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Episode 7 - BEST & WORST Diets of 2020 (with Ryan Muller)

Rachel Runs

Best & worst diets of 2020!Diving into the top BEST & WORST ranked diets of 2020! We go over what each diet plan is all about, why they were given their rating, and our personal thoughts on each. We also talk about Ryan's strange belief that ANYTHING is breakfast if you add an egg to it. Stay tuned to the end for a healthy meal prep recipe!


30 Mar 2021

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Ryan Muller: Fractal Inquiry, Spaced Repetition, Education


In this episode, we talk with Ryan Muller, the author of Fractal Inquiry. Focusing on learning and education at Google For Education, Ryan wrote Fractal Inquiry in pursuit of a system for building knowledge in Roam.It covers the tools you need, plus six tips and eight use cases in building your knowledge graph through one of my favorite methods of knowledge expansion: questions. How do you develop the right questions to dive further into a field/thought/idea?We talked about:How evergreen and atomic notes are tied together via questions, using fractals as an analogyRyan's origin story, how he dove into note-taking and spaced repetition, from learning languages to other fieldsFractal inquiry: What is a fractal? How do you shape the right questions? What constitutes a good and bad question? When should you delete them? When should you filter them out?Would a public fractal inquiry graph work? The education system and how the field as a whole is slow in growth compared to others.If you're on the journey to cultivate a quality knowledge graph, Look no further. Let's dive into my chat with Ryan Muller, the author of [[Fractal Inquiry]].Timestamps5:19 Ryan's origin story and obsession with spaced repetition7:11 Discovering [[Stian Håklev (侯爽)]]'s research system9:47 Combining the spaced repetition system with block references12:56 When do you stop inquiring into one atomic idea?15:26 What is a fractal, and how does it help with questions20:38 Can you do fractal inquiry in a public graph? What do you need?23:39 Current focus on macro-economics 27:13 Formulating useful questions using spaced repetition31:20 A very small percentage of Ryan's inquiries in his graph are future-oriented34:04 Changes in education, learning with YouTube and Minecraft39:00 Where the US education system may be going and where does Roam fit into that 48:32 Excited feature request: more support for incremental reading in Roam51:37 [[How would you describe Roam to someone who hasn't started using it?]]53:35 [[What does Roam mean to you?]]56:12 What compelled Ryan to start asking more questions in the first place? + How to do it in RoamLinksRyan's TwitterFractal InquirySupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/normanchella)


29 Mar 2021

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0016 - Shooting Sports and Conservation with Dianna Muller, Ryan Muller and John Burns

Your Mountain

You've heard about three gun matches. Or maybe you haven't. We discuss how taking part in shooting sports can improve your hunting skills, and specifically how three gun shooters impact conservation funding. Maybe you're a three gun shooter thinking about taking your skills to the field. We've got you covered. Dive into the conversation with some of the sport's leading shooters, Dianna and Ryan Muller as well as long-range shooting expert John Burns. We promise you'll walk away with a different perspective.  

1hr 9mins

11 Sep 2018

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S-USA PodCast Hornady 3Gun 2018 - Ryan Muller

The Shooting USA Podcast

Ryan Muller is a top tier multigun shooter and so much more 


3 Jun 2018

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10: Ryan Muller - 3Gun

The Shooter's Story - USPSA | IDPA | Self Defense | Target Shooting | 3Gun | Steel Challenge | Shotgun Sports | Hunting

This week Ryan Muller joins us to talk about 3Gun, Baja, Lucas Oil PCC, QC10, Dissident Arms, Leupold Optics, Hornady, Stoeger (not Ben,) Hayes Custom, NSSF, practicing AT matches, learning by watching the masters, F1 Firearms, hunting, trying other people’s gear, ask Jerry, Rockcastle, and Hiperfire.   We kinda of struggled with the audio sync this week – sorry!  It’s fixed in future episodes. Music courtesy of Spaztic Productions!   If you have a story to tell or would like to nominate someone to tell their story – email bill@alaskagunschool.com or elizabeth@alaskagunschool.com


13 Sep 2017

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WOTS Version 66 with Ryan Muller

Word On the Street

Today on the podcast we talk to Ryan Muller.  Ryan told us all about creating AMDEF, Chance Fashion, and a new project called Art on the Rocks, under the umbrella of Active Entertainment.  We also got to know Ryan, why he doesn't have a car, why he lives downtown, how he discovered his ability to connect people and produce events, and so much more!  I hope you enjoy getting to know Ryan as much as I did.Featured songs"I.Am.Def." (Dj Martini feat. Billy tha Fridge and Phil Pilon)"Black & Mild" by The Staxx Brothers off Black & MildYou can also find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Spreaker

3 Mar 2016