15] How does Elle manage a remote culture? [54:40] What has parenthood taught Elle about leadership? [57:15] Does Elle have a desire to become an entrepreneur? Mentioned in This Episode: Demandspring.com Invisionapp.com Elle on LinkedIn


1 Oct 2020

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#59 Elle Woulfe on why micro-content works and how to lead a marketing team

Media Camp with Sergey Ross

In today’s interview I’m talking to a brilliant marketer Elle Woulfe who is now a VP of Marketing at InVision. Elle spent decades in the industry and was at Eloqua in the very early days when nobody knew what the heck marketing automation software even was. We are chatting on a bunch of topics: How to lead a marketing team and keep each member accountable and driven What content formats work well today and will in the future How to approach creating content that matches your buyer MQL’s vs “more pipeline” and less leads And some of the cool career related questions Connect with Elle on LinkedinCheck out Elle’s very own podcast called Further Podcast If you’d like to share what you think about this episode, message with me on Linkedin Find out more at https://sergey-ross-podcast.pinecast.co


8 Jun 2020

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57: Elle Woulfe / Building a Content Engine, Brand-Centric Demand Gen, & The Importance of Left Brain/Right Brain Marketers

Metrics & Chill

Elle Woulfe, a martech veteran with over 12 years working in SaaS for companies like Eloqua, Lattice Engines, and Path Factory shares her experiences in: - building a content marketing engine- hiring and structuring a marketing team- aligning your team around metrics/goals/plans- the most important skills a marketer needs in 2020 (and beyond)- and more...


4 Nov 2019

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Putting the Revenue in Marketing with Elle Woulfe (VP of Marketing at PathFactory)

CMO Conversations with Tricia Gellman

On this episode of the Marketing Swipe File, DG sits down with marketing technology veteran Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at PathFactory. Before joining PathFactory, Elle built her career at Lattice Engines, Eloqua, and Backupify where she became well-known for her B2B demand gen and account-based marketing chops. Elle talks to DG about all things ABM, marketing to marketers, setting SEO goals, building and managing remote teams, the secrets to growing your career in marketing, and much more.


12 Sep 2019

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1020: 5 Research Based Insights Into How Marketers Buy w/ Elle Woulfe & Matt Heinz

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode we talk to Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at PathFactory and Matt Heinz, President at Heinz Marketing. Want to get a no-fluff email that boils down our 3 biggest takeaways from an entire week of B2B Growth episodes? Sign up today: http://sweetfishmedia.com/big3 We'll never send you more than what you can read in < 1 minute. :)


26 Jun 2019

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927: Enabling B2B Buyers to Learn and Buy On-Demand w/ Elle Woulfe

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode we talk to Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at Pathfactory. Elle shares... How the expectations of B2B buyers have dramatically changed Common struggles in the B2B customer experience Lack of insight: A key challenge for B2B marketers The importance on "binge-able" content


25 Mar 2019

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206: The 3 Steps You Need To Launch Your ABM Strategy w/ Elle Woulfe

The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

If you’re starting your ABM strategy with the M in ABM before the A, you’re doing it wrong. Elle Woulfe is the VP of marketing at PathFactory where she helps marketers optimize the path to purchase. When it came to building their ABM process, she’s quick to admit that her team stumbled into, what is now, an agile approach to ABM. She embarked on the ABM process in the first place when she noticed a bad funnel conversion at PathFactory. While they had lots of people in the funnel and were pretty good at getting them to commit to a meeting, they struggled with moving them down the funnel. People would just fall out. Thankfully, PathFactory has always been a company that believed in breaking off a little piece at a time to iterate it, rather than jump into big changes. So they took that healthy habit to figure out how to move the company into a 100% target account selling model.


15 Oct 2018

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26: The Other ABM: How Attention Based Marketing Fast Tracks Sales Readiness w/ Elle Woulfe

The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at LookBookHQ, discusses how ABM holds on to a marketer’s most precious commodity—buyers’ attention.


5 Feb 2018

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514: The Problem with Marketing Success Metrics in 2017 w/ Elle Woulfe

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode we talk to Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at LookBookHQ.


26 Aug 2017